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 An avid hobbyist of great skill, Nelbsia is capable of condensing the immesurable force of his imagination so well through his fanfiction "Overpowered" in the sumptuous illustrations that he creates to each and every minute detail. The entirety of his work propelled Code Lyoko to the peak of glory.

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ImageTalents: Artist & Writer
First name: Benjamin
Gallery work: On Deviant artOn the forum
My style: Pencil or pen, with or without model, on paper or on screen, the tablet or segment, cutting or degraded, true to their style or custom, far from perfect but full of ideas, my drawings are my Freedom. This is important. And it occupies during class.
Literary & cultural references: Mangas & animes (Dragon Ball, Death Note, GTO, Avatar, Code Lyoko, ...), TV series (Dexter, Prison Break, Power Rangers, Veronica Mars, Monk, Malcolm in the middle, ...), video games (World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Champions of Norrath, Crash Bandicoot, Mario Kart, ...)
What inspires me in CL: Odd Della Robbia, the general atmosphere (normal life of the heroes, secret passage to a mysterious factory, ...) and the principle of saving the world through a virtual world where each has special powers.
Favorite character(s): Odd

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