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Pauline Serieys

Identity: Pauline Serieys

Date of birth: 21 June 1997

Role: Laura Gauthier

Practices the piano and dance

Previous roles:
"Je ne suis pas une princesse" ("I am not a Princess") by E. Ionesco (2010)
"Mes amis, mes amours" ("My Friends, My Loves") by L. Levy (2007)
"Palais royal" ("Royal Palace") by V. Lemercier (2005)

"Le miroir à deux faces" ("The Mirror Has Two Faces") by C.-M. Rome
"Adresse inconnue" ("Unknown Address") by A. Wermus
"Père et maire" ("Father and Mayor") (Season 1 - Episode 9: Ah la famille "Ah, family") by Heylbroeck

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Video promo: "Mais qui est Laura ?" ("Who is Laura?")
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    [January 2013]
    Pauline's answers to the questions of the fans
    Via the France 4 forum

    Photo Gallery of Pauline Serieys
    Gallery of Pauline in Code Lyoko Evolution

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    Gallery of Pauline (outside episodes, and in her other roles)

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