Happy Birthday, Code Lyoko !
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"It's 2003 AD. France 3's entire children's programming schedule is filled with mediocre cartoons... All of it? No, because as the new school year gets underway, a new series populated by irreducible teenagers continues to resist X.A.N.A... "

Yes, okay, we've overstated the case a little, but the parallel with another famous French hit is apt for Code Lyoko, which was released 20 years ago to the day with the first broadcast of #1 Teddygodzilla !

10 years ago, in the midst of a boom in activity linked to the ongoing broadcast of Code Lyoko Évolution (remember, after the first 20 episodes were broadcast between January and May, the rest of the French broadcast had to wait until... December, giving ideas to a group of Hungarian raclette lovers) marked the occasion with a few news items, notably announcing in a rather racy way the completeness of the site...

Today, time has passed, and things are of course a little different. Code Lyoko Evolution has flopped, Moonscoop has collapsed almost at the same time, and Dargaud, which bought out its catalog, hasn't announced anything... but should we complain? Should we really be hoping for a sequel/reboot? Everyone will undoubtedly have their own opinion on the subject, but we can anticipate one thing: after so much time, things will necessarily be very different (already, when we see what Evolution has achieved...). The series as we discovered it 20 years ago will remain as it was 97 episodes ago. Perhaps that's no bad thing.

And while the mausoleum of quality writing, which after 10 years has reached a form of completeness, continues to stand proudly (no closure planned for à la Skyrock blogs, so this part of our childhood/adolescence will remain, until further notice, intact), the ever-active community has or will undoubtedly make its mark on its various channels. Let's take a look at just one of them, and not the least:

Code Lyoko : Virtual Frontiers


(An english subtitled version is yet to be announced)

The fruit of a year and a half's work by Evil Goat, this is nothing less than a sound fiction, with all that implies: scriptwriting, dubbing, sound, mixing and editing of course! Not to mention all the team management involved. Many projects of this human dimension have gone no further than the declarative... but not these!

The proof is in the pudding: to mark the company's 20th anniversary, their first episode, Revirtualisation, is being released with great fanfare. First episode? Well, yes, because this is just the beginning, and there will be more to come. The work continues for the team, and we can only encourage them.

The action takes place 16 years after season 4. In fact, since the original fans are all 20 years older today, you'll be delighted to meet up with the characters from your childhood... now grown up!

You can also find all their information their X which contains the link to their Discord server.


Well, on that note...