Léonie Berthonnaud
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Identity: Léonie Berthonnaud

Date of birth: 27 December

Role: Aelita Schaeffer

Diploma for first and second cycles at the Cognac academy

Previous roles: None known.
Theatre in Germany.

Anecdotes: Léonie spent a year in Ghana following the shooting of Code Lyoko Evolution to discover the African culture.

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Léonie's message to the fans following her absence at the advance-premiere:
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  • Casting revelation video:
    Featuring Léonie Berthonnaud as Aelita:
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    [Press and files]
    [07 April 2011]
    An article in the press about Léonie
    By Charente-Libre
    [December 2012]
    An interview with Léonie
    By Charente-Libre
    [January 2013]
    Léonie's answers to questions from the fans
    Via the France 4 forum
    [Personal photos]
    Photo of Léonie for the fans
    Valentine's Day 2013

    Photo Gallery of Léonie Berthonnaud
    Gallery of Léonie in Code Lyoko Evolution

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