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 Skilled in both art and word, Brezifus excellently combines her writing, a seamless balance of darkness and humour, with her expressive drawings to produce a wonderfully illustrated tale about the Lyoko Warriors, among other lovely creations.

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ImageTalents:Art, Writing, chronic inability to know what to put in spaces like this
Name: Bre
Workspace:Tumblr (fic), Tumblr (personal)
My style: David Lynch-esque is the best I can give you. Dark, and serious, but with moments of joy and almost slapstick comedy thrown in as seamlessly as possible. It's good with the bad and bad with the good. There's action more attuned to fantastical anime and comic books, but there is also a lot of emotions and psychological moments.
Literary and cultural references:David Lynch's work (as stated above) particularly Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, H.R. Giger, Ridley Scott, Silent Hill, Digimon, Akira, Hellboy, Redwall, Jim Henson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gerard Way - basically psychological horror, fantastical adventures, and really cheesy superpower comic book/anime stuff.
What inspires me in CL:The realism of the characters' personalities, the maturity of their lives, and the colorful wonderland of Lyoko that serves as a foil to the real world.
Favorite character(s): Ulrich, Aelita, Hiroki, Jim

I Will Remember You
Level: Mature
Story length: Ongoing
Story type: Multi-chap
Story's theme(s): Change of events, abuse
Prominent character(s): Ulrich
Chronological milestones: Change of events mid-season 2, main plot post-season 4


Ulrich gets yanked away from the Lyoko Warriors to a dark life of abuse and trauma under his parents. Upon finally fighting back, he escapes back to Kadic Academy four years later under the alias of Reese Anders, vowing to avoid the Lyoko Warriors in order to protect them from something as unkillable as XANA. Protecting them, and keeping his alias, become a much more difficult task than he bargained for, especially with both XANA and his father on his heels. Dark, violent, mature; a story about abuse and loyalty.

Team opinion:

An ongoing story, I Will Remember You is an alternate storyline to the cartoon that sees one of our favorite characters changed and matured in the face of an abusive father, and struggling to readjust when thrust back into his old life. A dark and sometimes confronting story punctuated with wonderful illustrations by the author.

A must-read for fans of darker takes on the series.

Brezifus's fanfiction gallery
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