XANA Attacks on Earth
 XANA Attacks

1) Attacks on Earth

Here you can find all of the different shots XANA has fired!
Discover all the combinations it uses to attack Earth from sinister towers with red halos or admire the omnipotence of its control over the Virtual World of Lyoko!


Episode #0 - XANA Awakens (parts 1&2)
ImageDescription & objective: Use electrical phenomena to reach the targets! First in small doses by running the current through any electrical appliance, taking control of small robots and finally generating an autonomous electricity ball with a diameter of almost two metres wide, all in order to reach and silence people with knowledge of the existence of the Supercomputer.

Procedure: Jeremy is the first victim of the attack, twice, he is hurt but survives with Ulrich's help! He is targeted a third time by large electrical cables from the factory! XANA surely loses it seeing Odd and Ulrich saving Jeremy in time! A large electric ball then takes care of Sissi, leaving her unconscious, before taking the road to the factory to pick on Jeremy, then disappear when Aelita enters the Code Lyoko for the first time...

Victims: Sissi, Yumi, Ulrich, Jeremy, Jim.

Episode #1 - Teddygozilla
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of Milly's teddy bear and make it grow to make it as big as Tyrannosaurus. The more it grows, the more dangerous the bear becomes! All it has to do then is find and crush the heroes!

Procedure: For unknown reasons, the bear during growth first attacks Sissi's room, then Jim (perhaps to avenge Milly...). It then chases after Yumi and Ulrich through the city and threatens to crush Ulrich before being stopped by Aelita on Lyoko.

Victims: Sissi, Jim, Yumi and Ulrich.

Episode #2 - Seeing is Believing
ImageDescription & objective: Store an incredible amount of voltage in a pylon near Kadic to release it all on a nuclear plant in order to create a short circuit and cause it to blow up, destroying the city and killing the heroes!

Procedure: Jeremy realises what XANA is preparing and while some were working on Lyoko, Yumi attempts to warn the authorities, who don't believe her, and firefighters who remain powerless. Only the Code Lyoko saves the city just in time!

Victims: Nobody.

Episode #3 - Holiday in the Fog
ImageDescription & objective:
Knock over cleaning products containing toxic materials to extract a gas that's deadly after prolonged exposure and set this gas onto Kadic's residents! The fumes only have to asphyxiate as many people as possible, including the heroes.

Procedure: Jeremy discovers the fumes, but becomes a bit of a victim and manages to get out of Kadic. Jim and Sissi have less luck and take refuge in a closet! Ulrich embarks on a desperate attempt to rescue them but could not do anything for them and eventually falls unconscious in the closet before the Code Lyoko stops the fumes.

Victims: Jeremy, Jim, Sissi, Ulrich.

Episode #4 - Log Book
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of the electric bus taking Jeremy's class to the swimming pool, then run the bus into a petrochemical complex at full speed! In the lottery of potential victims of such an event, there are of course our Lyoko Warriors...

Procedure: Odd jumps off the bus before it reaches too high a speed. The efforts of the driver and Jim are in vain. It's those who are on Lyoko who prevail and the Code Lyoko stops the bus at the gates of the complex!

Victims: Jeremy's class (except Jeremy himself), Jim and the bus driver.

Episode #5 - Big Bug
ImageDescription & objective: Send a virus onto the Internet to disrupt services, to disrupt the railway switches to create a collision between two automatic trains, one carrying highly toxic products, which would create an ecological disaster.

Procedure: The heroes being powerless in front of trains, it's essentially on Lyoko that this attack is fought and stopped!

Victims: Nobody.

Episode #6 - Cruel Dilemma
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of bulldozers and destroy the factory, to make the computer and scanners unusable to prevent Jeremy from sending the Lyoko Warriors to Lyoko.

Procedure: Odd and especially Ulrich try to control machines without success. The former ends up unconscious during a clash between a bulldozer and a pillar in the factory and is saved by Yumi. The bulldozers then have free reign to finish their work, but are stopped by the famous Code before they can reduce the factory to rubble...

Victims: The factory, Ulrich.

Episode #7 - Image Problem
ImageDescription & objectives: Send a clone of Yumi to replace the original (trapped by a Guardian). Once on Earth, the clone's goal is to destroy Jeremy's equipment, disconnect scanners, once the Lyoko Warriors on Lyoko, to trap them there (making any devirtualisation fatal) and eliminate Jeremy.

Procedure: False Yumi lays pressure on the group and Jeremy's equipment bears the brunt of it! She succeeds in sending Odd and Ulrich to Lyoko and unplugging the scanners...but not in time, since the real Yumi is released just before disconnection...and she's furious... False Yumi is faced with her original and Jeremy, who she overcomes before being stopped by the Code and annihilated by the Return to the Past!

Victims: Jeremy, Yumi, Jeremy's computer and the scanners!

Episode #8 - End of Take
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of an alien meant to be the main actor in a horror movie to silence Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi.

Procedure: The monster attacks Ulrich first, as well as Sissi, who is accompanying him. It immobilises them to attract the other heroes. Yumi frees them and the trio is chased by the alien again, which gets rid its creator and his henchmen on the way. It tries to choke Ulrich and Yumi, who are saved when Aelita enters the activated tower.

Victims: Ulrich, Sissi, James Finson, Yumi.

Episode #9 - Satellite
ImageDescription & objective: Using a TV dish, capture a military satellite with destructive firepower and deadly accuracy that can target and eradicate the heroes.

Procedure: Jeremy realises XANA's aim while conducting research, making the heroes one step ahead! The satellite targets Yumi and only miss her by a little, stopped by the discovery of the tower on Lyoko!

Victims: Yumi.

Episode #10 - The Girl of the Dreams
ImageDescription & objective: Infiltrate samurai armour, armed with a katana, and track heroes to slice them up.

Procedure: Jim is the first victim, trying to challenge the armour. Jeremy, trying to defend Taelia, is also chased by the possessed thing, but it abandons the pursuit to finally take care of Yumi, who defends herself better than previous people attacked, without gaining the upper hand. The Code Lyoko avoids her experiencing a fatal blow from the sword of her ancestors!

Victims: Jim, Taelia, Jeremy, Yumi.

Episode #11 - Plagued
ImageDescription & objective: Infect a rat to make it contaminate its congeners in order to raise an army at XANA's commands which will attack Kadic Academy by surprise, after plunging it into darkness. Another cohort of rats will block access to the factory.

Procedure: The surprise attack doesn't fail to surprise the Academy, but its occupants find refuge in the science building! The heroes manage to escape and reach the factory despite the rats blocking the bridge, getting across the river in a canoe. Subsequently, they go to Lyoko!

Victims: The boarders and staff at Kadic.

Episode #12 - Swarming Attack
ImageDescription & objective: Infect a hornet to make it infect more of its kind in order to raise an army at XANA's commands to attack Kadic Academy and block access to the factory.

Procedure: The hornet attacks are targeted and modest first, but they quickly expand, forcing firefighters to retreat with students into the cafeteria! The heroes reach the factory thanks to an ultrasonic machine programmed by Jeremy and the protection of the sewer's odours!

Victims: Kiwi, Michael Rouiller, the students of Kadic Academy and the firefighters.

Episode #13 - Just in Time
ImageDescription & objective: Use ultrasound to attack Kadic's buildings and make them collapse. The goal? Kill!

Procedure: The progressive deterioration alert the Principal and Jim, who evacuate the school. However, Odd, searching for Kiwi, finds himself trapped in the building with Milly and Tamiya, who were listening to music at the time of the evacuation announcement! All escape the collapse long enough for the heroes on Lyoko to win the battle and deactivate the tower!

Victims: Yumi, Odd, Kiwi, Sissi, Milly and Tamiya.

Episode #14 - The Trap
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of the factory, the assembly line, the boiler and the elevator. XANA wants to block access to the lab and get rid of heroes at all costs!

Procedure: Yumi, Ulrich and Sissi (surprise guest) suffer a heavy shock when the elevator falls. Ulrich comes out of it with a broken arm and only Yumi gets out to the lab! Odd and Jeremy, eventually manage to escape the assembly line, the explosion of the boiler and XANA's other ploys!

Victims: The heroes and Sissi.

Episode #15 - Laughing Fit
ImageDescription & objective: Get into a laughing gas (N2O) to control it and force the targets (the heroes) to inhale it until they die!

Procedure: Odd narrowly avoids the gas attack by being virtualised! But there are various side-effects on Lyoko! Jeremy takes refuge in the sewers, but fails to escape the deadly fumes! For Ulrich and Yumi, they are helpless victims. It's Aelita who saves everyone! You know how...

Victims: Odd, Jeremy, Ulrich and Yumi.

Episode #16 - Claustrophobia
ImageDescription & objective: Infiltrate the Kadic power grid to electrify the cafeteria walls and turn it into a prison, trapping Jeremy, Ulrich and Yumi at lunchtime so they cannot help Aelita on Lyoko. Moreover, the current's intensity continues to build until the pressure makes the cafeteria collapse.

Procedure: It's bad luck for XANA because Jeremy and Yumi leave the cafeteria early to greet Aelita. Only Ulrich and Odd remain prisoners with the other students. With Yumi's help, Aelita then reaches the tower!

Victims: Jim, Ulrich, Odd and the other students present in the cafeteria at the time.

Episode #17 - Amnesia
ImageDescription & objectives: Using a nanotechnology machine, create a nano-virus that causes amnesia to create a world without memory that's easy to govern, and prevent the heroes from regaining their memories about the factory, Aelita and Lyoko.

Procedure: Of the group only Ulrich is contaminated by the virus. The others go to the factory in time, before the Academy and the city sink into amnesia. Ulrich manages to reach the factory, guided by flashbacks and finally, though amnesic, he is a great help on Lyoko and helps Aelita to reach the tower!

Victims: Ulrich and a large part of Kadic's occupants.

Episode #18 - Killer Music
ImageDescription & objective: Create and distribute the song "Glad When You're Bad" on the net whose waves attack the human brain and lower the heart rate until the point of cardiac arrest, and then death!

Procedure: The first victims are those who downloaded the killer music on the net, including Odd. Thereafter, XANA broadcasts its song on different radio and TV channels... However, the music doesn't succeed in killing anyone before Aelita deactivates the tower.

Victims: Odd, Sissi, Yolanda, a number of other people.

Episode #20 - The Robots
ImageDescription & objectives: Take control of the factory assembly line to create assassin robots resuming several metres high, able to destroy the lab equipment and then exterminate the heroes.

Procedure: After badly damaging the lab, a first robot attacks Kadic Academy, but is contained by Ulrich and Yumi and brought down by a saboteur mini robot made by Herb! While Jeremy repairs something to send Odd to Lyoko, the second robot blocks Ulrich and Yumi at the factory. The young man faces it, but is forced to flee and has a near-death experience when his mechanical opponent is armed with a scrap iron cannon. Five small letters typed just in time save him!

Victims: Jeremy, Ulrich.

Episode #21 - Zero Gravity Zone
ImageDescription & objective: Attack all the various electrical networks big and small to cancel all gravity through magnetic fields! The expected effect is to catapult humans beyond the stratosphere!

Procedure: XANA encounters a pitfall along the way: Jeremy, taking control of electrical networks for some time to delay XANA. However, the virus comes out on top. Deactivating the tower aborts its disastrous projects.

Victims: Sissi's cheerleading baton (we need to think about it!), Yumi, Ms Hertz, Ulrich, Sissi, the soccer players and spectators.

Episode #22 - Routine
ImageDescription & objective: Infect the Supercomputer to be able to sabotage the rematerialization program, making any of Jeremy's actions from the lab ineffective and any devirtualization fatal to the heroes!

Procedure: Jeremy attempts to operate on the Supercomputer to replace the infected parts, but XANA also expresses disagreement sending him a small electric shock. However, its attack doesn't succeed not only because of Code Lyoko, but also because none of the Lyoko Warriors are devirtualised...

Victims: Jeremy.

Episode #23 - Rock Bottom?
ImageDescription & objective: Make Kadic's soil, then the city's, as soft as quicksand to bury a lot of people alive.

Procedure: This attack catches the heroes unawares! Odd and Ulrich have to rescue Sam, locked in a room in the science building, and then hurry up on Lyoko to save Jim, seriously threatened in the closet of his room. They save their teacher from the quagmire by leading Aelita to the tower on Lyoko!

Victims: Sam, Jim and the city.

Episode #24 - Ghost Channel
ImageDescription & objectives: Keep Odd, Ulrich and Yumi on Lyoko despite the Return to the Past and then lock them in a bubble containing a replica of the real world where heroes live to make them believe it's reality and have them at its fingertips. It also tries to lure Jeremy to Lyoko.

Procedure: The disappearance of his friends provokes many awkward questions for Jeremy. He escapes the principal's questions with Aelita's help and reaches the factory, where he makes the decision to go to Lyoko to save his friends. The rest takes place in the virtual world! (See Schemes on Lyoko of the matching episode!)

Victims: Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, Jeremy.

Episode #26 - False Start
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of a scanner to materialise Kankrelats in large number on Earth to track down and kill the heroes and those that stand in XANA's way!

Procedure: Upon their entrance into the real world, the Kankrelats face a tough opponent in Jim! Many perish in the factory and Jeremy takes back control of the infected scanner! However, the rest of Kankrelats, released into Kadic, do much damage! Ulrich and Yumi face them, quickly replaced by Jim who does some memorable dekankrelatifying! He is however be overwhelmed by the number while protecting students and his new teenager friends save him by deactivating the tower!

Victims: Ulrich, Jim.

Episode #27 - New Order
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of the Hermitage and everything in it, from furniture to doors and even the old dishes! Aelita will initially be retained to lure the heroes and lock them in the house that XANA would like to make their tomb!

Procedure: The heroes escape the various traps set by XANA. However, while rescuing Aelita, Ulrich and Yumi become trapped in a room that keeps getting hotter, leaving Odd and Aelita with the only option of rushing to Lyoko!

Victims: Aelita, Ulrich and Yumi.

Episode #30 - A Great Day (A)
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of the Return to the Past program to launch it over again, which allows XANA to gain power.

Procedure: Three Returns to the Past are launched! The third leaves Aelita alone on Lyoko at the monsters' mercy. Jeremy manages to regain control of the program just before the fourth Return to the Past, giving his companions time to deactivate the tower!

Victims: Nobody and everybody at the same time...

Episode #30 - A Great Day (B)
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Sissi to prevent Jeremy from reaching the lab to virtualise his companions.

Procedure: Sissi, with the help of Herb and Nicolas, detains Jeremy in the boiler room... This proves to be a bad idea, since Odd and Ulrich run straight into Sissi! A struggle with metal bar follows between Ulrich and Sissi. The young pesilat occupies the possessed girl long enough for Jeremy and Odd to return to the factory!

Victims: Jeremy, Ulrich.

Episode #31 - Mister Pück
ImageDescription & objectives: XANAfication of Jeremy to destroy Franz Hopper's diary and kidnap Aelita to send her to Lyoko.

Procedure: The CDs don't survive XANA's anger, although their contents are saved by Jeremy, who backed them up on the factory computer. Ulrich, Odd and Yumi get Aelita back from Jeremy with some difficulty and while she virtualises the group, Odd confronts Jeremy in the factory! Without success, until Aelita aborts the attack from the activated tower!

Victims: The group and the poor CDs contained in Franz Hopper's diary.

Episode #32 - Saint Valentine's Day
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of a delivery man to give Aelita a necklace to xanafy the young girl in order to make her deliver herself to the Scyphozoa.

Procedure: The attack succeeds and Aelita manages to materialise onto Lyoko and get rid of Yumi, who went with her. Odd and Ulrich extract Aelita from the Scyphozoa's tentacles, attempting a risky gamble (see the episode file for more details).

Victims: The group.

Episode #33 - Final Mix
ImageDescription & objectives: To send Aelita to Lyoko against her will, then take care of the group, the virus will xanafy the robust Jim.

Procedure: Jim ties Jeremy up and electrifies Aelita, pretending to take her to the infirmary! The group catch him in the main room of the factory. Odd and Ulrich contain his herculean strength for a little while, until Ulrich knocks him out. Waking up a few minutes later, he kicks Jeremy away from the commands to devirtualise Odd. Before Aelita deactivates the tower, Jim has time to fight a last time with Jeremy and Yumi.

Victims: The group.

Episode #35 - The Chips Are Down
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Nicolas to take Jeremy's place at the commands after the vitualization of the Lyoko Warriors and Aelita.

Procedure: Nicolas succeeds in his goal and inflicts severe penalties on the Lyoko Warriors. Ulrich comes back just in time (see context of the episode) to confront Nicolas, isolate him temporarily and join the group to drop Aelita off in front of the tower. She enters it when Nicolas electrifies Jeremy, determined to get rid of him!

Victims: The group.

Episode #37 - Common Interest
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Peter Duncan to steal a nuclear battery then kidnap Jeremy so the teenager will replace the used Supercomputer battery for the stolen one.

Procedure: All follow XANA's plan. The heroes don't put a spoke in its wheel, as they have a common interest. After the replacement of the battery, XANA still finds it appropriate to unleash the wrath of his puppet against Jeremy. But Duncan doesn't have time to do much harm, because Aelita deactivates the tower without losing time!

Victims: Duncan, the police, Jeremy, Ulrich.

Episode #38 - Temptation (A)
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Rosa to exterminate the heroes in the cafeteria.

Procedure: Yumi, Aelita and Jeremy run out while Odd and Ulrich contain the impressive service woman with projectiles of any kind (plates and glasses in particular). The tower is deactivated, sparing the two teenagers from ending up as squashed meatballs under Rosa's rolling cart!

Victims: Odd, Ulrich, the dishes in the cafeteria...

Episode #38 - Temptation (B)
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of an ambulance to kill Jeremy, unconscious inside.

Procedure: Yumi hurries in pursuit of the possessed ambulance that the unconscious Jeremy is inside. The two students are unable to stop the vehicle, and XANA launches it into the river. Jeremy guides Ulrich so he launches a Return to the Past after the deactivation of the tower.

Victims: Jeremy, Yumi.

Episode #39 - A Bad Turn
ImageDescription & objective: Materialization of three Krabs which will track the heroes down to exterminate them.

Procedure: First two Krabs come to Earth. One guards the factory, while its companion attacks the house Yumi's house, forcing the Ishiyamas to shut themselves away and Yumi's father to wear his samurai armour.
Jeremy, Odd and Aelita manage to escape the Krab. However, as soon Aelita is virtualised, XANA destroys the last scanner by materializing a third Krab! Then it makes a rotation: the Krab at the factory gives way to its newly born congener and goes to Yumi's, while the Krab in place at the Ishiyamas attacks Kadic. It is kicked down by Ulrich and William, using tools! William gets in the driving school car to join Odd in the factory and send the Krab to the end of its days at the bottom of the elevator. Ulrich flies to the rescue of Yumi and her dad, and despite his prowess with the sword, it's the Return to the Past which saves him!

Victims: Jim, Yumi, Mr Ishiyama, Ulrich.

Episode #40 - Attack of the Zombies
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Kiwi to transmit a virus to humans by biting and zombify everybody. Resident Evil in power!

Procedure: Kiwi starts his misdemeanour at twilight and a big part of Kadic's inhabitants are quickly zombified. Milly escapes this contagion and goes to warn the students eating in the cafeteria. After a quick escape by Sissi in the park, she is saved by Ulrich who brings her back to the cafeteria. Meanwhile Kiwi gets into the cafeteria and zombify its own master Odd. After Odd is immobilised, William's capture by the zombies allows Jeremy and Aelita to leave the cafeteria, join Yumi's fight against the zombies in the park and finally reach the factory. XANA tries to send a squadron of the walking dead to the factory to make Jeremy powerless. But the hero succeeds in launching the Return to the Past, once the tower is deactivated, to save the rare survivors of the zombie assault in the cafeteria!

Victims: Kadic's boarders.

Episode #41 - Ultimatum
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of the principal to kidnap Odd and Yumi. The kidnapping will permit him to pose an ultimatum to force Aelita to give in to Scyphozoa in exchange for the life of her friends!

Procedure: The heroes are caught unawares by the SMS from XANA, posing the ultimatum. But their situation is more delicate as an inspector keeps them at Kadic to ask about the kidnapping! Ulrich escapes him and goes to try and save his friends thanks to a EMP bomb! This allows Odd and Yumi to escape and reach the factory as quick as possible. The principal still wakes up, far from being put out of the race by the EMP bomb. He catches the heroes on the bridge to the factory. Ulrich sacrifices himself to confront him, knowing that his chance of victory remains slim to none! Sissi comes to support, but the principal attacks his daughter as violently as he did Ulrich before the deactivation of the tower knocks him out.

Victims: William, Odd, Yumi, Ulrich, Sissi.

Episode #43 - XANA's Kiss
ImageDescription & objective: To use the power of love against them and dissolve the group's cohesion (and isolate Aelita to send her to Lyoko), XANA will materialise a polymorphic spectre on Earth.

Procedure: The spectre succeeds wonderfully. Taking their appearance, Jeremy kisses the girl coveted by Odd, Yumi kisses Matthias Burel, Ulrich kisses Sissi and Aelita strongly kisses Nicolas... Jealousy, betrayal, revenge, so many cumulated feelings which make Aelita run away to the Hermitage, where the spectre joins her using the appearance of a sorry Jeremy! But the real Jeremy realises XANA's involvement, discovering an activated tower. The group gets Aelita away from the false Jeremy hurries on Lyoko, leaving Odd in charge of facing the spectre! He holds it back for a short while and the fight against the spectre ends in the factory where it dominates and electrifies Jeremy, Odd and Yumi until the input of the Code Lyoko!

Victims: The group.

Episode #44 - Vertigo
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of a pack of wolves and create holographic wolves to, in very original attack, pursue and kill the heroes!

Procedure: The attack starts well because the wolves catch Ulrich, Yumi and Odd off guard, making Aelita dive into Lyoko on her own. The three fugitives realise that XANA deceived them with holographic wolves, which they destroy. Faced with the real wolves, they have to run away. Ulrich contains them valiantly up until the doors of the factory before falling. Aelita's code saves him from being devoured!

Victims: Ulrich, Odd and Yumi.

Episode #45 - Cold War
ImageDescription & objective: Creation of a huge snowstorm, capable of make the temperature drop to the levels of a new ice age. The weather will block the Lyoko Warriors at school and will make Jeremy send Aelita to Lyoko alone (the two teenagers having stayed at the factory after two warning attacks). The disturbances will take a maximum amount of victims in its wake!

Procedure: The attack forces Aelita to go to Lyoko. All of Kadic huddle in the boiler room and the basements, realising that all attempts to exit are vain (isn't that right TV?)! The Lyoko Warriors risk to leaving to reach the factory. Only Odd makes it, because Yumi gets stuck under a frozen tree and Ulrich stays to help her free herself (in vain). The arrival of Odd on Lyoko allows Aelita to abort the attack.

Victims: The whole region around Kadic.

Episode #46 - Déjà Vu
ImageDescription & objective: We suppose that XANA sent visions of her past to Aelita to get her started on research on Lyoko in response, where the Scyphozoa is waiting for her.

Procedure: Attack succeeded perfectly. The heroes are powerless to stop Aelita from going Lyoko, but can save her from Scyphozoa.

Victims: Aelita.

Episode #47 - Tip-Top Shape
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Yolanda to kidnap Aelita and send her to Lyoko.

Procedure: The heroes outrun Yolanda on the way to the factory. She gets rid of Ulrich quite easily but faces a "Jeremified" boosted Odd! She faces and surpasses him, but the lost time doesn't allow her to get rid of any of the students before the deactivation of the tower!

Victims: Yolanda, Aelita, Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy.

Episode #48 - Is Anybody Out There?
ImageDescription & objective: Send an aggressive spectre: a poltergeist to kill the heroes! Simultaneously, bug up the Superscan to make it defective.

Procedure: The heroes have to split up! Ulrich and Jeremy on Earth to escape the spectre, and on Lyoko Odd looks for the tower while the girls go to Carthage to search something to debug the Scan. On Earth, the heroes escape the spectre long enough to be drawn from the mess by Aelita, but a Return to the Past must be launched to fix the Supercomputer!

Victims: Jim, Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Odd.

Episode #49 - Franz Hopper
ImageDescription & objective: Materialization of a spectre, the perfect lookalike of Franz Hopper. It will cheat the heroes and succeed in excluding Jeremy from the group with clever lies, so it can send the Lyoko Warriors to Lyoko, leave them there defenceless (no weapons) and preventing their rematerialization. Finally, express delivery of Aelita to Scyphozoa! Note that since the attack came from the tower in Sector 5, the Superscan didn't detect it.

Procedure: The smart Jeremy learns the nature of this false Franz Hopper. He hurries back to the scanner room to prevent Aelita from getting into one of them, plugs in a laptop and sends a virtual lure to the Scyphozoa. Revealing the trap to the spectre, he takes the controls back and his companions their weapons back, sending Aelita to deactivate the tower as well. The spectre comes back and tries to suffocate him, but too late... Nothing prevents Aelita from deactivating the Carthage tower generating this spectre.

Victims: The group.

Episode #50 - Contact
ImageDescription & objective: XANAficaction of a nurse and kill Sissi, possessed by Hopper, to prevent him from contacting the heroes.

Procedure: Odd subdues the nurse with a defibrillator. She catches up with the heroes inside the factory and she struggles against Yumi until the saviour deactivation!

Victims: The ambulance driver, Sissi, Yumi.

Episode #51 - Revelation
ImageDescription & objective: Send a polymorphic clone to Earth and eliminate Odd and take his place on Lyoko, to sabotage future operations of the group.

Procedure: Attack succeeded. It's on Lyoko that the clone is beaten by Ulrich after it brought Yumi down!

Victims: Odd.

Episode #54 - Lyoko Minus One
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Yumi's class, Jim and Ms Hertz to kill Yumi.

Procedure: Jumping out of her bus through the back window, Yumi runs into the woods and warns her friends. Ulrich comes to her rescue, followed by William. Now three, and especially with the help of William's feats, a big part of the class is dominated. Ms Hertz finally sends William flying into a tree and unconsciousness. She and Jim try to finish Ulrich and Yumi off by electrocuting them, but the disappearance of the Forest Sector doesn't allow them to succeed!

Victims: Yumi's class, Jim, Ms Hertz, Yumi, William, Ulrich.

Episode #55 - Tidal Wave
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of food in the cafeteria to make a giant powerful enough to crush the heroes.

Procedure: Jim is the first victim. The monster launches itself in pursuit of Odd and Ulrich to the factory. The fight against this disconcerting opponent ends between it, Ulrich (back from the sewers where he fell) and Yumi (newly devirtualised) on the ground floor of the factory.

Victims: Jim, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi.

Episode #56 - False Lead
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of two secret agents to eliminate the heroes and destroy the Supercomputer.

Procedure: The white agent is xanafied as they're interviewing Jeremy and immediately makes an attempt on the child's life. Jeremy manages to escape thanks to the principal, who intervenes courageously (before being knocked out). The black agent unplugs the scanners putting the virtualised Odd, Yumi and Aelita in a serious danger, gets rid of Jim and goes to electrify the Supercomputer. Ulrich attacks him in vain and is pursued. He finally finds Jeremy on the ground floor of the factory and succeeds in surviving with his companion (with a little help from Jim) until the tower on Lyoko finds its white halo again.

Victims: Jim, the principal, Jeremy, Ulrich.

Episode #58 - The Pretender
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of crows allowed to kill the heroes except Aelita.

Procedure: Odd, Jeremy, Ulrich and Aelita escape the birds and flee to the factory as far as the lab through the sewers! Yumi is attacked at the gymnasium. She makes a run for it and finds refuge in the tool shed. Unfortunately, it won't prevent the crows from breaking in through the window and hurting her hardly. While she is gravely injured, Johnny warns the principal and Jim who call an ambulance. The crows manage to get into the lab and hurt Jeremy at the same time as Aelita deactivates the tower. When he is waken up by some slaps from Odd, he launches a Return to the Past to save Yumi.

Victims: Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy.

Episode #59 - The Secret
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of a building demolition worker who will install something to blow up the factory and everything in it.

Procedure: The worker installs his bombs incognito and engages the detonator countdown. He then clashes with Yumi and William on the factory bridge until Aelita deactivates the tower. The bomb detonator is defused by William, who creates a short circuit with a piece of metal.

Victims: Yumi, William.

Episode #61 - Sabotage (A)
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Michael Rouiller to sabotage the Supercomputer to cause a progressive collapsing of quantum bytes.

Procedure: The heroes deactivate the tower and don't notice until after the attack and the Supercomputer bugs that Michael Rouiller had sabotaged the machine! This attack is therefore one of the most successful of the series.

Victims: The Supercomputer, the heroes on Lyoko, XANA's monsters, the Ice Sector (see the episode summary to better understand).

Episode #61 - Sabotage (B)
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of some roots in the park and the forest to hold back the heroes and even eliminate Yumi.

Procedure: Yumi is caught up within the forest and dragged down to the bottom of a ravine until the end of the attack! Ulrich and Odd are made captive in the park. It's Jeremy who frees Ulrich before being imprisoned himself. Finally the heroes could get out thanks to the Supercomputer bugs which cancel the effects of the attack for a while, pixelizing the roots!

Victims: Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy.

Episode #63 - Triple Trouble
ImageDescription & objective: Creation smoke that petrifies humans, i.e. the heroes.

Procedure: A lot of students fall victim to the smoke, Jim first. But in a stroke of bad luck, the smoke reaches one of the three Odds of the episode! (See context) His twins have to negotiate a rescue and reach the factory carrying their companion to help stop the attack once reunited in a single virtualised body!

Victims: Jim, a number of Kadic students, one of the 3 Odds in the episode (see context)...

Episode #64 - Double Trouble
ImageDescription & objective: Send a clone of Jeremy to Earth to get rid of the original, then send Aelita to Lyoko. Then bug up the Lyoko Warriors who go with her, leaving the Guardian of Lyoko at the mercy of her best friend: the Scyphozoa!

Procedure: The heroes aren't able to recognise Jeremy's clone in the lab and Odd and Yumi end up as bugged programs, unable to fight on Lyoko! Then the clone has a struggle with Jeremy, who it almost kills twice! It is next confronted by Ulrich, a more formidable contestant, though inadequately powerful. The clone dominates Ulrich until the tower generating it is swept away by the disappearance of the Mountain Sector. The fake Jeremy disappears with a grin on his face...

Victims: Jeremy, Ulrich as well as Odd and Yumi (virtualised) and the Mountain Sector.

Episode #66 – William Returns
ImageDescription & objective: Send William back for the first time and have him act like his normal self, then use the controlled teenager to virtualise himself and Aelita to throw her into the Digital Sea.

Procedure: Using a xanafied William that acts exactly like the real one, XANA dupes the group: William kidnaps Aelita at nightfall. The attack is a success for all the Earth parts, but it continues on Lyoko.

Victims: Aelita.

Episode #67 – Double Take
ImageDescription & objective: Use a polymorphic clone created by Jeremy to attack the heroes.

Procedure: The clone attacks the heroes intermittently, as XANA takes possession of it more and more. Knocking the principal unconscious, it pursues Odd, then confronts Jeremy in the lab before disappearing when the tower generating it is deactivated.

Victims: The principal, Odd, Jeremy

Episode #68 - Opening Act
ImageDescription & objective: Create a polymorphic clone to take the appearance of Chris, a member of the Subdigitals present at Kadic, and kidnap Aelita then virtualise her and prevent the heroes from taking action.

Procedure: The attack succeeds and Aelita is virtualised. The clone is then confronted by its model and Jim in the lab! It disappears at the same time as the red halo of the tower that gave it life.

Victims: Aelita, Jim, Chris, Jeremy.

Episode #69 – Wreck Room
ImageDescription & objective: Use William's clone to attack the heroes.

Procedure: The clone attacks the group in the rec' room then chases Ulrich and Sissi across Kadic, ending in a duel on the roof. It disappears when Aelita enters the Code.

Victims: Yumi, Jim, Ulrich, Sissi.

Episode #72 - Crash Course
ImageDescription & objective: Create a polymorphic clone to attack Jeremy and Aelita, therefore preventing the Lyoko Warriors from going to Lyoko.

Procedure: The clone appears suddenly in the lab and knocks Jeremy unconscious with an electric shock. It then goes to confront Aelita, who it pursues through town. It delivers a last fight against Yumi in the lab before being broken up by the deactivation of the tower.

Victims: Jeremy, a driver, Yumi and Odd.

Episode #74 - I'd Rather Not Talk About It
ImageDescription & objective: XANA xanafies a boar to go after the heroes in the forest.

Procedure: The boar attacks the heroes during their training with Jim in the woods. Thanks to PE teacher's training, the heroes can escape and reach the factory. Only Jim and Jeremy stay on Earth to occupy the beast. The heroes have to split up into two groups on Lyoko because William attacks the Core of Lyoko simultaneously. The tower is finally deactivated.

Victims: Jim, mainly.

Episode #75 - Hot Shower
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of a military satellite to shoot an asteroid, deflecting the fragments in the direction of Kadic and the factory.

Procedure: The attack goes ahead without any problems. But Aelita's calculated return to Earth forces XANA to cancel its attack. Indeed, the meteorite on the way to raze the factory would kill Aelita. But XANA needs her to get the better of Franz Hopper and force him to show up. It then uses the satellite a second time to destroy the big fragment which threatened to crush the factory and the school.

Victims: A meteorite...

Episode #76 - The Lake
ImageDescription & objective: In the lake around an island, have a spectre that launches electrical shocks enter the water to trap the Lyoko Warriors and Jeremy on the island and attack them with lightning so they can't prevent the Skid's destruction.

Procedure: The attack is generally a success because the electrifying spectre develops in the lake, condemning the year 9 class to not leave the island on pain of electrocution. Aelita, concealed under a tarpaulin, however can cross thanks to Ulrich's sacrifice. The attack is stopped before all the year 9 class is cooked by the electrical intensity and its accumulation in the soil.

Victims: The year 9 students, Kiwi, Jim and Ms Hertz.

Episode #78 - Lab Rat
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of some scientists in a scientific complex in Amazonia to create mechanical spiders which will be part of the worldwide army, prepared by XANA.

Procedure: The scientists dedicate themselves to their task because in the next episode, the heroes discover an entire army of cybernetic spiders. But the scientists have to confront the Lyoko Warriors, Teleported during their first visit to the Amazonian complex.

Victims: Nobody, Aelita and Odd (Teleported) will only have a few prickles.

Episode #80 – Dog Day Afternoon
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of biker thugs squatting the factory. They go after Yumi.

Procedure: Yumi tries to escape into the factory, but fails and is seriously injured. Fortunately, Aelita deactivates the tower in time.

Victims: Yumi.

Episode #81 - A Lack of Goodwill
ImageDescription & objective: Send William back to Earth to destroy the Supercomputer while the heroes are deep in the network.

Procedure: In front of the Supercomputer, William is confronted by Jeremy, armed with a metal bar. It goes without saying that the genius doesn't last against a XANAfied William, who's as formidable as he is on Lyoko. Propelled against a wall, kidneys in bad shape, he can't move anymore. Against all expectations, William's clone appears suddenly out of the elevator with Milly and Tamiya (see context of episode). Seeing that Jeremy is in danger, the clone engages in a huge fight against the one it replaces on Earth. Against all expectations, the fight tips more in its advantage, and it sends William into the elevator. However, the latter goes up to lab, deactivates the clone's program, gets Tamiya out of the way and makes the Supercomputer's cooling system go haywire. Then, he returns to Lyoko.
In the end, Aelita reactivates the cooler system and a Return to the Past is engaged, recreating the clone and erasing Milly and Tamiya's memories.

Victims: The clone, Tamiya, the Supercomputer cooling chamber.

Episodes #81 & #83 - A Lack of Goodwill & Hard Luck
ImageDescription & objective: Create circuit boards which will be parts for the robot army that XANA raises across the world.

Procedure: Attack without big consequences. It ends irreparably when the Supercomputer managing the assembly lines is destroyed by Ulrich.

Victims: Nobody.

Episode #82 - Distant Memory
ImageDescription & objective: Pass itself off as Franz Hopper and leave electronic messages for Aelita to ask her to go to Lyoko.

Procedure: Guided first by the messages on her computer and then on the factory terminal, touched by the words XANA borrowed from Hopper, Aelita falls into the trap and virtualises herself, not knowing she's headed for a very bad turn of events...

Victims: Aelita.

Episode #83 - Hard Luck
ImageDescription & objective: Teleport some Kankrelats to protect the Supercomputer.

Procedure: The Kankrelats come across Ulrich and Yumi by surprise and form a swarm in the base where the complex is located. However, they aren't effective enough to save the machine. Yumi and especially Ulrich get the better of the creatures and what they were protecting.

Victims: Nobody.

Episode #84 - Guided Missile
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of a jet aeroplane to kill the heroes and destroy the factory.

Procedure: XANA takes control of a jet aeroplane in which Jeremy posed for a photo shoot. It sends him flying over the city and then launches a guided missile that even another jet won't be able to stop before diving the plane towards the ground. The Return to the Past puts everything back in order.

Victims: Nobody.

Episode #86 - Canine Conundrum
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfy Kiwi 2 and multiply it to take care of the heroes (and indirectly make Aelita to come to Lyoko).

Procedure: Aelita, Jeremy and Odd reach the factory. Ulrich and Yumi are trapped by the Kiwi 2s in the gymnasium and form a resistance with Jim, Sissi, Hiroki, Milly, Tamiya and Johnny. Their attempts to reach the factory are aborted in front of the mass of cloned electronic dogs. Jeremy is attacked in the lab, but against all expectations, he is helped by Kiwi, who entertains some of his electronic doubles, until Aelita deactivates the tower.

Victims: Yumi, Ulrich, Jeremy, Milly and Johnny.

Episode #87 - A Space Oddity
ImageDescription & objective: Create some spiked levitating spheres, part of a worldwide army of robots which will enslave all humans under XANA's rule or will make them disappear.

Procedure: The spheres are created and put into action to confront the Teleported spectres of Odd and Yumi. They don't kill them and are dragged into outer space when Odd opens an airlock.

Victims: Nobody.

Episode #88 - Cousins Once Removed
ImageDescription & objective: XANA will possess Sissi and Herb. Sending them into Jeremy's bedroom, they will hack the Skid and the Navskids from Jeremy's computer, putting it at the mercy of the monsters of the network.

Procedure: Herb and Sissi easily take care of Jeremy's cousin when he wants to protect his cousin's computer. But it's Jeremy who counters the attack. He first generates a firewall from the factory, slowing down Herb, then he goes to tamper with the school's fusebox, turning off his computer and Herb's access to the Skid. Aelita enters Lyoko and deactivates the tower before Sissi hurts Jeremy too much.

Victims: Herb, Sissi, Patrick Belpois, Jeremy Belpois, the Skid.

Episode #89 - Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfication of Milly, Tamiya and Sophie, the Subdigitals's manager, to kidnap Aelita and take her to Lyoko, at the mercy of William.

Procedure: Sophie takes Aelita to the factory, gets rid of Jeremy with no trouble, and virtualises her. Milly and Tamiya try to hold back the Lyoko Warriors. However, it's only Ulrich they can contain and confront. Sophie is put out harm's way and tied up by Odd and Yumi. Waken up, she undoes her bonds, gets rid of Jeremy and devirtualises the heroes' vehicles, putting them in a bad spot in the aerial battle going on the virtual world. But in the end, the heroes win and the tower is deactivated, plus a Return to the Past launched!

Victims: Sophie, Milly, Tamiya, Aelita, Jeremy.

Episode #90 - Wrong Exposure
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfy the Principal to kidnap Aelita, and virtualise her in the Forest Sector at the mercy of the Scyphozoa.

Procedure: The principal isn't be noticed right away, simply inviting Aelita to his office, before taking her to the factory. The heroes are held back by Jim at the library. When they arrive, the principal will already have accomplished his mission. He stays to confront Odd in the factory ground floor, then he collapses as the heroes win on the virtual world.

Victims: The principal, Aelita, Odd (and by extension, Jim).

Episode #91 - Bad Connection
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfy all of Kadic to kill the heroes (?).

Procedure: The xanafication is a success. All the heroes run off except Odd who has to hide around Kadic with Sissi as his only ally. The xanafied army want to throw the two teens off the roof of the school, but they become free of the evil program's influence before they can, when Aelita deactivates the tower.

Victims: All students and staff at Kadic, Odd's parents, Odd and Sissi.

Episode #92 - Cold Sweat
ImageDescription & objective: Teleportation of William to deTeleport Odd and Yumi, in so doing protecting one of XANA's Supercomputers.

Procedure: William confronts Odd and Yumi and after a first failure, he wins against them without having the time to deTeleport them. Aelita deTeleports him by deactivating the tower on the Replika.

Victims: Teleported spectres of Odd and Yumi.

Episode #93 - Down to Earth
ImageDescription & objective: Raise an army of robots to serve or exterminate humanity.

Procedure: XANA raises an army of androids in a factory in Siberia (one piece of a puzzle of an army that is much more vast around the world). These robots are confronted by Odd and Aelita, Teleported. At the cost of many losses, they manage to deTeleport the two heroes with laser shots. The survivors had to find themselves out of use after XANA's destruction.

Victims: Teleported spectres of Aelita and Odd.

Episode #94 - Fight to the Finish
ImageDescription & objective: XANAfy William to kill Jeremy and take his place at the commands.

Procedure: Jeremy is unsurprisingly defeated by William. The xanafied teen is then confronted by Yumi, then Ulrich, during the final and most violent fight on Earth of the series. It's not the deactivation of a tower that frees William from XANA's influence but the death of XANA itself on Lyoko.

Victims: William, Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich.

 The XANA attacks seen in the series were all transcribed in this file... Having said that, don't think that we know everything... XANA was and always will be full of mysteries... 

Episode ?? – ???
ImageDescription & objective: The swimming pool attack ???

Procedure: We know only one thing... Something happened... Between Ulrich and Yumi, and Odd saw.

Victims: ???

Episode #?? - ???
ImageDescription & objective: The attack at the gymnasium ???

Procedure: We know only one thing... Something happened... Between Jeremy and Aelita, and Odd saw.

Victims: ???


Evolution episode #1 - XANA 2.0
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre-clone with the appearance of Jim to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: After eliminating Jim, the clone attacks Ulrich. He is saved by Yumi just in time when she runs outside with him and leaves him in the sewers. Ulrich is joined by Odd when the polymorphic clone attacks them. Odd suffers the same fate as Ulrich and only survives thanks to the deactivation of the tower.

Victims: Jim, Ulrich, Odd.

Evolution episode #3 - Spectromania (A)
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The spectre has the appearance of a little year 6 student. Not grabbing their attention, it gets Aelita first. Ulrich releases her from it. It comes back to Yumi. Realising the nature of their adversary, the heroes escape from it, except Odd who stays to hold it back. Confronted to Jim, the spectre loses some time but succeeds in touching Odd twice. It disappears trying to break down the door of Odd and Ulrich's bedroom, when the tower is deactivated.

Victims: Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd.

Evolution episode #3 - Spectromania (B)
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre-clone of Ulrich to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The spectre has the appearance of Ulrich this time. Present who-knows-where during the time when the first spectre was in action, it intercepts Ulrich at school, who was going to accompany Odd to the factory. It pursues its alter-ego to his bedroom. It loses too much time to break down the door and doesn't get the codes back before the tower is deactivated.

Victims: Ulrich's bed.

Evolution episode #5 - Rivalry (A)
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The spectre borrows William's appearance. Hugging Yumi, it steals some of her codes. Ulrich intervenes is pursued to the gymnasium where he locks himself in with the real William. The spectre breaks down the door but the tower is deactivated before it absorbs more codes.

Victims: Yumi.

Evolution episode #5 - Rivalry (B)
ImageDescription & objective: Take control of phone network. The goal of this remains mysterious, even if it permitted XANA to prevent the heroes from using their phones.

Procedure: XANA quickly took control of the school's antenna and made all the heroes' phones unusable.

Victims: The heroes' phones.

Evolution episode #6 - Suspicions
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: XANA sends three spectres all having the appearance of Remy, one of Yumi's classmates, in the gymnasium where the heroes are grouped together. The three spectres stare the heroes down with an arrogant, superior and pretentious look, fix a broken sound board, keep staring at the heroes with an arrogant, superior and pretentious look and then disappear with the non-resisted deactivation of the tower on Lyoko.
Did someone say "crap attack"?

Victims: Our eyes and our tolerance.

Evolution episode #7 - Countdown
ImageDescription & objective: Send a polymorphic spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: XANA sends a spectre capable of changing appearance. Firstly in the form of a female student, it changes into a cook and catches Odd. Told off by Samantha, it fades away and then changes into the gardener, then Delmas. Not crossing the heroes again, it finally follows them to the factory. It borrows Samantha's appearance but disappears with the deactivation of the tower.

Victims: Odd, who loses some of his codes and experiences vocabulary problems that get him into trouble with Samantha.

Evolution episode #9 - How to Fool XANA
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: XANA sends a spectre capable of hypnotising its victims. Aware that Ulrich has false codes inside him, it tries to go after Yumi. Bothered by Ulrich, it doesn't manage to reach her. It pursues her around Kadic. However Ulrich manages to touch the spectre and inject the false codes in it, which destroy it without having to deactivate a tower.

Victims: Nobody, unless you count Ulrich, knocked out by having his false codes drained.

Evolution episode #11 - Rendezvous
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre-clone of Anthea Hopper to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program. Also send an email to Aelita to tell her where to find the spectre in order to find out more about her parents.

Procedure: The attack goes well because Aelita, swamped by emotion, loses her sense of logic. She doesn't join the others for the mission on Lyoko and gives herself up in the arms of the spectre. Jeremy releases her from it a first time but she goes back and gives herself to the spectre before its disappearance when the two towers generating it are deactivated.

Victims: Aelita, who loses a large amount of codes. Jeremy is a little shaken by the spectre.

Evolution episode #12 - Chaos at Kadic
ImageDescription & objective: Hack Kadic Academy's computer system which brings on some uncomfortable situations: errors on reports, unfortunate deliveries of hay and pink thongs... XANA's objective remains blurred.

Procedure: These abnormal events push the heroes to go to Lyoko and make them realise that, for the first time, the attack is launched from the Cortex. On Earth, the most regrettable event remains the arrival of Laura's father at Kadic, worried about the report and the lack of seriousness at Kadic Academy... An arrival which will have some ramifications. See the episode file for more information.

Victims: Delmas' nervous state.

Evolution episode #13 - Friday the 13th
ImageDescription & objective: XANA takes control of the SuperLottery and multiplies the number of winners throughout Europe. But this attack is only a diversion. XANA uses the activated tower to infect the Skidbladnir on Lyoko.

Procedure: Spotting the activated tower, the heroes dive into Lyoko, except Odd. They deactivate the tower and come back to Earth. Blocked when they realise that the target of the attack was the Skid, they can only send Odd into the vessel to debug it following Jeremy, Laura and Aelita's instructions.

Victims: Nobody, unless you count Odd's piggy bank. Thinking he'd won the lottery, he bought an enormous amount of roses for Samantha.

Evolution episode #15 - The Codeless
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The attack is launched twice, from two different towers. The first time, the attack is successful: Odd is stripped of his remaining source codes, surprised by the spectre's ability to walk through solid objects. The second time, the spectre targets Ulrich and Yumi but it doesn't manage to touch them, bothered by Odd.

Victims: Odd, who loses all his remaining source codes.

Evolution episode #16 - Confusion
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: During this episode, XANA tries to activate towers on several occasions...but its attacks abort because the towers don't manage to stay activated because of an update done by Tyron on his Supercomputer...an update blocking XANA's attacks through interference.

Victims: Nobody.

Evolution episode #19 - The Trap
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: During this episode, the heroes set a trap for XANA. They want to capture a spectre to steal some source codes from it using the scanner. Yumi used herself as bait in an isolated area. The strategy works. Without touching anyone, the spectre finally ends up in a scanner and Jeremy steals some codes. Things turn bad: the spectre attacks the scanner...then disintegrates. Its remains are virtualised on Lyoko in a dangerous phenomenon.

Victims: Nobody on Earth. Ulrich and Yumi on Lyoko.

Evolution episode #21 - False Pretences
ImageDescription & objective: Send a polymorphic spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The spectre from this episode is polymorphic. It essentially borrows the appearance of the heroes to bring confusion into the group. However, the heroes always manage to escape from it (disguising Sissi as Aelita) or to identify it by asking personal questions only Lyoko Warriors can answer. The spectre disappears when the tower is deactivated, which takes time because of the doppelgangers on Lyoko.

Victims: Nobody on Earth.

Evolution episode #23 - Jeremy's Blues
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The spectre has the appearance of Ms Hertz. It attacks Aelita in the lab and manages to take some codes. Then, the heroes manage to escape from it until the deactivation of the tower.

Victims: Aelita.

Evolution episode #25 - Massacre
ImageDescription & objective: Send a spectre to absorb the source codes that XANA had put in Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita before being subjected to the multi-agent program.

Procedure: The spectre has the appearance of Mr Rouiller, Kadic's gardener. Particularly offensive, it creates a true massacre because it manages to take all of Odd and Ulrich's remaining codes. It finally disappears when Aelita deactivates the tower.

Victims: Odd and Ulrich.