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Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A.
Code Lyoko
Fall of X.A.N.A.

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Console: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action/Adventure
Release date: 14 September 2008
Age: 12+
Players: 1 and + (Multiplayer over WiFi)
Developer: Neko Entertainment
Production: The Game Factory
Average price: around 25-30€

The world is in great danger! The X.A.N.A. virus has infected the Worldwide Web and its power is growing fast. Our heroes must enter the Digital Sea and use their individual skills and weapons to fight powerful monsters lead by their old friend William - who is now under X.A.N.A.'s control. The final challenge in their quest to save William and eradicate X.A.N.A. is to find Replicas hidden around Lyoko, protected by tough high-tech bosses. The battle has just begun...

This is an unofficial translation of the features list.
  • Use the stylus to control completely customisable characters with attacks, functions and virtual objects (firewalls, virus, bugs, programs...)
  • Open a path through the Digital Sea and fight more enemies using your submarine vehicles (Navskids)
  • Face your friends in 4 multiplayer modes: normal, handicap, wager and challenge
  • Play with the Lyoko Warriors and discover a unique interactive, turn-based, real-time combat system
  • Triumph over X.A.N.A.'s henchmen in 100 different combat arenas
  • Discover new "super deformed" heroes

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