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 Amongst her drawings, that feature Code Lyoko characters in an unusual cartoon style, we can find some of the most unlikely pairings and settings full of energy and good spirits. This American artist is one of the rare ones to have also made several animations, so don't hesitate to check out her deviantArt to see them!

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ImageTalents: Artist
First name: Jennifer
Gallery work: On Deviant art
My style: Cartoonish, I think? I try to give my drawings a bit of a western cartoon flare to them, though I have been told (much to my dismay) I draw in a very anime-ish style. My older stuff is definitely anime-inspired.
Literary & cultural references: Disney movies totally inspire me as well as Ezma animation shorts, webcomics of all kinds; HINABN, Monsterkind, Homestuck, and also I'm a HUGE videogame nerd; Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Rune Factory, Legend of Zelda, etc.
What inspires me in CL: One of the first things that drew me to the show was the fun combination of 2D and 3D animation. After that it was the community that kept me in! It was the first fandom I was able to really flourish in as I took my first few wobbly steps into the world of the internet community.
Favorite character(s): Jeremy

Zeakari's Gallery