Rui is a young girl whose talent equals her kindness! She draws all of her desires on different subjects which she holds dear. And since Code Lyoko Evolution is one of these, we can enjoy her wonderful artwork! Each stroke of her pen is mild and original!

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ImageTalents: Artist
First name: Rui
Gallery works: On Deviant art
My style : I submit drawings in no paticular order, maybe I drew them yesterday, maybe last month......
Literary & cultural references: Digimon, Inazuma Eleven
What inspires me in CL: I nearly love every pairs in Code Lyoko...they are all really, really adorable
Favorite character(s): None

Rui's gallery
000-7 6 5  by rrrui-d5q6d66000 49a2c7a93c69871dbcf2876d41584c73-d5nnhdn000  by rrrui-d5qius6000 aelita by rrrui-d5oziwk000 good morning by rrrui-d5soms8000 merry christmas  by rrrui-d5p4q8y
000 odd  odd and odd by rrrui-d5rpmzf000 school days by rrrui-d5mpxb9000 three days  by rrrui-d5ob4yy000 w by rrrui-d5oafn3000 winter by rrrui-d5pwt3t000 yeah   by rrrui-d5s0nxb
100 19 12 12  by rrrui-d5omf3v100 my dear buddy by rrrui-d5phgo2100 my greatest treasure by rrrui-d5pbf4l100 my lovely friend by rrrui-d5pfcti500 after school by rrrui-d5roxvr500 back to the start  by rrrui-d5nfs7g
500 countdown start by rrrui-d5pojkm500 ff214597faf0aad1ad31ec3f832a967a-d5p7z3r500 laura  by rrrui-d5oc5yq500 morning  by rrrui-d5nlvtc500 one day left  by rrrui-d5qen2n500 skateboarding with us  by rrrui-d5mwpc3
600 aelita by rrrui-d5m8nt8600 energy field  by rrrui-d5o42ur600 triplicate  by rrrui-d5o7s80600 yumi by rrrui-d5kr0e2900 001900 002
900 003900 ep1  by rrrui-d5owjoy