Existence of the monsters

 Just like Aelita, XANA's monsters can be considered guardians of the virtual world... However, they are on XANA's side, playing as the "bad guys."
They can be distinguished in many ways: places where they are encountered, speed, attack power and especially appearance. But no worries!
We'll reveal to you here all the secrets of XANA's creatures...

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Existence of the monsters
Many mysteries surround the birth of the monsters and the secret of their making seems to be well-kept by XANA. The existence of a monster factory is surely impossible...
They might be made by a basic program, containing all their characteristics, which would allow XANA to create really similar monsters, like two peas in a pod... It would match with the program created by Jeremy to virtualize vehicles. Something sure : the monsters are not virtualized after a dematerialization and are not based on bodies that already exist....

We have seen that, in some episodes, such as episode 36 (“Marabounta”), XANA virtualizes its creatures right in the field like Jeremy does with his virtual fighters.

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The Mantas give us another element for the answer: when the heroes start to sneak into Carthage's interface, Jeremy talks about a "hatching". We can now see the sublime blue creatures rooting out the digital sky which englobes the Sector 5. They seem to appear suddenly from the inside of digital data. If they are created by a program, well, they are not virtualized (or from the inside of the digital sky, without being seen)... In episode 55 “Tidal Wave”, it's a Creeper that roots out. After its birth, it is launched upon the platform and lands, ready to fight!


We also don't know if creating them demands energy from XANA... The heroes are well-placed to know that XANA always produces monsters in large quantities, but it is impossible to learn if it's able to produce important quantities in a simple way, or if it can produce infinite monsters, but if it can, how readily? This second hypothesis is refutable: if XANA had this possibility, Lyoko could be invaded in all Sectors.

One last question is indirectly related to the monsters' production: why, during some attacks, do the heroes only have to fight a couple of monsters, but during others missions, they have to fight against an entire army?

The last episodes give us an answer: XANA can surely produce more monsters according to the power it has thanks to the time reversion. The limit of the number of its creatures is related with the 'processing power' that Jeremy mentions when he is unable to virtualize vehicles. This hypothesis is confirmed with the appearance of the Kolossus (episode 92 “Cold Sweat”). The Kolossus is a monster so strong, titanic and imposing that, when XANA calls upon it, XANA needs an incredible energy source. And it finds it in all the Replikas it accumulated while contaminating Supercomputers.
It's all about processing power. This power is the key to the monsters' mobilization, in the same way the virtualization by scanners costs the Supercomputer energy.


The monsters' deaths are less convoluted: when they are mortally hit or fall in the Digital Sea, they are simply devirtualized. They have no minds because they are controlled by XANA; the destruction of their virtual bodies tallies with their total disappearance from the virtual world... The Kolossus is the only exception. After being defeated, its body didn't disappear. It stayed there and froze.

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