Cradled in the vivid blend of the Universe of the manga generation on one side and of the best of Eastern culture on the other, Dlynk's creations are completely original and modern. When this artist discovered Code Lyoko, only good things could come from it.
Known for his font, the CodeLyoko-Evolufont that spread across the net, and the extraction of the GIFs from the Social Game, Dlynk is a true asset to the community... and secondly, a creator of images of all kinds (packs, avatars, userbars).

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ImageTalents: Artist
First name: Cédric
Gallery works: On Deviant art
My style : I work exclusively with the PC, I suck at drawing! Very fond of vector, I create or I recreate everything and anything. Whether logos, characters or other things. I also occasionally layout design for everything : DVD CD jacket, etc.. I recently started creating fonts.
Literary & cultural references: Mangas et animes (Fairy Tail, Naruto, Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo, Code Lyoko, ...), music (J-pop, J-rock, Vocaloids, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, OSTs d'animés, etc...) TV series (Les Experts [Miami], Dr House, dramas japonais, ...), video games (The Legend of Zelda, Mario, MMORPGs, crossovers, ...), japanese culture (music, way of life, spirit, ...).
What inspires me in CL: Actually, it is not completely CL that inspires me, but everything revolves around: the science-fition universe as in Tron, and its futuristic technology. This style has the advantage of being associated with all things of the geek universe
Favorite character(s): Odd

Best works

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DlynK's gallery about Code Lyoko Evolution
About Code Lyoko: Evolution, Social Game, etc...
(Avatars, signatures, banners...)

dlynkcle 000dlynkcle 001dlynkcle 002dlynkcle 003dlynkcle 004dlynkcle 005
dlynkcle 006dlynkcle 007dlynkcle 008dlynkcle 009dlynkcle 010dlynkcle 011
dlynkcle 012dlynkcle 013dlynkcle 014dlynkcle 015dlynkcle 016dlynkcle 017
dlynkcle 018dlynkcle 019dlynkcle 020dlynkcle 021dlynkcle 022dlynkcle 023
dlynkcle 024dlynkcle 025dlynkcle 026dlynkcle 027dlynkcle 028dlynkcle 029

DlynK's gallery
DlynK's works for CodeLyoko.fr ; and his own FanProjects !