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Odd Della Robbia

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Note: the spelling of Odd's last name was changed between Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution. He's actually named Odd Della Robia in the opening credits, while the name Robbia has two Bs in Code Lyoko. We've made the choice to keep the original spelling throughout the site.

Odd Della Robbia is a scrap of a man: not very tall, not even very strong. With his behaviour and character, he is essential to the group's cohesion. His schooling is very poor because he's the worst of the pupils in his class (#12 “Chaos at Kadic”) and is not interested in studying.

We have very little information about his family, only that they monitor him closely, because when they received Odd's catastrophic school report, his father came to Kadic to scold him. Odd has several sisters too. He has a dog, called Kiwi, who he had hidden in Kadic's dormitory for some months. After plenty of adventures during which Odd had to hide his dog's existence from Jim, he eventually gave up and entrusted his pet to his sisters...but he misses Kiwi (#18 “Tenacity”).

Furthermore, Odd is keen on video games, which he illegality got (#2 “Cortex”) and he used as a training ground for piloting the Megapod (#6 “Suspicions”).

Character and behaviour
Odd has plenty of character traits. The most remarkable of them is his sense of humour...trying not to say “joker” directly. Odd loves joking whenever he can. Unfunny plays on words, ridiculous remarks about a situation, mockery of William during an embarrassing scene when he surprised the heroes going the the factory without him (#2 “Cortex”): Odd never misses a joke!
In addition to his innocuous jokes, Odd exceeds in the world of clowning. He never forgets to remind to the others that his Megapod piloting skills are better than theirs (#24 “Temporal Paradox”). He often gladly teases his comrades, for example Laura, when he compares her to Jeremy, suggesting she wasn't as good at the task (#11 “Rendezvous”).

Odd is also vengeful when he loses. He doesn't hesitate to get William punished with detention because he abandoned him in episode #2 “Cortex”. An eye for an eye. He returns Ulrich's condescending look when he lost all his codes (#25 “Massacre”).

Odd has the tendency to push this joking character trait to its limits. He has a certain gift in the art of provocation. This applies to easy targets like Sissi, who he likes to literally run into (#9 “How to fool XANA”), or Aelita, who is on edge because of Laura (#4 “Miss Einstein”), but also the people who have some authority over him. Thus, Odd gets punished by Ms Hertz when he helps a vexed Jeremy (#23 “Jeremy's Blues”). He also didn't hesitate to humiliate Jim in class (#24 “Temporal Paradox”). Nevertheless, this problem could be a good point: Odd is courageous, he violates the rules when he must. For example, he breaks into the principal's office to use the PA system to help Aelita and Ulrich (#15 “The Codeless”).

His taste for provocation is useful on Lyoko too: Odd has the stomach for risks. He threw himself against a Krabe to drive it in the Digital Sea... If he had failed, he could have fallen with it (#4 “Miss Einstein”).
But that may be why is Odd the most talented driver for the Megapod! He takes all the necessary risks to cross the Cortex in record timing...even if he doesn't arrive in one piece.

Odd's teasing personality, which deviates from a taste for provocation, which itself deviates from an excessive personality!
Odd is...hyperbolic. He exaggerates enormously in a good way, but also a bad way!
In the best sense, he becomes childlike in great events. Odd is over the moon when he buys a hacked video game that's impossible to find, when he meets his ex-girlfriend (#7 “Countdown”), cheap tickets for the Pumpkins Machine live (#24 “Temporal Paradox”). Simple good news makes him jump for joy! A mission accomplished on Lyoko? He does a little victory dance.

On the other hand, Odd is very depressive. Simple bad news can cause him to become depressed and make a big deal out of it. It could be such a trifle as Ulrich preferring to team up with Yumi rather than with him (#11 “Rendezvous”), or when he stands Samantha up because of XANA (#9 “How to Fool XANA”), or for more serious things like the loss of his codes, which makes him embarrassed (#15 “The Codeless”). This earned him two lectures from William. If he doesn't get the support he hopes for or if things don't go as he planned, Odd becomes quite vindictive and grouchy, for example with Jeremy and Laura when they don't warn him when monsters appear or when he must cross a Sector on foot (#12 “Chaos at Kadic”).

Another one of Odd's childlike attributes: he is a gamer. The person piloting the Skidbladnir would be decided with scissors-paper-rock (#23 “Jeremy's Blues”). It's this taste for adventure and games which makes Odd, obviously, the only one wanting to switch on the Supercomputer (#1 “XANA 2.0”).
Moreover, Odd is very impatient (#19 “The Trap”).

On Lyoko too...and one last point about his overexcited teenage attitude:
Odd is unpredictable, a go-getter and impulsive. He likes to fight in close range. Against the Ninjas, he's often devirtualized because he charges in them instead of fighting them from distance (#14 “Intrusion”).
He often has some impulses on Earth. In episode 15, he improvises a strategy to show to his friends one of his new ideas: the famous bunker. When he is the prisoner of a time loop, he climbs up a rope to call Jeremy and Jim can't get to him.

Despite his multiple energetic moods, Odd Della Robbia can also be a very sensible person. He can put his jokes aside when times are grave or when his loved ones feel bad, particularly Aelita, who misses her parents. He is always at the sides of the other Lyoko Warriors when they need support.

However, Odd does not like taking responsibility at all.
His couldn't-care-less side makes him late for important meetings (#2 “Cortex”). And when there are important decisions to make, like Laura's integration into the team, he usually remains silent (#4 “Miss Einstein”).

Friendship-wise: Odd is close with all the members of the team and doesn't seem to have any preference. Of course, Ulrich is the person with whom he is the closest, because they share a room. But to be Odd's friend is sometimes a heavy burden for the others, although they can't separate from him.
Odd is always in a sort of friendly competition with the others, particularly William, who he often teases. Besides, Odd was very harsh on William when he came back into the team, which is unusual for Odd. But he is righteous, he recognizes when his eldest masters the situation.
Odd is especially sympathetic with Aelita and can easily anger Jeremy, who is his opposite in terms of character.

Love-wise: Odd is very flirty! In episode 21 “False Pretences”, he can't even count how many girls he has dated. The exception to this is Samantha; he is really in love with her. That's good timing, as she came back to Kadic. Although their relationship is very limited because of XANA, Odd always excels himself to draw her attention.
From wearing a suit in the canteen (#7 “Countdown”) or buying a thousand roses (#13 “Friday the 13th”), he always has an idea!

On the virtual world
On Lyoko, Odd looks like a giant purple cat. His avatar notably has his iconic cat tail. His hair is original, spiked to a point.

Odd's weapon is hidden in his two gloves, which he makes appear or disappear at will. They can shot bursts of laser arrows. In Code Lyoko Evolution, Odd is not a sniper anymore, he has become a gunner! Just one arrow is not very powerful, but Odd fires full bursts of them. It looks as if he had a limited number of arrows which have to be reloaded, or his gloves disappear during a fight (#25 “Massacre”).

Odd has an important role in the team. He's the only member who can provide heavy cover fire. So his role would be covering for his mates, or even charging in himself to open up the way! His weapons are useful against every monster, but Tyron's Ninjas can deflect and dodge his bursts of arrows fired from a distance with their agility. Odd has thus to come dangerously closer to them to hit them.
It's also the martial choice of Odd: he can hit at a distance, but his arrows are not dangerous and can be easily avoidable, and he can get closer to be more accurate...but he is more vulnerable too.

Odd hasn't got any short-range weapon. But it doesn't matter because he sometimes clings onto the monsters to hit them at point-blank range...except the Ninjas, where that becomes a serious handicap. Odd fares the worst against Tyron's men. However, he has claws, and he already tried to scratch a Ninja...but he failed (#10 “The Warrior Awakens”). On the other hand, they allow him to climb and cling onto walls. He can thus avoid falling into the Digital Sea.

The catboy doesn't seem to have any powers with his weapons.
His vehicle is called the Overboard. It's a board which Odd controls by being on it, or even by telepathy. It's an extremely fast vehicle...but particularly the easiest to handle. It's perfectly adapted for Odd's style. Flying in the air, the big purple cat is almost untouchable while he can cross the battlefield without difficulty.
With the Overboard's handiness and Odd's dexterity, he already succeeded in getting over the monsters blocking, even if it means ending up on his bottom (#9 “How to fool XANA”).

In conclusion, Odd's aptitudes are excellent, the catboy is very skilful and accurate. However, he could be better with a less gung ho attitude and more concentration and reflection, in order to use all this skills and assets.

Generally speaking, Odd is the best pilot in the team, largely thanks to his temperament, we have already explained it. He's the best pilot of the Megapod and he managed quite well with the Skidbladnir.

During the back-to-school period, we could see that everything was going well for Odd Della Robbia. His legendary sense of humour and his charming smile are still here! However, we realize that everything isn't as good as it seems. When Aelita suspected the comeback of the artificial intelligence they destroyed earlier, while almost all of the team don't want to go back to the abandoned factory, Odd has difficulty hiding his enthusiasm. He makes Jeremy switch on the Supercomputer again, complaining of the cold, and he goes wild with joy when Jeremy accepts to virtualize him with Aelita. He obviously missed Lyoko. (#1 “XANA 2.0”).

And so resumes the fight against XANA. Missing during the first expedition in the Cortex, because of one of William's mean tricks, Odd nevertheless falls into step with this new adventure. Odd, like Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita, is carrying codes, and so is one of XANA's targets, as the virus wants to recover them. While he feels serene the first few times, the encounters between Odd and the specters (#3 “Spectromania”) went bad. Deafness, pains... In spite of his being the go-ahead type, Odd gets a fear of specters...which is totally justified because he is the most often their target.

Generally, Odd feels better on Lyoko or the Cortex than on Earth.
Never one for technical considerations, he doesn't obey Jeremy and Aelita around the Cortex and when instructed on the way to destroy XANA. He's content doing what he does best: getting virtualised and confronting the danger in the virtual world...and what danger it is!
Although he wonderfully comes through against XANA's traditional monsters (even destroying the Blok Wall in episode 7 “Countdown”), he meets a perfect competition with the Ninjas, humans virtualized by Tyron, the owner of the supercomputer generating the Cortex (the world in which XANA sought refuge).

However, Odd gets a new toy: the Megapod, a new articulated vehicle that Jeremy has made to safely cross the Cortex. Odd proved he was the best pilot in the team.

In addition to altercations, Odd has much to do in terms of human relationships.
Love-wise, he decides to seduce Samantha again, his ex-girlfriend who he kept in his heart when she left Kadic. But the girl is back and Odd vies in ingenuity to try attract her attention... but most of his attempts fail, because of XANA. In the end, the two teenagers are very close.

Odd has much to do friends-wise too.
Aelita is extremely sensitive. While investigating in the Cortex, she discovered her mother is still alive. Odd agrees with the other Lyoko Warriors to not destroy XANA as long as it doesn't reach 95% of its order to give Aelita a chance to see her mother again.

Also, the team, including Odd, must team up with Laura, a young girl as clever as Jeremy who forces them to accept her hacking the Return to the Past to be insensitive to it. He remained quite reserved when Laura arrived in the group, he didn't seem as hostile as Aelita.
Nevertheless, next to some her betrayals, Odd and his friends chose to definitively ban her from the team (#22 “Mutiny”).

As for his source codes, Odd has lived an uneven epic. Usually the specters' target and trapped in the forest by one of them (#15 “The Codeless”), he lost all his codes at first and couldn't deactivate towers anymore. Jeremy succeeded in returning some codes to him, stolen from a specter (#9 “How to fool XANA”). Alas, Odd lost them again in episode 25 “Massacre”.

When XANA became too powerful and the heroes had to infect the Cortex with their virus, Odd is at the others' sides for their last mission. When they won, he is also with them to turn off the Supercomputer again, and he was maybe secretly hoping that the adventure wasn't really finished...

ImageThe actor portraying and dubbing Odd Della Robbia in Code Lyoko Evolution is Gulliver Bevernaege. Click on the picture to access his page!


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