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Presentation of the project
• What is Lyoko Craft?

Lyoko Craft is an alternative season to CLE. It will also be a remake of some CL episodes as well as adaptations of fanfictions. This series is made to show that it's possible to do marvellous things using simple cubes.

• Why do that when there's CLE now?

For two good reasons, firstly because lots of people were tired of seeing Minecraft projects on the forum, so I had the idea of grouping them together as one common project. The second, I'm one of the many people who is disappointed by CLE, so I'm offering an alternative version with...CUBES!! Smiley

Our Advancements
• Plot-wise:

We are working on writing episodes. In no way have we tried to copy a pre-existing project. There will be 26 episodes, each one between 20 and 23 minutes long. It will be translated into three languages: French, English and Spanish (and maybe others if the project is well-known). For the moment, no major plot points for the season will be revealed.

• Construction-wise:

We've almost finished. We're only missing Kadic Academy and finishing 2/3 other constructions (this can be changed).


And here is Lyoko created by Cirrulean (PS: we will change it a bit anyway).


• Skin-wise:

So for the skins we have almost finished the characters, we're only mainly missing secondary characters.


• Music and sound effects:

We make all our own music right down to the smallest sound, all done by our Lyoko Craft team member.

Join us/Follow us

•Despite the help we ask of you, we're already a fine and competent team of around 30 members today from around the world (Canada, Spain, Belgium...) and very remote regions of mainland France (Guadeloupe...).

• We're looking for talented people, to show that it's possible to do many incredible things with this game of cubes.

• The filming is scheduled for May/June, not before because we still have much work to do.

• Don't hesitate to ask questions!

• Above all, know that it's useless to engage yourself in a project of this magnitude if you're not willing to carry through, and it's just to visit to the server.

• We're looking for two feminine voices for Aelita and Yumi, as well as other voices (feminine and masculine) for main and secondary characters. We're looking for musicians for sounds as well as graphic artists and finally translators to translate from French to English and Spanish.

• Secondly we are looking for:
- Builders
- Actors to play our heroes
- Technicians to take care of special effects on the server
- Singers
- Cameramen
- Video editors
- One or two director(s) who will be responsible for staging the episodes
- Programmers in [] for the site
- All other help is welcome

So just send in your application to

Follow us:

Don't hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we post the videos.
Or maybe our Facebook page.
Or why not our Twitter?
And while you're there there's our website (under construction).
And if you want to debate, there's only one place to go -> the forum.

Hoping that many of you will join us.