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A new fanproject: RTTP Podcast
Posted by Queen on 09/13/2018 at 07:00 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello, everyone!

We're very pleased to introduce a fan-project new to Return to the Past: A Code Lyoko Retrospective.

RTTP logo

In this free weekly podcast, three long-time fans revisit the show. American hosts Mary, Ben and David (and occasionally special guests, some of whom are feline) rewatch one episode of Code Lyoko a week and then dedicate an entire podcast episode to talking about their experience. Each episode is discussed in depth, jokes are made and fun is had overall.

It can be interesting to hear other peoples' perspectives on the series, and the RTTP Podcast proves to be interesting and entertaining listening. They’re currently up to mid-season 3, so there's plenty to catch up on if you've got some time to kill, and it's not too late to start tuning in weekly for new episodes.

For more details and links to where you can find the free episodes, click the link below!

Have a nice listen on!

Appear on the official CL YouTube channel!
Posted by Dude Dudu on 05/18/2018 at 22:40 (4 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone.

In this long trek through the desert of news about the Code Lyoko licence (thanks to our artists for doing some of the job...), we need to recognise that things are moving a little. A naïve, less-informed fan may think that this is due to the staff idling and the community declining, but you're cleverer than that! The reason for it is that the ballot of the licence between the buyers and the beneficiaries after Moonscoop's shipwreck is a real maze and, without going into the judicial considerations, it's extremely difficult to know who to address...

Despite all that, and especially thanks to Our Father Dudu's relentlessness, with some difficulty we've managed to re-establish and maintain contact within the professional sphere. Thanks to that, we will definitely be able to offer you a few news updates this summer: stay connected!

Along those lines, we need you!

Indeed, in a quid pro quo exchange with our contact at Mediatoon, we can now keep you more up-to-date on the progress of things. As such, for several weeks now, CodeLyoko.Fr has given Mediatoon various old school Code Lyoko media (bonus features from the old DVDs, for example) which weren't sent to Mediatoon by Moonscoop before they dissolved.
Thanks to these things we've made available to Mediatoon (entitled to our free content), they can now add more to their YouTube channel. But it doesn't end there.

In order to boost that channel, Mediatoon wants to relay Code Lyoko AMVs. For those who don't know, AMVs are small fan-videos, created using extracts from the Code Lyoko series and put together with music and effects, often following a particular theme...

Mediatoon would like to upload these AMVs to their channel while crediting the author.

Warning: the AMVs must meet some very strict criteria:
- They can only contain sequences from Code Lyoko (Mediatoon has not yet gotten the rights to CL Evolution, which expire in 2020).
- They must contain either music from the Code Lyoko series or music that's in the public domain.

In order to give you an idea of what a good AMV looks like, we invite you to look at the channel of Aelita Di Agostino, an artist featured in our "Gems Online."

If you're good at making video montages and you're interested in helping us pursue the Code Lyoko adventure a little longer and see your AMV on the Official Code Lyoko channel, don't hesitate to send us your videos/link at : (yes, you can write your email in English!)
If you get involved, you'll be thanked with some small previews of our upcoming content 😉

Episode transcripts for the whole series!
Posted by Queen on 04/26/2018 at 10:00 (0 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello, everyone!

Well, it looks like someone has a little too much time on her hands. Through several months of work, Queen has transcribed all 97 English-dubbed episodes of the series - plus the bonus The Training and The Race videos!

Maybe you didn't quite catch what a character said in a particular scene and you'd like to find out what it was. Maybe you're into making compilation videos or GIFsets and you'd like an easy reference to look through. Maybe you're vision-impaired and you'd like an extra tool to help describe the on-screen action to you. Maybe you'd just like to double-check something from an episode!

Whatever your reason, these transcripts are now at your disposal on the Conceptual Documents page. You can download the transcripts for individual episodes, or compiled versions containing all the episodes in each individual season.
(Please note: these files use Australian English spellings, so be wary of this when you Ctrl+F and search for a word that may have a different spelling outside your region.)

That's about all there is to say, so enjoy!

But the work doesn't stop there, oh no...
Stay tuned for more sometime in the future on!

IFSCL 3.5.0: Released
Posted by Immu on 12/08/2017 at 14:10 (3 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Welcome lyokofans!
The Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko's Supercomputer (IFSCL) has been brought back in 3.5.0 this 26th of November.
Although, that version also got big changes for the last 3 weeks, and is now released under improved version.
Same old, same old, William, Xanafication, sector destruction and reconstruction and many other things are available!

(check that your using last version: this logo on title screen should be red)

title screen IFSCL

Future of IFSCL
The workload has been pretty intense for the last version and now requires a bit of sleep. But do not worry, as December is a month for Immu's Room clues (hidden functionality that allows you to discover future elements of IFSCL). They'll be unveiled during the course of December across social networks.
Also, one version, number 355 currently, is planned for early 2018, with - eventually-, a trailer for this christmas.
For those who wants to see the live progression of next version, check the changelog!

To download, it's here.
If you're interested by the trailer, it's there

For a dynamic chat,it's on the discord!

Thnaks and see you soon!

10 years later... Scripts vs Episodes seasons 1-4!
Posted by Shaka on 10/15/2017 at 10:25 (6 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone!

Some Code Lyoko news! What an emotional sequence...

Today, the site team is mostly busy managing the inescapable passage of the end of study, going out and looking for their first job and a happy future. But that doesn't stop us from continuing to keep an ear out for series news, content and community.

Like all good artists, we're therefore looking to fill a few remaining gaps on CodeLyoko.Fr. No, we're not going to create a v6 and no, we're not going to move the site to HTTPS or rework the forum.

However, we're tirelessly working to fix the rare gaps in our content… And the people who know the site well enough may be able to see what we're getting at here. (If not, you might just need to read the title of this news post…)

After some long investigations, a large campaign of correspondence with different people and a little boost from a certain Bérik, we have finally managed to get our hands on the scripts for season 4 of Code Lyoko.

As a bit of history, the scripts for the episodes from seasons 1 to 3 were sent to us by Sophie Decroisette each time an episode came out. Suddenly, at the start of season 4, Moonscoop decided that it had to stop: it was obvious that some fans preferred to read the episode script instead of watching the episode on TV or buying the DVD… May they rest in peace. So, we had to cut our losses with season 4.

As for Evolution's scripts, we slyly made off with them thanks to our connections with certain members of the film crew and actors.

Today, 10 years after the end of season 4 (10 November 2007), we have managed to acquire these highly prized production documents. Although, unfortunately, our contact was able to send us all the scripts except for a single episode. So the only one we're now missing is the script of episode 91 "Bad Connection". If somebody ever finds it at an auction…

In conclusion of all this chatter (Did I lose you?)
The scripts can be downloaded through the Episode Guide or the Conceptual Documents page. (If you look at the Conceptual Documents page, you can also see another project I'm working on, just beneath the scripts! - Queen)

But that's not all…
Because we do our jobs well, we have waited several months before releasing the scripts, and we - notably Dude Dudu - have taken the time to update our huge, gargantuan and world-exclusive file, "Scripts to episodes comparison".

This file is a must-read for all fans of the series, showing the most remarkable changes between the paper version of the episode (writer's scripts) and the result shown on TV (after it's gone through the production pipeline). It has a homepage with a top 10, and then several pages going over each episode to compare the changes that occurred to each one.

After our update, the
 top 10 became a top 12 most notable changes, adding what are, in our opinion, the two most interesting changes of season 4.
The list of Jim's jobs mentioned only in the scripts also gains an additional entry.
And obviously, two pages listing all the modifications in season 4 have appeared in the file:
 [Page 1 - Ep. 66 to 80] [Page 2 - Ep. 81 to 95]

And yes, it's all in English! Seasons 1 to 4 (but not Evolution) of the Scripts vs Episodes file have all been translated and you can now read them at your leisure.

Have a nice read!

Thanks to Queen and Nelbsia for the two illustrations for the top 12, and for continuing to answer our call even 10 years later…
Finally, Immu and the rest of the team will continue to "celebrate" the 10 years since the end of the series with a few other small news articles throughout the month of November, so keep checking back to!

Big recap on the fangames!
Posted by Immu on 09/01/2017 at 20:15 (1 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello Lyokofans!
It's time to make a summary of the three non official fangames that I'm (Immu) creating for this wonderful community:

To start up with the most popular, the IFSCL 3.4.2 can be downloaded :

The clock, more realtime than ever!
A common program that appears at rares moments in the series more precisely when Yumi is busy defending "Mélanie", the Skidladnir still under construction.
However there was no need less for the program to become an essential component to IFSCL, and not the least. It can control time!

IFSCL 342 ScreenIFSCL 342 Screen

You won't have to wait 10 min for an automatic attack of Xana anymore,now it can rest for many hours or even days like in the series,and like the game runs in real time, so you can accelerate time to the next attack of Xana!
One more thing: the clock show also the time display of the virtualisation of the LyokoWarriors (a minimum of 12 hours mostly explicit in the original series ( confirm in CLE). but also the recompilation times of certain programs like the reboot, Return to the past, or the overvehicles.

Because lets face it. there has to be a reason for Jeremy to not use them all the time,so why the programs should not "re-agree" to the digital world every time?
It seems a relevant question for me !

Lot of fixes and improvements
We can note that the window of anomaly can now be narrowed and show the reall reason of the error.
With that we can also note that they will be more strategy at the end of the game, but others will come in the future

IFSCL 342 ScreenIFSCL 342 Screen

But mostly a big work on the windowss,it illuminates,have a beautifull black border and dont have anymore the problem when we click on the button and we want to slide on the screen.
And finaly, a dynamic help, a true successor of the other iterations that have been created on IFSCL in the course of his production (separate pdf, separete link, ingame windows with compressed images..)

IFSCL 342 ScreenIFSCL 342 Screen

Immu's Room introducing the Cathedral & the inventory
Teased for a month accross social medias and enigmatic clues, 340 & 342 Immu's Room has been unveiled.
You'll find the 3D cathedral of Code Lyoko's factory, a prelude to IFSCL story mode.
Also many other clues can be find inside, which are linked to IFSCL's future.

IFSCL 342 ScreenIFSCL 342 Screen

The inventory, while not being very interactive at that moment, is also an early taste of the story mode, in which every item collected in game can have a use.
Around 40 objects are planned, from the most weird but very true to the series, (orange and black soda can) to the most obvious ones (cd of aelita's materialization, Franz Hopper's suitcase...).

IFSCL 342 ScreenIFSCL 342 Screen

And as a bonus, two fan videos regarding IFSCL Immu's Room and a retrospective for the other.
They're in french, but we're still not having much video like that in english, so don't hesitate to participate by creating your own theory videos or analysis in english!

Some notes about this version

There's no perfect version, but this one is really clean of any big issue.
The only little things to know are : kiwi window command won't work so simply use the search button on the upper part of the interface.
There's currently no gameover if aelita ends up not being rematerializable before the end of a Xana earth Attack.

IFSCL 342 ScreenIFSCL 342 Screen

Also, we are stuck if the vehicles cannot be rematerialized while we are in celestial dome or lyoko's core/heart.
Those two situations will respectively be resolved by a one-way secret passage in the core that will lead to arena, and a special program in celestial dome interface to quickly recompile a vehicle.

Two more IFSCL versions planned till the end of the year
So that 3.5.0, planned for october/november has the goal to bring us William but also to the xanafication of lyokowarriors by the scyphozoa and the whole management of creation/destruction of the sectors.
While that for 3.7.0, which target Christmas 2017, that one will have the hard task to introduce the skidbladnir and the digital sea (but not yet the replikas).
I put every effort possible so that translators, beta testers and I will allow 2018 to be under the sign of the 'story mode'.

If your interested by the trailer and to know more about the content of this version please check the latest news below ;)

To download the game, go here:

Note that a DISCORD channel has been created, to easily talk about the game.

Meanwhile, on Lyoko Conquerors
Let's not forget one of IFSCL little brothers: Lyoko Conquerors : The Online Wars
Also created by your dedicated fangame creator, this ambitious online real time strategy game based on Xana and William is still in production within two IFSCL work periods.
You can see its progression by checking the links in the progression log ;)

Lyoko Conquerors 030 ScreenLyoko Conquerors 030 Screen

A minimal knowledge of classic STR (age of empire, starcraft, command and conquer...) is still required as this game is in early dev and not accessible to non-initiated.
If your interested, it's available in private Alpha: get in touch by leaving a message on the lyokoconquerors channel on the discord or subscribe to the facebook group page to get access.

And to wrap-up, LyokoWanderers!
Still in alpha, mostly paused dev, but you can play it right now as the alpha became public, get it on your nearest Google Play Store!
(no iOS version planned)

Lyoko wanderers ScreenLyoko wanderers Screen

Lyoko wanderers ScreenLyoko wanderers Screen

There's also a facebook page for it ;)

Till next time folks!
Screenshots of the games taken by various fans, thanks to them! & Jordan for translation help.

The findings of Dude Dudu 2016 - Part 3/3...well...
Posted by Dudu on 10/28/2016 at 12:00 (3 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Huston, we have a problem! A title with a double meaning? Well let's explain, at the start of this little chronicle it was just an alternative version of the original Findings of Dude Dudu aiming to condense the number of findings into a smaller set of news posts with the same amount of content. Except that in the meantime Dude Dudu has made other findings and let's just say that if he tried to publish all his remaining findings in this news post, it would be far too long (if you only knew what was coming...), oh yes... So let's say that...we're about to defy the laws of physics with a part 4/3 ;)

  • Musical show hero heads + MAJ Musical Show
Among the load of related products released in Spain and events during the period where the series found its success. The series had, and not many people know it, a musical show. Called "El show de Codigo Lyoko: la mémoria perdida". It allowed the spectator to "appreciate" the sight of the Lyoko Warriors in flesh and blood, or rather, as people dressed up as the Lyoko Warriors and dubbed by the official Spanish voice cast. If you're wondering what our heroes' masks could have looked like, well here they are!


Which also allows me to simultaneously update the gallery dedicated to promotional images by adding the promotional poster created around the same time, even before the announcement of the future release of Code Lyoko Evolution:

  • Update to several sections in the "Related products" section
Yes! If you check out these pages, they've undergone a few changes, and not small ones.
Indeed, now, you can find most of the DVDs released for Code Lyoko with the most information possible (new jackets, a large number of interfaces and much more!) From the first French DVDs to the current box sets and the failed attempt to collect the series in volumes, the first English DVDs released by Funimation to the last released by Amazon and others from different countries, French CD-ROMs to American ones, come and admire these new pages bursting with incredible bonus features such as:
Also check out the Books section, which has received a well deserved facelift.

  • CLE special effects (photos)
Having to work on a live action series like CLE demands changes and new perspectives, such as the creation of numerous special effects (for a French series), ranging from the insertion of interfaces onto computers to X.A.N.A.'s attacks, some special effects are more discreet than you may think. Do you know for example that the team in charge of the special effects had to digitally erase all trace of Yumi's actress, Mélanie Tran's, tattoos on each shot of her back? And so here's a small before/after comparison of special effects.  

[Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After]

[Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After]

[Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After     [Before] / [After]

  • Update to Kadic and factory backgrounds
Chronicle #58 back on 15/12/2013, here's a link (it's in French). It was the publication of several backgrounds from season 1 in great quality. But you know what? That's not enough, no. They can be found in even better quality! And I offer them to you today in exceptional quality.  

  • Q&A with Sophie Decroisette (update)
Did you like the Q&A session from the previous finding? Because here's a new wave of responses right here. Sophie Decroisette, writing director for the first three seasons, agreed to respond once again to questions from Berik, who runs the Spanish website

The findings of Dude Dudu - 2016 edition - Part 2/3
Posted by Dudu on 06/27/2016 at 16:24 (3 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Here it is, the second round of findings. 9 years after Code Lyoko ended, dive into the new findings and travel behind the scenes of the series. From the origin of the series to the final Code Lyoko Evolution merchandise after the success of the series in Spain. Enjoy and come back for more in 3 months' time!

  • Season 4 drafts / Merchandise
It's 2005, season 2 is being aired while behind the scenes at France 3, a third and fourth season have just been approved. And new seasons means new ideas, new stories and new things to explore: it's in this area that Michael Guarniere was asked to conceptualise various monsters that may have appeared in the following seasons. But that's not all; there's also work on season 4 costumes, as well as Marvel-made merchandise that was looked at. Here are all the images:




  • Scans of Spanish magazines
Let's step out of the digital universe to look at glossy paper found in the magazines released exclusively in Spain, another attempt to promote the series universe in the country...even if it didn't always work.

The first magazine in question is simply called "Codigo Lyoko Stickers Collection": published by the company E-max (which no longer exists) in English and Spanish, this album contains almost 200 stickers, most of which are renders from the 4 seasons and focus more on the Lyoko Warriors, the main secondary characters as well as the 5 Sectors and XANA's monsters.

The second is much more recent, not only dating post-CL, but also post-CLE! Indeed, the Spanish, although they never had the "opportunity" to watch the 26 episodes of the sequel, bizarrely still had the chance to release a sticker album for the series. Published by Panini this time (which already released a sticker album in France in 2005), this album contained mostly screenshots, with brief information on the characters and episodes (with a summary for each of them) as well as a few renders from CLE and CL.

This third magazine is a new version of the previous sticker album above (thanks to the Spanish site, also published by E-max only in Spanish this time, it contains 200 new stickers, most of which are new renders.

The final magazine is a collection of renders, released in 2014, this "magazine" lets its owner recreate their favourite scenes from the series by sticking these renders on the emblematic backdrops of Code Lyoko Evolution! (Well...on paper...these are actually just screenshots...)

And finally, here's an update on articles on Code Lyoko released in Spanish news (mainly in "Clan Magazine", released by the channel that airs the series). As well as new articles, you'll also find out how to recreate Odd or Ulrich's outfits on your own, a test to discover which Lyoko Warrior you'd be good friends with, or even the first conceptual sketches of the characters of Code Lyoko Evolution. (Thanks also to the site

  • Code Lyoko trailer (HQ version)
This time, it's November of 2011, the series ended 4 years ago but is making waves in Spain. The idea of creating a sequel to Code Lyoko had already been anncounced, and the mother company is excitedly promoting the original series with the aim of creating a good reception for its sequel. Thus were created an amount of season 4 merchandise in Spain, such as the famous action figures, but also the Code Lyoko meetup in Spain, the musical comedy and the social game. Moonscoop's final goal was to take advantage of the craze provoked by this renewal so they could convince other countries to buy the licence to Code Lyoko and/or its sequel. To do that, Moonscoop created a brand new TV advertisement that it offered to different broadcasters and potential buyers. This ad is comprised of clips from all 4 seasons.

[Download it here]

One small detail, you'll notice that the music at the end was created especially for this ad, but it was reused once and only once - in the trailer for Code Lyoko Evolution ;)

  • Interview with Sophie Decroisette
The writing director of the first three seasons of the series, Sophie Decroisette, accepted to play the question-answer game, responding to questions asked by Berik on the site, allowing fans to discover even more about the series.

  • DVD promo: Missing Link
And now we turn to something some of you may recognise. In French and in English, the DVD release of the series met a period of disaster. In France, you could find the first 9 episodes of season 1 on DVD and VHS, and that was it until 2008. It wasn't until after the release of season 4 when the first season was finally released on DVD in its entirety.
In the USA, its fate was more or less the same. After being able to find the first 14 episodes of season 1 and their respective bonus features on DVD, the production and distribution of DVDs skipped straight to the first episodes of season 2 on a single DVD before, once again, ceasing the release of this season and the one before it (before a 97-episode edition was made available on Amazon years later). (Translator's note: a complete season 1 disc set did come out around the same time as the third season 1 DVD "XANA Possessed", but it meant that if you'd already bought the original three volumes, in order to complete the season, you needed to re-purchase those 14 episodes by getting the complete season set. But in Australia we never got the complete season set...)
And it seems, that even though just one season 2 DVD was released, advertisements for a second began to surface despite the volume never hitting the shelves. So here's that advertisement.

Updates to Evolution galleries
Posted by Shaka on 05/07/2016 at 14:20 (3 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone!

A little update to the site content for the weekend. And yes, it has been a while, but it can still happen! What's new in the Code Lyoko universe, you ask? Here's the story:

We all remember the somewhat chaotic French airing of Code Lyoko Evolution. In brief, episodes 1 to 19 in a single salvo on TV and iTunes...then the end of the broadcast, the subtitling of Hungarian versions of episodes 20 to 26 by Team Subsonics and the mysterious CodeRaclette (by the way, for those who didn't realise from seeing the logo at the time, it was us. We should've revealed ourselves a long time ago but our partner at Moonscoop stopped us, so we needed a...codename, dare I say! Cool). And finally episodes 20 to 26 aired later in France on Canal J.

As a result, our episode galleries for Code Lyoko Evolution were based on the best available quality for each episode, in other words:
- For episodes 1 to 19, perfect image galleries in 1080p without a logo (made from the iTunes episodes).
- For episodes 20 to 26, galleries in 480p with the Canal J logo (the version aired by the channel was the best we had available).

Back to the present.
TF1 seems to have ended up with the rights to Code Lyoko Evolution. As such, for a while, the episodes were available for streaming on the TFouMax website (but they've already been taken down). From this, our sleepy network (thank you Dauphy) noticed that the episodes put up were of a better quality than the Canal J episodes. And so episodes 20 to 26 were gathered.
We then launched a call for volunteers on the forum and after serious work from one member (big thanks to WR104) and our usual team, the galleries were ready to be updated.

So, the galleries for episodes 20 to 26 are now available in the best possible quality, that being 720p (instead of 480p) and especially without a logo.
We've also added the title cards for episodes 1 to 10, which had curiously gone missing.

Knock yourselves out updating your screenshot collection with ones of Tyron, the Scyphozoa or the unforgettable Mr Rouiller...

And have a nice weekend everyone!
Don't forget to keep in contact with
Despite the end of the series, the site can still receive a few nice updates this summer...

The findings of Dude Dudu - 2016 edition - Part 1/3
Posted by Dudu on 04/04/2016 at 16:52 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Time for a great comeback! It's probably been over a year since he left, disappearing into thin air. He hid in a corner and worked in secret for a triumphant return. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...Dude Dudu! *hysterical cries*...

There you have it.

It's done.

So now, we can get down to business.

Hello everyone. So yes, we're back, for real, reality, we didn't actually leave. The goal of this chronicle, for those who aren't aware, was to reveal documents, videos, music, etc. weekly during the time Code Lyoko Evolution was airing (more of less)...with the aim of going further into the series background and allowing fans to discover never-before-seen images of the original series almost 10 years after it aired. For those wanting to refresh their memories, here's a compilation of the best of 101 findings (most clips in French).

Nostalgic? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Since the end of the chronicles, I've continued to sift through the net looking for new documents and for the most part, it's been satisfying. And after gathering a certain number of findings, the distribution of gifts can now commence.
This chronicle will appear again a few times throughout the year (so as special events) with a multitude of more or less interesting new images. Here we go!

  • Storyboard of the episode Distant Memory
Here are storyboards of episode 82 Distant Memory, more precisely of the flashback scene of Anthea's kidnapping. If you look closely, these storyboards have particular significance. Indeed, in the creation of a series, the usual process is to first create the literary and graphic bible of the season, then its common thread which will then allow different writers to work on their episodes from the bible, to finally allow the storyboarders to create the storyboards for different episodes. The final goal being using these storyboards to create the episodes. As you surely know, the series has its own codes concerning the creation of flashback scenes: flackbacks are unique, for some are a series of specially-made, high-quality drawings with certain effects (travelling for example) added. So here are the storyboards in question.


As you can see, the original scene differs to the final one. We can wonder why: is it because of the explicit violence? Or maybe because it didn't match up with the literary bible? Or because of a planning problem (these flashback images, of high quality, weren't done by the same person as other images from the cartoon)? Is it XANA's fault? So many unanswered questions...mysteries still left wide open...(for now).

  • Renders
Did you miss them? New, old, here are some renders! Not a lot, of course, but some of them are very rare. So first off you'll find the renders of the Blok and the Hornet are in higher quality than the ones previously available, plus a new render of Aelita from season 1. And finally, a very rare one of Ulrich (it was only used in France when the TCG was available), it represents our Lyoko Warrior in the virtual world circa season 2 with a Super Sprint trail behind him, and its counterpart with Ulrich on his Overbike, in a way that lets you easily admire the devilish head on his outfit.


  • Un monde sans danger (A World Without Danger) clip, version 3
You know the Un monde sans danger clip from season 1! You certainly also know the Un monde sans danger clip from season 2! You don't know the Un monde sans danger season 3 clip? That's to be expected, it didn't exist; instead we had the Planet Net video. And season 4? No clip? You might've thought as such! It seems that an Un monde sans danger "season 4" version video does exist. Warning, I'm not talking about any fan-made one available on dozens of YouTube channels, but an official clip. Nothing "new" so to speak but nevertheless something new in and of itself.

  • Code Lyoko Evolution desktop backgrounds
Now that Code Lyoko Evolution is well and truly over and no new promotion has been released for the series, some sections of the site can now be finished, and this is the case for CLE desktop backgrounds. Just to remind you, these "desktop backgrounds" are promotional images (which are nothing more than screenshots) that Moonscoop made available to television channels, or press releases to illustrate the series.

And there you have it! That'll be all for this issue. The next one will appear later in the year. Let's take advantage of this news to signal that the team making the Code Lyoko social game have recently posted a message that bodes well:

"Dear players, We've met the direction of Ellipse Animation and they are interested to continue the exploitation of the game Code Lyoko. So, we want to know your wishes for the future in order to propose them a concrete updates plan. Thanks for your help." Go to the CLSG page to voice your opinion.

Next >>