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[FoX game] Media
 Media from the game "Fall of XANA"

Here you'll find the different media found in the game

The soundtrack of the game "Fall of XANA" is the same as the one for the Wii/PS2 game "Quest for Infinity". However, the music is lower quality, as it is compressed for DS use. To find the music from this game, simply go to the Wii game music page.

However, 4 new tracks are found only in the DS game. Find them here.

[Kadic Theme]
[Factory Theme]
[Victory Theme]
[Multiplayer Theme]

The game doesn't have any cutscenes, although it uses the opening sequence for season 4 at the start of the game. As such, there is no available video content. You can find an advertisement for the game by clicking this link.

Finally, we have composed a video of the different special attacks and combo attacks available to characters.


The game
[NDS file for Nintendo DS]
Click the links to download the NDS file for "Fall of XANA"

  • The game is meant for the Nintendo DS or a DS emulator on a computer.

  • [Important]'s role is limited to making the game available so that it isn't lost! In NO CASE are we responsible for the illegal use that could be done with it.

  • [Important] has no obligation to act as technical support. The site time won't respond to every technical demand about the use of game files. We're not here to tell you how to make the games work on your consoles. Special sites exist for that.


ImageThe downloading of this game is tolerable from a legal point of view because it can be considered as abandonware (or abandoned software). A game responds to this term in different cases:
    - The game is no longer available in store, simply resale by individuals. It therefore no longer gives any direct revenue to its publisher.
    - The development of the game is ended. Combined with the first criteria, the game is therefore no longer an object of commercial exploitation.
    - Required numbers and services linked to the selling of this product (here, the number of after-sales service and technical support) are no longer functional.

Why has made the choice to make this download available?
Abandonware can present advantages for different publishers. In fact:
    - Making the game available allows the heritage of the gaming licence to be preserved, while it would normally risk being lost after several years as a cause of commercialisation and the too-rapid evolution of technology.
    - A piece of abandonware, although outdated, represents a register and licence (here, the "Code Lyoko" licence). Allowing people to continue to play increases community loyalty to the series' Universe.
    - This also allows players who have already played the game to do it again. Also, people who've bought the game and possess a material copy can replace it with a digital one in case of damage or dysfunction.
    - Making a more commercial game available allows the avoidance of the perverse phenomenon of dealers who charge exorbitant costs due to the rarity of a product.


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