Light undertook an enormous project: to create a Code Lyoko film, made entirely by a fan... by Light himself! And the result is just as grand! The various previews of the fanfilm titled "Code Lyoko Relight", which takes place after season 4, are tempting!

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ImageTalents: 3D modeler, graphics
First name:
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My style : I work mainly on PC using software such as Blender or Gimp. I appreciate being able to recreate the world of Code Lyoko while adding my personal touch. I realize both 2D/3D animated sequences, as logos, banners, signatures.
Literary & cultural references:Movies fan since my first age, my references are many and varied. Manga & Anime: Code Lyoko because this is THE series, and Death Note for its screenplay, its image and its music beauty. Movies: I like - The director Zac Snyder for making the movie 300 (a real visual slap) - Bruno Delbonnel for magnificent job as director of photography (A Very Long Engagement, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). And finally Darren Aronofsky, director of The Fontain, Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan etc. ..
What inspires me in CL: The universe. It is vast, complex and stimulates debate. Much better, it makes me dream.
Favorite character(s): William & Yumi (but that don't mean that I want them being together ^^)

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