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Quentin Merabet


Identity: Quentin Merabet

Date of birth: 9 July 1991

Role: Ulrich Stern

1999-2004: Theatre and singing with Gwenaël Desbois (Brittany) -
2009: Workshop with Bernardo Montet

Previous roles:
2009: "La lisière" ("The Border") by Géraldine Bajard
Selection <<Cinéaste du Présent>> ("Modern Director") Locarno Festival 2010; Selection <<Voilà !>> ("Voila!") Hamburg Filmfest 2010; Selection <<Oficial Accion>> ("Official Action") Mostra de Valencia 2010
2010: "Casa Nostra" by Nathan Nicholovitch
Selection ACID Cannes Festival 2012
2013: "Turf" by Fabien Onteniente

Short Films
2010: "Les inséparables" (The Inseparable) by Fabrice Bracq
2010: "On fait quoi ce soir ?" ("What're we doing tonight?") by Stéphane Rives
2014: "60 secondes" (60 Seconds") by Jean-Claude TRAN

2011: "Inquisitio" by Nicolas Cuche
2014: "Famille d'accueil" Season 9 Episode 12

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Casting revelation video:
Featuring Quentin Merabet as Ulrich
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  • Live commentary of episode 9:
    With Mélanie and Gulliver
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  • Twitcam from 23 December 2012:
    With his sister, Morgiane
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  • Twitcam from 27 December 2012:
    With Mélanie Tran
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  • Twitcam from 06 February 2013:
    With Mélanie Tran
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  • Twitcam from 28 March 2013:
    With Morgiane and Mélanie
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  • Message to the fans of
    For reaching 5 million visitors
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  • Japan Expo 2013 : Fan-event
    Quentin&Mélanie meeting the fans
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  • Short film : "60 secondes"
    With Mélanie and Jean-Claude Tran
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    [Press and files]
    [07 July 2013]
    Report on the Japan Expo 2013
    With photo-shoot and dedication from Quentin and Mélanie for the fans
    [14 August 2013]
    News about Quentin & Mélanie's holidays
    [Octobre 2013]
    Answers to hungarian fans' questions
    On Megamax's Facebook
    [Personal photos]
    Photo of Mélanie Tran & Quentin Merabet for the fans
    Valentine's Day 2013
    Photo of Quentin for Mélanie's birthday
    15 May 2013
    Congratulations Queen of Fairys
    Congratulations Nelbsia
    Congratulations Bassoonist From hell
    Congratulations Nelbsia

    Photo Gallery of Quentin Merabet
    Gallery of Quentin in Code Lyoko Evolution

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    Gallery of Quentin (outside episodes)

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    quentin alternative 927quentin alternative 928quentin alternative 929

    Gallery of Quentin in Inquisitio

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    quentin inquisitio 031quentin inquisitio 032quentin inquisitio 033quentin inquisitio 034quentin inquisitio 035quentin inquisitio 036
    quentin inquisitio 037quentin inquisitio 038quentin inquisitio 039quentin inquisitio 040quentin inquisitio 041quentin inquisitio 042
    quentin inquisitio 043quentin inquisitio 044quentin inquisitio 045quentin inquisitio 046quentin inquisitio 047quentin inquisitio 048
    quentin inquisitio 049quentin inquisitio 050quentin inquisitio 051quentin inquisitio 052quentin inquisitio 053quentin inquisitio 054
    quentin inquisitio 055quentin inquisitio 056quentin inquisitio 057quentin inquisitio 058quentin inquisitio 059quentin inquisitio 060
    quentin inquisitio 061quentin inquisitio 062quentin inquisitio 063quentin inquisitio 064quentin inquisitio 065quentin inquisitio 066
    quentin inquisitio 067quentin inquisitio 068quentin inquisitio 069quentin inquisitio 070quentin inquisitio 071quentin inquisitio 072
    quentin inquisitio 073quentin inquisitio 074quentin inquisitio 075quentin inquisitio 076quentin inquisitio 077quentin inquisitio 078
    quentin inquisitio 079quentin inquisitio 080quentin inquisitio 081quentin inquisitio 082quentin inquisitio 083quentin inquisitio 084
    quentin inquisitio 085quentin inquisitio 086quentin inquisitio 087quentin inquisitio 088quentin inquisitio 089quentin inquisitio 090
    quentin inquisitio 091quentin inquisitio 092quentin inquisitio 093quentin inquisitio 094quentin inquisitio 095quentin inquisitio 096
    quentin inquisitio 097quentin inquisitio 098quentin inquisitio 099quentin inquisitio 100quentin inquisitio 101quentin inquisitio 102
    quentin inquisitio 103quentin inquisitio 104quentin inquisitio 105quentin inquisitio 106quentin inquisitio 107quentin inquisitio 108
    quentin inquisitio 109quentin inquisitio 110quentin inquisitio 111quentin inquisitio 112quentin inquisitio 113quentin inquisitio 114
    quentin inquisitio 115quentin inquisitio 116quentin inquisitio 117quentin inquisitio 118quentin inquisitio 119quentin inquisitio 120
    quentin inquisitio 121quentin inquisitio 122quentin inquisitio 123quentin inquisitio 124quentin inquisitio 125quentin inquisitio 126
    quentin inquisitio 127quentin inquisitio 128quentin inquisitio 129quentin inquisitio 130quentin inquisitio 131quentin inquisitio 132
    quentin inquisitio 133quentin inquisitio 134quentin inquisitio 135quentin inquisitio 136quentin inquisitio 137quentin inquisitio 138
    quentin inquisitio 139quentin inquisitio 140quentin inquisitio 141quentin inquisitio 142quentin inquisitio 143quentin inquisitio 144
    quentin inquisitio 145quentin inquisitio 146quentin inquisitio 147quentin inquisitio 148quentin inquisitio 149quentin inquisitio 150
    quentin inquisitio 151quentin inquisitio 152quentin inquisitio 153quentin inquisitio 154quentin inquisitio 155quentin inquisitio 156
    quentin inquisitio 157quentin inquisitio 158quentin inquisitio 159quentin inquisitio 160quentin inquisitio 161quentin inquisitio 162
    quentin inquisitio 163quentin inquisitio 164quentin inquisitio 165

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