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[Celebration for 5 million] : International relationship!
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And it continues!

Many of our more fervent admirers raised the question of the international scope of and about which we collaborate with the international community, predominantly the English-speaking community! We have, in fact, realized that we haven't discussed this subject much! For once, we'll save your ears! ^o^

There is a lot of international talk!  Since the Lyokofan community IS international! Also, as a community fansite officially recognized by Moonscoop, we need to make the most of our exclusives for foreigners as much as for the French. So, let's make the point of this news in two stages.

Relationship with the American and international fandoms!

First of all, we are proud to announce to you all that, even if we make it discrete, is in connection with the international communities. We have connections with American graphic designers on Deviant-art and tumblr who have accepted to work with us to decorate the site. We also have contact with eminent American fans with whom we share all our information, which they relay to the foreigners!

In fact, you should know that even if is essentially in French, even foreigners use our site to keep informed of news on Code Lyoko Evolution using Google Translate! For example, you all recall without a doubt the photo of Gulliver Bevernaege, the actor who plays Odd, whom we asked to wish a happy new year to all the Lyokofans?  This photo was relayed abroad by us! The Twitcams made by Quentin Merabet were also headed to foreign fans.

But most importantly, we wish to reinforce the connections between the French and foreign communities. It is why we announce to you all this evening the existence of a partnership between CodeLyoko.Fr and the great American forum CodeLyoko-Evolved! This partnership is not the result of a rushed work or a sudden impulse. We have been effectively in connection with CL-Evolved for several weeks, when the arrival of Code Lyoko Evolution was made imminent! We maintain strong ties with its Webmaster Xiao and certain members of the forum (Kel, Tbcr...).

For several weeks now, we have proceeded to exchange information and services with each other. But in the future, we really hope to be able to organize events between our two respective forums to further the competition and interaction between our two communities. This aspect is new to CodeLyoko.Fr.

In fact, the site, even if it has always had contact with the Americans (at one time, Warton Chan), was still essentially French.  So, it is a new perspective that we wish to explore with our American and English-speaking friends more widely to reach the whole community. It is a major project... which will be necessary for a major site (A)! But hey, you know us. When we start something, we don't stop at a half smiley!!!

The language barrier remains!
After much trial and error, has decided to take a new direction.

Following a conversation with Julien and a consultation with a part of the team... After years where the question remained outstanding, we are proud to announce to you all that CodeLyoko.Fr will have, in the near future, an English version!

In fact, even if it is not a full translation, we have come up with the concept of a system behind the scenes which will allow us to offer an English version of the home page, the news, and the majority of the key sections! So, CodeLyoko.Fr will be able to really be the fansite of the entire community. Of course, we can count on the support of Moonscoop, of all our partners on this adventure, and also, we hope, of you!

Last point. This project is, of course, major and will be gradual. The English part will certainly open its doors in a month and will cover only part of the site... But we will have all the time necessary to develop it!

Under the partnership, as soon as this will see the light of day, we will probably redirect the non-French-speaking fans to the CL-evolved forum in order to increase its activity and to be a major hub for international fans! We plan neither to open an English section on our forum (that will divide everyone and that's never good) nor to have a fusion between both forums. Each community has its own space and each forum has its own history, as the idea of a fusion would indeed be the most profound debility.

So, we are going to bet on the interaction between our two forums and communities! The American fans will be welcomed if they want to participate on our forum, of course!

Well, it was more an announcement than anything else...
But the partnership with the Americans deserved to be mentioned. is illustrated in a number of domains (content, creativity, etc...) and the international cooperation is really something that we wish to put all our efforts into in 2013!