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GIFs from the Code Lyoko Social Game
 Obtained by DlynK, Aquariophilinlov, Vivi & Shana! 

GIFs from the Code Lyoko Social Game
Here are the animated GIFs from the Code Lyoko Social Game on Facebook. If you want to know more about their creation, you can read the dedicated topic on CodeLyoko.Fr's forum (in French)!

Download this ZIP file which contains all the main GIF images contained in the CLSG. All the images are on a transparent background, except some due to the recomposition of the image being problematic. You will notably find:
-The 5 heroes (Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, Yumi, William) in their 3 traditional costumes (seasons 1 to 3, season 4 and Evolution) in all their poses (presentation, movement, waiting, attack, powers, injured, devirtualized).
-All XANA's monsters in all their poses (movement, waiting, attack, injured, destroyed).
-Some other GIFs (sectors, deactivation of the towers, victory).