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Marin Lafitte


Identity: Marin Lafitte

Date of birth: 15 June

Role: Jeremy Belpois

Since 2009, "Les enfants de la comédie" ("The Children of Acting") (the school of performance in Boulogne run by Karin Catala)

Previous roles:
Made his first main debut in Code Lyoko Evolution
-Shows/performances for children
-Secondary role in "Fais pas ci, fais pas ça" ("Don't do this, don't do that") season 3 and in E=M6

Anecdotes: Marin's birthday was used as the code for the keypad in the abandoned factory in Code Lyoko Evolution: 1506

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Casting revelation video:
Featuring Marin Lafitte as Jeremy
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    [Press and files]
    [January 2013]
    Marin's answers to questions from the fans
    Via the France 4 forum
    [May 2013]
    Interview with Marin Lafitte
    [Personal photos]
    Photo of Marin for the fans
    Valentine's Day 2013
    Photo of Marin for Pauline's birthday
    21 June 2013

    Photo Gallery of Marin Lafitte
    Gallery of Marin in Code Lyoko Evolution

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    Gallery of Marin (outside of episodes)

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    Marin's Twitter Feed
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