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[7th candle] The Finds of Dude Dudu
Posted by titi060 & Kelsey on 07/28/2013 at 10:07 (3 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Good afternoon everyone!

On this special day, there is good reason to spoil all of you, and we have something for everyone! First off, like you know, a new video is hidden as a reward for the site's challenge, good luck searching!
On top of that, like you have seen with the previous news, 2 new files have made their appearance. Here is the "Renders and HD Images" section completed with the Reloaded characters!


And finally, after having spoiled the CL fans, here is the time to spoil those of CLE with a new video of Melanie Tran rehearsing a scene (which is still unaired ;) ) during the shooting, under the advice of Luccio di Rosa. The video is in French, not English.

With that, blow out the seventh candle...
...and wait for the final news of the day!
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