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Episodes 1 to 13

Before being broadcast on television, the episodes were written and rewritten in the form of scripts. During rewritings, the final result shown on television doesn't always match the original script. As these scripts exist and can be found on the site (in French only), in this file we allow you to find all the differences between the final episode and the original script for the first three seasons, from missing information to entire deleted scenes.

You can find these official scripts in their respective episode files at CodeLyoko-LeGuide.fr. Unfortunately, we haven't managed to obtain the script for episode 91 “Bad Connection”, and the scripts are all in French. As some jokes and meaning is lost when you turn to the English dub for a translation, we've done our best to accurately translate the scripts from French as best we can without completely relying on the dub's translations. As such, some wording may differ slightly to what you hear in the English episodes.

Here, you'll find summaries of all the modified or deleted scenes in question, so you can find out more about the series! We haven't taken into account the minimal changes in sentences, but some scenes are completely new and are worth a look at. Have a good read!

[Episode 01 - XANA 2.0] [Episode 02 - The Cortex] [Episode 03 - Spectromania] [Episode 04 - Lady Einstein] [Episode 05 - Rivalry] [Episode 06 - Suspicion] [Episode 07 - Countdown] [Episode 08 - Virus] [Episode 09 - The Bait] [Episode 10 - A Time to Fight] [Episode 11 - Rendezvous] [Episode 12 - Chaos at Kadic] [Episode 13 - Betting on Odd]

Episode 01 - XANA 2.0

01:18 A small extra line after Jim explains to Odd that they're going to do "Cyber-sport".

Odd (still in the same tone): Well that's great, Jim. But isn't it a bit risky? Couldn't we sprain our fingers typing on the keyboard...?
Jim (tight smile): Very funny... (he gestures for him to enter)

03:00 Odd and Ulrich's conversation about Yumi was slightly different.

It's recess. A way off, YUMI is talking with a few students from her class (including WILLIAM). Ulrich observes her from a distance. Odd is by his side.

Odd (carried away): I'll count to three and then you go over there! (parodying Ulrich) Yeah, hey Yum, wanna watch a DVD in my room, how does that sound, huh, Yumyum...?

Odd has a fit of laughter over his own caricature, but stops when he sees Ulrich's gloomy face, not pleased by his friend's humour.

Ulrich: I'd rather do nothing than listen to that...
Odd (annoyed): Yeah... (immediately bounces back) and well, it's just my way of helping you work up your courage! (serious, friendly) Go on, Ulrich, go for it.

21:54 The final scene of the episode was initially a bit longer.

The small group has gathered to review their surprising adventure. Ulrich is finishing summing up his experience.

Ulrich: ...but it wasn't just my eyesight, I was also...I don't know...this weird sensation...like I was completely exhausted, confused...
Odd: Yeah, I didn't have the eyesight problem, but I definitely felt that weird sensation... It was really creepy!
Yumi: What does it mean? Someone tell me... Did we destroy Xana or not?
Jeremy: Yes and no... When Aelita, Odd and Yumi were virtualised, there were red halos flashing over them... I've never seen that before... (he hesitates)
Odd: Tell us, nothing you can say will surprise us now!
Jeremy: It's code... Source code, I mean... Xana's source code. When we thought we'd destroyed Xana, it injected its codes in you.
Aelita: In us?!!!
Jeremy: Yes, it's hard to believe but the computer leaves no doubt. At least it's clear for Aelita, Yumi, and Odd. There's no reason Ulrich should be any different. Xana hid its source code inside the four of you. And...I'm wondering whether the spectres weren't sent specifically to recover it.
Odd: But why? What does it need the code for?
Jeremy: They're not FOR it, they ARE it. Xana's source codes are its body and soul. That must be how it survived, by passing these codes on to you. And when he's got them all back, he'll be at full power, and he'll be able to take control of the network.
Odd: Wait, that doesn't make sense. We're real, how can these codes be inside us?!
Jeremy: There's an electromagnetic flux constantly travelling through the body, kinda like a battery. I imagine that's where the codes are.
Odd: Great! We've been virused by Xana like we're some lousy piece of software.
Yumi: So then...let's turn off the supercomputer and be done with it.
Jeremy: No, Xana showed up before we restarted the supercomputer. That means it's found a channel other than Lyoko to access the real world. Shutting it down would just be running away from the problem...we have to pick up the fight...

Silence... Aelita holds her hand out (five musketeers style), Jeremy puts his hand on hers, Odd too (serious for once!). Yumi and Ulrich look at each other. Ulrich encourages Yumi with a look, and she nods her head, as if to say: of course, it's what has to be done, we have to do it. yumi and Ulrich place their hands on top of the others'.

Jeremy: The Lyoko Warriors are back!

22:56 And finally, a very last scene would have brought the episode to a close, a scene with Ulrich and Yumi, ready to pick up the "fight" again.

Yumi and Ulrich are in the quad. A small moment of embarrassment.

Yumi (affectionate): So, are you going to tell me what you wanted to say?
Ulrich (shrugging): No, I don't think so... (Yumi looks sad) Now we're Lyoko Warriors again. XANA is our priority, right? We can't think about anything else.

Yumi nods... The two exchange a strong look, full of restrained desire...when suddenly...two hands catch them by the shoulders!!! It's Jim.

Jim (jumping up behind them): Hey kids! So, are we going to have this fight?

Yumi and Ulrich look appalled. The camera zooms out...

Ulrich: Are you sure? You don't look so great.
Jim: Oh, come now! I should tell you, I did receive an electric shock earlier. I thought I was dead. I saw my own body in front of me, can you imagine it...? Oh I'm not joking, kids, my own body, right there in front of me. He raised his hand, and he said: Jim, this is your body speaking to you. Stop with the cyber-sport, it's not serious enough, and do some more full-contact with Ulrich and Yumi...
Yumi: Yeah, yeah, yeah... Right...

Episode 02 - The Cortex

03:49 The blond kid Odd deals with is in fact...Matthias Burel.

04:08 After Jim closed the door of the lunchroom pantry, the end of his line was cut:

Jim: Leaving a door open like that, it's an open door to...to... (he searches) to air currents!

Episode 03 - Spectromania

00:55 The innocent, blond head of the year 6 student (spectre) should have occasionally appeared behind one of the bushes in the quad before the full reveal.

01:23 Actually, the entire scene with the spectre was different.

Ulrich and Yumi laugh outright. Jeremy laughs slightly. But Aelita doesn't laugh at all. She looks awkwardly at her friends.

Aelita: I...feel...strange...

Concerned, Ulrich authoritatively grabs the year 6 student's shoulder and pulls him towards him.

Ulrich (to the year 6 student): Cut it out, oh... OH!!!

But the year 6 student hangs on. Ulrich suddenly withdraws his hand from the kid's shoulder and looks at it, distraught.

Ulrich (to himself): Oh no...

Ulrich suddenly frowns, placing his fingers over his ears. We hear a ringing while focusing on him for a moment. The others aren't paying attention to him, too intrigued by Aelita as she struggles and then looks distressed.

Aelita (feeling ill): Get him off me!!!
Odd (approaching): Hey, you brat, we said cut it out!

Yumi tries to separate Aelita from the year 6 kid. But he hangs on with all his might.

Yumi: What's wrong with him?

Yumi keeps trying while Ulrich, backing away slightly, is still distracted by his ears.

Ulrich (trying to warn the others): It's...it's a...a...

The year 6 kid suddenly lets go of Aelita and throws himself onto Yumi, gripping her in a tight hug!

Odd (put off): Hey, isn't that a little obsessive? Are you gonna do that to all the girls in school?!

Now free, Aelita still feels a bit strange, and rubs her eyes as if to try and regain her senses.

Jeremy (to Aelita): ...you OK?

Yumi lowers her arms, not knowing what to do about this year 6 kid attached to her...! With one hand still on his ear and his gaze distant, Ulrich tries to get the others to understand.

Ulrich (clearly): It's a spectre!

Odd and Jeremy turn to Ulrich, stunned.

Odd: Wh...what???

Yumi turns pale. She starts having trouble breathing.

Yumi (panicked): He...he's right... Help me!

Jeremy and Odd react immediately. Jeremy hesitates a moment before grabbing the year 6 kid and pulling him as hard as he can. Odd pulls Yumi in the opposite direction. They strain, slipping on the gravel. A few stunned students nearby watch our heroes battle with the year 6 student. Finally, Jeremy and Odd separate him from Yumi. The year 6 boy stares fixedly at each of our heroes in turn, already searching for his next prey. But everyone moves away from him in a circle, as if he was diseased. Suddenly, the year 6 boy tries to throw himself on Odd. His attempt is like a signal. Our heroes instinctively dash off together. The year 6 boy runs after them.

02:42 After they hide in the library, the dialogue differs from this point:

Ulrich: If you don't feel anything, it's because he didn't touch you, that's all! I saw you, you pulled Yumi.
Odd: You must think I'm a chicken. I'll go touch your spectre if you want, I'll even give him a kiss! (goes to open the door to leave) Hey, blondie, c'mere! Pucker up!
Yumi (blocking his way, serious): Stop it, Odd! We told you we're not feeling well. We've had some code stolen from us, that much is obvious.
Odd (sceptical, to Jeremy): Do you have your tablet? Go on, show me there's an activated tower on Lyoko.
Jeremy (annoyed): I left it in my bag...in the quad...

Odd raises his hands as if to say "You see?!"

Ulrich (slightly irritated, to Odd): You think we're making it up?
Aelita (interrupting): Relax. Let's deactivate the tower. Odd can just stay here...and create a diversion!
Odd: You'd let me do that?
Yumi: What are you afraid of? Since he's not really a spectre...
Jeremy (serious): If he stays, he has to promise us that he won't let the kid touch him. We've already lost enough codes as it is.

Odd is talking to himself...making it seem like he's talking to the others...

Odd (monologuing): ...and yeah, because you see, I look like I'm talking to myself, but in actual fact, well yeah, I am talking to myself! Like a moron! Just to help my friends escape out the window. But why, you ask, did they go out the window? Because, I reply, it makes them happy...!

While Odd is putting on this act... On the other side of the library, Aelita, Jeremy, Yumi and Ulrich leave the building by climbing out of a window...

03:40 The scene where Jim caught Odd in the library was completely changed.

Odd is still in the same spot. A student arrives, surprised to see Odd blocking the door.

Student: Um...can I leave?
Odd: Huh? What? Uh... (he improvises) The door's stuck!
Student: Sure it is...
Odd (pretend shocked): You don't believe me? But the door's totally beat up. Jim asked me to stay here and make sure it didn't fall on someone's head! Do you want the door to fall on your head?

Just then, Odd is whacked in the back by the door!!! It's Jim, trying to come in.

Jim: Odd, for the love of...what are you doing there, get out of the way!

Jim authoritatively enters and wedges the door so it stays open.

Jim: What's the big idea, standing in front of the door like that?!
Student (tattling): Odd said the door was broken and you had to repair it.
Jim (serious, to Odd): What?

Odd's response is a stupid smile. He then glances outside: the year 6 student is approaching while looking straight at him, ready to jump on him!!! Odd hesitates, then books it out of the library without further ado and runs into the quad while Jim and the student watch him, flabbergasted.

06:18 The description of what Odd feels after the spectre has let go of him is more complete in the script.

The sounds he's hearing around him are strange: far-off voices echoing, surprisingly high-pitched birdsong, the incredibly strong sound of the year 6 student's footsteps as he walks across the gravel towards him... All these sounds are far too loud or distorted. So much so that they hurt Odd's hears. He holds his head in his hands, and suddenly...

08:04 After Odd pushed the spectre into the wall and Jim arrives, the scene was shortened.

Jim: Odd! What's wrong with you? Do you want a warning? Bullying kids smarter than you, that's not your style. I'm taking both of you to the principal's office so we can sort this whole thing out...but...?!

After Jim helps the year 6 kid to his feet, he escapes Jim's grip and jumps onto Odd again, clinging to his arm. Odd fights but looks fatigued.

Odd: Jim...stop him! I don't feel well...help me!

The sound effects build in intensity until Odd can't hear anything but an acute, saturated noise, and then nothing. Odd watches the year 6 kid stir, Jim get angry at him, but he no longer hears any sound. He's gone deaf! The sound suddenly comes back - normal and intelligible - when Ulrich's voice is heard.

Ulrich: It's not a joke Jim, the year 6 kid's the problem. He's doesn't go here, he's a runaway and he's bothering everyone.

Jim sees that Ulrich has arrived and is discreetly leaning against the wall.

Jim: A runaway?! It's true I've never seen him before. What's your name? (no response) Hey, I'm talking to you...! Well, if that's how you wanna do it...c'mere! (he tries to separate Odd from the year 6 kid, obviously with difficulty) Wow, you're a nasty one!

Jim finally manages to separate him from Odd. The year 6 boy flails around in Jim's arms, but the man manages to hold onto him and drag him along.

Jim: You're one heck of a piece of work, but I'll calm you down, you'll see! Come on now, off we go to the principal...!

Jim drags the year 6 kid out of the library quad.

22:24 When the heroes put their Transwatches on, there's a change to the dialogue:

Ulrich: If I'd been a spectre, I would've attacked you, dufus!

Odd thinks, it makes sense...

Odd (embarrassed): uh...maybe not... (turns to Jeremy to change the subject) Also, I was wondering... Given how sick we get when a spectre takes our codes, what'll happen when we run out?
Jeremy: Dunno...
Odd: Cool...no, seriously...that's a pleasing prospect..."dunno"...that's reassuring!

Episode 04 - Lady Einstein

03:08 The scene where Yumi hears the news about Jeremy's sour mood should have taken place by the coffee machine.

Episode 05 - Rivalry

03:26 The spectre attack was shortened.

Yumi: Ulrich! Help me, it's a spectre!

Ulrich hesitates before hurrying over to Yumi. He grabs her, pulls as hard as he can and removes her from her assailant's grip. Odd runs over to join them. Yumi is on the verge of passing out. The two boys catch her before she falls.

Yumi (weak): It touched me...

Yumi POV: everything around her is slowed down and distorted. Back to the spectre as it advances menacingly. Electricity suddenly appears around its hands.

Ulrich: Quick! We've gotta get outta here!

Odd and Ulrich run, dragging Yumi along with them. The fake William immediately goes after them. Ulrich looks at Yumi with worry.

Ulrich: Are you OK, Yumi?
Yumi (pale): I don't feel so good... Everything's moving slowly...
Ulrich: Don't worry, we're here...

But the girl has trouble walking and it slows their escape. Behind them, the spectre begins to catch up.

Odd: I don't wanna alarm you but it's getting closer!
Ulrich: Odd, you take care of Yumi, I'll create a diversion.
Odd: OK, we'll get to the factory!

Odd nods and helps Yumi along with him. Ulrich stops all of a sudden, turns around and gestures to get the spectre's attention.

Ulrich: C'mon! I'm full of codes!

11:41 The "Warning" symbol that appears when Odd puts his hand on the interface is because, "he uncomfortably goes to type in the code. But in his nervousness, he gets it wrong."

12:30 The Transwatches were originally very different. (Note: the word translated here as "crystal" can also mean "watch" or "quartz;" it wasn't clear which definition was the most accurate.)

Jeremy: Don't speak too soon! The spectres might have done a lot of damage... Go on, put your Transwatch crystals on the Dock!

Everyone opens the lid of their Transwatch and takes out the crystal, which they insert into the Dock. The gauges appear as holograms around the device's circumference, revealing everyone's code levels.

15:09 A new scene between when Ulrich left the gym, annoyed, and before he got to the factory.

In a hallway, Odd and Jeremy are looking for William and Yumi.

Odd: Unbelievable, they're nowhere to be found! How did people ever get by without mobile phones?

Not far from them, some students are looking at their phones, taken aback.

Student 1: This is crazy, what's happening?

Odd and Jeremy walk up to them and interrupt.

Jeremy: Uh, you haven't seen William and Yumi, by any chance? We've been looking all over for them...
Student 1: I think I saw them at the library earlier...

Jeremy and Odd exchange a meaningful glance.

Episode 06 - Suspicion

00:50 Before the very first scene of the episode (Jeremy on his computer), we should have seen:

An alarm clock ringing, it's time to wake up... Aelita's hand plops down on it, silencing the <ringing>. The girl gets up, gets dressed and slips out of her room.

15:45 The scene where they're setting up the gym was shortened.

Ulrich morosely starts looking at the sound board while Odd climbs up a stepladder.

Yumi (quick): No Odd, that's where the blue ones go, not the red ones...

William unpacks the spotlights and starts putting them in a corner of the room.

Yumi (quick): Not there! You should put them well away from the windows, that would be better.
William (cool): As you wish...

William takes the spotlights to the other side.

19:31 Aelita should have encountered a Krab in the Desert when trying to get to the tower.

Cut to Aelita running towards the activated tower. A Krab appears in front of her, blocking the way.

Aelita: Out of my way!

Aelita runs and agilely gets by the Krab, giving it a single, well-aimed hit...

Aelita: Take that!

She doesn't even look back to see it collapse behind her before she runs inside the activated tower.

19:45 In the script, there was an emergency exit in the gym (blocked from the outside in this scene).

22:00 A few lines of dialogue were cut after the tower was deactiavted.

Jeremy relaxes.

Jeremy (to himself): What a rough day... (to Aelita) Well done, Aelita. I knew it...

Aelita is in front of the screen...

Aelita (murmuring): You knew???

Jeremy: Well yeah...I knew you'd make it in time. Shall I bring you in?
Aelita: Just a minute...

He follows Aelita's movement on his holo-screen.

Jeremy: You're leaving the tower? Where are you going? (worried)
Aelita: I need to see...no, I need to feel Lyoko.

Episode 07 - Countdown

01:49 When Jeremy starts the digital filter for the video of Franz and Tyron, a countdown should have appeared, hence the episode title.

04:25 There's an extra scene where Ulrich and Aelita warn the other Lyoko Warriors about the attack over the phone.

WILLIAM and YUMI are chatting with some other students in the quad... Yumi's phone rings.

Yumi: Yes, Aelita... Huh...? OK, we're on our way.

Yumi glances at William, who understands right away. He leaves his friends and the two of them quickly leave.

Aelita is bent over, still on the phone, pretending to tie her shoelace.

Aelita (whispering to Ulrich): I can't reach Odd! (and in a low voice) Odd, it's Aelita, meet us in the lab as soon as possible, there's an attack!

Aelita hangs up and immediately raises her finger with a puppy dog look on her face.

Aelita: Jim! Jim...
Jim (put out): Yes, I know... I know... The infirmary, right?
Jim: It's just terrible... Back in my day, we weren't all abalones like you lot...
Ulrich: Can I take her, Jim?

Jim doesn't even respond. He gestures with his hand for them to leave and goes to sit in a corner... Pfff...

22:09 The complete conversation between Franz and Tyron, according to the script.

Franz Hopper: These blueprints were never to be taken out of the safe, Tyron... (interference) My instructions were clear! You were going to sell them, is that it...? (interference) ...use them for your own gain?
Tyron (snickering): Hopper, it's you who always lacked the vision (interference) ...mediocre... (interference) ...no ambition...
Franz Hopper (angry): You don't belong on this research team, Tyron. (interference) ...No longer part of my team... It's over... (interference) ...you can no longer work on my supercomputer
Tyron (leaving the lab): Ha ha ha... You're so naïve, Mister Hopper...

Episode 08 - Virus

03:16 The whole scene where they lure Laura to the factory is different.

Laura is studying, with piles of maths and science textbooks around her, calculating curves on her laptop. Jeremy approaches her. Near the door, the others watch from a distance.

Jeremy (sitting facing her, glancing at the textbooks): Quantum mechanics? You understand quantum physics, huh...
Laura (stuck-up): Nobody understands quantum mechanics.
Jeremy (admiring): A Richard Feynman quote, nicely done.
Laura (suddenly interested): You know Richard Feynman?
Jeremy: Yeah, his books paved the way for quantum mechanics. I read his experiments...and I tried them myself.
Laura (laughing, snide): Oh yeah...you must have a particle physics laboratory in your room, right?
Jeremy: Not exactly in my room, but not too far away. Would you like to come take a look?

Laura looks at Jeremy, at first bewildered, but then shakes her head dismissively and goes back to her books. Jeremy doesn't know what to do next. He turns to his friends...

Jeremy (to the others): She doesn't believe me.
Odd: You have to charm her. Let the pro handle this.

Odd winks at the others - Yumi rolls her eyes - then heads over to Laura. Our heroes watch Odd. We don't really hear what's being said, and then suddenly, Odd snatches Laura's laptop and runs away! Laura immediately runs after him. Everyone looks stunned when Odd comes up to them.

Yumi: That's what you call charm?!!
Odd (jumping on the spot, ready to leave the library): I lost my patience with her, she's so stuck-up!! At least this way, I'm sure she'll follow us!

08:07 Similarly, after the return to the past, it should've been Jeremy talking to Laura instead of Odd.

Jeremy and Laura are talking in the library. Laura can't help but laugh at him.

Laura (derisive): Oh yeah...you must have a particle physics laboratory in your room, right?

The sequence goes differently this time:
Jeremy looks at Laura.

Laura: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Jeremy (low voice, colluding): You coming or not? We're going back to the lab.
Laura (bewildered): Huh? What are you talking about?
Jeremy (smiling, satisfied): Nah, nothing, forget it.

Jeremy stands up and ditches Laura, who shrugs in exasperation. Jeremy joins his friends near the entrance to the library.

Jeremy (to the others): It's OK, she doesn't remember a thing.
Odd: Cool! We're better than gods, huh? You there, forget! (makes a comical grimace)

The others don't appreciate the joke.

Ulrich: So, do you have the virus then?

15:36 After William's second phone call to Jeremy to tell him that Laura is heading for the sewers, we should see William trying to block Laura's way.

Jeremy: WHAT?!! Do something, I don't know what, just don't let her find her way!

William hangs up, nervous. He heads over to...Laura, who's inspecting the manhole leading to the tunnel. Instinctively, William places himself on top of the cover.

William (fake cool): Hey Laura! What are you doing here?
Laura (bewildered): What about you? Were you following me?
William (uneasy): Me? Following you? But why would I do something as weird as that?
Laura (pointing at the manhole): What's down there? Why won't you let me see?
William: You're paranoid. I'm not stopping you from doing anything. (he gets off the cover) Go ahead, if you want to visit the sewers and catch some disease!

Laura tries to lift the cover. William loses his cool.

William: Are you really going to do it?

Laura shoots him a defiant look. Yes, she's determined to do it. William grits his teeth. He pushes her to get her away from the manhole.

Laura: You're crazy! (then threatening) Do that again and I'll scream!
William (he immediately stops): OK, OK, I'm sorry, I... (he doesn't know what to do anymore)

Episode 09 - The Bait

09:08 After Jeremy tells Odd to follow Sissi...

We find Ulrich, still with Yumi, on the telephone.

Ulrich: OK Jeremy, I'll keep you posted! (he hangs up and turns to Yumi) Sissi! According to Odd, she's not in her right mind...

He stands up and starts walking towards the library quad. Yumi is stunned for a moment.

Yumi (surprised): But... She's NEVER in her right mind!

20:10 The scene where the spectre is destroyed wasn't the same.

In the gymnasium, Yumi tries to open a door to escape. Unfortunately, it's locked. When she turns around, the spectre is already there, a few metres away. Yumi tries to avoid catching the creatures gaze. But it's in vain: she freezes, hypnotised by the spectre's eyes. It crosses the few metres separating it from the girl. It holds out its hand to touch her...when Ulrich bursts into the room at a sprint. Before the spectre can touch Yumi, Ulrich manages to grab it. The creature looks at Ulrich in surprise.

Ulrich (sarcastic): Well? No more messing around?

The spectre begins to vibrate as if it's in a trance. Yumi comes to and witnesses the strange spectacle of the two boys hugging and vibrating, surrounded by a sort of glowing flow. Suddenly, the spectre explodes in a burst of pixels accompanied by a <digital scream>.

Ulrich (thunderstruck): AAAAAAAAH!!!

Thunderstuck, Ulrich falls unconscious. Yumi rushes to his side.

Episode 10 - A Time to Fight

01:28 Jim wasn't supposed to wake Ulrich; he woke up on his own with a start.

In his room, Ulrich wakes with a start, drenched in sweat. Odd is already awake, sitting on his bed and playing a video game. He gives his friend an amused look.

Odd: Hey, what's wrong with you?

Ulrich still seems to be in shock from his nightmare.

Ulrich: Uh, nothing... Just a bad dream...
Odd (sarcastic): Oh I know all about that, it happens to me every time I eat Mexican food!

Ulrich doesn't get up, still disturbed. Suddenly, there's a loud knock at the door.

Jim: You still asleep in there?!

Jim enters without waiting for anyone to open the door for him.

Jim: Stern! In case you forgot, karate practice at 9 o'clock sharp! And when I say 9 o'clock sharp, I mean 9 o'clock sharp!
Ulrich (half groggy): Yeah yeah, don't worry, I'll be there on time.
Jim: You'd better be! The team is counting on you!

Jim closes the door and then suddenly opens it again.

Jim: And think about getting rid of those ugly bags under your eyes, they'll make you vulnerable!

The door closes.

Odd (suddenly realising): Oh yeah, it's Wednesday! Your karate meet is this afternoon! Don't tell me your nightmare was because of the nerves?!!
Ulrich (shaking his head and smiling): Whatever...! I hope you'll be there at least.
Odd: Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world! And I guarantee I'll be the only voice you'll ever hear from the crowd!
Ulrich: I can certainly count on you for that!

12:40 While the Lyoko Warriors are fighting the Tarantulas, Ulrich should have been fighting an opponent. Also, the team colours were swapped: Kadic was in red and the opposing team in blue.

Back to the gymnasium. Ulrich is now facing a second opponent. The referee stands between them and begins the round.


He takes a step back. Ulrich doesn't waste a second. He rushes at his opponent, jumps into the air and, sticking out his leg, delivers a kick that throws him off balance. The boy, caught off-guard by the suddenness of the attack, falls to the floor. The referee holds his arm out and makes a high-to-low chopping gesture to signal the end of the round.

Referee: YAME! (he lifts his arm at 45° in Ulrich's direction) Red is the winner!

Ulrich's three teammates are jubilant. Ulrich bows to his opponent and leaves the mat. As he passes by Jim, Jim yells at him.

Jim: You sure had me fooled, Stern!

But Ulrich doesn't respond. His teammates then join him and congratulate him.

Karim: Woohoo! You were a-ma-zing!!!

Ulrich seems distant, staring at the clock on the wall that now reads 2:24.

Episode 11 - Rendezvous

01:35 When the electrical pulse reached Aelita's computer at the start of the episode, we should've seen more than a simple boot screen.

A quick montage of images from Aelita's childhood, photos quickly flashing past and then stopping on a photo of Aelita with her father and mother, carefree, then a photo of her mother (Anthea) holding an armful of lilies. After hesitating for a moment on each of these two photos, the ultra-fast montage starts up again.

02:42 After Jeremy warned everyone about the attack, there should've been another scene with Odd and Ulrich. By omitting this scene from the episode, there was no clear reason why Ulrich thought Odd was being annoying.

Ulrich and Odd are getting dressed quickly and messily... Ulrich is quiet, Odd can't stop talking. While he speaks quickly, he fights to get his socks on...

Odd (quick): I've got a bad feeling. That darn spectre is gonna get the jump on me, grab me and take all my code. And do you know what'll happen when I've got no more lines of code left in me?!? Huh? Huh?

Not really listening to him, Ulrich takes his jacket and leaves, Odd right on his heels.

Odd: Well I think I'm gonna go all gooey, you know, like a scoop of lunchroom béchamel sauce...

Odd gallops behind Ulrich.

Odd: And then... There'll be no more fighting on Lyoko... No more sport... No more...anything...

Ulrich rolls his eyes.

Ulrich: And when we're gooey and brainless, we won't be able to talk or hear anything? That sounds pretty good to me...

Odd sighs, obviously Ulrich isn't very receptive.

03:22 Where XANA told Aelita to come to the manor (sometimes called the chapel in the French) to learn more about her parents...in the script, the meeting place was...the science lab. A much less solemn ambience.

Aelita: "Confidential... If you want to know more about your parents, come to the science lab now."

04:33 It explains more about the hidden message in the email.

Aelita hangs up and taps her fingers on the desk. She re-examines the message, then types to bring up the username used by her mysterious contact: "lilly@interweb.com".

Aelita (murmuring): Lilly... Lilly...

..as if this word means something to her, then looks at the photos of her parents on her computer and stops on the one of her mother, Anthea, smelling some lilies.

Aelita (murmuring): That's it... Lilies were her favourite flower, my...

Suddenly, there are some <small knocks> at the door. Aelita goes to open it. It's Laura.

12:12 The password Jeremy uses to get into Aelita's computer is "codelyoko"...

17:42 We also get the start of the scene where Jeremy tells Aelita why he thought Anthea was the spectre sent by XANA, after he saved her the first time.

Jeremy walks away from the science building, forcibly dragging Aelita along by the arm and casting worried glances over his shoulder. Aelita suddenly pulls herself from Jeremy's grip.

Aelita: Hey! What's your problem?!!
Jeremy: My problem? MY problem is that YOU threw yourself into the arms of a spectre, Aelita! (...)

Aelita gives him a stony glare.

Aelita: Whatever. Do you have any proof?
Jeremy (listing): Well first of all, I got into your computer...

20:45 A large part of the scene where Jeremy comforts Aelita was deleted.

Jeremy: Xana is...a formidable enemy. It sets traps for us. It taps into our deepest pain and uses it against us. But you're not alone. You can always count on me...on the others.

He holds her in his arms and suddenly spots something on her neck... CLOSE-UP of Aelita's neck... A small, red spot... The spectre left a trace, a rash, in the form of the eye of Xana, disappearing before his eyes... Jeremy perks up.

Jeremy: You know what? Xana is just a program that makes mistakes. We'll defeat it once and for all. I promise you that...

Aelita nods, emotional... At that moment, Jim arrives.

Jim: What are you two doing in here?

Jeremy quickly lets go of Aelita and starts fibbing...

Jeremy: Uh... We were preparing something, for the Alpha 2029 invention competition... Um...

Sceptical, Jim turns to Aelita, who blushes...

Jim: Is this true?

Aelita nods and points to a dusty sheet, visible through the science room doorway.

Aelita: You see that thing? Well, underneath it, there's a totally revolutionary neutron bombardment vinaigrette emulsifier... And it was us Kadic Academy students who invented it...

While Jim scratches his head, trying to understand what she just said, Aelita gives Jeremy a complicit smile, and he gives her one in return, relieved...

Episode 12 - Chaos at Kadic

11:38 The dialogue between Laura and her father is very different between the two versions, there was more to the argument in the script.

In the room, Laura packs her suitcase while her father watches sternly.

Laura: Uh... Dad, can I tell you something?

Mr. Gauthier sighs, but Laura tries anyway.

Laura: I know...you think this school is a complete disaster...but that's not true, I swear...in fact, I can do a lot more than you think, here... (beat) You always say I need to be the best...that I can never give up on anything...and that being in second place is just being the first-place loser...
Mr. Gauthier (impassive): Mhmm.
Laura: But here, I can really be the best... You have no idea... What you've seen today has nothing to do with what it's really like. I have to stay...

The school bell continues making that strange ringing sound, malfunctioning.

Mr. Gauthier: Here? In this mess of an establishment? You really think you'll be able to build your future here? Are you kidding? (We see disappointment in his gaze) Though, at the same time, that wouldn't surprise me much, coming from you.

Laura stops packing. With a look of defiance in her eyes, she turns to her father.

Laura: You don't believe me, is that it? Fine, follow me.

21:38 There was more to the start of the scene where they debated Laura's place in the group.

The whole group is together in Jeremy's room.

Yumi: I think she understands that what she did was wrong... She really cracked under the pressure from her dad. We all have parents, we can understand that, right?
Odd: Yeah...
Aelita: Odd's right... You can come up with all the excuses in the world, but she betrayed us, and that's all that matters.
Yumi: She also has a lot of useful skills, she's proved that several times, even just today...
Ulrich: Um...yes and no. It still nearly went very wrong. Several times...

A moment of silence...

Aelita: It's pretty clear to me. She went too far. We have to exclude her.

Episode 13 - Betting on Odd

00:46 In the original script, the first scene was much longer and more complete than in the final version.

Indifferent to the comings and goings of the students in the quad, Odd is sitting on a bench with his eyes glued to the screen of his smartphone. Jeremy, Aelita and Ulrich come join him. Odd doesn't react, as though he's hypnotised by his screen. Ulrich waves his hand in front of Odd's face and he grumbles.

Odd: Stop! I'm waiting for the lottery numbers.
Ulrich (shocked): You bought a ticket?
Odd: With my entire savings! It's Friday the 13th! Lady Luck's gonna shine on me, I just know it.
Jeremy (pragmatic): Friday the 13th or not, you have ONE chance in seventy-six million, two hundred and seventy-five thousand, three hundred and sixty of drawing five correct numbers. Are you aware of that?
Odd: I know, that's why I took out insurance!

Odd takes out of his pocket a rabbit's foot, a horseshoe, a four-leafed clover...

Ulrich (sarcastic): You're sure to win then!
Odd: Mock me all you like! I can't wait to see your face when I win the jackpot!

Odd's phone vibrates.

Odd: This is it, it's starting.

Jeremy, Ulrich and Aelita lean in closer to Odd, who holds his breath while the drawing begins.

Odd (neutral): 7...23...14...18...and...44.

Silence. Odd doesn't react, his eyes still focused on his smartphone. Ulrich gives him a friendly slap on the shoulder.

Aelita (soft): Maybe next time...

She doesn't have time to finish her sentence before Odd explodes.

Odd: I won! I won!

Odd sticks his smartphone in Jeremy, Aelita and Ulrich's faces. On the national lottery website, a map of Europe and a blinking red dot show the location of the jackpot winner.

Odd (smushing his finger into the red dot): Look there, that's me!

Ulrich, in disbelief, grabs the phone while Odd does a victory dance. He jumps from one student to another, hugging the boys and...kissing the girls.

Odd: I won! I won!
Ulrich (holding the smartphone up to Jeremy): Did he really win?

Jeremy nods before frowning, because... On the screen of the smartphone, on the lottery site, a NEW blinking red dot has just appeared... Then a third, a fourth... Then 10 all at once!

Jeremy: Uh... Yeah, he won... But he's not the only one. There are several of them, lots of them, way too many...

Jeremy shows the screen to Aelita, who seems to share Jeremy's sudden worry. They go and join Odd as he's flittering around. Concerned, Jeremy shows the smartphone to Odd, who pays no attention to it.

Jeremy: Odd!

Odd looks at each of them in turn then, misunderstanding the faces his friends are making, tries to reassure them.

Odd: Don't worry, you'll get something out of it too. I'm gonna make us a super skate park... The giga Della Robbia Skate Park...

Faced with Odd's exuberance, Ulrich, Aelita and Jeremy exchange embarrassed looks.

Ulrich (embarrassed): Maybe you shouldn't get your hopes up like this!
Odd: You kidding? I'm rich enough for it now!

Jeremy tries again, shaking the phone in front of Odd's face.

Jeremy: Odd, you really need to look at this, there's a problem!!
Odd (contemptuous, pointing at the phone): This phone works perfectly! You know what, you can keep it, a little gift from me! I'll buy the new model! I'll see you guys later, I gotta tell Samantha.

Odd runs across the quad, doing some more steps of his victory dance along the way.

02:53 An extra scene appeared between the confirmation of a XANA attack and the scene with Odd and Jim, explaining why Odd was unreachable.

In the park, Ulrich opens the lid to the tunnel access. Aelita is standing beside him. Jeremy is a little further behind them on the telephone, and he joins them after hanging up.

Jeremy: Yumi and William are on their way.
Aelita (worried): And Odd?

Jeremy shakes his head.

Ulrich: When Samantha hears about the bug in the lottery, she'll either think he's a liar or a total loser! Either way, it won't be good!
Aelita: He's already had a few fights with her over the past few weeks.
Jeremy (powerless): I left some messages for him.
Ulrich: That'll be a lot of help, knowing that Odd the Magnificent so generously gifted you his phone!
Jeremy (taking Odd's phone out of his pocket): That's what was vibrating the whole time!
Aelita (pressing them): Let's get going!

Aelita, Ulrich and Jeremy climb down into the secret passage.

05:56 Throughout the episode, in both the script and the episode itself, the Mantas are referred to by their full English name "Flying Mantas" rather than their French name "Mantas Volantes."

21:36 The very last scene was shortened as well.

Odd, Yumi, Aelita, Ulrich and William are standing at the school gate, helping Odd sell his roses. Odd is walking around, peddling to passing students.

Odd: 3 Euros for a rose, 10 Euros for 5... Um... 15 Euros for 10?!?

Odd's preferential rates don't attract a crowd, rather, the students turn away from Odd as soon as he approaches them. Crushed, Odd plonks down on a bench. William and Ulrich go to sit either side of him to cheer him up. Aelita spots Samantha in the quad and gives Yumi a knowing look. Yumi immediately understands. The two girls pick up all the roses and head over to Samantha... And give her the roses while pointing at Odd, still limp on the bench with his head in his hands.

Odd (who didn't see any of this, discouraged): This is not my lucky day!

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