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The findings of Dude Dudu - 2016 edition - Part 1/3
Posted by Dudu on 04/04/2016 at 16:52 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Time for a great comeback! It's probably been over a year since he left, disappearing into thin air. He hid in a corner and worked in secret for a triumphant return. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...Dude Dudu! *hysterical cries*...

There you have it.

It's done.

So now, we can get down to business.

Hello everyone. So yes, we're back, for real, reality, we didn't actually leave. The goal of this chronicle, for those who aren't aware, was to reveal documents, videos, music, etc. weekly during the time Code Lyoko Evolution was airing (more of less)...with the aim of going further into the series background and allowing fans to discover never-before-seen images of the original series almost 10 years after it aired. For those wanting to refresh their memories, here's a compilation of the best of 101 findings (most clips in French).

Nostalgic? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Since the end of the chronicles, I've continued to sift through the net looking for new documents and for the most part, it's been satisfying. And after gathering a certain number of findings, the distribution of gifts can now commence.
This chronicle will appear again a few times throughout the year (so as special events) with a multitude of more or less interesting new images. Here we go!

  • Storyboard of the episode Distant Memory
Here are storyboards of episode 82 Distant Memory, more precisely of the flashback scene of Anthea's kidnapping. If you look closely, these storyboards have particular significance. Indeed, in the creation of a series, the usual process is to first create the literary and graphic bible of the season, then its common thread which will then allow different writers to work on their episodes from the bible, to finally allow the storyboarders to create the storyboards for different episodes. The final goal being using these storyboards to create the episodes. As you surely know, the series has its own codes concerning the creation of flashback scenes: flackbacks are unique, for some are a series of specially-made, high-quality drawings with certain effects (travelling for example) added. So here are the storyboards in question.


As you can see, the original scene differs to the final one. We can wonder why: is it because of the explicit violence? Or maybe because it didn't match up with the literary bible? Or because of a planning problem (these flashback images, of high quality, weren't done by the same person as other images from the cartoon)? Is it XANA's fault? So many unanswered questions...mysteries still left wide open...(for now).

  • Renders
Did you miss them? New, old, here are some renders! Not a lot, of course, but some of them are very rare. So first off you'll find the renders of the Blok and the Hornet are in higher quality than the ones previously available, plus a new render of Aelita from season 1. And finally, a very rare one of Ulrich (it was only used in France when the TCG was available), it represents our Lyoko Warrior in the virtual world circa season 2 with a Super Sprint trail behind him, and its counterpart with Ulrich on his Overbike, in a way that lets you easily admire the devilish head on his outfit.


  • Un monde sans danger (A World Without Danger) clip, version 3
You know the Un monde sans danger clip from season 1! You certainly also know the Un monde sans danger clip from season 2! You don't know the Un monde sans danger season 3 clip? That's to be expected, it didn't exist; instead we had the Planet Net video. And season 4? No clip? You might've thought as such! It seems that an Un monde sans danger "season 4" version video does exist. Warning, I'm not talking about any fan-made one available on dozens of YouTube channels, but an official clip. Nothing "new" so to speak but nevertheless something new in and of itself.

  • Code Lyoko Evolution desktop backgrounds
Now that Code Lyoko Evolution is well and truly over and no new promotion has been released for the series, some sections of the site can now be finished, and this is the case for CLE desktop backgrounds. Just to remind you, these "desktop backgrounds" are promotional images (which are nothing more than screenshots) that Moonscoop made available to television channels, or press releases to illustrate the series.

And there you have it! That'll be all for this issue. The next one will appear later in the year. Let's take advantage of this news to signal that the team making the Code Lyoko social game have recently posted a message that bodes well:

"Dear players, We've met the direction of Ellipse Animation and they are interested to continue the exploitation of the game Code Lyoko. So, we want to know your wishes for the future in order to propose them a concrete updates plan. Thanks for your help." Go to the CLSG page to voice your opinion.