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XANA Attacks:
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 II. XANA attacks and schemes on Earth

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The targets
"You were right to be worried... XANA's woken up!"

#02 Seeing is Believing

  1. The group
  2. Image

    "We can't leave Ulrich and Yumi and Odd at the mercy of XANA!"

    #24 Ghost Channel

    The group is and always will be XANA's primary target, Aelita in particular (see below). From XANA's very first attack in “XANA Awakens”, the group is threatened by the evil entity!
    XANA has quickly realised that apart from the group (and Franz Hopper), nobody is aware of its existence and nobody could go to Lyoko to abort its attacks, leaving it to freely carry out its sinister plans! In “XANA Awakens”, it's clear that it seeks to ensure that nobody is aware of the Supercomputer's existence, since it attacked Sissi (who was originally part of the group) When the girl lost all memory of everything related to the Supercomputer, it didn't attack and try to get rid of her again! In addition, the first person who reactivated the Supercomputer, Jeremy, was immediately the target of the electrical attack launched by XANA.

    So it wants to get rid of all barriers in its way, and in season 1, we see it concoct all sorts of plots to harm the heroes. Also, it launches attacks on the world (attacks that could also threaten the heroes, as they are very destructive) before abandoning them completely. The destruction of the world ends in the elimination of the Lyoko Warriors!
    Often the attack is directed at a particular member, rather than the group as a whole. Nevertheless, XANA does multitask to prevent the group from deactivating the tower, which often distracts the virus from its objectives. But all members of the gang survive each time, whereas if it had persisted in targeting just one of them, it could have eliminated them!

    Curiously, Yumi seems to be a preferred target of XANA, however it often goes after Jeremy, and for good reason: aside from Aelita, he's the only one who can operate the Supercomputer and launch the virtualisation process without failure!

    If it goes after Odd and Ulrich, most of the time it will be because the two teenagers voluntarily remain on Earth to protect Jeremy and face XANA!

    In episode 72 “Crash Course”, Jeremy also highlights the fact that he and Aelita are often XANA's targets, because if they were to disappear, the Lyoko Warriors would be unable to use all the Supercomputer's faculties on their own, offering XANA a large advantage.

    As the group spends three quarters of their time at Kadic Academy, offensives directed at all 5 friends often extend to other inhabitants of the academy. The two most frequently involved are Jim - who always bravely faces the danger alongside the students, but we'll only quote one example: episode 68 “Opening Act” when he leads the investigation to the factory and confronts the polymorphic clone that looks like his nephew - and Sissi, who finds herself sporadically in perilous situations by dint of sticking to Ulrich, although this can be useful sometimes (we recall her superbly throwing roof tiles at the possessed William Clone in episode 69 “Wreck Room”).

  3. Aelita
  4. Image

    "Well...Aelita is there in...in the video game, and there's some kind of giant squid!"

    #41 Ultimatum

    From season 2 onwards, Aelita leaves her eventful life as Guardian of Lyoko for a happier life on Earth!
    Unfortunately for her, XANA doesn't seem very willing to let her enjoy her life. It begins to need the girl for its plans, and so starts to lure her back onto the virtual world in every phase of the conflict between the program and the heroes. Be it the Scyphozoa stealing her memory in order to provide XANA with the Keys to Lyoko, or injecting the virus that allows XANA to have Aelita under its control so that she can insert the Code XANA and destroy the Surface Sectors! After Lyoko's destruction and subsequent recreation, XANA tries again to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea, using monsters or mainly William, knowing that only her father, Franz Hopper, could save her, and that it would be the only way of luring XANA's worst enemy out from his hiding place in order to get rid of him.

    To lure her to Lyoko, anything goes. Diversionary attacks do the trick, as does a booby-trapped necklace (episode 32 “Saint Valentine's Day”). The most commonly used method in season 2 is xanafying a person to kidnap the Guardian of Lyoko and forcefully virtualise her. In this regard, XANA could seem quite stubborn, and xanafied many people from Kadic Academy (Jim, Yolanda, Jeremy, etc.). However, now and then, XANA employs other tactics, such as the ultimatum (episode 41 “Ultimatum”). After stealing Aelita's memory, XANA isn't as direct in bringing its prey to Lyoko! That's why from episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One” to the end of the conflict, many attacks will only be a warning shot to get Aelita to come to Lyoko to deactivate the tower.

    So we note that to date, XANA has never tried to kill Aelita on Earth, because it has always needed her in the virtual world for one reason or another...

  5. The world
  6. Image

    "14 minutes. Just 14 minutes left before the two trains collide with each other... Army units have begun to evacuate the people in the immediate area. Remember that one of the trains is carrying highly toxic chemicals..."

    #05 Big Bug

    As previously said, XANA quickly realised that if it wanted to act freely, it should get rid of everyone who has any knowledge of its existence, which is limited to the group! Often we hear that XANA's No. 1 goal is world destruction! Yet XANA only attempts this task now and then, its priority being the group.
    It should also be noted that the more it gains in power, intelligence and consciousness, the more XANA seems to detach itself from the mission it set! Indeed, the only truly dangerous attacks for humanity are ones that take place in season 1, while in seasons 2 and 3, XANA has very different objectives: get itself to safety on the network, destroy Lyoko...

    So we believed there were two possible hypotheses: either XANA realised that destroying the world could only be done after all threats to it were eradicated, or its level of consciousness made it abandon this absurd goal. In this case, during its escape across the network and Lyoko's destruction, XANA prepares an even more evil plan... The first hypothesis was correct, XANA's escape onto the network and Lyoko's destruction were only the beginning of a much larger conspiracy... XANA, having infiltrated supercomputers all over the world, uses their power to control assembly lines and produce a vast army of robots, in order to enslave humanity. However, it tries to do this while simultaneously fighting the heroes, until they discover its plan in episode 93 “Down to Earth”.

    Back to direct attacks against humanity, the few times XANA wanted to attack humans, not one person ended up dead! The advantage in wanting to get rid of a large part of the population is that indirectly, its group of enemies were also targeted in these attacks.

    Ironically, the attacks launched by XANA are the same as those feared by the secret services from terrorists:
    - Blowing up a power plant (episode 2 “Seeing is believing”).
    - Petrochemical attack (episode 5 “Big Bug”).

    XANA also sometimes uses other methods of which it alone knows the secret, for example when it created a song with soundwaves that lowered a person's heart rate right to cardiac arrest (episode 18 “Killer Music”).

    Finally, we can note that some attacks first aimed at the group sometimes extended to the entire city. For example, both times XANA takes control of dangerous animals (rats in episode 11 “Plagued” and hornets in 12 “Swarming Attack”). First of all the possessed animals attacked the group, but the hoards of animals soon pour into the city or other boarders at Kadic. XANA thinks of everything! Similarly, the comet XANA rerouted in episode 75 “Hot Shower” would have destroyed Kadic and the factory, and it would not have spared the whole city of Paris from a destructive earthquake...

    Without the heroes' vigilance, XANA would have injured many. In episode 2 “Seeing is Believing” if Jeremy didn't become concerned about the electricity pylon crackling, in a matter of seconds, the plant would have exploded!

    What do you say? Thank you, Jeremy!

  7. The factory and the Supercopmuter

  8. Image

    "If I'm not mistaken, this guy works for the company that specialises in building demolition! I'll bet he came here fully equipped to blow your factory sky-high."

    #59 The Secret

    Season 3 begins and XANA, fresh off the network, comes back with a more disconcerting goal: destroy Lyoko! Indeed, the virtual world is the heroes' only asset in continuing to fight XANA!

    Though its attacks take place on the virtual world itself most of the time, now and then, XANA attacks simultaneously on Earth. The Supercomputer generates Lyoko, so destroying it will make Lyoko disappear.

    As usual, XANA's methods range from being more subtle (such as damaging the Supercomputer in episodes 56 “False Lead” and 61 “Sabotage”) to completely unrefined (trying to blow the factory to smithereens in episode 59 “The Secret”).

    Whatever they may be, its attacks are more difficult for the heroes to counter: they have no powers on Earth; and as for the ones they're most concerned about, if XANA is successful, it won't just be one Sector that disappears, but Lyoko in its entirety. In addition, it would render the Supercomputer unusable! This means that these attacks are the worst, even worse than the attacks on the Core of Lyoko.

    Destroying the Supercomputer is a goal that will not subside, and even into the last days of the conflict, XANA still attempts to disintegrate the machine using William (episode 81 “A Lack of Goodwill”).

  9. Jeremy's computer and the scanners
  10. Image

    "That was the very last scanner getting destroyed by a Krabe!"

    #39 A Bad Turn

    Much like its creator, XANA may seem to be suffering from hubris! Therefore, the idea of something being forbidden displeases it, especially when it comes to the Supercomputer (remember! The famous secure areas that it doesn't have access to)! Consequently, it sometimes launches attacks so that it can act on the computer Jeremy usually works at, with multiple goals in mind.
    By replacing Jeremy with another operator, it's possible for it to manipulate things that would normally be reserved for the schoolboy.
    For example, it can change all the rules on Lyoko, making rematerialisation impossible (episode 22 “Routine”, removing the heroes' special abilities (episode 35 “The Chips Are Down”), or bugging up the virtual avatars the Lyoko Warriors embody (episode 64 “Double Trouble”).
    Worse still, it sometimes downright devirtualises a hero in the middle of the action (episode 33 “Final Mix”), or a vehicle (episode 43 “XANA's Kiss”).
    When it damages the control terminal, it's mainly so that the group's operator can't come to the aid of his friends on Lyoko. In episode 67 “Double Take”, Jeremy can't devirtualise Yumi, who is being threatened by William and narrowly avoided falling into the Digital Sea.
    When the heroes are at the factory and Kadic is left unattended, XANA can also run programs on the computer in Jeremy's room, which is connected to Lyoko. Less powerful, it has less protection than the super machine in the factory. As it is linked to Lyoko and contains many programs developed by Jeremy, it's also a strategic piece of choice. In episode 88 “Cousins Once Removed”, XANA takes control of Herb and gets him to work Jeremy's machine, totally hacking the Skid and putting Aelita in great peril.
    When XANA targets the scanners at the factory, it can mean two things: it will materialise a monster or a clone, or it will disconnect them so that the heroes have no way to return to Earth!

  11. The Teleported heroes
  12. Image

    "William! Did you get that, Jeremy? XANA's managed to Teleport William!"

    #92 Cold Sweat

    With the advent of the Teleportation process, the fights on Earth takes on a new dimension. We're no longer only on the heroes' stage as they try to contain XANA's actions. The Lyoko Warriors will be able to fight on Earth in their virtual outfits in the form of hyper-boosted polymorphic clones. As such, they will travel the world to find and destroy the supercomputers XANA has infected one by one.
    That said, XANA obviously strongly disagrees with this process, since it requires the machines to generate Replikas, and harness their towers' energy to create an army of robots. To defend these toys, XANA much prevent the Lyoko Warriors from reaching and damaging them. For this, their polymorphic clone envelopes need to be destroyed, and to do this, all the methods described in the next sub-section are good, and the most devastating of all, because a Teleported Lyoko Warrior is far more powerful than a frail, 15-year-old student.
    To conclude, we point to the fact that XANA has used Teleported monsters in order to confront the Teleported heroes head-on (episodes 83 “Hard Luck” and 92 “Cold Sweat”).

The strategies and attack methods

"He's always there when you least expect him..."

#01 Teddygozilla

  1. The use of the electrical networks
  2. Image

    "She was attacked by this electricity monster that jumped from a coat hanger!"

    #00 XANA Awakens

    When XANA activates a tower to launch an attack, it accesses the global electricity networks, on which it generates spectres with multiple functions that are the starting point of attacks. With the development of the Internet, it's unsurprising that XANA has endless opportunities for attacks, and that it never lacks inspiration.
    Some phenomena remain completely inexplicable!

    Note that XANA also curiously has access to independent electrical networks! In episode 4 “Log Book”, it takes control of an electric bus that is connected to nothing and works by battery!

    The most prominent of these attacks remains the one from episode 76 “The Lake” in which XANA will generate what starts out as a simple lightning-throwing spectre, but then becomes a real lightning storm that ravages the island where the year 9 students are trapped.

  3. Control of objects
  4. ImageImage
    "If he let himself out to do his business then Jeremy must have upgraded the program!"

    "You know what? I think it was XANA who pulled a few strings..."

    #86 Canine Conundrum

    One of the first forms of XANA attack is the possession of objects! Though the phenomenon is easily conceivable for trains (episode 5 “Big Bug”), assembly lines (episode 14 “The Trap”), fighter jets (episode 84 “Guided Missile”) or for gases (episode 15 “Laughing Fit”), it's completely inexplicable that XANA can using its spectres to take control of samurai armour (episode 10 “The Girl of the Dreams”) or a teddy bear, made of fabric!

    How does XANA enlarge the teddy bear in episode 1 “Teddygozilla” for example?

  5. The creation of threats
  6. Image

    "Calm down! I don't know what that thing in the lake is, but I can tell you that it better watch it, because he's gonna have to deal with me, and sparks will start flying, and...that is...well, there already are sparks..."

    #76 The Lake

    If XANA has no potential prey, it can create its own means of attack! It can create electrical phenomena like in the Prequel when it generates a giant flying ball of electricity, but in other cases it may create matter (like the nano virus in episode 17 “Amnesia” that makes people amnesic, or the ultrasound in episode 13 “Just in Time”), which is very difficult to explain rationally, if it's even possible: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed!
    In episode 63 “Triple Trouble”, how does it generate a cloud of petrifying dust?

    It sometimes uses the scanners to send its own monsters to Earth, most likely from Lyoko (episodes 26 “False Start” and 39 “A Bad Turn”). It will also steal the Teleportation technique to create Teleported Kankrelats, or to send a William spectre to Earth. See the “Monsters” section for more information.

    In other cases, XANA can create dangers in a roundabout way, such as building killer robots on the factory assembly lines (episode 20 “The Robots”) or nullifying gravity using the electrical network (episode 21 “Zero Gravity Zone”)!

  7. Animal contamination
  8. Image

    "Hey, listen, Jim! Be careful, it's not a normal animal!"

    #74 I'd Rather Not Talk About It

    We don't know if this ability came from any development in the Supercomputer's power, but XANA's spectres have proved capable of controlling the living body; of animals first!
    This ability appears in episode 11 (“Plagued”) in which XANA takes control of a rat that will infect all of its brethren through biting them, raising a veritable army within the sewers! In the next episode (episode 12 “Swarming Attack”), hornets fall under XANA's control.
    Terrible armies of dangerous animals always come under XANA's control, hence the interest in the manoeuvre. XANA can divide its troops to conduct multilateral attacks, like in episode 11 when it blocks access to the factory.

    Although this method is only seldom used, XANA sometimes falls back on it, which often destabilises the heroes! In episode 44 “Vertigo”, XANA takes control of a few wolves and accompanies them with illusions of yet more wolves to send the heroes into a panic.
    In episode 58 “The Pretender”, XANA uses the good old-fashioned method of xanafying a crow before spreading evil throughout its kind, to such an extent that the murder of black birds almost kills Yumi.
    It should be noted that during this event, the birds generated purple lightning all around their beaks!
    The boar from episode 74 “I'd Rather Not Talk About It” will be less impressive, but that's not to say it won't be dangerous.

    Episode 40 “Attack of the Zombies” stands out because XANA possesses Kiwi, but not in order to raise an army of xanafied dogs! In this episode, Kiwi mediates: going about unnoticed, he bites humans and turns them into zombies, who are themselves capable of biting other humans.

  9. Xanafication
  10. Image

    "Jeremy, a woman's taken Aelita away! She's probably heading for the factory."

    #89 Music to Soothe the Savage Beast

    One of the most dramatic sequences of the Supercomputer's increase in power was the one which allowed XANA to acquire xanafication! Though the program had long been able to take animals under its control, this wasn't the case with humans, who are more complex to manage.
    But the day game when XANA became powerful enough to attack humans, even if it started modestly, as its first victim was Sissi, in episode 30 “A Great Day”. The process of taking over a human's body is simply called xanafication. The term alone usually applies to humans, but sometimes it's used for animals as well.

    When XANA possesses a human, it controls all of their actions, making them a perfect puppet who no longer shows any trace of their former personality. Once XANA's influence is effective, it becomes impossible to break free on your own... Nobody has broken this rule!

    Xanafied humans, unlike clones, seem unable to express emotions other than hatred to those who stand against them, or satisfaction when their job is done. They speak very little and can maintain their normal voice (like Jeremy in episode 31 “Mister Pück”); most of the time, their voice is imbued with aggression, hatred, as evidenced through multiple grunts (except for William, detailed below).

    XANA gives xanafied characters frightening powers, maybe even more than clones have! Besides physical skills like powerful jumps, endurance, and superhuman speed, they become able to control electrical energy and project bolts of lightning that range in colour from purple (most frequently) to blue for Nicolas (episode 35 “The Chips Are Down”) and green for Peter Duncan (episode 37 “Common Interest”).
    Yolanda provides a perfect example of energy manipulation, as she can create gravitational fields or even generate powerful yellow energy balls, which hurt quite a bit if you're hit by one.
    Their last option and not least, they pixelise themselves, either when they're hit, allowing them to take several heavy blows (episode 56 “False Lead”), or when they wish to avoid certain attacks. In episode 35, Nicolas made a big part of his torso disappear to avoid one of Ulrich's kicks! In episode 33 “Final Mix”, we even see Jim split into two copies of himself! During the final Earth battle against William (episode 94 “Fight to the Finish”), he fully phases himself inside a wall to avoid an attack and exits elsewhere.

    Xanafied people aren't as good at taking hits as clones are, and can need time to recover from one, but they recover quickly and get back on their feet in no time. However, they remain very sensitive to electrical attacks, which make them sizzle, depixelise and fall unconscious for a considerable amount of time.

    XANA also possesses humans in order to perform specific tasks. It takes a delivery man in episode 32 “Saint Valentine's Day” to deliver a booby-trapped necklace to Aelita, and in episode 59, an explosives expert is enslaved to rig the factory to explode!

    While the Supercomputer's power continues to rise, XANA will become capable of xanafying several people at the same time. In episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One”, poor Yumi finds her entire xanafied class on her heels! However, it should be noted that each xanafied person seemed less powerful than a single xanafied individual. William KO's five of them in a single hit!
    The largest number of people xanafied at once was in episode 91 “Bad Connection”, where all of Kadic is xanafied. The most powerful xanafied person was William in episode 94 “Fight to the Finish”, who fights better than anyone before him in what may be one of the most violent face-to-face battles in the series.

    The role of xanafied people can be very subtle, such as to disperse the group, send Aelita to Lyoko unnoticed (we'll just mention one example of many: the principal in episode 90 “Wrong Exposure”). In episode 31 “Mister Pück”, Jeremy arranges to be alone with Aelita, while in episode 90, the principal orders Jim to lock the Lyoko Warriors up in detention. Their goals may be more direct: handle certain Lyoko Warriors to stop them from reaching the factory, and get rid of them if possible. Often when a task is completed, the puppet in question moves onto another.
    Xanafied people are often brought in to remove Jeremy from the computer terminal and take has place as operator in order to devirtualise Lyoko Warriors who are already on the virtual world, or just deprive them of their vehicles, weapons, etc. In other cases' XANA's puppet simply attempts to assassinate Jeremy!

    William appears to be a slightly different case: he underwent xanafication on Lyoko in episode 65 “Final Round” and remained under XANA's control. For this reason, when XANA devirtualises him, he's back on Earth with the same properties as a xanafied person and with the same goal: kidnap Aelita (episode 66 “William Returns”) or destroy the Supercomputer (episode 81 “A Lack of Goodwill”). Also, the first time, the fallen Lyoko Warrior managed to pass himself off as an ally, freed from XANA's grip.
    However, we note that this xanafication left him with rather human behaviour. He's more talkative than when he was xanafied the conventional way in the penultimate episode.

  11. Clones
  12. Image

    "Who's that guy over there? A stunt double or a clone?"

    #68 Opening Act

    In my opinion, the most advanced form of XANA's attacks, clones, are a permanent danger for the heroes, because they are invisible dangers and heralds of misfortune.

    Born from scanners or electrical sockets, clones are visually exact replicas of people living in reality, chosen at random. Most of the time, clones will have the appearance of a person in the group so that XANA can act directly from within its gang of enemies and weaken their bond of friendship.

    Spreading discord is the supreme art practised by clones. To do this, they often toy with the heroes' feelings of love. Imagine Ulrich's face when he sees Yumi about to kiss Jeremy! Imagine his expression when he sees Aelita kiss Nicolas! Ulrich kissing Sissi, unfortunately we'll get used to that in the end!
    After its increase in intelligence and the growth of the Supercomputer's power, XANA can even create polymorphic clones, able to take the appearance of not just one person, but several.

    When spreading deceit, the clone must not run into the person whose appearance it takes. To ensure this, it either gets rid of them first, or constantly changes appearance and location. In episode 7 “Image Problem”, XANA holds Yumi prisoner in a Guardian on Lyoko, while her clone acts up on Earth. Even when we find ourselves in the presence of the clone and the person it's copying, it's hard to guess which is which.
    One way perhaps? See which of the two calls Odd a peabrain (episode 43 “XANA's Kiss”)!

    Of course, just affecting the group's cohesion would be very childish, a junior high school reaction from XANA...worthy of Sissi... It has another objective!
    Once the members of the group are scattered, clones will often intend to send Aelita to the Scyphozoa so it can steal her memory or place her under XANA's control (a small tear in memory of the Mountain Sector)!
    If the mission is accomplished, they shall return to basic objectives: kill a group member by force.
    Yumi's clone in episode 7 “Image Problem” is tasked with destroying Jeremy's computing apparatus and unplugging the scanner so that if a Lyoko Warrior is devirtualised, they won't be rematerialised.
    For the polymorphic clone in episode 51 “Revelation”, its first goal is to get rid of Odd, then take his place on Lyoko to disrupt the heroes' plans. This will lead to a confrontation between Ulrich and XANA-Ulrich, which still remains a legendary fight in the series.

    We note that the first clones were only poor replicas. On a physical level, there was nothing wrong, but mentally, there was much imperfection.
    Repetitive growls, a permanent scowl, very aggressive language, it seems like a whole other Yumi!

    As XANA gains intelligence, clones appear closer to their original models. The one from episode 43 “XANA's Kiss” behaves almost exactly like Jeremy, but betrays itself by kissing Aelita too quickly. However the one from episode 49 “Franz Hopper” embodies Hopper to perfection, showing warmth, reassuring the heroes. It seems like a real human being.
    As time passes, the heroes are imitated with gusto. Clones are at their quasi-copy peak!
    The false Jeremy from episode 64 “Double Trouble” is a wonderful example. Even though we sense its impatience in wanting to complete the goals XANA has set for it, it behaves like the genius. Even Yumi and Aelita were mistaken about its identity when they passed it in the laboratory, trusting it blindly, believing that it was the real Jeremy. “Female intuition”, so they say.

    However, the mask falls when the clones are unmasked and all their anger falls on those who stand in their way. The eye of XANA begins to pulsate strongly in their pupils (like with xanafied people) and they unleash their formidable powers, characteristic of XANA: Herculean strength, the ability to throw lightning, unlimited stamina.
    They aren't as good as xanafied people when it comes to resisting hits, but are indestructible as long as the tower generating shines with a red halo.

    Once on Lyoko, they turn into any of the Lyoko Warriors and even obtain their abilities. They can be destroyed using conventional attacks.

    A different category of clone is the ones originally created by Jeremy to cover up the absence of a student at Kadic Academy (either him or William). Nevertheless, by attacking the green-haloed tower Jeremy is using to materialise them, XANA can take control and use them like classic clones (episodes 67 “Double Take” and 69 “Wreck Room”). Aelita must then deactivate the tower Jeremy had activated in order to get it back from XANA's clutches.

  13. Harassment
  14. ImageImage
    "Jeremy, the tower is still activated!"

    "Uh-oh, bad news... Maybe this time XANA really is attacking!"

    #45 Cold War

    Although this isn't a form of attack in itself, XANA sometimes harasses our poor heroes. This can come in many forms. For example, XANA will launch constant attacks to drain our heroes' morale like in episode 22 “Routine”, also draining their vigilance at the same time. Night-time attacks, such as in episode 6 “Cruel Dilemma”, don't much delight our heroes either.
    It's also because of too many constant XANA attacks that the heroes are drawn to recruiting a new Lyoko Warrior in episode 64 “Double Take”.

    Another of its tactics is to activate a tower so that the heroes will rush off to Lyoko, and then deactivate it without a fight. The heroes will rematerialise and again a tower activates, before deactivating again. Unable to go back in, the heroes go about their business and separate, which is the moment XANA has been waiting for: the time to attack once more, for real this time! This technique is used in episode 45 “Cold War”.

    The appearance of this insidious technique is further evidence of XANA's increasing intelligence!

    Another form of harassment is mental torture. In episode 46 “Déjà Vu”, we assume that XANA generates hallucinations and nightmares in Aelita's mind to make her want to look for answers on Lyoko.
    In episode 82 “Distant Memory”, XANA sends a fake message to Aelita, signed by Franz Hopper, asking her to virtualise onto Lyoko. The young orphan is obviously too excited to hesitate and risk not seeing her beloved father...and hurries straight into the trap.

  15. The Invincible Armada
  16. Image

    "Jeremy, there are dozens of robots in here! All lined up like an army waiting for orders."

    #93 Down to Earth

    As mentioned above, XANA sometimes uses assembly lines to create machines to do its bidding. This is the method it will immediately use once it has fled into the network in order to raise an army and accomplish its main objective: enslave humanity.
    This attack was commenced when XANA left Lyoko, to take possession of other supercomputers. Using the energy that generated Replikas, it took control of assembly lines around the world and used them to create fighting machines on the supercomputer sites.
    The heroes first brushed with this threat without actually understanding what they were. In an Amazonian base, they found a bunch of xanafied scientists designing metal spiders capable of attacking a human with their metal legs (episodes 78 “Lab Rat” and 79 “Bragging Rights”). In Russia, biomechanical robots able to fire lasers were mass-produced (episode 93 “Down to Earth”), while on a space station, spiked spheres were at XANA's service (episode 87 “A Space Oddity”). At an American base in New Mexico, it printed circuits for the whole armada using assembly lines.
    There were hundreds of sites around the world being used by XANA to create thousands of robots. If the heroes hadn't killed their enemy, XANA wouldn't have asked for an invitation before unleashing this monstrous army on the world, and would have enslaved mankind.

    Note that XANA was able to set its troops on the Teleported Lyoko Warriors to protect supercomputers. And for once, the odds were pretty even and the Lyoko Warriors were only de-Teleported because they crumbled under the army's sheer numbers.

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