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[DS game] Media
 Media from the game "Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize"

Here you'll find the different media found in the DS game

DS game concept art
Bonus jeu ds 001Bonus jeu ds 002Bonus jeu ds 003Bonus jeu ds 004Bonus jeu ds 005Bonus jeu ds 006
Bonus jeu ds 007Bonus jeu ds 008Bonus jeu ds 009Bonus jeu ds 010Bonus jeu ds 011Bonus jeu ds 012
Bonus jeu ds 013Bonus jeu ds 014Bonus jeu ds 015Bonus jeu ds 016Bonus jeu ds 017Bonus jeu ds 018
Bonus jeu ds 019Bonus jeu ds 020Bonus jeu ds 021Bonus jeu ds 022Bonus jeu ds 023Bonus jeu ds 024
Bonus jeu ds 025Bonus jeu ds 026Bonus jeu ds 027Bonus jeu ds 028Bonus jeu ds 029Bonus jeu ds 030
Bonus jeu ds 031Bonus jeu ds 032Bonus jeu ds 033Bonus jeu ds 034Bonus jeu ds 035Bonus jeu ds 036
Bonus jeu ds 037Bonus jeu ds 038Bonus jeu ds 039Bonus jeu ds 040

Season 1 theme.

Used in the tutorial and other places.
Same theme with more percussion.

Often used in response to the the previous theme.
Main Kadic theme from season 2 onwards.
Same theme with more percussion.

Often used in response to the the previous theme.
Another Kadic theme during calmer moments.
Same theme, more dynamic.

Used in response to the the previous theme.

Earth missions
Main mission theme. No percussion.
Same theme with percussion and a more obvious loop.

Often used in response to the the previous theme.

Xana Earth
Main theme of a Xana attack on Earth.

In a dramatic version
Same theme with more percussion.
Evolved version of the Xana Earth theme.
Same theme, more subtle, used when the atmosphere is less heavy.
Also used during Xana attacks.

This theme is also called "Factory Stress" due to its appearance in the game Quest for Infinity.
Theme first used in season 2 when the heroes enter the action by getting virtualised onto Lyoko.

In the game, this theme is only used during the vehicle travel sections in each sector.

Lyoko Ambiance
Theme only used in season 1.

In the game, this version is mostly heard in the desert sector.
Similar to the previous theme, this one is more often heard in the other sectors.
One of the more recognisable themes from the series.

In the game, it's often connected to the Mountain sector.
Like the previous theme, this one is mostly found in the chapters that have something to do with the Mountain sector.

Lyoko combat
One of the main themes for a Xana charge on Lyoko.
Alternate, more complete version of the previous theme.

Rarely heard in game.
Another iconic theme from Xana's attacks on Lyoko. Also appeared in other games, such as the Social Game on Facebook.
A more stressful combat theme, placing the spotlight more on the Lyoko Warriors.
Despite its calmer rhythm, this theme also appears when fighting against Xana's monsters.
Theme rarely (or never) used during fights in the series, its dynamic sound has earned it a role in the DS game.

Main theme of the Hermitage. No percussion.
Same theme with percussion.

Sector 5 ambiance
Theme used in almost all the levels taking place in Sector 5.
Main theme of Sector 5, no percussion.

Sector 5 combat
Main theme of Sector 5, more complete version.
Another iconic Sector 5 theme.

Theme used when Aelita has to crack a code.
Based on the Celestial Dome theme.
Game Over theme. Same notes as Aelita's power of creation.
Game main menu, series opening theme.
Subsonics song.

Used in Odd and Ulrich's room, as well as during the game's end credits (as well as the series').


Music, cutscenes and bonus video from the DS game
The bonus videos were available on the old site, thanks to a code given in the game!

Demo of the Overboard
[Watch] [Download]
Demo of the Overbike
[Watch] [Download]
Demo of the Overwing
[Watch] [Download]

Demo of Ulrich, Yumi and the Scorpion
[Watch] [Download]
Cutscene from the end of the game
[Watch] [Download]
OST (music) of the game
[Listen & download]

Objects and elements from the game
Objet 01Objet 02Objet 03Objet 04Objet 05Objet 06
Objet 07Objet 08Objet 09Objet 10Objet 11Objet 12
Objet 13Objet 14Objet 15Objet 16Objet 17Objet 18
Objet 19Objet 20Objet 21Objet 22Objet 23Objet 24
Objet 25Objet 26Objet 27Objet 28Objet 29Objet 30
Objet 31Objet 32Objet 33Objet 34Objet 35Objet 36
Objet 37Objet 38

Background art
Administration 01Administration 02Administration 03Administration 04Administration 05Administration 06
Administration 07Administration 08Dortoir 1 01Dortoir 1 02Dortoir 1 03Dortoir 1 04
Dortoir 1 05Dortoir 2 01Dortoir 2 02Dortoir 2 03Dortoir 2 04Dortoir RDC 01
Dortoir RDC 02Dortoir RDC 03Egouts 01Egouts 02Egouts 03Egouts 04
Egouts 05Ermitage -1 01Ermitage -1 02Ermitage 00Ermitage 01 01Ermitage 01 02
Ermitage 01 03Ermitage RDC 01Ermitage RDC 02Ermitage RDC 03Ermitage RDC 04Ermitage RDC 05
Ermitage RDC 06Ermitage RDC 07Gare 01Gare 02Gare 03Gymnase 01
Gymnase 02Gymnase 03Gymnase 04Gymnase 05Gymnase 06Gymnase 07
Gymnase 08Gymnase 09Gymnase 10Ishiyama 00Ishiyama 01Ishiyama 02
Ishiyama 03Ishiyama 04Ishiyama 05Ishiyama 06Ishiyama 07Kadic 01
Kadic 02Kadic 03Kadic 04Kadic 05Kadic 06Kadic 07
Kadic 08Kadic 09Kadic 10Parc 01Parc 02Parc 03
Parc 04Parc 05Parc 06Parc 07Parc 08Parc 09
Parc 10Parc 11Sciences -1 01Sciences -1 02Sciences RDC 01Sciences RDC 02
Usine 01Usine 02Usine 03Usine 04Usine 05Usine 06
Usine 07Usine 08Usine 09Usine 10Usine 11Usine 12
Usine 13Usine 14Ville 01Ville 02Ville 03Ville 04
Ville 05Ville 06Ville 07Ville 08Ville 09Ville 10
Ville 11Ville 12

Dialogue from the game
Download the dialogue from the DS game (English)
Transcribed by A_QueenOfFairys!
Download the dialogue from the DS game (French)
Transcribed by Aquatikelfik!

The game!
[NDS file for Nintendo DS]
Click the links to download the NDS file for "Get Ready to Virtualize"

  • The game is meant for the Nintendo DS or a DS emulator on a computer.

  • [Important]'s role is limited to making the game available so that it isn't lost! In NO CASE are we responsible for the illegal use that could be done with it.

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ImageThe downloading of this game is tolerable from a legal point of view because it can be considered as abandonware (or abandoned software). A game responds to this term in different cases:
    - The game is no longer available in store, simply resale by individuals. It therefore no longer gives any direct revenue to its publisher.
    - The development of the game is ended. Combined with the first criteria, the game is therefore no longer an object of commercial exploitation.
    - Required numbers and services linked to the selling of this product (here, the number of after-sales service and technical support) are no longer functional.

Why has made the choice to make this download available?
Abandonware can present advantages for different publishers. In fact:
    - Making the game available allows the heritage of the gaming licence to be preserved, while it would normally risk being lost after several years as a cause of commercialisation and the too-rapid evolution of technology.
    - A piece of abandonware, although outdated, represents a register and licence (here, the "Code Lyoko" licence). Allowing people to continue to play increases community loyalty to the series' Universe.
    - This also allows players who have already played the game to do it again. Also, people who've bought the game and possess a material copy can replace it with a digital one in case of damage or dysfunction.
    - Making a more commercial game available allows the avoidance of the perverse phenomenon of dealers who charge exorbitant costs due to the rarity of a product.


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