DVDs from other countries
 On this page you'll find the different DVDs released in other parts of the world.
Here we'll be referring to non-French and non-English speaking regions.

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Spanish DVD sets
Here you'll find the different Spanish editions of Code Lyoko episodes on DVD. They began by releasing eight individual volumes containing one disc each, which could be purchased separately or in a box set. Partway through season 2 they started releasing 2-disc sets instead, combining two volumes into a single case.

Price: €6.99 (single DVD), €11.99 (2-pack)
Studio: Warner Bros
Region: 2
Rating: All ages
Language 1: Spanish, English
Encoding 1: Dolby Digital
Image format: 4/3 aspect ratio 1.33
Quality: 1.0 mono, colour

ImageSeason 1
6 DVDs in 6 volumes

Release date: 20th October 2009
Price: €44.99
Run time: Approx. 360 minutes

Contains episodes 1-26 (26 episodes).
No bonus features.

The covers shown above are all box sets containing the six individual DVDs below.


ImageSeason 2
6 DVDs in 4 volumes

Release date: 6th October 2010
Price: Unknown
Run time: 384 minutes

Contains episodes 27-52 (26 episodes).
No bonus features.

[DVD 1 cover] [DVD 2 cover]
Click the links above to see the full covers of volumes 1 and 2.

ImageSeason 3
3 DVDs in 2 volumes

Release date: 10th November 2010
Price: Unknown
Run time: 312 minutes

Contains episodes 53-65 (13 episodes).
No bonus features.

Note that the Prequel "XANA Awakens" wasn't included in this set, nor in any of the others. The Spanish never got it on DVD.

ImageSeason 4
6 DVDs in 3 volumes

Release date: 12th July 2011
Price: €29.99 (possibly)
Run time: 720 minutes

Contains episodes 66-95 (30 episodes).
No bonus features.

Spanish bonus DVD
This was a promotional DVD released in the magazine of the television channel that broadcasted Code Lyoko in Spain in 2009-2010 (Clan magazine).

Promo DVD

On this DVD, you can find:
- 2 episodes of Code Lyoko (Teddygozilla & Seeing is Believing)
- Advertisements for the Code Lyoko action figures released by Simba
- A few extracts from "Code Lyoko+: Jeremy's Archives"


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