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ImageSize: Always changing
Weight: Theoretically, less than 1kg (the specter is made out of gas)
Speed: Jumps or floats, its speed changes
LP: Terrestrial monster, still invincible, but sensitive to electric discharges
Appears on: Exclusively Earth
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Deactivate the infected tower that generates them, or EMP bomb
Equipment: None


XANA's specters, even studied by Jeremy, are the strangest and the most mysterious of XANA's monsters. Most of the time, they come out of electricity sockets, always appearing like a dark and thick smoke. It's the only monster which acts exclusively on Earth and never on Lyoko. Its appearance on Earth often happens when XANA is attacking.
They can take control of any body by entering it, especially ones with electrical components like a bulldozer or a bus (episode 4 “Log Book” and Episode 6 “Crual Dilemma”). It also penetrates matters like laughing gas (episode 15 “Laughing Fit”), or a living body like a rat or a dog (episodes 11 “Plagued” and 40 “Attack of the Zombies”). Later on, XANA's new powers allow its specters to take control of human beings who have never been to Lyoko: that's xanafication.


A specter or any element infiltrated by a specter gains phenomenal abilities.
Firstly a great physical strength: the specter from episode 48 “Is Anybody Out There?” lifts all 102 kilograms (225lbs) of Jim without any trouble. Same thing for xanafied people. They can launch electric discharges, even energy bursts. They are almost insensitive to hits because they pixelate themselves: their gaseous body simply crackles in case of violent impact. They only have one weakness: electric discharges have an incapacitating effect on them.

Finally, the specters rarely attack the heroes directly without taking a detour, but it happens sometimes. Jeremy bore the brunt of it when specters tried to suffocate him while coming in by the openings in his face. The specter can be called a “poltergeist”...
So, XANA's specters are the direct agents of XANA on Earth for launching its offensives; they are present in almost all the episodes, in their different appearances.


They follow the growing power of XANA and are directly connected to it.
In the final episodes, a specter is able to xanafy William, who had stayed on Lyoko for a long time. Maybe was it easier for XANA to seize the teenager who had already been under its control for a long time? Whatever the reason, this fact from episode 94 “Fight to the Finish” throws off the balance a little.
In the same episode, we realize that the specters are directly linked to XANA and even are sorts of extensions of its person. When Jeremy's program, created to destroy XANA definitively, will spread throughout the network, the specter possessing William at the same time will extricate itself of its victim's body and will take a human appearance (with XANA's eye on the belly), distorted like in agony. The last of specters will finally have the look of a human face, also in agony, before disappearing forever.
This appearance stays similar to the specter's one in episode 52 “The Key”, escaping from Lyoko: these are human representations of XANA... That we won't see anymore...


ImageSize: Always changing
Weight: Theoretically, less than 1 kg (The clone is made out of gas)
Speed: Variable
LP: Terrestrial monster, still invincible, but sensitive to electric discharges
Appears on: Exclusively Earth
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Deactivate the infected tower that generates them, or EMP bomb
Equipment: None


There are variants among XANA's specters: one of them is the clone. This monster is, in actual fact, a specter like any other. But it takes the appearance of a person from the group like Yumi or a stranger like Franz Hopper.
Then, it becomes a true copy of this person, while being endowed with an exceptional strength and be able to launch electric attacks... XANA's clones are, like the multi-agent system, more and more clever. The first clone of Yumi behaved differently compared to the original model. It was quiet and aggressive. In contrast, the clones from the series' end were able to fool the closest friends of anybody in the group.

The clone is not really much a variant of the specter because it can become gas again to enter someone's body (episode 49 “Franz Hopper”). A slightly particular specter was the specter from episode 43 “XANA's Kiss”. It changed its look frequently and consequently got the name of “polymorphic” clone... Even if in theory, all the clones must be polymorphic.
This frightening ability allows it to go unnoticed wherever it goes! Moreover, turning into anyone, it can stir up ill-feeling in the group and divide the heroes.

Another polymorphic clone appeared in the series. But, it didn't change its look on Earth, but on Lyoko after being virtualized. See its profile below.

This monster is the most versatile of all. You will find all the tricks used by this monster in the section XANA on Earth! Let's note too that around the end of the conflict against XANA, Jeremy becomes able to generate clones by activating Lyoko's towers. He does it to create “clones” of people who are absent from school (himself or again William).


Yumi's clone
ImageSize: Same as Yumi's
Weight: Ask Yumi
Speed: Very fast
LP: Terrestrial monster, still invincible, but sensitive to electric discharges
Appears on: Exclusively Earth
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Deactivate the infected tower that generates it
Equipment: None


Many fans will ask: “Why isolate Yumi's clone from the others ?”. That's an interesting question. This clone has a point of divergence with others. The clones all have the same origin: when Father XANA's tower meets the socket of Mother Earth (Humph...).

This clone wasn't born this way. It was sent on Earth by way of a scanner in the real Yumi's place.
So, XANA materialized this clone out of nothing, except computer data. However, contrary to the other clones which only are gaseous specters that look like a human being, Yumi's clone very likely had a body of flesh and blood. Of course its body was inhabited by a specter or something electric which relayed the clone to XANA. But the difference deserved to be noted, especially as it was the first evidence for Jeremy that it was possible to materialize Aelita.


ImageSize: 50cm (19.6in)
Weight: 12kg (26.4lbs)
Speed: 3/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Sectors and Replikas of Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 5
Way to destroy them: Hit the eye of XANA on their “forehead”

Equipment: A laser that charges up by spinning in a circle before shooting.

Description: The Kankrelat is, by far, the weakest of XANA's monsters. Having very few life points, and walking on four little legs, the Kankrelat is not very fast. However it does own a dreaded laser beam that it shoots from a sort of red eye at the bottom of the monster, right above its legs. Kankrelats mostly travel in groups of 5 and rarely travel alone. This monster finds strength in numbers.
The reason the Kankrelat is so deadly lies in the fact that it is XANA's smallest monster, therefore it is the hardest to target and strike with a weapon.
However, it also has disadvantages: the monster can only dodge a short distance. Moreover, its body is so frail that, if it gets hit, even if the eye of XANA remains untouched, the monster will be destroyed.
Despite their evident weaknesses, the virtual cockroaches remain opponents to be avoided like the plague...They are one of the most frequently met monsters.
XANA's mini-monster won't be able to keep up with the evolution of battle and will undergo Darwinist Lyokoist law: the Kankrelat will no longer be a threat to the Lyoko Warriors, and we will see it less and less.
XANA will reuse the Kankrelats mostly for surprise attacks, like how it caught Yumi off guard in episode 91, “Bad Connection”.


ImageSize: 1.75m (5'9")
Weight: 180kg (396.8lbs)
Speed: 5/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Surface Sectors and Replikas of Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 4
Way to destroy them: Hit their fourth eye in the middle

Equipment: The Bloks have 4 eyes and 3 possible attacks. With their first eye, they can shoot lots of laser beams. Their second and third eyes can launch freezing beams and rings of fire. Their fourth eye is their mission control, or their “brain eye”, but also their weakest point...

Description: The Blok looks like an imposing and coarsely trimmed cube, provided with 6 legs that are disproportionate to the body... This monster isn't really powerful in terms of speed... We encounter it very often during XANA's first attacks, but its presence on Lyoko decreases for the benefit of the new and more high-performance Tarantulas.
If this monster is dangerous, it's mainly because we never know which attack it's going to use, and its special shots are particularly dreaded. The rings of fire are very tricky to dodge and particularly dangerous because they devirtualize in one shot! Odd and Ulrich experienced it in episode 59 “The Secret”. As for the ice beams, they can either devirtualize a Lyoko Warrior, or completely imprison a member of the group who will have to wait until his/her ice prison breaks. If it only hits a part of the body, a leg for example, the victim will be the perfect target, stuck in that spot and can be annihilated by the beams...
The weakness of the Bloks, except their mission control, is their square-shaped skull over which the virtual fighters can climb, being safe and out of sight from all attacks... In this case, the Blok can do nothing except await its destruction...


ImageSize: 2.20m (7'2")
Weight: 150kg (330.6lbs)
Speed: 9/10
LP: 80+
Appears on: Surface Sectors and Replikas of Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 1 to 4, in the episode “The Chips are Down”, there are about twenty.
Way to destroy them: Hit XANA's target on their back

Equipment: It has three facial lasers combined into one and a underside laser that's incredibly more powerful than the facial laser. While the facial laser generally inflicts 40 life points of damage, the underside laser inflicts 80 life points of damage. We can consider a third weapon if we count the use of its legs for hitting or throwing the Lyoko Warriors, like Ulrich in the Prequel “XANA Awakens”.

Description: The Krab usually moves alone on the Sectors, thanks to its speed and its significant strength; it often has the job of a sentry. It's surely the monster that XANA employs the most for defending towers. Its velocity is so much that even vehicles are unable to shake it off. Its underside laser protects its stomach, on the other hand its skull is very vulnerable to aerial attacks. The heroes fight these replica crustaceans easier while being on their vehicles; fighting one on foot is a whole other story!
It's adapted for every battle, and unlike other monsters, its legs offer a great agility and make it able to climb or hang on, and mainly to dodge.
In addition to all that, the monster is more resilient than average and can handle attacks that don't hit its eye, consequently the heroes have to hit them relentlessly...
The Krabs will always find enough aggressiveness to give the heroes some difficulty. So, despite the arrival of Tarantulas, the presence of Krabs won't decrease as much as the Kankrelats' or the Bloks'... After his xanafication, William calls on them frequently, even on Replikas.
So, the Krab is valuable monster.


ImageSize: 1m (3'3")
Weight: 25kg (55lbs)
Speed: 7/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Surface Sectors and Replikas of Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 3, 5 and sometimes more
Way to destroy them: Hit XANA's target on their forehead

Equipment: They have 2 types of weapons: the first is a laser on their stinger. Some of them have a proboscis at the same place that the laser. This proboscis allows them to spit venom. The damage caused by a laser are, most of the time, 20 life points per impact. The ones caused by the venom are proportional to the exposure time.
The hornets will use their poison proboscis during two episodes only: episodes 9 “Satellite” and 12 “Swarming Attack”. It's regrettable, because this attack mode was really typical of the Hornets.

Description: These insects look like bees, but they are more dangerous. They fly high in the sky and are fast, propelled by their four pairs of wings, which makes them really difficult to hit, especially without a vehicle. The Hornets generally fly in groups of 3 but for some occasions, they can be more numerous. Combining their ability to act quickly with the fact they charge at the heroes while machine-gunning from every side, the Hornets become very dangerous. Their across-the-board attacks are doubtlessly the most difficult of all the attacks to ward off! Very fortunately, the monster's body remains very frail and a well-aimed blow is able to destroy it without necessarily hitting the target on its forehead.
The Hornets are noticeable thanks to their frenzied flapping of wings and the aerial battles with the heroes are unquestionably magnificent.
We can notice that the monster immediately stops being a threat if it's deprived of its wings. You will recognize the allusion to episode 81 “A Lack of Goodwill”.


ImageSize: 2.5m (8'2")
Weight: 1000kg (2205lbs)
Speed: 7/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Surface Sectors and Replikas of Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Hit one of the XANA eyes through which they fire their attacks. They are under their protective sphere

Equipment: It has a formidably powerful semicircular beam which forms a half-sphere when it's launched. It generates this attack thanks to two eyes of XANA, one situated on each side. This beam, which can knock out all of the heroes' life points, escapes through its two eyes, hidden in its organic and viscous part under its metal shell. For launching its attacks, the Megatank must, at first, open this shell which it uses as a protection and which is, to the end of the series, still impregnable, if we don't count the deadly falls in the Digital Sea.

Description: The Megatank is relatively fast, it's surely for this reason that it moves alone on Lyoko's Sectors. It stands still often and opens itself to attack, but once it curls up in ball, it eats up the kilometres as fast as a vehicle of our heroes and is totally invulnerable, except when falling in Digital Sea. It can even crush a Lyoko Warrior under its mass (Ulrich bears the brunt of it in episode 64 “Double Trouble”). Its bowels are made of a viscous and unidentifiable paste, comparable to a red berry chewing gum.
Of all the monsters, it can compete with the Tarantula in terms of power. Its power is so great that since the end of season 1, then during season 2, XANA sends it to deactivate towers which are activated by Hopper or Jeremy, which it is able to do while shooting relentlessly on the tower to damage it and break the link between Earth and Lyoko... Currently, just one impact can devirtualize a hero. Even weapons are unable to contain such a shot,only Aelita's energy fields can contain and break such great power! In episode 50 “Contact”, Ulrich's digital saber is smashed under the pressure of the powerful shot.
Before, its vertical, circular shots could be dodged without any troubles, merely a step aside! In season 3, the Megatanks will roll over their side to emit a circular horizontal shot covering a whole platform of Lyoko, forcing the heroes to jump up high to escape.
This monster personifies one of the most formidable enemies for the virtual warriors.
The Megatanks' appearances clearly peak during the episodes of Surface Sectors' destruction, but after Lyoko's re-creation, we almost never see them again. Are they on strike...?


ImageSize: 2.08m (6'10")
Weight: 100kg (220.4lbs)
Speed: 8/10
LP: 125
Appears on: Surface Sectors and Replikas of Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 1 to 3
Way to destroy them: Hit XANA's target on their forehead

Equipment: 4 lasers placed under each of their four legs make them difficult to destroy, even if we never saw them using their laser from their hind legs. This monster's lasers have already decimated the whole team in a short time. Each laser shot inflicts around 30 life points of damage.

Description: The Tarantulas are XANA's new creatures, probably created after its increase in power. Their number of life points is twice more than other monsters', their shots burst out at a breakneck pace and are able to repel Yumi's tessen fans. They are unquestionably the strongest of XANA's monsters. The Tarantulas are, since their creation, constantly used by XANA to protect the towers it activates. They are also agile and can shoot while moving, standing on their hind legs and shooting with their front legs. Even vehicles are not synonymous with victory when three Tarantulas are facing the heroes... Their bodies are resilient and have no exposed weakness, even XANA's eye, small on the beast's forehead.
Along with Megatanks, these spider replicas are XANA's shock troops.
The use of this monster will be exponential as we won't see the Tarantulas anymore except during season 4, still defending the towers. Yet, they won't stay the invincible monsters they were. In episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One”, Odd will simultaneously fight four Tarantulas!


ImageSize: 1.80m (5'11")
Weight: 80kg (176lbs)
Speed: 5/10
LP: 20
Appears on: Sector 5 and Replika of Sector 5
Moves in groups of: Very variable
Way to destroy them: Simple attack

Equipment: A laser located in its mouth which has remarkable power and makes up the major part of its head. Each shot takes out 40 life points.

Description: The Creepers are monsters which can only act in the heart of Carthage, which they are undoubtedly the guardians of. Their look is half-organic, half-mechanical. Their impressive strength compensates for their fragility. Indeed, a simple attack anywhere on its body and this monster explodes into a whitish paste with the appropriate sound effects. It certainly is the least resilient of Lyoko's monsters. It also has the ability to move on all the surfaces of Carthage, including the walls and ceiling, which means that the heroes don't always see them appear out of the blue.
The Creepers are, most of the time, destroyed in large quantities, but each time the Lyoko Warriors visit Carthage, they seem more numerous, their growls resounding off the walls of the Sector...
The key the Creepers' success is their place of residence: they occupy the Sector 5 which was, for a long time, the field of the main events of the virtual world, right up until the peak of XANA's triumph, namely the destruction of the Core in episode 65 “Final Round”.
But this habitat will also be responsible of their progressive disappearance in the series: though we will see a little bit the Creepers at the beginning of season 4, especially in episode 70 “Skidbladnir” during which they attack the submarine, afterwards, Sector 5 is not under XANA's protection anymore but Jeremy's, who re-created Lyoko. Also, the central Sector will become just a passing Sector containing the Skid Hangar, essential for diving into the Digital Sea.
The decline of Carthage's screen time marks the decline of the Creepers...


ImageSize: 7m (22'11")
Weight: 100kg (220.4lbs)
Speed: 6/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Everywhere on Lyoko and its Replikas
Moves in groups of: 3
Way to destroy them: Hit XANA's target on their back

Equipment: They have two weapons at their disposal: the first is a powerful double laser which is around their mouth. They also have the ability to spread explosive mines: these ones can float on the spot to create a barrier, or chase their target until the target is hit or destroyed. Ulrich will realize in episode 66 “William Returns” that one mine is enough to be devirtualized.
Finally, when stuck together belly to belly, the Mantas can generate a mysterious beam which makes the heroes it hits completely mad (episode 60 “Temporary Insanity”)!

Description: The Mantas are creatures living in Carthage, this monster is surely the most aesthetic of all. Second monster after the Hornets to fly, these luxurious blue creatures seem to float on air and always act in trios. Their size makes them easy to target but it's easier to reach a target while being in a vehicle. They come each time the heroes come to find on the Sector 5 interface. They always appear suddenly from Carthage's digital sky and leave our heroes in peace once they rush into a tunnel or when they are defeated. They sometimes get out of Carthage and go onto Surface Sectors to accomplish some missions like putting Aelita at the mercy of the Scyphozoa, or leading the young girl to a Way Tower to type in the Code XANA.
Unlike the other monsters, the Manta will be more and more used and it will finally appear on all the Surface Sectors.
The fact that William rides one increases their influence enormously because this monster rarely moves alone.

The beautiful blue creatures will fly over all Lyoko's or any Replika's skies, their speed being a significant factor to block Aelita (we will remember the impressive hedgehopping from episode 89 “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast”) and also to shoot at Franz Hopper.
The heroes don't gain any skill in fighting the Mantas, they will still find them tiresome in episode 94 “Fight to the Finish”.
Note that it's Mantas that kill Franz Hopper.



William's Manta (Black Manta)

When XANA obtains its possessed lieutenant (William, of course), it doesn't create a vehicle for him like the Overboard or the Overbike. Nevertheless, it offers him a ride and it is a Manta. This Manta has features similar to other Mantas and has few differences. The usually blue parts of Mantas are black on it. There's only one at the same time, but, once it disappears, XANA re-creates once right after.

So, this Manta isn't really much different from all the others, just a little bit atypical. When William rides it, he can take his sword out. He stands on his creature with reins he makes for himself with Supersmoke. Strongly gripping this black string linked to the head of the Manta, he can manoeuvre it without any trouble. However, this isn't really necessary, as the animal can do it on its own.
When its passenger gets off, the Black Manta fights exactly like one of its colleagues, mostly alongside them.

Nothing can confirm if this Manta is stronger than any other.
We only have to confirm that it is extremely well trained and has never kept William waiting when he exclaims “Manta”.


ImageSize: (9'10") in diameter
Weight: None (Force field)
Speed: 10/10 (Instantaneous catching)
LP: Infinite
Appears on: To date, Ice Sector and Mountain Sector
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Make a fake image of the captured person

Equipment: Unknown (probably a force field and a levitation field)

Description: The Guardian is a big, transparent orange sphere which has the ability to imprison someone on Lyoko. Its victim becomes completely unconscious, without the possibility of communicating outside the Guardian. The only way to free the prisoner is to create a perfect copy of this person near the Guardian to persuade it that it was mistaken.
There was a hypothesis, saying that Franz Hopper may be held prisoner in one of these creatures, but nothing could confirm it. Furthermore, the scientist is able to communicate with the outside, but maybe it's because he is more powerful than a simple Lyoko Warrior... The rumor will later be denied in the series.


ImageSize: 10m (32'9")
Weight: 25kg (55lbs)
Speed: 2/10
LP: Unknown, supposedly invincible
Appears on: Everywhere on Lyoko
Moves in groups of: 1 (unique monster), often escorted
Way to destroy them: Unknown, never destroyed up to now

Equipment: Like a real jellyfish, the Scyphozoa has 8 tentacles, which it can regenerate, that are nearly 4 metres (13ft) long! With the help of its appendages, this monster can whack and immobilize a victim above the ground. Yet, the tentacles of the Scyphozoa hide more occult powers: they can absorb memory, steal DNA code and even transmit a virus which places a person to XANA's control!
Inside its skull, there is a sort of brain, the bank where it stores the memories it steals from Aelita.

Description: The Scyphozoa is a strange monster. It has no offensive power and floats over the ground, generally moving slower than most other monsters. It doesn't move in groups because everything seems to prove that this monster is unique! Yet, this monster is, by far, the most feared by the heroes... Its weakness is supposed to be, like the others, XANA's target; but the fact this target has never been hit persuades us of the invulnerability of the monster. Our heroes' attacks on this creature are focused on the tentacles and the top of the body, preventing it from stealing Aelita's memory or infecting her with a virus. The Scyphozoa is really feared because of the horrors that could happen to the people trapped in its tentacles!

In season 2, the Scyphozoa never stopped moving, always together with other monsters, wherever Aelita may be, not ceasing to harass her to steal her memory. It emits a constant raucous noise which allows to hear it coming. It manages to steal Aelita's memory (episode 52 “The Key”), allowing XANA to escape onto the worldwide network! Yet, the role of the Scyphozoa doesn't end here! Still watching out for Aelita in season 3, it transmits viruses to her to place her under XANA's control in order for the young virtual girl to destroy Surface Sectors by typing the Code XANA in Way Towers! In episode 65 “Final Round”, the Scyphozoa will place William under XANA's control and so will be the indirect architect of the destruction of the Core of Lyoko! While William was taking care of this job, the Scyphozoa ran away, and is still running...

The strangeness, the pugnacity and the dangerousness of the Scyphozoa makes it a unique monster which may be considered as a true villain!
As long as XANA has William and its objectives are about Franz Hopper, the Scyphozoa won't be omnipresent. It will only have some appearances. Inexhaustible about innovation, the Scyphozoa will get a new skill, deployable through its tentacles: the ability to drain energy.
So, in episode 76 “The Lake”, XANA will send its favorite monster to wind itself around the Skidbladnir in a deadly clutch! The mission could have been accomplished and the Skid been drained to its destruction. However, the Scyphozoa is faced with one of Jeremy's programs, able to divert the energy of the four Way Towers to boost the Skid's shields to maximum. Confronted by such defensive power, the Scyphozoa suffers the biggest shock of its Scyphozoic life and is violently thrown far away from the vessel! It lost all its tentacles and during fifteen episodes or so, the Lyokofans think the Scyphozoa is well and truly gone!

But no! Still as disgusting, the Scyphozoa will appear one last time, during episode 90 “Wrong Exposure”, with all its appendages fully regrown!
Being particularly annoyed [color=yellow]about its failure in episode 76, it was obvious that the Scyphozoa wanted to calm itself down... That's why, it will, one more time, harass its scapegoat: poor Aelita.
The creature xanafies Aelita so that she [color=yellow]jumps into the Digital Sea herself. The heroes will save Aelita once more but with some trouble because their little princess will grab one of Ulrich's sabres and will change into a deadly fighter...

This particularly significant misdeed remains the last for the Scyphozoa, which probably dies at the same time as its master XANA, annihilated by the multi-agent system.

It surely is the most recurrent and the toughest monster of the series.


Virtualized polymorphic clone
ImageSize: Depends on the person whose appearance it takes
Weight: Depends on the person whose appearance it takes
Speed: Depends on the person whose appearance it takes
LP: 50
Appears on: Mountain Sector
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Simple attack on Lyoko
Equipment: Depends on the person whose appearance it takes

Description: At first a specter like any other, come out of a socket, it gives up its smoke appearance to borrow someone's appearance. It can so virtualize unnoticed. When a polymorphic clone goes to Lyoko, it becomes the virtual avatar of the person whose appearance it took. As well as taking a visual appearance, it also copies his/her abilities, powers and his/her weapon(s).
It can hinder the group and fight like any Lyoko Warrior. It can be defeated by attacking it with weapons, as usual.


ImageSize: 30-40m (98'5"-131'3")
Weight: Several tonnes
Speed: 5/10
LP: Unknown
Appears on: Ice Replika and Ice Sector
Moves in groups of: 1 (unique monster)
Way to destroy them: Pierce its facial target and its main target on the arm

Equipment: The Kolossus doesn't really have equipment.
Its own body is a weapon on two levels.
Firstly, because the Kolossus has a xiphoid arm. It means that its arm has the shape of a blade. The Kolossus therefore has a sword integrated to its morphology. The proportion of this sword is such that the Kolossus has a large striking range. The strength of its arm is such that one sword stab can break an iceberg (episode 94 “Fight to the Finish”) or destroy the Skid with only the back of its hand (episode 93 “Down to Earth”).
Secondly, the Kolossus is so titanic that even without using its dreaded left arm, it can devirtualize the heroes just by stepping on them. Yumi will use this trick to go back on Earth in episode 94 and Ulrich is devirtualized under its foot in episode 93.

The Kolossus has several XANA eye targets. One on its head and 4 on its blade arm.

Description: Along with the Scyphozoa, the Kolossus is the second of XANA's monsters which is noticed because of its abnormality. We therefore have the right to be disappointed that this monster is present in only three episodes...
Its functions are yet more simple and less complex than the Scyphozoa's projects: destruction.
The Kolossus must, in fact, get rid of the Skid and devirtualize all the heroes who bump into it. Note that it will achieve its goal and will send the Skid into a state of disrepair...

Let's replace this monster in its context.
The Kolossus is born when XANA starts to suffer its first heavy defeats. Actually, the heroes destroy more and more Replikas and William becomes less and less able to hold them back.
Considering this, XANA decides to create an undefeatable monster that the heroes won't be able to face: a monster of mass destruction. To create such a monster, XANA will however need a phenomenal power source. And this source, it just obtains it: by infesting dozens of Supercomputers around the world, XANA has Replikas in large number. To invoke the Kolossus, the multi-agent system only has to divert the energy from all the virtual worlds. The monster will be able to appear on a Replika or on Lyoko.

Facing the monster is not impossible. However, it is better to have a vehicle... Facing the Kolossus means making no mistakes, because any hit can be fatal. Nevertheless, the Kolossus has two weak spots: despite its large strides which makes escaping very difficult, it is very slow, before dealing a blow. On the other hand, the monster is so imposing that one can move on its body. The final fight between Ulrich against William will continue to the shoulder of the Kolossus. When a Lyoko Warrior climbs it, the Kolossus is as powerless as an elephant assailed by a mouse.
On the other hand, the Kolossus also has a strong point: we can't devirtualize it by the stroke of fate by aiming at one of its targets: indeed, hitting only one eye isn't enough to bring it down. Its eyes still are its only potential weak points, because its body is extremely resilient. It isn't easily damaged by normal attacks. When it falls, the Kolossus creates massive cracks in the ground.

The arrival of this monster will make the series evolve very quickly. In two episodes, the heroes won't act freely on Replikas and will be deprived of trips into the Digital Sea when the Skid will bite the snowy dust of an Ice Replika.
XANA will also use its monster to track the heroes down. However, the supposedly invincible monster will finally be brought down. Ulrich will hammer a sabre in the eye and a sabre in the main target of its arm, immobilizing the monster, then causing it to fall heavily backwards in the Ice Sector. Sprawled on the ground, the magma in the monster's body will harden, proving that it won't disturb the heroes anymore...


ImageSize: Same as Aelita's
Weight: Same as Aelita's
Speed: Same as Aelita's
LP: Same as Aelita's
Appears on: Surface Sectors
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Simple attack on Lyoko
Equipment: Same powers as Aelita

Description: Many times and with the aim to destroy the Surface Sectors of Lyoko (see the context of season 3), XANA needed Aelita. The Guardian of Lyoko can type the Code XANA in the Way Tower of a Surface Sector, which destroys it immediately.

To force Aelita to type the code, XANA uses the Scyphozoa to take Aelita under its control. The heroes have no choice but to fight and devirtualize their friend to avoid the worst case scenario. Under the influence of XANA, Aelita has the same abilities she usually has: Creativity, energy fields... Her physical abilities seem boosted: she can inflict violent blows (episode 58 “The Pretender”) and she fights incredibly well with a sword (episode 90 “Wrong Exposure”).

Let's finally note that she will be caught by the Scyphozoa in episode 90 “Wrong Exposure” to throw herself into Digital Sea. In episode 32 “Saint Valentine's Day”, XANA possesses her her with the help of a necklace containing a microchip she wears during her virtualization.


Ulrich's possessed avatar
ImageSize: Same as Ulrich's
Weight: Same as Ulrich's
Speed: Same as Ulrich's
LP: Same as Ulrich's
Appears on: Sector 5
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Simple attack on Lyoko
Equipment: Ulrich's weapons and powers, but upgraded!

Description: After a program gone wrong, Jeremy separated Ulrich's mind and his virtual avatar, which was lost in Sector 5. XANA took advantage of it, and borrowed it to attack the Core (episode 62 “Nobody in Particular”).

The heroes have to devirtualize it and the task was really hard! The clone had Ulrich's powers and a powerful green laser beam. Odd will nonetheless finish it off.



ImageSize: 1.80m (5'11") (estimate)
Weight: 100kg (220.4lbs) (estimate)
Speed: 6/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Digital Sea
Moves in groups of: 3 to 5
Way to destroy them: Hit them with a torpedo

Equipment: The Kongre is, that's the most evident at first sight, endowed with really impressive jaws! We can be surprised enough to see that it never uses it. It is very likely that the imposing teeth could have assailed the bodywork of a Navskid. It would have been able if it opens its mouth large enough...
The Kongre seems well-armoured, yet, make no mistake, it's not as resilient as any other monster, despite its scales.
The only real weapon the Kongre has is its eyes: they shoot at the same time and the pair of eyes therefore makes a double laser.

Description: The Kongre benefits of a prestige effect for a reason which doesn't really give it great virtue: it's the first aquatic monster we ever encountered in the series; the first native from the vast and mysterious Digital Sea.
It surprises due to its appearance, which reminds us of the prehistoric monsters who dozed in the terrestrial ocean deeps (you will see that the monster doesn't look like a real conger eel at all, but looks more like an anglerfish, or a prehistoric ancestral fish like the coelacanth): its white and empty look allows it to fire on the heroes' vessels. Even its mode of transportation (its tail) is blindsiding because its chemical composition seems indefinable... But can we freely talk of chemical composition on Lyoko, or do we stick to a simple visual effect...?
Despite its remarkable entrance, the Kongre won't really have its hour of glory like its above-ground colleagues. The monsters from the Digital Sea started with a severe handicap: if it achieves its aim, one of the heroes inevitably dies, digitized forever. That's why the Kongre was doomed to be a minor disruptive element since the beginning, present to add some suspense.
The role of the Kongres has been to disturb the heroes during their journeys in the Digital Sea, looking for Replikas. To be honest, their role has always been secondary and this monster surely remains partially exploited.


ImageSize: 2.20m (7'2") (estimate)
Weight: 70kg (154lbs) (estimate)
Speed: 7/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Digital Sea
Moves in groups of: 3 to 5
Way to destroy them: Hit them with a torpedo

Equipment: Without offending its assertive fans, the Shark is to the Digital Sea like the Kankrelat is to Lyoko: a second-rate monster.
It is actually provided with a basic equipment. Its tail simply allows it to swim and doesn't allow it to spin which, would dazzle us. The irreplaceable eye of XANA is drawn on its pointed nose.
Its teeth seem too spineless to worry a Navskid. Finally, its only weapon remains its mouth, which launches torpedoes.

Like the Kankrelat on Lyoko, the Shark is adapted to lead a digital guerilla: it must be present in a large number if it doesn't want to be exterminated and really likes to do little surprise strikes and harassing.

Description: Like the Kongre, the Shark will be discovered later, when the heroes will really take to navigating the Digital Sea.
And like the Kongre, the Shark won't have a major role. Like it was said up above, it will evolve in a disturbing perspective: its objective is to slow the heroes down as much as possible, even forcing them to cancel their mission.

However, the Shark stays lively enough and is very annoying to chase between the data banks of the Digital Sea.
It will also have the role of escort, for William inside his Rorkal and for the Kalamar in episode 88 “Cousins Once Removed”.
In the end, this perfectly matches its primary role: save time, but this time, for another of XANA's agents than themselves.

The conclusion will be the same that its Kongrian counterpart: it won't have its finest hour or dominant role in the series. As proof: in some episodes, we cut from Kadic Academy to a Replika with the Skid already anchored without seeing the underwater fight.


ImageSize: 8m (26'3") (estimate)
Weight: 120kg (264.5lbs) (estimate)
Speed: 6/10
LP: 50
Appears on: Digital Sea
Moves in groups of: 1
Way to destroy them: Hit it with torpedoes

Equipment: The Kalamar has an eye in the middle of its body. Like an octopus, it has tentacles but less in number.
However, they look more like mechanic claws, transplanted onto a robot. Unlike the Scyphozoa, its appendages are jointed. They end in sharp points and allow the monster to grip onto the Skidbladnir.
Once firmly gripped to the ship, the monster can deploy its second weapon: a drill! This one works exactly like if the Kalamar was itself a pneumatic drill (with gears in its body).
However, this drill has strong puncturing power. It damaged the Skidbladnir seriously enough that Aelita almost ended up swallowing a mouthful of the Digital Sea...

Description: The Kalamar is a really exceptional monster. The fact that it only appears in one episode enforces the idea that it's a unique monster, like the Scyphozoa. Yet, this sprawling monster from the Digital Sea is not as exceptional as its Scyphozoa cousin. For example, it only has one function. We can think that XANA could have re-createed one or many others with no problem at all.
We have to notice that the Kalamar isn't a fighting monster! It's a strategic piece like a battering ram in an attack on a fortified camp! The Scyphozoa can more or less defend itself, the Kalamar can't. It must be protected while challenging the Skid. Its role is reduced to the destruction of the Skid, which is one of XANA's clearly defined objectives in season 4. We can notice, even if it's not stipulated in episode 88, that the Kalamar can present a strategic advantage because it is able to destroy the Skid without devirtualizing Aelita. But, if the Skid disappears in the middle of the Digital Sea, Aelita will drown there, forcing Hopper to go a long way to rescue her and leaving him at the mercy of Kongres or Sharks.
Nevertheless, the Kalamar won't have success. It will die being torpedoed by the heroes, down in the depths of the Digital Sea, far from its wife and its squid babies... T-T
Its name means squid in French.


Video game monsters
Lastly, discover the several secondary monsters who were invented by the creators of the Code Lyoko video games. They each have their own page in the files for the video games.