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The CLE font by Dlynk

 As the filming of Code Lyoko Evolution finishes, I hasten to write a presentation for one of my largest projects as an amateur graphic designer. Or at least, "what was"!
Because today I'm proud to present to you my latest creation: the font pack CL EvoluFont... V2!

by Dlynk

[Presentation] [Download and installation instructions] [Steps in creating the font]

1) What is "CL EvoluFont"?
It's a font pack (like Times, Arial, etc.) to install on your computer.
But it's not a simple font like others are!
Indeed, you guessed it, this font resembles the logo for the newest season of your favourite series!

2) Why create such a font? What led you to create it?
I can respond to both those questions simply by saying, "because I'm a fan!"
But no, I'm going to explain how I was motivated.
Everything started before I signed up to the forum, I was impressed by the logo for Code Lyoko Evolution, I then undertook a search across the web, to no avail.
I then decided to create it myself, basing it on the letters already existing in the logo.

3) How did you create it? With what software?
The font was made with two programs: Adobe Illustrator CS3 then CS6, and Font Creator Professional Edition.
The largest part of the creation was the vector work, the creation itself.
But before that research had to be done. I lost counts of how many paper drafts I did... Although I don't know how to draw, I did lots of study so that it would fit the original logo.
In Illustrator I redid the outlines of the original logo with the Pen tool to get this:


Then by inverting the borders and the inside you get this:


Which resembles the final product a little more.
Obviously, the connecting lines were added after the reproduction of the letters.
I've put some more screenshots of the development lower down the page.
The letters then created, I exported them one by one in JPEG format to then regenerate them as vector letters in Font Creator.

4) Does the font work on Linux and Mac OS?
Yes! It's a TrueType font format, compatible with all the OS on the market.

5) Will there be a bold and italic version?
No, those versions aren't included. However, it's possible to create bold and italic styles in all word processors.

6) What is the second font used in the font's logo?
It's the font "Microsoft Yi Baiti".

7) Do you have other projects in mind as a Lyokographist?
Only time will tell! If I ever do something else, I'll announce it in my gallery on the forum, so you will know! It's also conceivable that I still have one or two projects in mind! ;-)


Download and installation instructions
Click here to download
Click here to download the Code Lyoko Evolufont version 2!


Installation instructions by platform:

Windows 7/Vista: Right-click on the font file > "Install".
Windows XP: Place the font file in C:\Windows\Fonts.
Mac OS X: Double-click on the font file > "Install Font".
Linux: Copy the font file into fonts:// with File manager.

Steps in creating the font