Graffiti-flower's gallery exists within the shadows and the light. Her style that takes from several influences leads to the creation of many appreciable works of art. From Aelita surrounded by gloomy wolves to light and comical sketches and even turning scenes from the cartoon into drawings... Each piece has its own batch of surprises!

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ImageTalents: Artist
First name: Fukuro
Gallery works: On Deviant art
My style: Somewhat confusing at this point maybe? I notice its a mix between cartoonish and mangaish with a splash of realism. If that makes sense even. It usually varies on each picture honestly.
Literary & cultural references: A couple of the major things that inspires me is definitely shonen manga and music, specifically Gorillaz (and its co-creator, Jamie Hewlett). Recently, much more sources of inspirations have been coming such as with various of other anime/manga, western animation, video games and books. My exposure to the horror genre (mainly the Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Siren series) are also responsible for the dark nature behind some of my art and Code Lyoko AUs.
What inspires me in CL: I'd say nearly everything. The characters, the concept, the plot (at first), the relationships, the monster designs, the scenery work. I'm not usually fond of these kind of shows but the characters and the art style drew me in. The show prompted me to try out various of experiments in various of fields such as scenery work, plot and character writing (or in this case, rewriting), and even character design, all of which corresponds to my CL Alternate Universes, as well as my original work.
Favorite character(s): Yumi, William, Aelita

Graffiti-flower's gallery
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