Helped by his piano, Roro creates music for various fanprojects in the community...and makes some marvellous reorchestrations of some music from the series. Find amazing and sad music played with talent on the piano.

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ImageTalents: Composer and writer
Name: Roman (or William to friends!)
Library: SoundCloudYoutube
My style: Easily falling into repetition, but always trying to sound more right, soundtrack after soundtrack, even if it means reviewing them months after.
Cultural & musical references: Of which I listen to the OST:
Series: Doctor Who / Torchwood / Franchise Stargate / Kaamelott / Hero Corp ...
Cartoons/Anime: Code Lyoko / Death Note / Steins Gate / Cowboy Bebop / Les Mystèrieuses Cités d'Or / Detective Conan ...
Games: JakII Renegade/ Spyro franchise / Tomb Raider franchise / Heroes of Might & Magic franchise / The Movies
Some composers: Cosma/ Zimmer / Barry / Williams / Morricone / Gold (Murray) / Foster (Ben.) ...
What inspires me in CL: It is a continually-expanding universe with some mysterious parts! We can go back to the past and make it darker as we light it up, look at all the bad turns XANA put them through before it dies, think about what will become of Hopper's legacy or the heroes. We can imagine almost anything!
Favorite character(s): Yumi (but if the question was also about entities, I'd immediately say XANA!)

My music
Image[CL 15# Laughing Fit – Dad, back home]Image[CL 22# Routine – Dispute]
A version of the theme I called “Sorrow” from Code Lyoko, played on the piano: when Yumi goes looking for her father at a colleague's place and asks him to come back home. One of the first themes I reproduced, recorded with Audacity.Theme heard in the scene between Ulrich and Yumi, after she comes to tell him to come to the factory. All the sounds are from my synthesiser, recorded directly.

Image[CL 24# Ghost Channel – Ghost Channel]Image[CL 24# Ghost Channel – Double Jeremy & This doesn't make sense]
It is heard when Aelita shows to Jeremy the sequence she has found. It introduces a less symphonic version of one of the themes heard when the decisive actions of the series happen, the theme I called “Lyoko's Rebirth” for Light's film. Really recent, it is the theme in which I've used the more synthetic sounds of all my orchestrations.
It the episode, it goes until Jeremy says he would rather virtualise himself to see Aelita waiting for him and not to save their friends from a virtual reality controlled by XANA.
The climax theme for the climax moment! The Lyoko Warriors learning about Lyoko's non-existence, Jeremy facing “XANA-Jeremy” and the fateful moment when the powerful XANA shows us that it is its world, (in case some people haven't understood (laugh)).
Because of some big blank moments in the episode during the chosen theme, I reorchestrated it almost entirely to avoid theses breaks; and I used a few chorus singers for “Lyoko's Rebirth” (here called “This doesn't make sense”).

Image[CL 52# The Key – Lyoko's death]Image[CL 94# Fight to the Finish – Hopper's Farewell]
This is the most known version of the theme “Sorrow”, with the strings. We hear it many times but one of the most deeply moving scenes it comes with is, in my mind, the one in which Aelita dies, and Lyoko too. So, that's why it is called “Lyoko's Death”.Uncommon theme, heard just one time in the series, after XANA died. The simpler orchestrations are often the more efficient, and this theme doesn't avoid the rule. I think it is not a good idea to go from this theme to the ending, without any transition, I always thought that it broke the atmosphere of the scene.
Maybe I should have named it “XANA's farewell”, for my dear program!

Image[CLE – Sorrow's themes]Image[ReLight 02# William's nightmare]
These are the two “Sorrow” themes I've spotted in CLE. They made me think of this arrangement. The second “Sorrow” theme is quite more hidden than the first but it you listen carefully you can recognise it.Used in the second episode of Light's season, it is the theme of William's nightmare. I was inspired by two pieces from the Code Lyoko soundtrack (“Soupçons” and “Dispute”, which you can find on my Youtube channel). If you listen carefully you'll find them. Clue: one is played by piano, the other by strings.

Image[ReLight 02# Hard Way]Image[ReLight - Soupçons]
Ironically, this theme, one of the last, was the first version of “William's Nightmare”. Timpani evoked the feeling that XANA was present at the heart of it all. When I showed this to Light, he also wanted to use it for the scene with William's nightmares. That's why there is a softer version called “William's Nightmare”.A theme we often hear in Code Lyoko when there is a mystery occurring: you can hear it in “Image Problem” in this famous scene where Yumi hits the principal with the phone. This reproduction isn't really faithful to the original however.

Image[CL OST - Active Deactivation of Towers]
One of the most symbolic themes of Code Lyoko remains the theme played during the deactivation of the towers. We had to wait until the Facebook game came out to have this ambiant theme, nonrhythmic. Then we had to wait again up until last Wednesday (02/05/14) to have the rhythm that would sometimes accompany this ambiant theme, cut and used by Kikou for his game. But we never had the rhythmic theme for the deactivation of the towers.
But today, we do! Here is my montage between the calm theme of the deactivation of the towers and the rhythm extracted from the game by Kikou.