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[DS game] Story
 The game's story 


The game Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize plunges us into the story of certain episodes from the first two seasons of the series through 15 chapters. This summary was entirely written by Aquatikelfik! Big thanks to him!

Chapter 1:
The adventure begins with controlling Ulrich. Jeremy presents him with his newest creation: a game all his friends are in. What follows is a small tutorial that explains to us the game's different controls.
Presentation of the action icon, and the inventory icon. XANA has launched its first attack, it wants to wipe Jeremy's hard disk. Before going to Lyoko, Ulrich must find him a CD-ROM from his room. (It's worth noting that Jeremy's disk fits on a single 700MB disc!) Arrival at the factory, and first trip to Lyoko. The game is littered with video sequences taken from episodes. Between each Earth/Lyoko passage, the game asks you to save, which is a good idea, because you can't save the game in the middle of an attack. Still controlling Ulrich, we discover Lyoko. Like in the series, the Lyoko parts are in 3D. Odd soon takes the baton from Ulrich in order to use his special ability, "climbing".
1st fight! Jeremy has programmed a Kankrelat as a training target. Fights on Lyoko always work in the same way: in an arena closed off by red force fields, the Lyoko Warrior present must fight 2 waves of monsters, the second more powerful than the first. Like in the series, to survive, you need to alternate attacks and dodges. After easily defeating the 3 Kankrelats, Odd continues on his way. Now it's Yumi's turn to enter the scene: with a rock blocking the path, only she can lift it and unblock the passage using her "telekinesis". 4 Kankrelats to fight, easy for the geisha. Back to Ulrich so he can use his power, "Supersprint". The honour of first discovering the new monsters goes to the samurai: Skarabs! After a quick but strange fight, we find another unique aspect of Lyoko: moving platforms separating the Desert plateaux. To come full circle, we discover Aelita's power of levitation. The forerunner to the wings Jeremy programmed her in season 4? Here, Aelita can "levitate" through the sky of Lyoko thanks to her digital power in order to reach the activated tower. To deactivate it, Aelita must move digital blocks to complete a puzzle and launch the code Lyoko.

Chapter 2:
Jeremy joins Odd in his room before leaving for a double-period science class. True to his character, with his head in the clouds, Jeremy heads to the maths classroom instead of the science building. He meets Sissi in the playground looking for Ulrich, before finding him with Yumi a little further on. Ms Hertz is waiting for her students, but class is cancelled because of a blackout (episode 2). Jeremy talks about it to Odd and Ulrich, the latter telling him that he felt something strange near the school gate. Jeremy decides to investigate. That's when he discovers an electrical pylon overloading. Back in his room to contact Aelita, he finds Yumi. The current jumps again, leaving no way to access the scanners. He must get his laptop, which he lent to Ulrich. With a flat battery, he needs to find another source of energy... Odd joins the group in the factory, his nose buried in his video game. Hacking sequence, Jeremy relaunches the scanners with the console's tiny battery. He gets settled in the lab and virtualises his friends.
Forest Sector. Odd or Ulrich face off against 7 Skarabs, then a Hornet and 3 Skarabs. The group is slowed down by a force field, blue this time, which is controlled by a switch. We quickly make it to the tower, but it's boldly defended by 2 Hornets and 1 Blok.

Chapter 3:
Episode 9 - Satellite
Odd looks for Ulrich in the playground. As he's asking Sissi and her gang if they've seen him, their phones start to ring. Evidently, Mr Delmas, who's in the vicinity, lays the law down and confiscates them! The gang meets up in the boys' room. They quickly come to an agreement: they must get their phones back. Jeremy is tasked with creating a diversion while Odd steals the keys to the principal's office from Ms Weber's desk. Infiltration mission. Once they've got their phones back, the group reunites at the factory. XANA is behind all of it, it wants to take control of a military satellite. There's an activated tower in the Mountain Sector. Once virtualised, the group is attacked by 5 Kankrelats and 3 Skarabs. The Mountains are a labyrinth, platforms and rocks scattered everywhere. There's even a rock blocking a path, luckily Yumi is there to get around it and reach another one of XANA's small armies, 5 Kankrelats and 4 Hornets on the menu. The tower's halo is in sight. But the Mountains in which it resides are no walk in the park. The entrance is guarded by a squadron of 7 Hornets, as well as 5 Hornets and 1 Blok. Aelita can finally deactivate the tower...

Chapter 4:
Episode 11 - Plagued
After a video sequence where we see XANA possess a colony of rats, we find Yumi at her house, contacted by Ulrich. He asks her to join them at the school, where strange things are starting to happen. They arrange to meet in the girls' dormitory, where weird noises are coming from. After letting her mother know, Yumi arrives at the school to find a group of rats swarming on the cafeteria. She's then contacted by Ulrich, who's trapped inside the lunchroom with everyone else; only Jeremy managed to head off to factory. Yumi joins him in front of the gymnasium door to the sewers, which has been locked. After some effort, they manage to find the key, and finally reach the factory.
Yumi is alone on Lyoko to defend Aelita in the Desert Sector; you must be prudent. 8 Kankrelats attack once you arrive. Blue force fields block the route to the tower. So you need to take parallel roads to find the switches that will deactivate them. On the left road, 5 Kankrelats and 3 Hornets block the access to the data terminal. The other route isn't any less calm; you fight the same fight. The road cleared, the adventure continues, and although the tower is in sight, the road is long and filled with ambushes; 7 Hornets swarm on Yumi. The tower is even more well defended, because you need to fight 3 little Hornets and...a Megatank!

Chapter 5:
Episode 4 - Log Book, episode 16 - Claustrophobia and episode 10 - The Girl of the Dreams
How horrible! Sissi has stolen Ulrich's diary, and is threatening to reveal Lyoko to the rest of the school if he doesn't go out with her. 1st date planned for lunch time. Aided by Odd, he searches through Sissi's room in order to find his diary. The search is in vain, but Ulrich picks up a plush toy belonging to Sissi, which could come in handy. They then suspect Herb, who would do anything for Sissi, of being asked to guard the diary. Threatening him with a pencak-silat demonstration, Herb offers no resistance. Ulrich joins Sissi in the lunchroom. The doors are electrified, Yumi and Ulrich are trapped inside! XANA has just attacked, Odd will go it alone on Lyoko.
After making a small detour to deactivate a blue force field, the first squadron of monsters arrives: 5 Kankrelats and 5 Hornets. After this rude fight, the hike continues, and 2 Bloks and 3 Kankrelats are there to welcome the feline. Be wary of the Bloks, they can reflect your laser arrows back at you. The path to the tower is straight, but when it all seems to be over, it continues... When she lands on a platform after using her power of levitation, Aelita is captured by a Guardian. Jeremy can only free her by solving another puzzle. Another 2 Hornets and 2 Bloks to defeat, and you're there!

Chapter 6:
Episode 24 - Ghost Channel
The chapter begins on Lyoko, in the Forest Sector. We find 7 little Skarabs to bother us, then 6 Skarabs and 1 Blok. Nothing that bad, for the moment. After making it through a small labyrinth of platforms and tree trunks, the group must confront another monster...a Krab! Watch out for its triple laser! After it comes another with 3 Skarabs. The tower is finally within reach, but there are 2 Bloks and 1 Krab to fight.
Back on Earth, everything seems to be back to normal...almost. Yumi notices that the people around them are acting strangely, repeating themselves. She warns Odd and Ulrich, who believe her after seeing Sissi's behaviour. But it's more difficult for her to convince Jeremy, who hasn't a care in the world. She goes back to tell the others, who follow her to check the factory. Lyoko seems to have stopped existing! Jeremy followed them, Aelita contacted him to tell him about a program to erase Lyoko. All 3 of them must enter the scanners to save it. But Yumi is defiant. That's when a second Jeremy arrives. Yumi must find the real one.
Back on Lyoko, the Lyoko Warriors are actually trapped in a virtual bubble on the Ice Sector, where XANA has concentrated all its forces! Aelita is the only one who can save her friends. XANA is too busy and won't attack Lyoko, so Aelita must deactivate 2 force fields to reach the bubble, and hack a data terminal to destroy it.

Chapter 7:
Episode 25 - Code Earth and episode 3 - Holiday in the Fog
This is it! The materialisation program is almost ready! It's time to launch plan Alpha to create a new identity for the new Earthling. Yumi must help her father find his address book so that he'll accept to have Aelita live with them. He lost it in a bin, on the street. Now that Aelita has a place to stay, Jeremy can hack the school network to enrol his friend. Meanwhile, Odd and Ulrich have to find a way to see the principal, who's too busy to talk to them. They graffiti the wall of the gym so that Jim will take them to the principal's office. Everything in order with Mr Delmas, Aelita is enrolled! Off to Lyoko to materialise her.
The path will be long; from the Mountain Sector, you need to go through the Ice to get to the Forest. 3 Bloks are blocking the passage to a moving bridge. Towers and detours are scattered about the Sectors, but Jeremy is there to guide the group. A fight against 3 Bloks and 2 Krabs for the Lyoko Warriors. 3 platforms later, it's Odd's turn to use his climbing skill. But XANA won't let the group leave the Sector, summoning 3 Krabs and 1 Megatank to slow them down! Once defeated, the Way Tower is finally accessible...
Arriving in the Forest Sector, Yumi must immediately free up the passage from a fallen tree trunk. And so she's the one who fights the 6 Skarabs and 2 Krabs that come to welcome them. After fighting another 3 Krabs, it's Ulrich's turn to prove his valour, he and his Supersprint alone can navigate the moving bridges of the Sector. So it's him who must battle 2 Krabs and 4 Skarabs. Yumi must once again take the baton to free up the path, and finish the job by fighting 2 Krabs and 1 Megatank protecting the tower.
Aelita is finally materialise...but, unfortunately it's not the end of XANA, because it succeeded in implanting a virus in Aelita during her materialisation that links it to her. If XANA is destroyed, Aelita dies too Jeremy must find an antivirus.

Chapter 8:
Episode 27 - New Order
Jeremy has programmed vehicles! The hunt for XANA has picked up speed. Aelita must reach the edge of the Sector with the Overwing by following the path without hitting any obstacles: red force fields, rocks, monsters. She must also use her power of levitation to help her vehicle make it over a ravine. She can also use it to obtain the maximum number of blue data bits to get new powers later.
Aelita has moved into a room at the school, and Yumi is with her to see how she's going. Today, they have an excursion to the forest with Ms Hertz. Unfortunately, she needs a camera. Yumi proposes they go to the science building basement to find her one.
Watch out for Jim...
Equipped with a camera, Aelita can finally join Jeremy for the excursion. But he's forgotten his laptop, and asks Aelita to wait for him. But she's struck by strange dreams that drive her to an abandoned house in the park. A tower is activated on Lyoko, and by following Kiwi, Odd finds his friend, who leads them towards a door. She seems to recall that it leads to the sewers.
At the factory, they're headed to the Ice Sector.
Odd is the only one there to protect Aelita, and 7 Bloks are already there. An immense column of ice is just waiting to be climbed by the feline, and another 5 Bloks come to slow him down. Aelita must use her power to reach the next iceberg. Back to the cat to fight not just one, but 2 Megatanks! (-20LP per roll, -50 per laser!) Odd doesn't have time to catch his breath while moving through a grotto, as new monsters appear for the first time...three Tarantulas (-15LP per hit, -20 per swipe of the leg) protect the activated tower.

Chapter 9:
Jeremy has found info on the old owner of the Hermitage villa: it was Franz Hopper, ex-science teacher at Kadic. He must go to the archives to confirm this, but before that, he needs to find a way to get the secretary Ms Weber out of the office. Learning that she has a secret crush on Jim, Jeremy looks for the teacher in order to get him to go out with her. Succeeding, Jeremy can rummage through the archives without interruption, and confirms his thoughts. He must search the Hermitage for clues... There he discovers a strange history book on the Punic Wars. Back in his room, to look for more information on this book, he notices that Aelita has virtualised herself onto Lyoko! He needs to go help her.
Forest Sector. After an attack by 4 Skarabs, a new type of monster appears: 3 Black Hornets flanked by 2 Skarabs. Yumi takes the baton to remove a tree trunk from a path, and then fights 8 Black Hornets and a Krab. The path becomes a labyrinth of platforms, 2 Tarantulas and 1 Krab to the left, an vice versa to the right. All that to reach...nothing! Aelita has disappeared, she's no longer in the Sector, or any other! Jeremy then receives a window asking for a password to access Carthage...Scipio. A sphere appears... The Transporter!
Discovering Sector 5, Aelita must be saved. Moving platforms and traps make up this new Sector. There's a key to activate to get rid of a force field blocking the path. No time to catch your breath before running into the Sector's inhabitants: 3 Creepers. Ulrich's Supersprint is useful in not getting crushed into the Sector's floor. A new force field makes its appearance in the next room: white force fields, controlled by a nearby interface that you have to hack. Aelita must then use her power to reach a key situated not far away. They then need to go down a dangerous staircase to reach the next room, where XANA has programmed security lasers. The control interface is finally reached, so everyone can make it back to Earth safely.

Chapter 10:
Episode 31 - Mister Pück
Jeremy brings Aelita to explore the Hermitage. The girl is assailed by nightmares, of an elf being pursued by wolves. These dreams lead her to find a doll in the villa, named Mister Pück. After looking at it, they discover inside it a key for a train station locker. So Jeremy goes to the station alone, where he finds a case containing Franz Hopper's diary on CD-ROMs. But the CDs are encrypted, and Jeremy must use the keys on Lyoko to decrypt them. But he is xanafied...and brings Aelita to the factory as Yumi watches on, and warns Ulrich. He and Odd are held back dealing with XANA-Jeremy, and so Yumi has to go to Lyoko alone. Race through the Forest on the Overwing to get to the Transporter.
After zigzagging between lasers, Yumi finds more inhabitants of Sector 5: new monsters called Mites, 3 of them. New fight on the next floor up, 2 Mites and 3 Creepers. Then another of the same fight on the next platform, filled with holes that lead to the lowest floor. The Scyphozoa has captured Aelita! Quick! She's constantly defended by 2 Creepers. Think of using special abilities to go faster. Once Aelita is saved, she returns to the team. Another white force field to deactivate to access the interface.

Chapitre 11 :
Episode 34 - Missing Link
The whole team, minus Yumi, is on Lyoko with 9 Bloks to fight. Jeremy finally virtualises Yumi after she arrives late, but she's captured by the Scyphozoa. 3 Tarantulas to beat before Ulrich uses his Superspring to get across a bridge of tree trunks. The Scyphozoa is there, defended by 2 Tarantulas. You have to hurry!
Yumi is finally saved from the Scyphozoa's grip. The path to the activated tower is a short one, aside from 8 Bloks and 1 Tarantula come to slow the group down.
The group comes back to Earth...without Yumi. Unfortunately, today is class photo day, and an absence spells suspension. So Ulrich must find an excuse for Yumi. Odd proposes he take her place in the photo, which gives his friend the idea of asking Sissi to do it. In exchange for a plush toy stolen from her room in a previous chapter, Sissi accepts, but Ulrich must go to Yumi's house to steal clothes without Mrs Ishiyama noticing him.
The class photo saved, he, Aelita and Odd go back to Lyoko to the same place as last time to help Yumi get to Sector 5 so that Aelita can destroy her virus.
It's time to destroy new monsters, two waves of 5 Black Kankrelats (-10LP per laser, -15 per bite) each. Redoing the labyrinth of platforms and fighting 4 Tarantulas brings us to the tower Yumi is hiding in. A path appears in what used to be a dead end, and Aelita crosses it using her power. But 2 blue force fields block the path to the edge of the Sector. Two paths to cross, and two switches to hit. Although one is pretty easy, the other is more difficult, made up of floating tree trunks that you must cross from one to the other in order to reach a platform further away. A little backtracking and the Transporter arrives.
Usual arrival in the Arena, which opens onto a labyrinth. Yumi must use her telekinesis to reach a key that will deactivate a force field later on in their path. Coming out of another passage, the group confronts 3 Creepers (-15 per shot, -15 per tail swipe, -20 per leg swipe) and 1 Mite. The following room looks like a jump into a pool, but you just have to wait to see a staircase appear on the wall beneath the heroes. On the left, an interface to hack to deactivate a white force field and 5 Creepers accompanied by a Mite (-7LP per ball) to defeat to activate a key. On the right, a path dotted with lasers. Along it, Odd must use his claws to reach a corridor situated very high up. An immense room is then found, with a huge platform in the middle and 5 Creepers and 2 Mites waiting in ambush. Once defeated, it's still not over. Ulrich must use his Supersprint to traverse more paths; pay attention to your Lyoko Power. You need good synchronisation to make it over the last bridge. And Sector 5 wouldn't be Sector 5 without Mantas... This is the moment that three of them make their appearances, watch out for their mines (-10LP per mine, -20 per shot)! The interface is finally accessible!

Chapter 12:
Race in the Mountains for Odd!
Back on Earth. Aelita is assailed by nightmares; in the Hermitage, strange Men in Black pursue her. She tries to talk to her friends, but Jeremy tells her to stay far away from the Hermitage. In the end, she disobeys, because she really wants to know what's happening to her... A number of flashbacks come to her. She's interrupted by Jeremy, calling to tell her that a tower has been activated on Lyoko. So she gets to the factory fast. Alone in Sector 5, where the monsters seem to be asleep, she must activate a key and a switch to unblock her route, but there are still traps about. After traversing a platform of dangerous lasers (-25LP per hit), she reaches a new key and must deactivate 2 switches to completely free up the passage into the next room and reach a white force field to hack via an interface. But the Scyphozoa arrives and Aelita is captured!
The rest of the Lyoko Warriors arrive to save Aelita, a hard fight when 3 Creepers are continuously protecting the jelly monster. Another 5 Creepers and 2 Mites to fight a little later on before getting out of the Core Zone! 3 Mantas then protect access to the interface.

Chapter 13:
Episode 49 - Franz Hopper
XANA is attacking in force, 5 activated towers! Urgent meeting in the lab! But a surprise awaits the group upon their arrival. Franz Hopper, free form Lyoko, is in before them, deactivating the towers from the terminal. He accuses Jeremy of putting his friends in danger by using the scanners, and letting XANA destroy his dairy. Jeremy, upset and angry, leaves...
Franz directly virtualises Ulrich, Yumi and Odd into the Desert Sector to reach Sector 5 and get data for Aelita's antivirus. It's Ulrich's turn to reach the main platform by using his Supersprint, and so he gets to fight 7 Bloks (-1LP + 2sec paralysis for ice beam, -5LP per laser, -10LP per cube shot), and 2 Krabs (-10LP per triple shot, -20 per concentrated shot, -1LP per swipe) on the platform. A simple but long route across the platform brings them to another platform where 8 Bloks and 3 Krabs are waiting. This fight finished, 2 paths open to the group. On the left, 3 Krabs and 2 Tarantulas, on the right, 3 Krabs and 3 Tarantulas. The two paths meet back up a little later on, on a path that leads to a canyon. The entrance is guarded by 5 Tarantulas, protecting access to the edge of the Sector.
Meanwhile, on Earth, Jeremy realises that they've been duped! How could Franz know that XANA had destroyed his diary? Jeremy rushes to the factory to warn Aelita. By hacking a scanner, he can send a clone of his friend to Lyoko.
Back on Lyoko, the 3 make it to Sector 5. A crossroads very early on: on one side a key to activate, on the other, 5 Creepers and 3 Mites to defeat. The room complete, the group reaches a circular room, with a key in the middle. but watch out for the moving walls. You just need to go down the spiral staircase to reach and deactivate a white force field. In the adjoining room, you need to fight 3 Creepers and 4 Mites to reach another key. At the end of the long corridor, Odd must climb up a wall to reach a high-up passage. Aelita's clone then enters the scene, and must use her levitation to zigzag through lasers. And it's up to Yumi to remove a block from their path. She's the one who must fight 5 Creepers and 2 Mites in the passage. Finally the group reaches the interface.
On Earth, Jeremy arrives in the lab and exposes XANA-Franz. The Scyphozoa has captured Aelita,'s just her clone!

Chapter 14:
Episode 51 - Revelation et episode 52 - The Key
Race in the Ice Sector with Ulrich! It's late, so he must hurry up and come back, but on Lyoko, something slows him down: XANA has created a dangerous polymorphic clone of him that he must fight.
On Earth, Jeremy has finally managed to decrypt Franz Hopper's diary. Aelita is Franz Hopper's daughter, and XANA is trying to get the Keys to Lyoko from her memory, so it stole her childhood memories to link her to itself. Expedition to Sector 5, where Jeremy believes to have found this fragment of her memory.
Already there are 2 Creepers, 2 Mites and 1 Manta to greet the group. A key to activate and Ulrich uses his Supersprint to cross a bridge. 6 Creepers and 3 Mites to fight to reach the next room. Then, like in the previous chapter, Aelita has to levitate to zigzag through lasers and reach a new key. 3 Creepers, 2 Mantas and 2 Mites await the group on the next platform. Next room, before going any further, there's a pod of 5 Mantas and 1 Creeper to beat! The following route forces the heroes to escape lasers again, and make a detour to activate another key to a well-guarded poor. The door was blocked by a blue force field, but also a red force field activated by 3 Creepers, 2 Mites and 2 Mantas, and a white one activated by an interface. After that are two labyrinths, the first allowing you to collect plenty of blue data bits, the second more particular: it's not the walls that are moving...but the floor. The end is near. 5 Creepers, 1 Mite and 2 Mantas try to slow the group down again. Aelita can finally reach her fragment... Which turns out to be one of XANA's traps. Aelita, all alone, can't do anything against the Scyphozoa. XANA gets the Keys to Lyoko and escapes the Supercomputer. But Franz Hopper saves his daughter by returning her stolen memories. She is now free...but so is XANA. The Lyoko Warriors' fight must continue!

Chapter 15:
Episode 53 - Straight to Heart
Odd is back at school after the summer holidays. Not a single attack from XANA, but there is still another problem: Odd is no longer in the same class as his friends. He must see the principal and change this, and has to convince Ms Weber to let him in. So he makes a detour to his room to find and return the notebook that he took from her a while ago. In the principal's office, he learns that Jim was the one who asked for him and the others to be separated. So Odd goes to the sport teacher's room and discovers a compromising photo of him in a disco film. Jim is in the gymnasium, but instead of blackmailing him, Odd simply gives him the photo. Touched by the gesture, Jim accepts to let him change class.
But that's when Jeremy calls: something strange is happening in Sector 5!
Yumi is the first to enter the fight, because she must use her telekinesis to unblock the route. She finds herself faced with...the Scorpion! XANA's ultimate monster!
Scorpion, attacks:
Electric shot: -10LP
Spinning tail: -10LP
Stomp: -5LP
Vertical tail swipe: -15LP
Earthquake: -5LP
The more its' hurt, the more steel armour it loses, then it flees... Odd takes the baton to reach the next platform by climbing. Like his friend, he must hurt the monster as much as possible before it flees again. Next up is Ulrich, who reaches the combat zone by sprinting. The monster is almost destroyed! But now it's...Aelita's turn to attack, by reaching the next corridor by levitating.

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