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 What follows reveals key moments in the plot. Its reading is absolutely not necessary to start the series from the beginning (the prologue and the first season).
The following content is revealed episode by episode within the series.

Note: The chronology of the backstory is rather vague as it is revealed in the series in the form of flashbacks, revisited by Aelita and some are probably distorted by the imagination of the young girl. So this page contains certain assumptions and/or approximations.

Code Lyoko is the story of five teenagers ... But at the source, there is another story. The one of a man and his family.


In the 70's, Waldo Franz Schaeffer, a talented genius scientist, becomes involved in a government affair to develop a project known as Code Project Carthage, which began in 1974.
Waldo is a humanist who loves the arts, such as music, physics and computer science, and especially the family that he'll have: His wife Anthea Hopper and their daughter they named Aelita.
Waldo's feelings of disillusion were great, however, when he discovered that Project Carthage, far from being made to serve humanity, is a program for military guidance to cut and intercept enemy communications. When he learns this, Waldo is filled with rage and leaves his position.
As government affairs cannot simply be abandoned, Waldo is forced to flee. It was during these years on the run that he meets Anthea with whom he has his daughter in the early 80's. It seems they are first settled in a mountain cottage, secluded from the world and celebrating Christmas together. It was at this time that five year-old Aelita seems to have had a mishap with a wolf that left a mark on her life.


Unfortunately, the worst experience came to happen. The men in black tracked down the fugitive couple. It was at this time Anthea was torn away from Waldo and their daughter. It is unknown if she is still alive.


It seems that later, Waldo came back to live in the Paris suburbs in a house called the Hermitage. He changed his identity, taking his middle name and the maiden name of his wife for his new identity, becoming Franz Hopper, father of Aelita Hopper, a simple science teacher... at Kadic Academy.


However, the mere science teacher was hiding some rather great illegal activities. Investing in underground rooms in an abandoned factory, Franz created a computer complex containing a Supercomputer: A high-powered computer that allowed the impossible.
Franz then began two projects.
The first is called XANA. A multi-agent program with the ability to grow in power over time. An exponential and endless potential. Franz creates this program for one very specific purpose: to destroy Carthage. More precisely, the Carthage project, so that the very dangerous military program is no longer.
XANA emerges. It is not known if he successfully carried out the mission. We simply know that Franz Hopper suddenly ran out of time.

His enemies, the same who took his wife, were on his trail. His life was in danger.
He then created the second project, also colossal: A virtual universe run by the supercomputer. He linked his universe to the real world via the scanners with the ability to convert the entire data of a body and memory of an individual through a scan. From there, the genius created a method to transfer someone from the real world into the virtual world or vice versa: virtualization and materialization.
All that remained was to name the new world: Lyoko (from Japanese ryoko: travel).


Yet time was still ticking for Franz Hopper. However, a lucky discovery of a surprising property of the Supercomputer gave him the time he lacked: the Return to the Past.
Through this high-powered process, Franz could go back in time while retaining the memory and the data stored in the computer. The genius could therefore work in peace... or almost...

After thousands of returns to the past and as the mental health of the scientist deteriorated, the demons of the past caught up with him and cars driven by men of the State came to his house one day in 1994.

Cornered, Franz took care to hide the discs containing his journal in a station locker and the key of this locker in a hidden place in the wall of his daughter's bedroom.

Leaving his home and his life behind, Franz led Aelita through a secret passage which led to his laboratory through the sewers. He prepared the scanners having decided to take his daughter to the only place where they would be safe: Lyoko.


Once they arrived on the virtual world, fate would play a new twist to Franz.
XANA, the multi-agent program designed to destroy Carthage had evolved a conscience and an almost human intelligence. Its primary instinct was to break free of its chains and go after its master. It attacked Franz to emancipate itself.
Hiding his daughter in a safe place, Franz tried to negotiate with his creation, to convince it to live in harmony with them. Unfortunately, he failed. Unable to contain the evil he had caused, Franz realized how his invention threatened humanity. Opting for the only solution he had to stop the program, he cut off power to the supercomputer from the inside out trapping XANA in an eternal slumber along with himself and his daughter, Aelita. Unless the unlikely were to happen and someone would turn the supercomputer back on...