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[FoX game] Story

This game is composed of 7 missions in which our heroes fight XANA until it's destroyed. It vaguely follows the events of season 4 of Code Lyoko. It's also a loose adaptation of the Code Lyoko game on Wii and PS2.

The 1st mission consists of going to the Desert Sector to retrieve info signed “FH”, aka Franz Hopper according to Jeremy. In this first mission, we discover the combat system and data packs that can get us DP, HP, plug-ins...
When confronting William, Yumi and Odd's virtual envelopes begin to fail, making them disappear. Aelita and Ulrich find themselves two against William. After the fight, as Odd and Yumi haven't returned, Jeremy materialises Ulrich and Aelita until he can find a solution to this problem. He quickly gets on the case and launches a search of the network with the Deepscan.

The 2nd mission is retrieving Odd and Yumi. To do this, it's straight to the Mountain Sector to activate a tower so that Jeremy's program can be launched, because he doesn't have enough resources. After lending him more energy, Jeremy localises Odd on that very Sector and Yumi on a Replika. After getting Odd back, the heroes head into the Digital Sea to go to the Ice Replika in order to save Yumi.
This done, our heroes use the Skidbladnir to Teleport themselves and destroy the Ice Replika.

The 3rd mission is an activated tower on the Forest Sector. Our heroes are on the job and hurry to deactivate it. Just after deactivating the tower, Franz Hopper makes his appearance on the Sector and begins to transmit data to Jeremy. To destroy XANA, they need to get rid of all the Replikas.
The Lyoko Warriors dive in again. This time, to destroy the Mountain Replika.
At the end of this mission there's one less Replika and Franz Hopper's journal begins the decryption process.

For the 4th mission, Jeremy has succeeded in decrypting Franz Hopper's second fragment. But he's missing the third fragment, which is on the Forest Replika. To kill two birds with one stone, the heroes plan to destroy it afterwards. However, before diving into the Digital Sea, they must first go to the Ice Sector to locate an energy source that could well be Franz Hopper. Once there, the Lyokonauts realise that the source was one of XANA's traps: in reality, William is waiting for them. After fighting William, it's off to the Replika.
On the way there, the Kolossus appears. Jeremy manages to block it, giving our heroes time to flee to the Skid.
Arriving on the Forest Replika, multiple fights ensue, followed by the destruction of the Replika.
Back in the lab, during debriefing, Jeremy informs his friends that destroying the Replikas one by one won't be possible because XANA has over a hundred of them. The operator submerges himself in calculations and Franz Hopper's notes, searching for a solution.

During the 5th mission, XANA launches an environmental attack. Jeremy thinks it's because of the multi-agent program he launched earlier to neutralise the Kolossus. In order to stop XANA's attack, the Lyoko Warriors must head to the Desert Replika. Before that, they need to make a detour to Sector 5 to get dipolar data to repair the Skid program. Once on the Desert Replika, they deactivate the tower and retrieve data to save William. Just after that, the Skid is anchored, the kids Teleported and the Replika destroyed.

The 6th mission is saving William. Unfortunately, XANA launches another attack: this time, an asteroid is threatening to destroy the planet. Our heroes head to the Ice Sector, but once there, they realise that it was just bait: the activated tower is on a Replika. Not a moment's rest for our heroes; off to the Skid.
To their surprise, the Replika isn't one of the Desert, Mountain, Ice or Forest; it's a Volcano Replika. And a new Sector means new monsters. Indeed, we run into Volkanoids.
The priority remains deactivating the tower, as the asteroid is headed straight for the factory. Once the Code Lyoko is entered, the group proceeds to launch Jeremy's program to save William from XANA's claws. After defeating William, our heroes hurry to the next tower to anchor the Skid and destroy this Replika.

The 7th mission is also the last.
It's off to Sector 5 to launch Jeremy's mutli-agent program and bid farewell to XANA once and for all. Before that, a detour through the Ice Sector is needed to update the database in Sector 5 and activate the program. After fighting the Kolossus for the second time, our heroes go to Sector 5 to launch the program.
We can now say that XANA has been defeated!

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