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The specters are XANA's right hand on Earth.
A specter is an electromagnetic cloud made of electric particles, controlled by XANA. This emanation materializes itself on Earth thanks to the Supercomputer. An activated Tower in a Supercomputer connects the virtual world to the terrestrial electric networks and allows for the appearance of the specter. They can sail in the conduits and extract themselves anywhere.
During the First War against XANA, the artificial intelligence used them to take care of the Lyoko Warriors. Now weak and confined to Tyron's Supercomputer, XANA only survived by sacrificing its power and injecting source codes in the heroes. The only ones able to recover its codes from now on are the specters.

So, XANA sends many specters to chase the code bearers: Odd, Aelita, Ulrich and Yumi. XANA's specters take on the look of a human person. Thanks to this, they go unnoticed in the real world and they can grab the heroes to suck the source codes out of them.
While having the appearance of human beings, the specters inherit different abilities. Vicious, they can even pose as heroes' relatives, like Aelita's missing mother.

During the attacks, XANA gives different abilities to its specters. The abilities we've seen up until now are the following: multiplication (episode 6 “Suspicions”), shapeshifting (episodes 7 “Countdown” and 21 “False Pretences”), the ability to walk through walls (episode 15 “The Codeless”), hypnosis (episode 9 “How to Fool XANA”), electrical impulse attack (episode 11 “Rendezvous”) and a sort of hypersonic scream (episode 21 “False Pretences”). To find all the different specter attacks, consult the file "XANA Attacks: The Complete Guide!".
The specters have infinite endurance but suffer from a lack of speed which allows the heroes to escape them easily.

The specters remain very dangerous. Actually, they are nearly invincible and can easily KO humans thanks to electric shocks (episode 1 “XANA 2.0”). They have some little exceptions: electrical beings, they are easily damaged by sound waves, which can disturb their structure. They also can be disintegrated in a scanner (episode 19 “The Trap”). Finally, Jeremy manages to destroy a specter by injecting fake source codes into it (episode 9 “How to fool XANA”).
The best and the most secure way to destroy a specter is still to deactivate the Tower generating it to make it disappear the same way it appeared.



The Megatank is a really unique monster in the virtual world.
Not endowed with legs, this monster moves by rolling, sometimes at high speed. Not endowed with a laser, it sends large overpowered elliptic bursts. Finally, its shell opens and closes at will and its resilience makes it invulnerable to the heroes' attacks.

The Megatank is ideal for massive attacks. Its shots devirtualize in one hit. Its defense allows it to lead long-term fights against the heroes. Only a high-speed shock or a fall into the Digital Sea can destroy the Megatank when it is safe inside its shell.

The ball has another interest. It was the only one which can disturb the Megapod when it is launched at high speed. Indeed, it can roll at a similar speed and throw itself against the vehicle, inflicting damage and threatening to smash it against a wall (episode 12 “Chaos at Kadic”).



The Krab is by far the favorite monster of XANA 2.0. Indeed, this monster is used on all the Sectors, in all situations and abnormally frequently. There doesn't seem to be a particular reason. XANA seems able to virtualize Krabs in large numbers, whatever the place, which is not the case for all the monsters.

The Krab is probably the most versatile of XANA's monsters. Although not extraordinary, it has several assets.
It is, to start off, fast and movable. Its tall legs allow it to cover large distances quickly. It can climb all surfaces, even the vertical walls of the Cortex (episode 2 “Cortex”). Its legs are jointed which even allows it to jump on the heroes.
It's also resilient. Indeed, its slightly round and very robust skull allows it to withstand and even to deflect most of heroes' attacks, from laser arrows to energy fields (episode 3 “Spectromania”).
Finally, it is powerful. Its laser is standard but shoots quickly and precisely. And its undeniable asset, its legs can hit and even pierce the heroes or their vehicles (episode 11 “Rendezvous”). So it is not vulnerable in hand-to-hand fighting, which is the weakness of most of the monsters.



The Blok is a completely standard monster. Equipped with a square body on legs, its speed, its size, its firepower are about the same as the other monsters'. Its big square skull being able to revolve quickly, the monster doesn't have blind spots and can strike all around it.

However, there's still one major weakness: the disproportion between its body and its legs. Once the monster is knocked down or once a hero is on its head, the Blok is practically doomed.



Unlike in the original series Code Lyoko, the Tarantula is typical monster in Code Lyoko Evolution. It's not stronger, nor tougher than the others. The Tarantula shoots lasers through the eye it sports on its forehead. Its massive body makes it an easy target and even if it seems more resilient than the other monsters, a few hits are enough to beat it.

XANA made a Tarantula invisible in episode 5 “Rivalry” to surprise the heroes. But the trickery ended up being nullified by Aelita and an energy field.

The Tarantula has a major asset: it seems extremely fast. In fact, it manages to chase the Megapod at high speed (episode 10 “The Warrior Awakens”). Its legs seem to make it able to climb every surface. Indeed, when the heroes' vehicle is stuck in the top of a block of the Cortex, the Tarantulas continue to flood in as if they were climbing the walls... More convincing, they can stay gripped to the Megapod while it's driving.



The Kankrelats are the most vulnerable of XANA's monsters. Small, slow, puny, it is easy to get rid of them. Most of the time, one hit is enough. Their only weapon is a laser beam of average power. As an outcome, the Kankrelats are only dangerous in groups where the excess number can give them an advantage to overwhelm the Lyoko Warriors.
Despite this, we see that the heroes have taken to the habit of fighting Kankrelats because since the resumption of the conflict against XANA, none of them has been devirtualized by the virtual cockroaches.

Only strong point of the Kankrelat: its small size makes it difficult to find and it often takes the heroes by surprise... However, it remains useless. The Kankrelat indeed suffers from chronic stupidity. The bugs frequently can't co-ordinate their group attack and annoy themselves while colliding with each other...

A more likeable than dangerous monster, with the exception of episode 25 “Massacre” in which XANA gives them a dangerous ability. The monsters duplicate themselves after being destroyed, outnumbering the heroes by far and very effectively protecting the tower.


Blok Wall

This unique monster was created by XANA to protect a tower in episode 7 “Countdown”.
Made up of many Bloks built into one, it was able to unleash an overpowered, explosive energy burst, which even annihilated the rocky environment of the Desert Sector. Seemingly invulnerable, it manages to overcome 4 Lyoko Warriors. Odd and Jeremy will finally get the better of it.
The genius will analyse its structure. The Blok wall has inside it a "master" Blok which the other "slave" Bloks obey. By targeting and destroying the "master" Blok, Odd disintegrated the whole structure and reached the Tower.



The Manta is a flying monster which becomes famous with its majesty. Often high in the air and very fast, it's particularly difficult to reach, especially for Ulrich (the others can rely on their ranged attacks or their Supersmoke). It attacks with a laser shot.

The Manta also has a unique ability. With XANA's rise in power, it has become the one and only hybrid monster. Indeed, it is able to evolve in the Virtual Worlds and also in the Worldwide Digital Network. It therefore is adapted for flying and swimming...and above all its body is able to support the digital pressure of the computer Network.
In the Network, it fights with the help of mines it drops, which rush at the heroes' vessels.


William clone

Contrary to all expectations and probably created with the data XANA possessed of William in the past, this clone of the old XANA Warrior appears in episode 15 “The Codeless”. The only one of XANA's monsters endowed with speech in the entirety of the series, it seems to be a perfect clone of William. It has the same outfit, the same weapon but above all, the same power: the famous Supersmoke.

However, what stays the most blindsiding in this monster is its objective. Far from protecting the Tower at all costs, the clone's main goal is convincing William to go back to XANA's side. The monster tried to manipulate the Lyoko Warrior with unctuous and well-placed words. Even after William didn't give in to this manipulation, the clone didn't try to devirtualize him and contented itself in knocking him out so it could go after Yumi.

William finally surpasses and destroys his double.



The Kongre is a monster specifically made for the Worldwide Digital Network. Swimming with the help of a bionic tail, it is relatively fast. Its only weapon lies in its imposing jaws which allow it to bite submarines. Most of the time it doesn't last long against the Navskids' torpedoes.


Virtualized specter residue

This unique monster appears in episode 19 “The Trap”.
It is the fruits of a computer error when a specter imprisoned in a scanner is disintegrated and its digital remains have been virtualized on Lyoko. Taking the look of a cluster of greenish data, this digital cloud only had the primary instinct of the specters: go after the keepers of source codes.

The effect of this specter is pretty destructive because all the virtual avatars touched by it fall into a sort of coma. Once the codeless are out of harm's way, the specter busies itself on throwing the unconscious avatars into the Digital Sea. Odd finally deactivates the Tower generating this disturbing digital phenomenon.
Also, this monster is the only XANA monster in the entirety of Code Lyoko to be able to enter a Tower (except XANA-William)..


The doppelgängers

During a particular mission to gain time for its specter on Earth, XANA deployed on Lyoko an array of "doubles" of the heroes. These doppelgängers remained unique in several ways.

Firstly, it's the one and only time XANA could have virtualized so many avatars in the virtual world. Though it already used a clone of William or sent specters to Earth, such an appearance of virtual humanoids is impressive. All in all, there will be: one clone of Ulrich, two clones of Odd and one clone of William.

Then, these virtual avatars are not just simple clones (which copy the look of the hero, his/her powers, but not his/her personality). They also are not XANAfied clones, which have superior abilities but also a different look.
They are perfect doppelgängers. That means they don't just copy the look, the abilities of the heroes...but also their personality! We see William's clone being embarrassed at the question as to whether he has already kissed Yumi. Odd's clone imitates the personality and the ambiguous, awkward lines of the original to perfection.

Finally, the impersonation even reaches the computing and technical spheres: even Jeremy and the Holomap can't differentiate between the doppelgänger and the original.

Yet, even if it isn't officially proved, the doppelgänger seems inferior to their originals from a martial point of view. Indeed, all the clones were defeated really easily. Of course, impossible to say if the heroes were in great shape that day or if XANA's creatures are feeble...but usually, the heroes have more troubles defeating this kind of creature.

The fact that there was so many doppelgängers at the same time maybe explains the fact that every isolated individual was a little bit spineless. Nevertheless, their major force lies in their element of surprise and the confusion their presence generates for heroes.
Jeremy will settle this thorny problem with creating a program which makes the doppelgänger glow, identifying them precisely.


The Scyphozoa

This monster, who we often thought had disappeared, returns. William being isolated on the Cortex during a mission, XANA sends its Scyphozoa to go after him.

The Scyphozoa is a monster which has been seen to be versatile in the past. In particular, it was what XANAfied William in the long term before XANA's destruction. It has no weapons but it can embed its tentacles in a virtual avatar to take control of them.

William seems to have gained a certain resilience because the Scyphozoa is forced to stay gripped to him to maintain its control, which is different from previously. Even if unarmed, this monster and its effects arouse terror in the heroes. So much that William will only try to defend himself against it and won't even think of using his Supersmoke to run away.

The heroes free William of the Scyphozoa's hold by cutting off its tentacles. After that, XANA destroys all the monsters on the spot, even the Scyphozoa.



The Sharks are monsters of the Network. Swimming very quickly, they are very supple. They either attack with their body (tail blow or bite), or with their cannon located in their mouth which shoots laser bursts. They achieve something that no other monsters did before them: destroy the Skid (although it was hindered).


Video game monsters
Lastly, discover the several secondary monsters who were invented by the creators of the Code Lyoko video games. They each have their own page in the files for the video games.