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Aelita Di Agostino
 AMV magician, DJ, an excellent artist and indisputable fan of Code Lyoko and Gigi d'Agostino, this lovable Italian has more than one string to her bow!

In this gallery, there are artist productions filled with poetry for the eyes, in a style from the Baroque period and of traditional Japanese drawings, which sometimes even contain cyberpunk influences. But amongst the numerous talents, a particular domain is the one that has made her a star of the Lyokofan community: AMVs. Through videos that she's created, by mixing various music, episode clips, and all sorts of effects, she's managed to underline the atmosphere of the cartoon and for several years now with a total of over a hundred video dedicated to Code Lyoko!

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Aelita Di Agostino
ImageTalents: Artist & AMV editor
First name: Barbara
Gallery work: On Youtube [Former channel] [New channel] • On DeviantArt
My style: Various ! Dreamy, busy (sometimes chaotic) surrealism and often times candy editing (videos).
Literary & cultural references: Gigi D'Agostino, Adam Young (Owl City), Lisa Frank, Languages and different cultures (especially Sign Language and deaf culture) and Christianity.
What inspires me in CL: Ultimately what inspires me in Code Lyoko is the ability one has to relate to one or more of the characters and how their lives are.
Another inspiring aspect of C.L. is the show's ability to withstand the years and still be as vibrant as ever, untouched by reality.
Favorite character(s): Aelita and Ulrich

Aelita Di Agostino's Gallery