10 years later... Scripts vs Episodes seasons 1-4!
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Hello everyone!

Some Code Lyoko news! What an emotional sequence...

Today, the site team is mostly busy managing the inescapable passage of the end of study, going out and looking for their first job and a happy future. But that doesn't stop us from continuing to keep an ear out for series news, content and community.

Like all good artists, we're therefore looking to fill a few remaining gaps on CodeLyoko.Fr. No, we're not going to create a v6 and no, we're not going to move the site to HTTPS or rework the forum.

However, we're tirelessly working to fix the rare gaps in our content… And the people who know the site well enough may be able to see what we're getting at here. (If not, you might just need to read the title of this news post…)

After some long investigations, a large campaign of correspondence with different people and a little boost from a certain Bérik, we have finally managed to get our hands on the scripts for season 4 of Code Lyoko.

As a bit of history, the scripts for the episodes from seasons 1 to 3 were sent to us by Sophie Decroisette each time an episode came out. Suddenly, at the start of season 4, Moonscoop decided that it had to stop: it was obvious that some fans preferred to read the episode script instead of watching the episode on TV or buying the DVD… May they rest in peace. So, we had to cut our losses with season 4.

As for Evolution's scripts, we slyly made off with them thanks to our connections with certain members of the film crew and actors.

Today, 10 years after the end of season 4 (10 November 2007), we have managed to acquire these highly prized production documents. Although, unfortunately, our contact was able to send us all the scripts except for a single episode. So the only one we're now missing is the script of episode 91 "Bad Connection". If somebody ever finds it at an auction…

In conclusion of all this chatter (Did I lose you?)
The scripts can be downloaded through the Episode Guide or the Conceptual Documents page. (If you look at the Conceptual Documents page, you can also see another project I'm working on, just beneath the scripts! - Queen)

But that's not all…
Because we do our jobs well, we have waited several months before releasing the scripts, and we - notably Dude Dudu - have taken the time to update our huge, gargantuan and world-exclusive file, "Scripts to episodes comparison".

This file is a must-read for all fans of the series, showing the most remarkable changes between the paper version of the episode (writer's scripts) and the result shown on TV (after it's gone through the production pipeline). It has a homepage with a top 10, and then several pages going over each episode to compare the changes that occurred to each one.

After our update, the
 top 10 became a top 12 most notable changes, adding what are, in our opinion, the two most interesting changes of season 4.
The list of Jim's jobs mentioned only in the scripts also gains an additional entry.
And obviously, two pages listing all the modifications in season 4 have appeared in the file:
 [Page 1 - Ep. 66 to 80] [Page 2 - Ep. 81 to 95]

And yes, it's all in English! Seasons 1 to 4 (but not Evolution) of the Scripts vs Episodes file have all been translated and you can now read them at your leisure.

Have a nice read!

Thanks to Queen and Nelbsia for the two illustrations for the top 12, and for continuing to answer our call even 10 years later…
Finally, Immu and the rest of the team will continue to "celebrate" the 10 years since the end of the series with a few other small news articles throughout the month of November, so keep checking back to!