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The Findings of Dude Dudu - 2022 Edition
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Hello everyone,

Summer is here, almost all the borders are open again, and it's time to go out and explore! Or rather, take some time to read this news (or write it, depending on your point of view...).

Let's start by finishing our series on the Altaya magazines. For those who are new to this (as was mentioned on the hermitagefindings Instagram account while we were covering the Canadian DVDs), before the DVD box sets came out in France, the first episodes of Code Lyoko were released on DVD and VHS (yes, VHS) in groups of 4 episodes. Unfortunately, due to low sales, publishing stopped after 2 volumes.
After that, in 2007 Altaya did a limited test run of a DVD collection with 3 episodes per disc, starting with season 1 and including a magazine full of all sorts of articles to do with the series (interviews, storyboards, bonus material, etc.). The client (Moonscoop) came to the publishing house (Altaya) and ordered 4 test issues. If they sold well and the client was satisfied, they would extend the contract to more seasons.
Unfortunately (again), the collection couldn't find its audience and these magazines were only ever released in a select few cities rather than nationwide, so after the 4th issue was published, the (rare) people buying them realised it would be the last.
And it's this 4th issue we present to you today: a high quality PDF that contains (in French):
- A summary of each episode, storyboards from the episodes "End of Take," "Satellite" and "The Girl of the Dreams"
- Articles on Aelita, Kankrelats and communication between the heroes
- An article on mobile phones
- An article on new animation studios
- Three new "Rumours" articles: "Humour or bad faith?," "Mobile phones are essential..." and "A starlet at all costs"
- A new games page (spot the difference, a riddle and a pattern puzzle)

And there you have it, that's all for the magazine collection that had remained a mystery for so long (because it was impossible to find) for most fans. But before we finish, here's a bonus. At the end of each issue, these sorts of magazines usually give a preview of the next issue (to incentivise the buyer). Except, as we've already said...only 4 issues were ordered. So, how are we going to create a fifth cover with a summary of content that will probably never exist...? Well it's simple, we fake it! Yeah! We take a DVD cover, we cleverly place it over the summary on the magazine cover, and we work the magic...

Yes it's true, do you doubt us? Well look what happens when we extract the preview of issue 5 from the PDF!

Oh! Isn't that a copy-paste of the summary from issue 1? :o

New article! On a new video game! Yeah yeah, I can already hear you saying, "As if, that's not possible. You've already redesigned the pages for the 2 DS games, and the Wii game...there were no other video games produced for the licence!" You'd think that, wouldn't you? Today we're talking about a little-known game released in Spain in 2011. Well it's more like a handheld console. And we're simply going to call it the "Code Lyoko sprite game console" ...a pretty clickbaity name perhaps...and you'd be right.

This console is rarely mentioned when the brand makes a list of official merchandise. (Although, considering how rare it is today...) To put it simply, it's a pretty..."bottom of the range" console, with very basic games that have nothing to do with Code Lyoko (racing, tennis, puzzles...). Plus, there are a bunch of extra games that have nothing to do with Code Lyoko BUT had Lyoko Warrior sprites added in, and that's where the magic goes from being a basic console to a basic Code Lyoko console.

With a massive amount of help from KaruzoHikari who already did a recap of this on Reddit a few years ago, here's a brand new file taking an in-depth look at this console inside and out.

Now you lucky ducks, there's a huge update to the 2D backgrounds section now waiting for you. And there's something for everyone with 50 new background images (with more than 30 new ones!). Something to note is that all the backgrounds on the site (old and new) are in their natural, organic form! They haven't been upscaled or altered using a filter. We need to mention this because now that upscaling software has been greatly optimised and made easily accessible to the public, you may be led to doubt that what you're seeing is the real deal.

We begin with a little tour of Kadic - after waking up in the dorm rooms for Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich or even William, it'll be time for class. Be careful not to spend too much time in the boiler room, quad or park, otherwise you'll need to take a walk to the administration building.


After that, what could be better than wandering over to the Hermitage for a nice movie night with friends, and a nice walk in the city?


Ah, it seems an artificial intelligence would disagree with that idea, so it's time to head to the factory, come wind, rain or snow! (Special mention to the snow-covered backgrounds and the ruined scanners that only appeared once in the series.)


Virtualisation, teleportation. Let's finish this tour on the four corners of the world.


With that update, there are 180 unique backgrounds available on our site (at least...for now)!

As well as the magazines mentioned above, another section has been finished today: the series comics published in Code Lyoko 2.0 magazine. We've already updated our site with the comics from the first two issues, along with a behind-the-scenes look at all the necessary steps for creating these comics. Today, we continue with the publication of the last two comics: "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Yumi, Subdigital Fangirl" as well as some bonus material. (Small aside to also thank A_QueenOfFairys who did the English translation for these comics, as well as many other pages on the site.)

And we'll finish this long news post with the addition of a new album - not stickers this time but trading cards. E-Max, the company that published a few sticker albums in Spain, didn't stop there and continued to take advantage of the profitability of the Code Lyoko brand. After much brainstorming, they took 100 renders, made up a set of very...simple game rules, and...what more is there to say? Aside from how this collection has been added to the "Trading Card Game" page. This ought to jog the memory of the most avid collectors of Spanish merch!

Also, we spotted a few times the little alchemists fused two or more renders together...
Look at this William card for example! I'll leave you to find the 2 original renders!

And there you have it, that's all for this year. As a reminder, the HermitageFindings Instagram account is still regularly publishing information on merchandise from the series. Feel free to take a look to find a few goodies not yet published on the site (they'll come eventually! Just as soon as we...create and update the appropriate pages...).

And that's all for this news, we hope you have a good summer and we'll see you soon for more!

Findings of Dude Dudu - 2021 Edition
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Hello everyone,

A year after the last findings, there are yet more updates in store for you this summer: renders, images and sumptuous documents, all on the site you may have been following now for over 17 years!

A new issue of the DVD magazine collection released in 2007. In order to create a French national publication available in newagencies and bookstores, the client (Moonscoop) began by signing an initial contract with the publisher for 4 issues as a test release in a random selection of stores. If the test was successful, a new contract would be signed for the complete collection to be released nation-wide. Although the Code Lyoko collection never got past the test release, they still published the first 4 issues, the 3rd of which you'll find here:

In it you'll find (in French):
- A detailed summary of each episode with storyboards from the episodes "Big Bug," "Cruel Dilemma" and "Image Problem"
- Information on Yumi, Kadic Academy, virtualisation and devirtualisation
- An article on computer bugs
- An article on modelling the characters in 3D
- An interview with Jean Marc Guillemoy (director at Antefilms) and Renato (artistic director at Antefilms)
- Three new "rumours" segments called "Declaration of love," "Grudge" and "Jealousy?"
- A new games page (an image problem, a riddle and a logical sequence)

As well as the leaflets here:


Would you care for an abundance of storyboards? Well here you go! There are some from the prequel, the early seasons and the later seasons. There's something for everyone with more than 30 pages of storyboards added to the eponymous category, as you'll find here. All you have to do is click on good old Jim:

Well, you know we love renders here. As soon as we added them to the site, as if by magic they began popping up in YouTube thumbnails with titles such as "► The secret of this season 4 episode finally revealed Surpris (watch your eyes)"
So here are 10 new renders to add to the family of over 250, and as usual, we have everything: extra large images, characters, monsters, (Code Lyoko Evolution...) and even an ultra rare, overpowered, random and superlative pose - a season 4 Odd often used in group pictures (like on the cover of Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity) but usually just his top half. Here he is today, looking his absolute best, one of 10 renders found by Dude Dudu! (Thanks to Queen and Aelita Di Agostino for their help!)


In 2019, the section for the DS game Fall of X.A.N.A. was remodelled, along with the release of new material such as unused scripts taken from the internal game code. In 2020, the game Quest for Infinity also had its section updated, adding among other things, the 2D poses and models for each monster. This year, as you can probably guess, the 1st DS game is up to bat. With a page listing all the music in the game (a total of 34 tracks, as opposed to the mere 15 previously available in our Media section), facelifts for the monsters and Lyoko Warriors pages, and the addition of sprites, backgrounds and maps from the game: this encyclopaedic site has just gained a new cornerstone.

(Now that the 3 main games have been completed, which video game will the next Findings focus on...? You have 4, have 1 year)

And finally, we finish with a little behind-the-scenes look at comics 2 and 3, which appeared in the Code Lyoko 2.0 magazine issue 2, illustrated by Ullcer. Through his sketches, you can follow the creation of these 2 comics, from the first sketches to the final touches, our comics page will continue to bring you new bonus content.

That's all for today. We'll see you soon for new adventures!

Findings of Dude Dudu - 2020 Edition
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Hi everyone,

During these extreme temperatures we're experiencing, a little dose of Dudu's findings should rekindle your spirits! On today's menu: reading material, viewing material, animation and overhauls. Let's go!

2nd issue of the cancelled French DVD collection. In case you forgot, this collection had a test run in which it was released in a small number of shops in 2007. It didn't get enough sales at the time, so the copies that were sold are impossible to find nowadays (if you want proof, we only managed to get our hands on them 13 years after they were published :p). For more information on the collection, click here!

In this second issue, you'll find:
- A detailed summary of each episode with images, some original storyboard drawings from the episodes "Le voir pour le croire" and "Vacances dans la brume"
- Information on XANA, Lyoko and the return to the past
- An article on computer programs
- An article on the concept of storyboards
- A "rumours" section that looks at Sissi blackmailing Ulrich, Yumi and Ulrich's relationship and Nicolas's thoughts about the group
- A games page (spot the difference, a riddle and a sudoku)

Plus the leaflet below:

14 new renders to add to the family and there's something for everyone: 2D, 3D, main or secondary characters, monsters, or even vehicles. Some were already in the gallery but have been replaced with a higher quality version (with resolutions of over 4000x5000 pixels!), others are brand new to our collection. And of course, Code Lyoko ™ © MoonScoop/ France 3 / Canal J – 2006. All rights reserved.


There have also been a lot of changes to the Wii game page. It's clear to see the difference on the Characters page, but we've also added some scripts for the game dialogue (in French). The Monsters page has also gotten a facelift and now features the monsters' 3D models. Now you can see all the little details and differences between each monster in an effort to create alternate versions of each one in the game. You can also find all the poses for the Lyoko Warriors and secondary characters on the Characters page, which was also updated.

William is so excited to see you on this page that he's in a...some sort of...pose... Anyway if I were you, I'd click on this image:

Finally, to finish this installment, a callback to the time between seasons 3 and 4 when there was a bi-monthly (at best...) Code Lyoko magazine being released in France, entitled "Code Lyoko 2.0". For the magazine's 3 issues, there were a total of 5 original comics illustrated by Ullcer.

Today we can show you a bit of the making of these comics, step by step. From the initial sketches to pencils, inks and colour, start by checking out all the steps in creating the first comic "Shaken" on our comics page. Here's a small taste of what you'll find there:

A huge thanks to Ullcer for providing us with all these production documents!

See you soon for more news on!

The findings of Dude Dudu - 2019 Edition - Part 1
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Hello everyone,

It's already been three years since the last findings of Dude Dudu were published. Three years of absence that have allowed us (through websites/portfolios that have disappeared, buying dubious merchandise on foreign websites or getting in contact with people who worked on the series in some capacity) to gather a small packet of findings along the lines of "You want it? You got it" (Warning, excessive usage of outmoded expressions is dangerous for your mental health).
And as of today, for your great (dis)pleasure (choose the most applicable term) you can find a first round of findings right here on the site, and it's gonna be big.

Today we'll start with merchandise, and not just any merchandise: the video games. In particular, the second release for Nintendo DS: Fall of X.A.N.A.
The page has recently undergone a nice facelift, starting with the characters page. All the sprites have been added, including some findings: sprites that were never used, ranging from different facial expressions for each character, to William's 360° sprite which you can find in the Monsters section, which is another page that has been updated to look much, much nicer.
Finally, to wrap things up with this game, the music has been reuploaded in a much better quality than was previously available.

To discover or rediscover the new stuff in this file, follow the Lyoko Warriors!

Here's a new category that was recently polished with dozens of new bits of information: the DVD category! A few years ago this category was reworked to present the covers and menus of the different editions of the French DVDs, as well as most of the English DVDs and some Spanish promotional DVDs. Today, this category is updated once again to include the Italian DVDs, more information on the Spanish ones (thank you Beric) and finally, cherry on the cake, the Canadian DVDs! Oh yes, they published a brand new edition with new menus and covers for them. At the time, you could even own all of season 1 of Code Lyoko on DVD before it had been released in France!

The English DVDs page has also been updated with scans of all but one of the DVDs (we'll get you someday, season 1 Amazon release...) as well as DVD menus. Thanks to semie78 for providing scans and menus of the Funimation DVDs.

To access the page, follow the holographic card!

Big news! One of the elements that was never able to get its hands on has finally been found and can be published on our site: the collection of DVDs and booklets published by Altaya in some parts of France, a series that was prematurely interrupted due to lack of success. As well as allowing lyokofans to discover all the episodes of season 1 on DVD for the first time (even before the complete season was released as a disc set), this collection also provided booklets alongside each DVD, containing loads of new information like exclusive interviews or never-before-seen storyboards.

Today, I offer you a PDF of the first issue of this collection. Of course, the page concerning this DVD collection has also been updated on the site.

In this first booklet, you'll find (in French):
- A detailed summary of each episode with images and some original storyboard drawings from the prequel episodes.
- Information on the factory, the concept of towers, Jeremy Belpois.
- An article on supercomputers.
- An article on the creation of Code Lyoko in terms of story writing.
- An interview with Sophie Decroisette.
- A "rumours" section looking at some emblematic elements of the cartoon, like Sissi's obsession with her appearance, Odd and Ulrich's friendship, and Jeremy and Aelita's love for each other.
- A colour-in page.
- Two riddles.

And even if you can't read French, there are plenty of interesting pictures to look at!

[The official collection: Booklet 1]

As well as the leaflets below:

Stay tuned, the next issues are still to come ;)

A Code Lyoko Evolution that we kept at hand (thanks Beric) surfaces again today. It's a promotional video completely dubbed in English (the same dub they used in the first video as well as in the episode they aired on certain channels (Rivalry, which was also shown to the focus group in France)). The video includes sections that have never been seen in English before.

And finally, to finish this update, the famous Renders section welcomes a total of 20 little new additions (well...not that little). Monsters, 2D renders and 3D renders, some of which are over 4000 pixels in height or width! But first, let's remember the copyright notice that goes with them: Code Lyoko ™ © MoonScoop/ France 3 / Canal J – 2006. All rights reserved.
Along with these, Aelita di Agostino, who you'll know for her AMVs, has provided us with new renders that were cut out of different scans or images:
And finally, thanks also to Queen, who you'll know for the huge amount of work she's done on the site, for these renders below:

And just an additional note from the translator, a couple of translation updates on the site:
- First, the Graphic Bible has now been translated into English. The page scans haven't been touched and are still in French, but you'll find an English translation of the text just under the image gallery on the Graphic Bible page.
- Also, the translations of the official comics were in need of an update, so they've been redone with better editing and lettering and more coherent English translations. Due to technical difficulties we haven't yet been able to update the episode gallery pages with the new translations, but you can find all of the new pages in the ZIP download on the comics page.

And there you have it! That's all for today! Stay tuned for more findings very soon!

ReBoot VS Code Lyoko: the file
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Hi everyone!

This summer, what could be more entertaining than diving back into your favourite TV series? Well...almost... If you were reading the site news last year, you may remember a post referencing a new live action series with a synopsis that's pretty close to our beloved series: ReBoot: The Guardian Code.
More than a year has passed since this series came out on streaming platform Netflix and today, to celebrate 15 years of, Icer, Ikorih and myself, with the help of Immu, have concocted a little file comparing the various similarities and differences between the ReBoot series and Code Lyoko.

You can find this file online in the appropriate section, or just below.

As for us, we wish you a good read and we'll see you again soon for new updates about the series right here on our site!

Have a nice day on!

A new file: French vs English
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Hi everyone,

It's widely known that when a piece of media is translated into another language, there can often be pretty big changes. Have you ever wondered just how accurate the English dub of Code Lyoko is to the original French source material? Well now your questions have been answered in this new file exclusive to French vs English!

In this massive file, discover all the differences between the French and the English versions of the episodes, from jokes that didn't translate well to differences in phrasing and the occasional translation mistake.

Enjoy and have a nice day on!

A new fanproject: RTTP Podcast
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Hello, everyone!

We're very pleased to introduce a fan-project new to Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective.

RTTP logo

In this free weekly podcast, three long-time fans revisit the show. American hosts Mary, Ben and David (and occasionally special guests, some of whom are feline) rewatch one episode of Code Lyoko a week and then dedicate an entire podcast episode to talking about their experience. Each episode is discussed in depth, jokes are made and fun is had overall.

It can be interesting to hear other peoples' perspectives on the series, and the RTTP Podcast proves to be interesting and entertaining listening. They’re currently up to mid-season 3, so there's plenty to catch up on if you've got some time to kill, and it's not too late to start tuning in weekly for new episodes.

For more details and links to where you can find the free episodes, click the link below!

Have a nice listen on!

Appear on the official CL YouTube channel!
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Hello everyone.

In this long trek through the desert of news about the Code Lyoko licence (thanks to our artists for doing some of the job...), we need to recognise that things are moving a little. A naïve, less-informed fan may think that this is due to the staff idling and the community declining, but you're cleverer than that! The reason for it is that the ballot of the licence between the buyers and the beneficiaries after Moonscoop's shipwreck is a real maze and, without going into the judicial considerations, it's extremely difficult to know who to address...

Despite all that, and especially thanks to Our Father Dudu's relentlessness, with some difficulty we've managed to re-establish and maintain contact within the professional sphere. Thanks to that, we will definitely be able to offer you a few news updates this summer: stay connected!

Along those lines, we need you!

Indeed, in a quid pro quo exchange with our contact at Mediatoon, we can now keep you more up-to-date on the progress of things. As such, for several weeks now, CodeLyoko.Fr has given Mediatoon various old school Code Lyoko media (bonus features from the old DVDs, for example) which weren't sent to Mediatoon by Moonscoop before they dissolved.
Thanks to these things we've made available to Mediatoon (entitled to our free content), they can now add more to their YouTube channel. But it doesn't end there.

In order to boost that channel, Mediatoon wants to relay Code Lyoko AMVs. For those who don't know, AMVs are small fan-videos, created using extracts from the Code Lyoko series and put together with music and effects, often following a particular theme...

Mediatoon would like to upload these AMVs to their channel while crediting the author.

Warning: the AMVs must meet some very strict criteria:
- They can only contain sequences from Code Lyoko (Mediatoon has not yet gotten the rights to CL Evolution, which expire in 2020).
- They must contain either music from the Code Lyoko series or music that's in the public domain.

In order to give you an idea of what a good AMV looks like, we invite you to look at the channel of Aelita Di Agostino, an artist featured in our "Gems Online."

If you're good at making video montages and you're interested in helping us pursue the Code Lyoko adventure a little longer and see your AMV on the Official Code Lyoko channel, don't hesitate to send us your videos/link at : (yes, you can write your email in English!)
If you get involved, you'll be thanked with some small previews of our upcoming content 😉

Episode transcripts for the whole series!
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Hello, everyone!

Well, it looks like someone has a little too much time on her hands. Through several months of work, Queen has transcribed all 97 English-dubbed episodes of the series - plus the bonus The Training and The Race videos!

Maybe you didn't quite catch what a character said in a particular scene and you'd like to find out what it was. Maybe you're into making compilation videos or GIFsets and you'd like an easy reference to look through. Maybe you're vision-impaired and you'd like an extra tool to help describe the on-screen action to you. Maybe you'd just like to double-check something from an episode!

Whatever your reason, these transcripts are now at your disposal on the Conceptual Documents page. You can download the transcripts for individual episodes, or compiled versions containing all the episodes in each individual season.
(Please note: these files use Australian English spellings, so be wary of this when you Ctrl+F and search for a word that may have a different spelling outside your region.)

That's about all there is to say, so enjoy!

But the work doesn't stop there, oh no...
Stay tuned for more sometime in the future on!

IFSCL 3.5.0: Released
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Welcome lyokofans!
The Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko's Supercomputer (IFSCL) has been brought back in 3.5.0 this 26th of November.
Although, that version also got big changes for the last 3 weeks, and is now released under improved version.
Same old, same old, William, Xanafication, sector destruction and reconstruction and many other things are available!

(check that your using last version: this logo on title screen should be red)

title screen IFSCL

Future of IFSCL
The workload has been pretty intense for the last version and now requires a bit of sleep. But do not worry, as December is a month for Immu's Room clues (hidden functionality that allows you to discover future elements of IFSCL). They'll be unveiled during the course of December across social networks.
Also, one version, number 355 currently, is planned for early 2018, with - eventually-, a trailer for this christmas.
For those who wants to see the live progression of next version, check the changelog!

To download, it's here.
If you're interested by the trailer, it's there

For a dynamic chat,it's on the discord!

Thnaks and see you soon!

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