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The Ice Sector labyrinth:
On the level where the path splits into 2, take them in the following order:
Left, right, left, right, right, left, and there you have it.

Difficulty with HP & DP:
When you've reached a save point, devirtualise and materialise your team, to restore all your HP and DP.

Wilson's review
My personal point of view:
Very disappointing after spending several hours on it. The game is very simplistic and easy to finish with a very short storyline. The graphics are disappointing. Evidently, you don't need to be expecting anything revolutionary, but you just need to take a look at other games released around this same time period to realise that the amount of effort put into this game wasn't extraordinary.

My little assessment:
Story: This game is an adaptation of the PS2/Wii game, for at least 60% of the missions. The missions always take place during season 4. Also similar to the Wii/PS2 game is that there's an extra school area you can go to, but still not many interactions to perform on Earth (aside from talking to characters).
Soundtrack: In terms of quality, it's reasonable for a game of this type. The music didn't get much attention because the music for fights and moving through Sectors was copy-pasted from the Wii/PS2 game. Although there are obviously some new tracks, such as for when you win a fight, which you appreciate at the start of the game...but in the end, after having done over 100 fights, this music gives you a headache. Thankfully you can turn the sound off.
Gameplay: Everything's done using the stylus. It's in 3D view when you move your mini character around. Not difficult at all.
Lifespan: This game took me about 10 hours to finish completely. BUT you languish in finishing it; the number of fights per Sector is important, making you take stop yourself every time. Each time you need to go to a Replika: whoops, an excuse forces us to go through a Sector on Lyoko, resulting in you going through 2 Sectors one after the other. In short, if you're in the middle of the game you have but one wish: to finish it.

Summary: Generally I advise you to buy good games, but this time, I'm going to do the opposite. If you have the Code Lyoko game on PS2, Wii or PSP, definitely don't buy it. You won't miss anything by not playing it, you'll just lose neurons and hours of your life. Even if you find this game for free on an emulator, I bet you'll lose interest about an hour into the game.

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