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Code Lyoko Relight
A "Light" version


"Anything can happen and no-one is safe." Light45-17

"Code Lyoko Season 5 Relight" is a fanfiction adapted to video and created by Light45-17
Airing since last June on his YouTube channel, the series already has two titles, "Threats" and "Origins". Initially planned as episodes, Light has ended up reimagining his fanseason as a complete film!



[Story-wise] [Creation-wise] [On the Series in General]


The series picks up a year and a half after the end of season 4. Yumi is now in her final year at school and the others are in their second-last. The plots on Earth promise a radical change.

New characters will arrive in this season, and old ones will return. And all will play a decisive role in the four final episodes.

In the second episode, Bringa opens the lid on great reappearances and complicates things during her arrival by telling Sissi about the secret of the Lyoko Warriors.
Will William, tied to the principal's daughter in a friendship, be able to stop her from discovering the secret?


In a general manner, the Lyoko Warriors' secret will be more difficult to contain than in the earlier seasons.

And it confirms that the gang will do anything to hide Aelita's absence, imprisoned by a Guardian. The public warriors about the absence of the star and the noose tightens around Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and William.


The story is surely the most flexible part of the series. Clearly, fans don't need to expect specific and prescribed things because in this season, which is meant to be the final one, anything can happen and no-one is safe.

The creation of episodes by Light is done in several parts.

The first consists of creating every scene shot by shot in the order they will appear chronologically in the episode. It takes more than a hundred hours of work to do this.


In parallel, the music is composed/re-orchestrated by Roroxana, from the scenario only. She has the opportunity to see certain scenes when they're finished to better carry out her work.

The second part consists of doing the montage of all the scenes created by Light and adding the subtitles.


Finally, the last part is the sound mixing. Taking Roroxana's music, the soundtrack from the series (remixed by Light) as well as several sound effects and assembling them all based on the images. Soundtrack and images are then synchronised and we get an episode after more than two hundred hours of work.

On the Series in General
"Code Lyoko Season 5 Relight" is also changes on all levels and a lot of innovations by the creator.

Zoom in on the changes:


Firstly, the format of the series isn't the same anymore, because this one is 15x15 (15 episodes of 15 minutes each).
Therefore a shorter season than the third season of Code Lyoko. And now, we're doing a film!

We're talking about an evolutionary scenario here where Light45-17 tries to raise the bar higher, to episodes within episodes, all while keeping the style he has imposed.

Finally, the characters have returned in their Earth clothing from the first three seasons. But the two largest changes are doubtlessly the Lyoko scenes now in 2D and of course the absence of voices.

Zoom in on the new parts:


We count two huge new features in this new season:
- The opening and closing sequences that are true to the rest of the series.


- As well as a new aspect to create a new and more expressive look for the characters. This change is totally voluntary by the creator and can be perceived as his signature – certain fans are already nicknaming it "The Light Touch" – Light referencing the creator's username.

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