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Aelita in Wonderland

Author's note
I'm Vélociraptor, I'm 19 and I'm a LyokoFan, member of the CodeLyoko.Fr forum.

I discovered the series Code Lyoko soon after it came out. It was my sister who introduced me to it and, after that, I've followed all the seasons. Even now, I'm following the series Code Lyoko Evolution.

I'd like to present to you my Code Lyoko comic titled "Aelita in Wonderland".

The idea to mix this science fiction world with a more fantasy one came to be completely by chance while I was imagining this story's heroine, Aelita, in Wonderland.
Alice in Wonderland seemed to correspond with Aelita's criteria. Insert the characters from her life into an imaginary world was perfect for integrating her friends into an adventure entirely dedicated to her.

Aelita in Wonderland thus arrived, as well as a scenario to distinguish it from all other versions of the original story. Now, I invite you to take a look for yourself and express your appreciation above.

I hope you have a good read.

The comic
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Site editor's critique
"Aelita in Wonderland" is an exemplary fanfiction of reference. Today it has ended, and we can't help but rejoice its completion. Its creator, Vélociraptor, has showed a determination and consistency that puts a number of other projects to shame!

When it comes to the contents, it is delicious. Crossovers are a difficult exercise: combining two fictional Universes is a slippery operation most of the time due to the incompatibility of the worlds. Succeeding in a coherent and interesting dosage is a little distinct.

This mix of Code Lyoko, head of science fiction cartoons, and Alice, mother of the Wondrous Universe in contemporary literature, reveals itself to be very adapted. The two works possess characteristics that draw them closer to one another: two worlds different to our own into which the character, a young heroine, naïve yet reckless, strays. Also, Aelita isn't a stranger to bizarre phantasmagoria, partly because of her numerous dreams.
It didn't take much more: with a single pencil stroke, Alice is Aelita, wondrous creatures of Wonderland become XANA's monsters or even the characters at Kadic Academy who accompany her on her journey.

The story is, in reality, more of a transposition of Code Lyoko into the world of Alice in Wonderland. Thus, no Lyoko or virtualisation but just a dive into Wonderland. Aelita is the only character from the series that we really find, as the others are elements of the strange country. We can salute Vélociraptor's ideas in the adaptation of the Universe and his dynamic pencil stroke that made the fight scenes realistic.

In terms of critique, we can especially reproach the absence of several emblematic characters, such as the brothers Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The more cultivated fans also regret the "childish" aspect of the adaptation in which the action and jokes replace the philosophical dimension of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and all the heroine's confrontations with the strange and the absurd...

...but given the workload and the time put into the pages, we can understand and easily excuse the few shortcuts taken by the author. In the end, the story is extremely involved, and a pleasing read. It's almost sad to get to the end, and it would be great if Vélociraptor were a full-time artist so Aelita could explore Wonderland even deeper!

Congratulations to the author and... Off with their heads!