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The findings of Dude Dudu #66
Posted by Etienne on 02/09/2014 at 14:36 (3 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hi all 

Today, the Renders & HD Images section receives a new category. Because indeed, even if the "Earth" background art category exists, this isn't yet the case for the "Lyoko" art! As a reminder, these "Lyoko" backgrounds, like the "Earth" ones, aren't simple screenshots from episodes of the series but images created exclusively for the distribution and promotion of the series.

Background art of 5 Sectors, the inside of towers and the Digital Sea through several seasons; these are the 28 images making their debut in the "Lyoko" background art category!

See you next Sunday for some heavy stuff on!