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The Findings of Dude Dudu #39
Posted by Etienne on 07/30/2013 at 14:20 (21 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hey !

As you may see, this week the topic appears earlier so you don't have to wait too much to see the video of this weekend, if you did not find any codes. (Of course, there won't be any finding this Sunday). Besides, the flash of this weekend, concocted by Immu, is now in the attic section of the site.
Here is the famous censored scene that shows Yumi being pierced by the sword of William in episode 65. The scene was cut because too violent (Hm.. ..). This exctract has been set in the context of the episode! Appreciate this scene!

But that's not all! Because this video was from the findings of last Sunday! So what's up for today? Today it's spoiler time! The finding of the week conserne above two plans of this video which are HUGE SPOILS on the last episode of season 1 of Code Lyoko Evolution. If you watch this video, you will be asked not to reveal the spoils in the comments. And now, the show!

Have fun on ;)