Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective

About the Podcast
Do you know what we love more than anything in the world? Talking about Code Lyoko for hours on end. And do you know what we love even more than that? Talking about Code Lyoko into a microphone, every week, and sharing our thoughts with the great wide world!

Welcome to Return to the Past, a Code Lyoko recap podcast hosted by Mary, Ben, and David, three American twentysomethings who've shared this fandom for over a decade. (Almost) every Monday, we take a deep dive into every Code Lyoko episode, starting with Teddygozilla in February 2017 and continuing on in order. We recap the events of each episode, examine the lines and events we love, share trivia (like translation differences) and go off on ridiculous tangents about things like Ben and David's incorrect tastes in vegetables.

At the end of each episode, we pop open our mailbox and answer our listeners' burning questions, share their stories of Lyoko fandom, and explore their hypotheticals. (Which Hogwarts House would the characters be in? Who would they main in Smash?)

We also devote entire episodes to Code Lyoko's fan culture and ephemera in the Rec Room and Season Break, which air after every tenth episode and between each season respectively. Here we share our favorite fan works, go off on our own theories and tangents, and give listener questions a little extra attention.

Our hope is that the show can appeal to fans and newcomers alike, and hopefully share with them some of the deep and abiding love we've gained for Code Lyoko over these many years. While the show follows the series, watching isn't required – though we've had many people watching the show along with us. We do start from the beginning, but feel free to pick up any episode and join us!

You can find our libysn landing page here, our RSS feed here, or listen on iTunes or your favorite podcast listening hoosit. The podcast is only in English, but we do have listeners from all over the world! Which is mind-boggling but also really awesome.

About the Hosts
From:USA (East Coast)
Likes:Writing, Code Lyoko, sprawling metafiction, onions
Favorite Character:Aelita
Mary first discovered Code Lyoko in an ad on the back of a magazine, and her life has not been the same since. Over 13 years in the fandom, Mary has finished one novel-length fanfic, left many, many more novel-length fanfics unfinished, presented Code Lyoko in school assignments not once but twice, and spent a lot of time looking at's screenshot galleries and making Code Lyoko fan forum posts in class (sorry, teachers!). She met both David and Ben inside the CL fandom; David and Mary have been together for seven years, and Mary and Ben went to college together.

Mary is also a big fan of Dangan Ronpa, the Persona series, Oban Star Racers, Wakfu, and Homestuck. She works as a magazine assistant editor in her professional life, and also handles the production side of the podcast.

From:USA (Texas)
Likes:Writing, Code Lyoko, dinosaurs, sloths
Favorite Character:Yumi
David first discovered Code Lyoko in an ad for Miguzi (that really gross-looking one where the three-eyed alien says “Howdy!”), thought it looked stupid, and spent at least one semester making fun of his only friend for liking it. One summer later, when season two debuted, he had to eat crow. When his constant yammering about the show finally alienated everyone in his life, he went in search of like-minded people on the internet, where he met Mary and Ben. Mary and David are now a happy couple. Ben has also been around.

Besides Code Lyoko, David's interests include Homestuck, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Nintendo games, mushrooms on pizza, dinosaurs, and sloths (not necessarily in that order). He's also an aspiring novelist and a part-time soulless bureaucrat. His job on the podcast consists mainly of making puns.

From:USA (Michigan)
Likes:Orcs, outer space, various cheeses, mid-2000s French science fiction TV shows
Favorite Character:I love all my children equally. Except Herve. I hate Herve.
Gifted at birth with an exceptionally large forehead, Ben sees a lot of himself in Code Lyoko. Perhaps that is why he came to love it so much. When other kids were doing things like “going outside” or “having friends,” Ben spent his time marveling at French children who go inside the internet to shoot lasers at weird animals, and he thinks part of what's wrong with kids these days is that they don't do enough of that anymore. Code Lyoko was Ben's first true fandom community and the foundation of several life-long friendships, including his co-hosts. So fundamental to Ben's childhood was Code Lyoko that for quite some time, the opening theme was his MySpace profile song, if any of you remember back that far.

Ben has attempted to write several Code Lyoko fanfics, and technically completed at least two of them. He also made two Code Lyoko AMVs set to Linkin Park songs in 2006, which you are thankful you have never encountered. In addition to Code Lyoko, his hobbies include: looking at the Internet. He lives in Michigan with his two cats, Mike and Ike.