Bassoonist From Hell
 BassoonistFromHell! Quite the original username!
Here's some of the original art from this cheerful American! Explosions of colors, fleeting romance, travel through this colorful, mysterious art from the home of the Easter bunny and Jeremy as a superhero... but Code Lyoko overall! A journey worth seeing!

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ImageTalents: Artist & cosplayer
First name: Twiggz
Gallery works: On Deviant art
My style: I am a musician by day and a digital artist by night. My art is greatly influenced by Code Lyoko and through this great series, I've managed to meet exceptionally talented and kind people. Smiley
Literary & cultural references: Appreciator of art around the world. I especially admire the ways of the Japanese art since it's what I grew up with.
What inspires me in CL: What's not to love? Adore the characters, story, music, art style, and the uniquiness of going back and forth between 2D/real life to virtual!
Favorite character(s): Odd & Aelita !

BassoonistFromHell's gallery
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Cosplay Odd season 4, virtual world outfit
ImageMetrocon of Tampa, Florida

Nature of the cosplay

Odd Della Robbia
Virtual world outfit
Season 4

July 2013