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"Listen, XANA, if you think you can impress me with your cheap, two-bit virus, you are mistaken!"

#22 Routine

Name: Jeremie/Jeremy Belpois

It should be known that officially, the second spelling is the right one!
In the beginning, throughout season 1, Jeremie was the spelling used, but due to pressure from Americans wanting a spelling change (because the -IE ending isn't commonplace in English), it was changed to Jeremy!

Recurring nicknames:

Height: 1.47m (4'10)

Weight: 31kg (68.3lbs)

Age at the start of the series: 12

Character origins: Jeremy is inspired by a real person: Jérémie Périn. He's a director who was in the same class as Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo at the Gobelins school. This information was revealed through a tweet by Thomas Romain in 2012.


Jeremy hates sport. For example, he skips class at the swimming pool to spend more time working on the materialisation program in season 1. In season 2, we rarely see him in his sports clothing, but on the other hand, he is very talented in cross country, seeing as he needs to run every time XANA launches an attack.

To enter the life of Jeremy Belpois, here is an extract from his interview with Milly and Tamiya:

Milly: For breakfast, do you like juice or milk?
Jeremy: Hot chocolate.
Milly: Eggs or toast?
Jeremy: Cereal.
Milly: Butter or jam?
Jeremy: Maple syrup.

Presentation of the character's outfits


"Jeremy is an excellent student, but he's a bit of a dreamer."

#02 Seeing is Believing

Jeremy is in Odd's and Ulrich's class (and starting from episode 26 "False Start", Aelita's as well.) Considered by his teachers to be a young prodigy, he is extremely jealous of Herve who wants to be the top student. Jeremy is the most brilliant student of the class with 19.87/20, but Aelita follows him very closely with an average of 18.5/20, and then comes Herve. But this intelligence has its disadvantages too. In episode 11 "Plagued", the school psychologist, who had been watching Jeremy for awhile, decides to make him take a test to see if our young Einstein is really a genius, and if so, have him sent to another school...
The school staff is obviously full of praise for his performance.

Jeremy is, like Odd, Ulrich and Aelita, a boarder at Kadic. Unlike Odd and Ulrich, however, he has a room to himself, which he prefers considering that he spends almost all of his time working on Lyoko projects, the materialization program, the anti-virus, and then the research needed to directly access the network.

This research takes so much of Jeremy's time that his grades suffer from it. In episode 64 “Double Trouble”, Jeremy's grades even drop below Herve's.

Clearly, the only subject in which Jeremy doesn't shine is gym. Jim frequently refers to him as “snail” or some other slow animal.

"Your father seems like a really nice guy!"
"Yeah, I love him."

#49 Franz Hopper

Jeremy is a gifted child... and his parents are very proud of him! We know very little about Jeremy's parents. We have only seen his father, Michel Belpois, and only on two short occasions (Episode 49 "Franz Hopper" & 82 "Distant Memory".)
Jeremy states that he loves his father, but that his father is anything but a genius, which suggests that Jeremy isn't very involved with his parents. And for that matter, we find out that he often spends the weekend and even school holidays on school property instead of at home with his parents (Episode 3 "Holiday in the Fog").

However, it's apparent that Jeremy's parents are very kind and the limitless attention they have for their son. In episode 49, Jeremy's father immediately came after his son's call and took no offense that he had to leave so quick after he arrived. In episode 82, the Belpois family invite Aelita to come spend Christmas with them, even though it is a rather familial holiday.

In episode 11 "Plagued", where Jeremy almost changes schools, one of the arguments given by the psychologist to convince his parents was that if Jeremy were to go there, he would have the right to a large scholarship. This remark implies that he comes from a more humble background and that his parents would not easily look past this opportunity. Despite that, we still cannot conclude that Jeremy's parents are solely interested in the money involved, otherwise, what poor parents they would be!
Jeremy seems to be an only child, but we have never been able to confirm.

We have, however, discovered a cousin of Jeremy's in episode 88 "Cousins Once Removed". Patrick Belpois, a cool, young boy, arrives at Kadic. Jeremy cannot stand his company due to some old baggage he still carries from years past. He is thinking back to summer camp where Patrick was popular and ditched him to be with others.
However, after seeing Patrick's good side, he ends up giving in and reconciling with his cousin... who ultimately ends up leaving Kadic.

Powers, abilities
Image"Well, I chose a hair because it's a simple anatomical structure, but which contains Aelita's complete genetic computer code. According to a well-known fractal, whose occurrences are comparable to the genetic code of a human, which enabled me to make a physiological number transfer onto one part of the program already pre-targeted and de-fragmented."

#13 Just in Time

In several episodes, Jeremy stuns us with his knowledge of computer science... which his friends don't seem to understand a bit! He is often interrupted by Odd who kindly informs that computer science is not exactly their cup of tea and that therefore, it is useless to try to explain it to them. Among these grand replies are "In English?" and "In short?". Only Yumi seems to somewhat understand his work... but unfortunately, not enough to be able to virtualize him. Unlike his Lyoko Warrior friends, Jeremy doesn't have powers so to speak. His only gift resides in his very extensive grasp on computer science and all that relates to it (including robotics, like in episode 20 "The Robots"), which is quite practical when taking on a psychopathic Supercomputer!

Jeremy's abilities are constantly evolving and this aspect of his character is often forgotten by the fans. At the start, Jeremy is inexperienced and some of his programs end in failure.
In episode 38 "Temptation", he tries, without much success, to use a neuronal helmet at the lab, built thanks to Hopper's notes...

However, Jeremy has the most important ability - the ability to learn... and he learns fast. This aspect of his personality is fundamental, because it allows him to face up against the harsh adversity that XANA imposes on him. Jeremy must regularly react to the various ruses developed by the program. And most of the time, he pulls through against them.
From the discovery of the codes allowing direct access to Carthage while XANA is working to destroy the surface sectors, to the recreation of Lyoko, to the Skidbladnir to explore the Network, and even to the Teleportation to destroy the enemy Supercomputers... this genius always finds a solution. The more the battle intensifies, the more he rapidly innovates.

The final blow to XANA is, by the way, thanks to Jeremy for his multi-agent program that eradicated XANA from the net.

Role in the series

"You're the brains in this outfit, Einstein!"

#49 Franz Hopper

Throughout the series, Jeremy has a driven role. As soon as the first episode, we can see that it's Jeremy who is at the command of the Supercomputer in the lab. He takes the role of the operator. Supervision, computer operation, detection of enemy activity and danger... Jeremy is essential to making sure that operations on Lyoko function properly.

In addition to this everyday role, Jeremy is also a source of intrigue. His successes solve situations in stand-by and cause the series to advance. For example, he is responsible for the materialization of Aelita, the research towards Aelita's antivirus before the discovery of her missing link, the conquest of the Network, etc.

Therefore, Jeremy is one of the most essential links in the group. He disproves the expression that "no one is irreplaceable." While a supplementary Lyoko Warrior like William could be recruited, it's almost certain that the team could not find a second Jeremy. This is without a doubt one of the reasons why he's one of XANA's main targets.

With Aelita materialized, Jeremy has a potential replacement at the commands. However, Aelita is needed on Lyoko and isn't on the same level as Jeremy. Aware of the troubles that would arise if he were no longer around, Jeremy tries with a bit of success to teach his partners how to take on the hard role he fills in episode 72 "Crash Course". Yumi is the one who is the most at ease taking his place at the commands like she does in episode 76 "The Lake".

Jeremy is considered the little Einstein of the group by everyone, as evidenced by his nickname and the fact that the others are not very accepting of his errors (Episode 49 "Franz Hopper" and 62 "Nobody in Particular"), which is particularly unfair considering that it's inevitable to make mistakes here and there...

Sentimentally less... moody than Ulrich, his platonic relationship with Aelita brings a second couple to the series as well.

Character and behaviour
"Everybody knows that the real Jeremy wouldn't step foot in the scanner, he'd be much too frightened!"

#24 Ghost Channel

Serious, respectable, awkward and withdrawn. Those are the four words that define Jeremy to the students of his class. He is a little genius in their eyes, but as a result, he spends his time working. This leaves the majority of the students with a rather boring view of him, but it's not an accurate perspective of Jeremy. His intelligence leaves him out of shape. Jeremy does not make much sense to the few that wish to speak to him. However, in almost every episode, aside from his friends, Sissi's group, William, Milly and Tamiya and Heïdi Klinger, no one in the school talks to him... which means very few people do if you consider that Kadic is both a junior high and a high school and that there are quite a fair number of students there.

Jeremy is a genius, but that doesn't mean he also isn't a boy simply because he is more intelligent than the average. He is very human in reality. He feels the same way as the others do, but unlike some of them, he manages to conceal most of his emotions (except one...). He spends the brunt of his time in his room or at the lab in the old, abandoned factory. He works above and beyond the extent that the others believe. His ultimate goal is to be able to shut down the Supercomputer without risking Aelita's life, and that calls for an intense amount of effort.

In season 1, he spends his nights chatting with his virtual friend and working on the materialization program. In season 2, it's no longer the materialization program monopolizing his time, but the discovery of the anti-virus, and in season 3, he searches for a way to send his friends to the network to fight against XANA. It's clear that in Jeremy's life, nothing is more important than finding a way to annihilate XANA, and for that, he seems like he neglects everything, even his friends... But nothing could be more untrue. He reacts quickly when he knows that one of his friends is in danger, not hesitating to go to Lyoko himself in episode 24 “Ghost Channel” to save them from XANA, directly confronting him to avoid losing them. For Jeremy, life is meaningless without Aelita, Yumi, Odd and Ulrich. He shows this about himself in episode 24 “Ghost Channel” when he is completely shaken up without them.

However, Jeremy has a bad tendency to reject anything that isn't related to Lyoko. He even manages to upset Aelita through his naïve indifference when he misses the Subdigitals concert where she is DJing the opening act (episode 89 “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast”).

His greatest flaw is his impatience, which he demonstrates on a few occasions when he tries to materialize Aelita (episode 13 “Just in Time” and episode 6 “Cruel Dilemma”). His friends get his hopes down somewhat, making him save the Earth and proving to him that he can still wait a little longer.


"Imagine she's right here in front of you in flesh and blood, what are you going to say?
You could do with a few pointers with flirting!"

#10 The Girl of the Dreams

Aelita, a virtual creature. A dream girl for Jeremy, who fell in love at first sight when they met at the factory. An unattainable creature, to the greatest dismay of the teenager who got into his head that he would help her materialize on Earth.

This obsession that some would think of as totally crazy will support Jeremy and his friends in this exceptional adventure, and will open the doors to a very special relationship with Aelita.
A young, innocent, pure girl who knows nothing about the human world, Jeremy spends most of his time with her in his bedroom. He sits on his chair in front of his computer contemplating Aelita on his screen, so close yet so far away from her, answering Aelita's questions about Earth or helping her to find the key to her materialization.

Always ready to lift her friend's spirits when he thinks he is too useless to find the key to materialization, she helps him and supports him as much as possible. From the start of their relationship, through the whole time Aelita spent living as a program to the first day she spent on Earth, Aelita and Jeremy have only fought three times. In episode 19 “Frontier” Jeremy gets angry but makes up with Aelita after Yumi unsuccessfully tries to virtualize him the day after; in “XANA's Kiss” (episode 43) when the lovers stumble upon each other kissing someone else, but this is actually a trick by XANA to sow discord within the group – besides, in this episode you can see Aelita and Jeremy kiss for the first time; and in “Aelita” (episode 57) because Jeremy cannot understand why Aelita wants to find her father so much, the genius being convinced that he was eradicated from the virtual world.

Aside from these three arguments, their relationship goes particularly well, Jeremy spending almost all his time with her while she discovers the world thanks to him.

After his friend's materialization in episode 25 “Code: Earth” some minor problems appear because of Jeremy's jealousy or sulking. One of the most serious cases is in episode 32 “Saint Valentine's Day” when he holds Odd responsible for giving a necklace to Aelita.
Jeremy's personality also brings a few frictions, like in episodes 33 “Final Mix” and 89 “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast” when he neglects Aelita's new passion for DJing.
In season 3 Jeremy does not pay much attention to his young friend. Some fans find this regrettable but with Lyoko's imminent destruction, he has other things to focus on other than wooing.

In truth, there are two things to understand:
First, Aelita and Jeremy are in love with each other but their respective personalities being what they are – shy – they don't dare admit it, preferring to stay hidden, using knowing tricks like the codename “Big Fat Cheesehead” (episode 72). Knowing their feelings for each other, they do not feel the need to spend their time talking about them.
Secondly, the scenes when they spend time together do not always appear in the series! How many nights have they spent working together?

Maybe one day we could hear one of our lovers softly uttering “I love you”...


"Wow, it's wonderful to be alive! And it's thanks to you that I'm here!"

#26 False Start

Jeremy is the one who reactivated the Supercomputer. While he was looking for components with which to build his miniature robots, he discovered the laboratory by chance, hidden in the abandoned factory near the school.
On October 9 2003 he switched on the Supercomputer, and while typing on its keyboard, he also discovered a young virtual girl just waking up thanks to his starting the machine. Curious at first, he wondered if it was a kind of game until the young girl asked him who he was and where she was. Then everything changed.
A bit later, after attending his classes, Jeremy went back to the factory and gave a name to the AI: Maya (whom we are immediately going to call Aelita as it is her real name). They discovered together that the virtual environment where Aelita lived was called Lyoko, but that she was not alone in this world...

The day after, wanting to buy a drink from the vending machine, Jeremy found himself receiving a nasty electric shock right in front of the eyes of his classmates – Ulrich Stern and Odd Della Robbia. Ulrich brought him to the infirmary while behind their backs, a strange symbol appeared for a few seconds on the vending machine's keys before disappearing again.

In the evening, while the young genius was working on his computer in his room, the screen turned blurry and the same strange symbol appeared. Suddenly, a robot just beside Jeremy, on his desk, started moving on its own and attacked him, quickly joined by another one. The boy recoiled as both robots began zapping him with electric discharges.
The door was kicked open by Ulrich Stern, who was in the corridor and had heard Jeremy scream. The teenager helped the young genius to break free from the robots' grip and got rid of one of them at the expense of getting zapped himself.
Ulrich asked to know about everything. Jeremy refused but the boy was stubborn and Jeremy surrendered. He was beginning to doubt his own ability to deal with this alone and thus chose to reveal his secret to his friend. He brought him to the factory, where Ulrich met Aelita. Sceptical at first, he was then slowly convinced by Jeremy and after hearing his crazy blabbering about virtualization, he agreed to try it...using Kiwi – the dog belonging to Odd Della Robbia, a new student in the school who shares Ulrich's room.

When Ulrich came back to the lab after having left Kiwi in one of the scanners, Jeremy started the virtualization process before realizing the dog was not in the chamber...Odd Della Robbia was! Though he was worried he just watched the process, not knowing how to stop it. The problem was solved since Odd and Ulrich – virtualized soon after Odd – were devirtualized by Bloks.
In the meantime, Jeremy was attacked by electric cables trying to electrocute him, but he was saved by Odd and Ulrich while Sissi just stood in the lift, watching him and screaming but doing nothing.
The day after, Jeremy announced to the others that he found a way to materialize Aelita – this being his new obsession. According to him, the red Tower that Ulrich and Odd had seen the day before would be they key to her materialization on Earth. Their mission, once on Lyoko, would be to escort Aelita to the red Tower. Because of Jeremy's insistence they all swore to keep the secret.
During the day, Odd and Jeremy heard that Sissi was electric shocked by a big electricity ball. Both dashed to the factory, joined by Ulrich and a young Japanese girl called Yumi that he met at Jim's – a teacher's – martial arts class and who was there when Ulrich was almost electrocuted himself by the same electricity ball that had hit Sissi.
Once at the factory, Jeremy virtualized Yumi, Odd and Ulrich to meet with Aelita and escort her to the red Tower.
When she got to the Tower she did not materialize, to the great dismay of Jeremy who was forced by the principal – whom Sissi brought – to stop everything. That was when the genius launched his first return to the past...which erased his memory like everyone else's, apart from Odd, Ulrich and Yumi because they were on Lyoko so the Supercomputer had recorded theirs. They had to explain everything to Jeremy.
The following day, after having spent the night looking for data about Lyoko with Aelita's help, Jeremy informed his friends that he had found the name of the thing who had attacked them: XANA. The four of them swore to fight XANA and Jeremy promised Aelita he would materialize her as soon as possible.
The beginning of a long quest.
It took more than one year for Jeremy to find the key to materialization. He spent days and nights working on it while still attending his classes and fighting XANA when the latter launched an attack. He never went to Lyoko and Odd loved to tease him about it, but in “Ghost Channel” he went too far, saying Jeremy was not a real hero because of this. Though Jeremy proved him mistaken by going to save his friends in the virtual bubble that XANA created in that same episode. He fought XANA – who had copied his appearance – thus showing that the theory XANA produced during their confrontation about him being too afraid to go inside the scanners was wrong. Odd answered that on the contrary, he would do it if his friends were in danger.
Jeremy finally finds the key to materialization! A sheer moment of happiness when at last Aelita appeared in front of them in one of the scanner in flesh and blood, but this happiness quickly turned into bitterness when after trying to shut down the Supercomputer, Aelita fainted and he discovered that XANA had implanted a virus inside her to link her to it. The materialization succeeded, but his hope of turning off XANA went up in smoke. A new search began: looking for Aelita's anti-virus.
Helped this time by his materialized friend who began attending classes with the three boys – Yumi being one year older – he also spent a lot of time on this research. He still attended his classes while fighting XANA and never went to Lyoko...
This would cause him trouble later on because in episode 31 “Mister Pück” XANA possessed his body – an ability that it obtained just before in episode 30 “A Great Day” thanks to the numerous returns to the past that the virus had launched to increase its power. It possessed him to hand over Aelita to the Scyphozoa, a monster sent by XANA who for an unknown reason wanted to steal the girl's memory. And XANA was ready to “xanafy” anybody (take possession of his/her body) to reach this goal. XANA killed two birds with one stone on this occasion by destroying the encoded diary of the mysterious Franz Hopper – an old teacher from Kadic, and owner of the Hermitage, the place where Aelita had her strange visions that seemed inexplicably related to Lyoko. But both were failures because Yumi, Odd and Ulrich managed to rescue Aelita from the Scyphozoa and Jeremy, who had foreseen this, had copied all the CDs into an extremely well-protected part of the Supercomputer's memory, that only he would be able to access. To protect himself from spectres, Jeremy went to Lyoko a third time (but for the first time successfully being virtualized onto a Sector), although we were not able to see it.
Unfortunately, to find the antivirus, Jeremy was ready to do anything, even harm his body with brainwave amplifier helmet to increase his cognitive skills. He was trapped by XANA, who had him make several returns to the past to use the helmet, increasing XANA's power at the same time.
Jeremy worked on two projects simultaneously: the antivirus and Franz Hopper's diary. When Hopper appeared, Jeremy was charmed and immediately trusted this mysterious man, as did the others...but the young prodigy quickly changed his mind when Franz Hopper began blaming him for using the scanners and found that Yumi's cells were degenerating... This split up the group! Odd, Ulrich and Yumi together on one side and Aelita supporting the disheartened Jeremy on the other.
But everything quickly came back together when Franz Hopper sent Yumi, Odd and Ulrich onto Lyoko, giving them new weapons before making them disappear! Jeremy knew what was going to happen and saved Ulrich at the last minute. Actually it was not Franz Hopper, but a ghost sent by XANA to mess with the group, which made peace almost once the problem was solved.
This break was short though. Sissi suddenly began behaving oddly, as if she wanted to say something to the heroes but she could not speak with intelligible words and just babbled nonsense. In the evening she woke Jeremy up to write an obscure was not written in English but in numbers and weird codes.
When Jeremy managed to decipher the codes, he found this message: the entity that had taken control of Sissi was none other than Franz Hopper, trapped in the virtual world, who was trying to help them.
Soon after, Jeremy announced that thanks to the data he had found in Sector 5, he was able to read Franz Hopper's diary. After some hardships, Jeremy revealed to his friends that Franz Hopper had a daughter that he virtualized with him when going to Lyoko...and that this girl was Aelita!
So everything quickly began to make sense. Aelita did not had a virus, it was a fragment of her memory that remained in Sector 5. That was why the Scyphozoa kept attacking her. She had the Keys to Lyoko in her memory. If XANA could obtain them it would be free... Aelita managed to get back the missing fragment but XANA took advantage of the situation, and after erasing our heroes from the virtual world, ut managed to steal Aelita's memory using the Scyphozoa. So now XANA had the Keys to Lyoko and was free!
Thanks to Franz Hopper's intervention, Aelita was saved, though she had died from having her memory taken from her. Moreover, she was not linked to Lyoko any more. She was now a human being in her own right!
But knowing that XANA was free, the happiness brought by this victory was not complete. From now on, Jeremy's new mission was not to find an antivirus or even the key to materialization, but how to send his friends onto the net, because it was XANA's new domicile. Because of Aelita's tenacity, Jeremy began a search to locate where Franz Hopper could be, as he had discovered a fragment of the scientist's DNA sequence code. The genius had now two goals. Or rather three, as XANA had decided to destroy Lyoko. But if Lyoko was destroyed, our heroes wouldn't be able to retaliate when attacked, and the real world would probably be destroyed too.
However, XANA gained more and more power, and sometimes they barely managed to contain its attacks. XANA had found various ways to destroy the virtual world, but the one that succeeded was xanafying Aelita so that she could destroy the Surface Sectors one by one. Slowly but surely the virtual world began to decline before disappearing completely when William – the new member among the Lyoko Warriors – controlled by XANA, destroyed the Core of Lyoko, also crushing Aelita's hope that she could at last see her father again...
The fight against XANA seemed like it was coming to an end and the heroes were disheartened. They had failed their mission and now the world could be destroyed at any time... Then, suddenly Jeremy's computer made a beeping noise. He had received an encoded message from...Franz Hopper!
All was not lost...

Not allowing themselves to rest, Jeremy and Aelita worked for a whole week on Hopper's message. It contained data and instructions to rebuild Lyoko! The project was a success. The heroes launched the program and the virtual world appeared once again, but only Sector 5. The other Sectors were created soon after.

Jeremy and his friends welcomed a xanafied William...and nothing implied that this was going to change. Then came a new problem: how they were going to justify William's absence at school. Jeremy used his speech synthesizer to save time, pretending to be William's parents. Then he activated a tower on Lyoko on which he had a strong grip. From this tower, he created a polymorphic clone that looked like William to replace him at school.

This “normal stuff” being taken care of (after all, recreating a virtual world is a piece of cake for everyone), Jeremy could concentrate his efforts on his never-ending mission: fighting XANA. But things had changed. XANA was not trying to destroy Lyoko and the Supercomputer at any cost (oh, just one or twice for fun [episode 74 “I'd Rather Not Talk About It” & 81 “A Lack of Goodwill”]). Moreover, Hopper had contacted them and was still on the Network. This is also where William fled to when defeated on Lyoko, in the appearance of black smoke.
This was leading to only one conclusion: if XANA, William and Hopper were on the Network, then they had to go there to solve everything.

Jeremy then studied what the Network was.
He discovered that Lyoko was just a small bubble in the vastness of the Digital Ocean, and the Digital Sea around each Sector was just an extension of the Network entering Lyoko. This digital water represented the flow of data from the World Wide Web!
Getting deeper into the subject, Jeremy realized that Lyoko had direct access to the Network, like an exit airlock... Sadly, the heroes' virtual envelopes could not enter the Digital Sea or they would be crushed and dispersed in the gigantic flux.

Jeremy, helped by Aelita, found the solution. A vessel that could go through the Network and carry the heroes. This submarine was called the Skidbladnir (episode 70 “Skidbladnir”).
Jeremy programmed it as Aelita modified the configuration of Sector 5 and created a hangar to store it in. XANA tried to destroy it twice (episode 70 and 76 “The Lake”).

Then came the maiden voyage.
Jeremy, as usual stayed behind as their operator while Aelita piloted the Skidbladnir in the Network. The digital Magellans hoped they would find some trace of William or Franz Hopper in order to bring them back to the scanners...but they found something far different.

During the trip they discovered an island and transmitted the information to Jeremy, who identified it. It was a Replika! A copy of Lyoko. A small virtual world with only one Sector.
The news was alarming but as always, the young prodigy accepted the challenge and analysed it. After escaping to the Network, XANA had direct access to the Global Network. However, it still needed energy from the Towers to attack. That was why it had invaded the supercomputers of the world. Even if Franz Hopper's one was the most powerful ever, XANA had found a way to create this kind of small replica of Lyoko using the world's supercomputers. Thanks to them, the AI had Towers to give it energy.

Jeremy then calculated that if XANA had no place where it could stay, it would be destroyed. Without the Replikas, XANA was no more. And to destroy a Replika...they had to destroy the supercomputer generating it.
Jeremy innovated once again a new method called “Teleportation”. By entering a Replika, the Skidbladnir could dock on one of the towers. From there, Jeremy could send the heroes as spectres to a location near the supercomputer generating the Replika.
Once they were there, they could destroy the supercomputers with their powers.

Jeremy guided the heroes in the most dangerous missions through the Network, the Replikas and the bases sheltering the supercomputers...well as XANA's traps.
He always accomplished his operator tasks brilliantly, analysing the structure of the supercomputers he wanted to destroy, unlocking the doors that had an entry code etc...

In the meantime, daily life was not so easy... XANA wanted to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea to make Hopper appear, as he was the only one able to save people from falling into the Digital Sea.
Jeremy was always a good target as he was the group's operator. So he tried to teach some of his knowledge to his teammates (episode 72 “Crash Course”). He also sometimes had to make up for Odd's blunder when he tried to virtualize Kiwi (episode 80 “Dog Day Afternoon”), or fight a xanafied Sissi with his cousin who had come to visit him (episode 88 “Cousins Once Removed”). Jeremy even had to train his body with GI Jim in episode 74 “I'd Rather Not Talk About It”.

Fortunately enough, some good things also happened, like spending heartwarming Christmas holidays with his family and Aelita.

Then came the (long awaited) time when XANA made a mistake. While the heroes were being Teleported somewhere, XANA Teleported William to block them by activating one of the Replika's Towers. Once in the Tower, Aelita took the missing information they needed. Jeremy very quickly elaborated a program and there you go! William was successfully devirtualized and appeared in the scanners (episodes 92 “Cold Sweat” and 93 “Down to Earth”).

It was high time because XANA had showed up with a new weapon: the Kolossus. An ultra-powerful monster able to smash the Skid very easily...destroying Replikas had thus become impossible... And anyway, Jeremy had discovered that there were too many of them.

Feeling stronger now that William was back, Jeremy began working on a new project: destroying XANA thanks to a multi-agent system, or “fight fire with fire”.

As Jeremy was concentrating on developing this, something unexpected happened: Hopper sent a message. He asked the heroes to go to Lyoko, transmitting the missing data to Jeremy so that he could finish the program and end the fight with XANA...who attacked at once!
Jeremy hurried to get the data and sent Aelita to Sector 5 to launch the program...

To top it all off, they were short on energy, so it did not work.
Hopper then decided to sacrifice himself. Using his own energy, to Aelita's utter despair, he allowed Jeremy to start the program, but got killed by Mantas before Jeremy could materialize him.

The program spread throughout the Network in the shape of small white agents and destroyed XANA and its Replikas, ending the war. Jeremy welcomed the heartbroken Aelita in the scanner room.

It was then time to turn off the Supercomputer and to end everyone's lives as superheroes.
But Jeremy could not turn off the machine that he had turned on months ago. And even though Yumi blamed him, his other friends supported him. It was difficult to put an end to such an exciting life.

Confiding in Aelita, he admitted that he feared going back to his old, boring geek self and being left all alone like before. However Aelita managed to confort him.

After the Lyoko Warriors had all come back mentally prepared, Jeremy turned off the machine and ended this unforgettable period of his life.


Media about the character
ImagePrivate diary from

Find an extract from Jeremy's diary. The diaries were released by the series' official site:, in one of its older incarnations. They're not available anymore today...
...but CodeLyoko.Fr saved them from total deletion, translated them and put them up for viewing on your favourite website!