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Interview with the producer of Get Ready to Virtualize
 Here you can discover the interview with the producer of the Code Lyoko DS game by GameZone!

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Unfortunately the original interview has since been taken down, so this is an English translation of the French translation of the original English interview, and there will be some indescrepencies between the text below and the original.

Cracking the Code: Interview with producer Dorien Kieken on the creation of the first Code Lyoko video game.
By Louis Bedigan


"Players can use codes on the official Code Lyoko website to obtain exclusive bonuses!"

There's something strange that happens with video games and licences (series, cartoons...). Games that I impatiently wait for - the ones I wait for as a true fan of the original series (like 24, Alias, The Fantastic 4...) - seem to have a 50% chance of being a real flop.

On the other hand, games based on licences I've never heard of before are really successful! Code Lyoko is the perfect example of this.

I wasn't aware of its existence before the game was announced. I didn't even know that it was a cartoon broadcast on Cartoon Network - I stopped watching that channel after "Gundam Wing" ended.

Although I'll probably never be a fan of the series, the game is high up on my favourites list. With its originality, action-oriented gameplay, unique characters (there are 4 characters you can play as), and an FMV (Full Motion Video) quality never before seen on DS, Code Lyoko is as exciting as expected!

Dorien Kieken, the producer of the game at "DC Studios" has given us a look into the contents of the game, its features, bonuses and much more.


Code Lyoko combines a number of different gameplay elements, including RPG elements and action-oriented combats. For those who aren't familiar with the game and/or the Code Lyoko series, tell us more!

Dorian Kieken" The Code Lyoko cartoon tells the story of teenagers who enter a virtual world to fight an evil Artificial Intelligence. This diabolical AI tries to enter our world, and the teens must act to save it. It's a mix of 2D animation (representing the real world) and 3D animation (representing the virtual).

Code Lyoko, the video game, follows the continuity of the series. It's a mix of 2D (for the real world) and 3D (for the virtual world), and it uses different gameplay styles. The 2D part of the game is characterised by a gameplay based on mystery/exploration. On the 3D side, players can fight different monsters with specific powers, evolve their characters by teaching them new techniques, boosting their life points, or even resolving puzzles that allow them to take control of computers. (Note: he must be talking about towers ;))

Most DS games are in 2D. What pushed you into 3D with Code Lyoko?

DK: More and more games are being made in 3D on the DS, so we followed this movement! What's more, the mix of 2D and 3D is the very essence of the Code Lyoko series, and so we thought that reproducing this mix would be the best way of respecting the series universe!

Have you found the DS adequate for the production of 3D graphics?

DK: Once we understood what the DS and its limitations are, that opened doors to the creation of elaborate graphics. We've faced a number of constraints such as memory problems, and we've found solutions, notably thanks to a large use of streaming. I think we've ended up finding how to make the finished graphics of the quality we're known for.

Can you say more about the subject of battles and various challenges the players will have to face?

DK: There are 12 types of enemies. They're all impressive and can be two or three times larger than the player...and the end is reached by encountering a new creature, never before seen on the TV series!

Four characters are playable in the combat levels and each has abilities that are unique to them. Can you tell us about them and why each is important?

DK: Ulrich is the king of hand-to-hand combat! His personal ability is to easily cross unstable areas!

Odd is the opposite of Ulrich, he uses quick, long-range attacks. His special ability allows him to climb walls!

Yumi is a good balance of the two, thanks to her fans. She also has the power to move objects with her telekinesis!

Aelita is purely defensive, she's capable of generating a shield to block and deflect enemy lasers! She can also levitate herself over holes!

Aside from dodging floating rocks are crossing moving platforms, what sorts of obstacles will the players have to overcome?

DK: There are numerous platforms, particularly in the final levels of the game! The player will also be led to use their skills to cross sectors using the characters' abilities.

Are some enemies easier to fight with a particular character, or are the fights more even?

DK: Each character possesses different combos (attack combinations). Some of these combos are much more effective against certain enemies. Add this to the different fighting styles of each character (long-range attacks, hand-to-hand, defence...), and that gives a tonne of different possible combinations. So yes, if the player uses the right character and the right combos on the right enemies, they'll be easier to beat!

Code Lyoko's FMV (Full Motion Video) quality is extremely good - the best I've seen on a portable Nintendo console. How did you reach such a level of visual quality?

DK: An optimised graphics engine and a kick in the butt from our Artistic Director! *smile*

Let's talk about Code Lyoko's soundtrack. I've never seen any episodes of the series - is that where the game's music comes from? Or were there songs written especially for the game?

DK: Yes, the music comes from the cartoon, so it's within the series continuity. Each track was adapted for DS format.

Is there anything else you'd like to share? A detail from the game that we don't know about?

DK: Some unlockable codes are available in the game. The players can use these codes on the official Code Lyoko website to obtain exclusive bonuses!

Thanks for your time!

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