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Episodes 14 to 26

Before being broadcast on television, the episodes were written and rewritten in the form of scripts. During rewritings, the final result shown on television doesn't always match the original script. As these scripts exist and can be found on the site (in French only), in this file we allow you to find all the differences between the final episode and the original script for the first three seasons, from missing information to entire deleted scenes.

You can find these official scripts in their respective episode files at Unfortunately, we haven't managed to obtain the script for episode 91 “Bad Connection”, and the scripts are all in French. As some jokes and meaning is lost when you turn to the English dub for a translation, we've done our best to accurately translate the scripts from French as best we can without completely relying on the dub's translations. As such, some wording may differ slightly to what you hear in the English episodes.

Here, you'll find summaries of all the modified or deleted scenes in question, so you can find out more about the series! We haven't taken into account the minimal changes in sentences, but some scenes are completely new and are worth a look at. Have a good read!

[Episode 14 - Stowaway] [Episode 15 - Spartan] [Episode 16 - Confusion] [Episode 17 - A Bright Career Ahead] [Episode 18 - Resolve] [Episode 19 - The Trap] [Episode 20 - Espionage] [Episode 21 - Imposters] [Episode 22 - Mutiny!] [Episode 23 - Jeremy's Blues] [Episode 24 - Time Warp] [Episode 25 - Disaster] [Episode 26 - The Final Mission]

Episode 14 - Stowaway

02:11 This scene was shortened. It explained why Ulrich didn't come to help Yumi distribute the flyers, Odd explains his psychological preparation, and we learn a bit more about the day's mission.

A bit later, Ulrich and Odd are talking while walking.

Odd (enthusiastic): I never thought I'd say this someday, but you're the real master of Starship Warrior 3!

Ulrich smiles.

Odd: Beating the last level like that, first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach, I don't know how you did it. But whatever you did, it was cool!
Ulrich: Class. It's what you call class!!!

At that moment, Ulrich spots Jeremy and Aelita, sitting in a corner of the quad.

Ulrich: I see them, they're over there.

The two boys walk over to them.

Odd and Ulrich meet Aelita and Jeremy.

Odd (excited): So Jeremy, what's today's mission? Lyoko? Cortex? Cortex? Lyoko?
Jeremy: We'll wait for Yumi and William to get here and then I'll tell you.
Odd: Hey! I need to prepare myself psychologically! Lyoko, the Cortex, they're not the same! When we go to Lyoko, I go into warrior mode. But then on the Cortex, I go into driver mode!

Everyone smiles.

Odd: It's true, when you're a mechanic as precise as I am, you can't just do whatever. Otherwise...
Jeremy (sighing): OK, OK, Odd: Cortex...
Odd: Cortex? Great! (beat) And what's the mission? Because for that too, it's not the same thing psychologically! If we have to go inject a virus, I'll go into spy mode, but if...
Jeremy (giving up): OK, Odd, you win. (beat) I worked all night on a program, a kind of snooper I need you to load into the Cortex interface.
Ulrich: A snooper? What for?
Aelita: To find the IP address of Tyron's supercomputer.
Odd: What about the alarm? Or the Ninjas? What are we going to do about those?
Jeremy: Don't worry, I've got a plan to bait the system...

William and Yumi join them.

Odd: Well it's about time!
William (to Yumi): Go on, tell them!
Yumi (embarrassed): No no, it's OK...
William (to the others): 18! She got an 18 for her English assignment! And the teacher read it in class!

03:30 The scene in the tunnel was also shortened. Aelita should have asked Ulrich a question, and Odd continued his running gag. Jeremy's line here is a callback to something Yumi said to Odd earlier when he read out her assignment: "T'es vraiment super lourd," meaning something like "You're such a mega drag."

Jeremy and the Lyoko Warriors stride towards the tunnel. Ulrich looks serious.

Aelita (to Ulrich): Are you sure you're OK? You haven't said a word since earlier.
Ulrich (dry): Yeah, yeah, it's fine. Everything's fine.

They arrive near the lid.

Odd: Right, are you absolutely sure it's the Cortex, Jeremy? Because I'm psychologically ready for it now!
Jeremy: You're not a drag, Odd! You're a mega drag!

16:18 The Ninja is able to traverse the Digital Sea without issue, not because of its abilities, but thanks to the Skid's shield protecting it from the effects of the Digital Sea.

19:25 In the script, Odd isn't devirtualised by being kicked, but by falling to the bottom of the Hangar (like Ulrich in episode 2).

Episode 15 - Spartan

06:02 A new scene that was cut. Here, Jeremy and Aelita are looking for Odd while Yumi becomes more explicit about her feelings towards Ulrich, explaining why William was mad at her throughout the episode.

Yumi and William are getting ready to go to class. Aelita and Jeremy run up to them.
Aelita: Have you seen Odd? We've been looking everywhere for him.
Yumi: No. Why?
Jeremy (discreet): There was an attack this morning. Odd lost all of his code.
Aelita: Call us if you have any news, OK?

Yumi and William nod. Aelita and Jeremy leave.

Yumi: Odd without code... That's crazy...
William: XANA will never give up... (beat) Maybe it would be safer if I walked you home after school.
Yumi: Don't worry, I've got plans with Ulrich later.

William's expression turns dark.

William: Hmm...seems like you're not so embarrassed about showing your feelings anymore.
Yumi (surprised): Why would I be embarrassed? I don't get it... And today the problem is Odd, not me!

She enters the classroom. William darkly watches her go.

10:30 An additional scene showed the spectre on the prowl.

The same athletic spectre that caught Odd that morning is standing in a corner of the quad. It studies the students, searching for someone. Then it goes to the other side of the quad and disappears inside the school by phasing through a wall...

14:33 Odd and Jeremy's phone conversation should have been longer.

Jeremy: Odd...! Yumi and William are stuck, they can't deactivate the tower right away...

Jeremy: You have to help us!

With his phone pressed to his ear, Odd freaks out.

Odd: This spectre's a real tough guy and I've already told you, he can walk through walls. I can't stop him.
Jeremy: He can't take Ulrich and Aelita's codes! Get a hold of yourself! Are you a "no-coder" or not?

Odd straightens up, a determined look on his face.

Odd: OK. What do I do??
Jeremy: This spectre must have a weakness. Find it!

20:47 In the final scene with the spectre, Odd should have made a last-ditch attempt to stop the spectre from getting Aelita and Ulrich.

Yumi is drawn up towards the upper platform of the tower. At the end of the hallway, behind the spectre, Odd appears... In an instant, he takes the situation in... Yumi finally arrives at the interface... Odd charges head-first at the spectre, which is still advancing towards Ulrich and Aelita... Yumi types "CODE LYOKO"... White smoke takes over the tower... Odd arrives and is about to tackle the spectre dematerialises (FX) right in front of Aelita and Ulrich... Carried by his momentum, Odd continues his charge...

Odd: Aaaaaahhhh!

...and accidentally crushes Ulrich against the wall!

Ulrich (crushed, but happy): Thanks. You did a great job, good buddy... But it'd be good if you could get off my foot!

Odd smiles, relieved.

Odd: The no-coder saved the coders...

Emotional moment, interrupted by Jim arriving behind them.

Jim: DELLLLLLA ROOOOOOOOOOBBBIA, to the principal's office, right now!!!

Episode 16 - Confusion

01:45 The scene in the quad was shortened. This also explains why Odd asked Ulrich if he'd seen Ms Hertz.

Yumi, distracted, joins Jeremy, Odd, William and Aelita as they're eating breakfast in the lunchroom.

Yumi: Something really weird just happened to me. I was at home getting ready and...there was an electrical short... A form appeared, it looked almost human...and then nothing. It disappeared straight away...
Aelita: A spectre?!?
Yumi: Yes Well, maybe...

Aelita gives Jeremy a questioning look. He immediately takes his smartphone out of his pocket and checks his Xana application.

Jeremy: I've got nothing. No attack signal. How long ago was it?
Yumi: Just before I left to come here... Twenty minutes.
Odd (laughing): Morning nightmare...I get those too. I suddenly see Ms Hertz's head appear out of nowhere. Especially on the days I have a maths test...

Yumi rolls her eyes, but is interrupted when Ulrich arrives, his hair dishevelled.

Ulrich: I just saw something crazy in the showers!

13:30 During Laura and Aelita's argument, Aelita should have had tears in her eyes.

18:40 Jeremy and Ulrich's phone conversation wasn't in the script. Instead, there was a scene with Aelita and Laura where Laura tried to apologise, and we learn some more about her father.

In the bathroom, Aelita, groggy, is brushing her teeth. A noise makes her jump. She quickly turns around and sees Laura. Laura hesitates, seeming uncomfortable. Aelita stares at her.

Aelita: Don't bother, I know, apologies aren't your thing.
Laura: My dad only sees me as a brilliant student... All he does is urge me to do better... But he's not really interested in me... And I don't think he'd ever sacrifice himself for his daughter

Aelita, thrown off by this awkward confession, seems to be searching for a reply... But Jeremy sticks his head in the door.

Jeremy: Aelita?

He stops when he sees Laura, but she slips away without a word.

Jeremy: Is there a problem with Laura?

Aelita forces herself to smile to hide her emotion.

Aelita: No!
Jeremy: Are you sure it's all right?
Aelita (more genuine smile): Yes... What's going on?
Jeremy (excited): Ikonov replied!

Episode 17 - A Bright Career Ahead

01:26 This scene was a bit longer, though there wasn't anything really interesting about the bits that were left out.

Open on Jim.

Jim (calling a student): Hey! Jeremy!

We see Jeremy with Ulrich, Odd and Aelita, among other students in the quad. Jim heads over to him.

Jim (reaching him): Come on, the principal wants to see you.
Jeremy: Oh? What for?
Jim (knowing): You're one lucky guy. The general director of a big science school in Switzerland wants to meet you.

06:36 An extra debriefing after Jim leads Jeremy out of the office where he'd met Graven.

Jeremy and Jim leave the office. Jim looks at Jeremy, embarrassed and sorry that he'd failed. Jeremy plays along, giving an embarrassed smile.

Jim: Do you know where Laura is?

Jeremy gestures as if to say he doesn't know. Jim leaves in one direction, Jeremy in the other. As soon as Jim's not looking, Jeremy starts running.

22:14 The final scene is a bit different. It makes us wonder about Tyron and Graven and who's in charge of who.

Graven (picking up): Hello? Yes,! How could the tracer have bugged?! Mm... And what about the co-ordinates we already got? Meaningless?! (exasperated sigh) OK, I'm coming back then. Yes... But tell Ikonov to take better care of his gadgets next time!

Graven hangs up, furious. He opens the car door with his remote control, climbs inside, starts the engine and drives away. He didn't see...Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, William and Laura watching from behind the bushes, smiling.

Our heroes come out of the bushes where they were hiding.

Odd (dying of laughter): Just imagine Ikonov's face when he finds out the tracer is on the Cortex!
Jeremy: We won't be hearing from him that soon!

Everyone laughs as they head inside the school. No one notices that Laura dawdles behind.

Episode 18 - Resolve

01:40 What was originally supposed to wake Aelita up from her dream was one of the famous men in black from her past... What a shame it was cut! It was the only reference to the men in black in CLE.

Aelita (calling): MUMMY!

Suddenly, the menacing shadow of a man in a black suit (note: recurring figure in Aelita's nightmares) stands between the girl and her mother. Aelita screams...


02:52 The script has a more clarified justification for why Kiwi was sent away.

The noisy chatter in the lunchroom contrasts with the calm of the preceding scenes... Yumi walks between the tables, and arrives at the ones the Lyoko Warriors are sitting at, sharing a moment of complicity: Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd, Laura, William and Aelita are eating breakfast while chatting.

Odd (to Ulrich): Don't say you're sorry about my dog! You never liked him!
Ulrich (rolling his eyes): Says you!

The others laugh (except for Aelita who doesn't seem to share the general good mood). Yumi takes a chair and sits with her friends.

Yumi: Hey guys! What are you talking about?
William: Odd's dog, Kiwi...
Yumi: Oh yeah! (pretending to sound grieving) The poor thing... He's in a better place now!

Odd turns to Yumi.

Odd (offended): You say that like he's dead!
Ulrich: If you entrusted him to your sisters, he'd might as well be!

More laughter at Odd's offended expression.

05:14 It wasn't Jim who diagnosed the sprained ankle, but Yolanda in the infirmary... Also, the rest of the conversation between Odd and Ulrich should also have taken place in the infirmary.

Yolanda, the nurse, is examining Ulrich's ankle.

Yolanda: Hmm... It's nothing serious, just a small sprain... I'll go get you a bandage. (she leaves the frame and continues, off) You'll just have to stay off that foot for three days!

Ulrich and Odd exchange a look. They know what that means.

Ulrich (annoyed, to Odd: Three days??? Rats! What'll I do about tonight? I can't hop to the Cortex!
Odd: This sucks! All because of Coach Kong! (he imitates Jim) "Kids, high jump will take you far!" What a joke! Take you to the hospital, maybe...

06:08 We should've seen Odd starting his detention in the library...

Looking sullen, Odd shows up at the library. He's greeted by Jim, who looks quite satisfied.

Jim: Ah, Della Robbia! You can take a seat wherever you like... But don't even think about making noise with your pals!

Surprised, Odd looks around the library: the room is empty, there's no one else there.

Odd: Uh... I'm the only one here!
Jim (warning tone): Exactly, don't try any funny business!

Odd makes a face... With a heavy heart, he goes to sit near the window. Looking outside, he sees his friends (except Ulrich) heading for the park. He sighs.

The same scene of the Lyoko Warriors is seen from Ulrich's point of view. He looks frustrated with his foot bandaged and leaning on his crutches...

13:15 Again, we see Odd finish his detention.

Shot of the library, deserted at this time of day, aside from Jim and Odd. Odd is sitting still, a book uselessly open in front of him (he's not even reading it), while Jim is telling stories about his life...and gives us a spicy new anecdote!

Jim: ...and from what you could see, I was well on my way to having a great career in sumo wrestling! I was even junior champion when I was your age! But I was forced to decide between sumo and ping-pong... In the end, I chose ping-pong because I already had the racquet.

Odd seems to be bored still. He checks the time on his phone, placed on the desk beside him. Jim continues...

Jim: But well, I didn't regret it, because ping-pong made me into the man I am today! (he thinks for a moment) That and pole vaulting...

Jim looks at his watch. He sighs.

Jim: Right, Della Robbia, I think you can...

He doesn't have time to finish his sentence: Odd gathers his things and disappears in a flash! Jim makes a face...

13:29 The end of Odd and Ulrich's conversation is different.

Ulrich: I'll need your help to get down to the tunnel... You know that, right?
Odd (blasé): I listened to Jim talk about his life for two hours! Now there's nothing I can't do...

Ulrich ends up taking the crutch. He stands up...

22:36 A final scene would have concluded this episode.

Our heroes climb out of the tunnel. They help Ulrich (still with his crutch) get himself out. Yumi looks at the time.

Yumi: Whoa! I have just enough time to make it back before my parents call the police! See you tomorrow, guys!

The others bid her goodbye, while the girl sprints off...

Odd: Cool! The lunchroom isn't closed at this hour, we can still have dinner!
Ulrich: Wait! You're still thinking about eating at a time like this?
Odd: What? I'm hungry!
Aelita: Odd's right! I'm hungry, too! (the others look at her, shocked; she gives them a weak smile) And with some luck, we can have seconds!

Odd grins at hearing this.

Odd (joyous): You heard the lady! Come on! Dinner's ready!

The good mood returns. Everyone heads for the lunchroom. Jeremy hangs behind for a moment with Aelita. They look at each other for a moment... Smiling, Aelita offers her hand to Jeremy, who affectionately takes it. They follow their friends.

Episode 19 - The Trap

02:00 There's more dialogue in this scene.

Ulrich: We try everything to keep the spectres from stealing our codes. It never works...
Jeremy: I know, but Xana absolutely cannot get any more of our code. We have to stop it from gaining power... Slowing down Xana means giving Aelita more time.
Yumi: So, what's your solution?
Jeremy: Right now, I don't have one...
Odd: In the meantime, all this reminds me that I don't have any code left... I'm damaged goods! The lame bin!

02:30 With this scene too, it should have taken place earlier and been a bit longer in several places.

William, Yumi, Odd and Ulrich are at a table, further away from the other students. Odd has a plate overflowing with food. The boy is jubliant.

Odd (while eating): I love Wednesday! After lunch, we can take a nap! It's too cool!

Everyone laughs when suddenly Jeremy joins them, tray in hand. The boy seems excited.

Jeremy: Odd was right: we have to trade places!
Ulrich: Huh? What are you talking about?
Jeremy: We've been on the wrong track trying to stop the spectres from stealing our codes. What we need to do instead is steal the codes back from them!
Yumi (dumbfounded): Take codes back from the spectres???
Jeremy: If you can transfer them in one direction, you must be able to reverse the flow.
Odd: Wow! Too cool! So I'll get some code back!
Jeremy: But for that, we have to catch a spectre!
William: Oh yeah, all the same, you're crazy!
Jeremy: We need to get one into the scanner to lift its code. I went to the lab to check it out and I'm sure it'll work.

Everyone exchanges silent glances.

Jeremy (directive): Here's what we do. Yumi will bait it because she has the most code. William will lie in wait. Odd and Ulrich, you guys will be on Lyoko to deactivate the tower just in case...

Everyone is speechless.

Yumi (stunned): What are you going to do about Aelita?
Jeremy: For once, we're leaving her out of this. It's better if she stays focused on her search... Right, shall we do it after lunch?

Everyone nods. Except for Odd, who stiffens.

Odd: Hey wait, what about my nap? Can't you fit that somewhere into your plan?

Everyone smiles. Jeremy rolls his eyes.

03:59 During the flashback, we should have heard Franz Hopper in the background.

Anthea Hopper: I got you, my darling!!!

Aelita and her mother share a moment, laughing together. From off, we hear Franz Hopper's voice.

Franz Hopper: Don't move, my princesses. This'll make a great photo!

Aelita and her mother look at the camera, beaming. Characteristic click of a camera: the image freezes.

04:45 Aelita's message was longer in the script.

Aelita (OFF): Mummy, I know you're alive. If you see this message, please let me know. I just want one thing: to find you and to have you hold me in your arms again...

21:05 Once the spectre is destroyed, William should have told Jeremy that he connected the cables.

In the lab, Jeremy lets out an enormous sigh of relief.

William: Jeremy, it's all good, I made a connection!
Jeremy: Cool! I'm launching the devirtualisation!

The boy presses Enter.

Episode 20 - Espionage

00:49 The very first scene was cut. It showed Jeremy having an idea.

Open on Jeremy in WIDE SHOT.

Jeremy: Audio follows video.
Yumi: What?
Jeremy: I found it!
Odd: What's he talking about?

Jeremy leaves without answering, leaving Odd, Yumi and Ulrich standing there. They look at each other, dumbfounded.

02:36 William shouldn't have volunteered to keep an eye on Laura: the heroes draw straws and William loses.

09:06 This scene was cut incredibly short: there was originally going to be a whole conversation.

Our heroes are at a table, talking without paying mind to Aelita's double, who is sitting still in front of her plate full of cauliflower cheese, looking a bit stupid. We enter in the middle of the conversation.

Ulrich: ...still, it must be weird not to have seen her mother in such a long time!
Odd: Depends on the mum. Personally, if mine would disappear...
Yumi (shocked): Odd! Please. Aelita's mother is all she has left.

Odd raises his hands in defence and is about to reply when Jim suddenly appears and speaks to Aelita's double, still motionless in front of her plate.

Jim (dry): Well, not hungry, are we?

Our heroes look dismayed. They look at each other, embarrassed.

Jim: Aelita, you know there are children dying of hunger all over the world, while you hardly even touch your plate.

Ulrich puts his head in his hands, aghast. The others think quickly, trying to think of a way to salvage the situation.

William: She's...she...
Jeremy:, but, it's just...
Jim (to the others): Quiet! (to Aelita's double) I want to see you eat at least one spoonful.

Aelita's double still doesn't move. Furious, Jim grabs a heaping spoonful of cauliflower cheese and holds it near Aelita's double's mouth.

Jim (opening mouth): Aaaa...

The double opens her mouth, mimicking him. Jim puts the spoon in her mouth. The others look slightly worried as they watch helplessly.

Jim (taking the empty spoon back out): There! (puts the spoon down) Show a little respect.

With this done, Jim leaves them. Everyone sighs with relief. On this, Aelita's double spits out the spoonful of food Jim put in her mouth...

Odd: This is going to be a long day...

11:42 The scene was cut a bit before the end, so we lost Odd and Ulrich's reactions.

And in less time than it takes to say it, Ulrich and Odd leave the classroom, dragging Aelita with them. And close the door. Slam! Miss Hertz looks stunned.

Ms Hertz (worried, to the students) What did you have for lunch this afternoon?

Ulrich and Odd drag Aelita along (as if she were the one who was sick!).

Odd (continues to cry without putting effort into it then stops and sighs): Pff...well that sucked.
Ulrich: No kidding, we won't be able to keep this up much longer.

15:25 During gym class, Aelita's clone should have had other "bugs." Also, Jeremy and Ulrich should have been there.

Aelita's double is on a gym mat, with Jim watching her sternly, and the other students and our heroes in front of her. Unexpectedly, Aelita's double gets into position and - gently - does a superb handstand. The boys are surprised.

Ulrich (discreetly to Jeremy): Did you program the handstand?
Jeremy (stunned): Well no.
Jim: Not bad. Not bad at all! You see, it's the cauliflower you had for lunch. It's good for your balance, cauliflower.

But Aelita's double suddenly "bugs," still in the handstand position. She starts yelling "Au clair de la lune."
All the students burst out laughing. Ulrich, Odd and Jeremy are dismayed. Jeremy immediately and discreetly leaves the class, while Jim gets angry at Aelita.

Jim: Aelita, that is enough. What kind of circus act is this?!

While Jeremy soundlessly leaves the gym, Aelita's double continues roaring her song.

Jeremy opens the lift door and hurries to the console. He types quickly on the keyboard. Aelita's double is on her pack, arms and legs in the air, spinning her hands in a circular motion. This time, she's singing "Ainsi font font font les petites marionnettes." Jeremy finishes typing something on his keyboard and finishes by pressing "enter," looking relieved. Aelita's double suddenly stops and her arms and legs drop. Jim puts his hand on her forehead to check if she has a fever, looking very worried.

Odd: It's a virus Jim, I had the same thing this morning.
Other students: Yes, it's true, Jim.

Odd and Ulrich stand up, help Aelita up and take her outside.

Odd (talking very fast to stop Jim from reacting): The nurse told me to rest, rest, rest. I shouldn't even be here, but I came because you're my favourite teacher, but honestly, it's not serious, I'm gonna go take a rest. A nap, even. And Ulrich and I, we're gonna take Aelita to her room so she can get some sleep too. Huh Aelita? Yes, she said "yes." Haha. You didn't hear it, but she said "yes." Yeah, great, no worries, everything's normal, viva la sport!

And slam, Odd, Ulrich and Aelita leave the gym! Jim looks appalled.

Episode 21 - Imposters

02:23 In Yumi's description of a "girls' day out", a detail was left out. According to her, after having tea at her house, the last step in a girls' day out is "finishing the day with a relaxing Japanese bath," and Yumi then winks at Aelita.

15:51 A small on-the-spot reaction from Laura after the jibe Odd delivers to Jeremy. Odd nods and returns to the lift. The door closes...

Laura turns to Jeremy.

Laura: Is he really better than you at sport?
Jeremy: I don't care, I beat him at everything else!

14:52 A small discussion between Aelita and Sissi, in which we learn more about Sissi's mother.

We find Aelita in Sissi's company. They're sitting on Aelita's bed, waiting. Sissi doesn't seem to really understand what she's doing there...

Sissi: I never really saw my day of shopping going like this... And the one time I found someone to go with me!
Aelita: Doesn't anyone normally go with you?

Sissi gives a small, melancholy smile.

Sissi: My mother, but only every other weekend... I miss it. (she seems to remember something, she's embarrassed) Oh I'm sorry, I didn't want to... I know you lost your parents.
Aelita: It's OK... (to herself) There's always hope...
Sissi: Hope?

Aelita realises what she just said.

Aelita: Uh, no... Nothing! (she seems to realise something) Hey, so tell me... Since you like going shopping, you must have lots of clothes in your closet, right?
Sissi: Yes, why?
Aelita: If you give me a hand, I'll explain! And after that, we'll go shopping, OK?

Sissi looks surprised...

14:52 We witness some doubts among the Lyoko Warriors on Lyoko, mainly a few provocations.

We find Ulrich, William and Odd facing each other. Odd speaks up.

Odd: I'm the real Odd! And anyway, what proof do I have that you're the real Ulrich and William?

Odd slowly raises his fist, aiming at his comrades. Ulrich and William look at each other. Ulrich frowns.

Ulrich (to William): It's true, I never made sure it was really you...

Ulrich raises his sabre and takes a step backwards, distrustful. William smiles.

William: Don't worry... Yumi made sure herself.
Ulrich: How did she do that?
William (teasing smile): Wouldn't you like to know?

Ulrich and William put themselves on their guards, but they're interrupted by Jeremy.

Jeremy (off annoyed): That's enough! May I remind you that there are spectres roaming freely around here, and they could find Aelita at some point or another! And you're over there having a conversation in front of a tower that still hasn't been deactivated!

The three Lyoko Warriors are still on their guards...

Ulrich: No way am I fighting monsters without knowing if these two can be trusted!
William & Odd (together): Right!

Episode 22 - Mutiny!

04:20 After Odd asked Jim about the school cross-country, the scene should have continued. We should've seen a small fight between Ulrich and William, followed by Laura seizing the chance to try and get him on her side for a first time.

Odd: He's a nutcase, a complete nutcase...
Ulrich: Sounds like it's going to be awful...
William: No need to be so dramatic about it.
Ulrich (irritated): You think you're such a big-shot athlete, huh? You're the best, and you want us all to know it?
William: No, not at all... (then defiant) But if you wanna find out first-hand, I do have certain physical assets that other people don't.
Ulrich: That's just what I was saying, you're taking this seriously... (then singling out Odd) Be honest, Odd: if you had to choose a partner for this course, who would you pick? Him or me?
Odd (stuck and hesitant): Uh well... Um...
Ulrich (provocative): You see, even he's not certain...

William rolls his eyes and leaves, irritated.

William: Kids! You're both such kids...

On the way, he passes Laura and Jeremy. Laura watches him attentively.

In the library, William is looking at a shelf of books. Laura joins him.

Laura: Hi William... (brief glance from William) Ahem... I heard all of that. Your conversation with the others. And...I wanted to tell you...I agree with you. They're nothing but irresponsible kids.

William shrugs and chooses a book, flicking through it distractedly.

William: That's nothing new.
Laura: Yeah but well... You're different. Kinda like me... We're more mature...
William: You think so?

He puts the book back and takes another, this one by Baudelaire.

Laura: Psh... When you think the fate of the world is in their hands... They're so...puerile sometimes!

William turns to her, intrigued, the book in his hand.

Laura: We're not like them...
William: What do you mean?
Laura: You and I, we're brave and intelligent enough to see things the way they are. Not them. They underestimate Xana.
William: Listen Laura, you're nice and all, but I'm a part of this team way am I pulling any dirty tricks on them.

In the background, Yumi walks by, heading for the library exit.

William: I've gotta go, later...

08:28 Yumi should've dropped by the library to search for William.

Yumi enters the library... It's empty at this time of day...

Yumi: William? William?

No answer. She leaves again.

16:01 A bit of dialogue was cut here:

Ulrich: Aelita's right. If you hurt him, it wasn't on purpose. What matters now is saving him...

Aelita nods, glancing at the horizon.

Aelita: Yes... And for now, this is the calm before the storm...

18:20 Odd would have come up with a strategy to distract Jim during the cross-country.

Odd joins a trio of students wearing glasses, waiting for him under the staircase.

Odd: I'll give you the cheat codes for Lord of the Guild IV and in exchange, you take care of Jim?! OK?

The geeks nod. Odd smiles and hides nearby. The geeks pretend to run into each other and call loudly for Jim.

Geeks: Ahhhhh! I'm hurt!!! Help... Jim... Ahhh... My foot!!!

Jim leaves his post.

Jim: What is all this?!! A polliwog pileup...

Behind him, Odd picks up the register Jim left on the ground to go and help the "polliwogs." He quickly adds laps to each record and ticks: "arrived."

Odd: There! And I recorded the best time! Cross-country finished, see you later Jim!

He smiles, satisfied, and then sprints in the direction of the Factory.

22:31 And finally, the episode shouldn't (of course) have finished with just a return to the past, but with a final extra scene.

Return to sequence 5... Jim walks away

Jim: See you after lunch... And don't eat too much!

Odd joins Ulrich and William.

Odd: He's a nutcase, a complete nutcase...
Ulrich: Sounds like it's going to be awful...
William: No need to be so dramatic about it.
Ulrich: You think you're such a big-shot athlete, huh? You're the best, and you want us all to know it?
William: Yep... Exactly... (and giving Ulrich a friendly slap on the shoulder) Actually, I say that because I'm really, really afraid of you...
Ulrich (laughing): You should be!

Laura, who'd been hanging around behind them looking snooty, cuts them off.

Laura: Psh... Keep showing off, boys. It's definitely your thing!

And she walks away with such a pretentious air that the others burst out laughing.

Odd (to Jeremy): Looks like you need to update the return to the past again. Because her attitude hasn't changed one bit.

But Aelita doesn't share their enthusiasm.

Aelita: I wonder if we did the right thing.
Jeremy: We had no choice, Aelita... To her, people are like the pieces in a game of chess. And that's not really the kind of game we like to play, is it?

Aelita nods, but continues to watch Laura with a worried gaze as she walks away...

Episode 23 - Jeremy's Blues

11:01 A scene showing Jeremy's blues was cut from an episode called "Jeremy's Blues"... A judicious choice.

Jeremy is lying on his bed. He stares blankly at the ceiling. There's a knock at the door. He doesn't react. Aelita comes in and sits on the edge of his bed.

Aelita (softly): Yumi told me everything!

Jeremy tenses up.

Aelita: Don't blame yourself, Jeremy. Xana is devious. It's used my mum to trap us before.

Aelita's words of comfort don't seem to have an effect on Jeremy, who still blames himself.

Jeremy: Exactly! I should've been more careful!
Aelita: You couldn't have known what would happen. The important thing is that Odd and Ulrich got out of it unharmed.
Jeremy (with a sigh): No thanks to me!
Aelita (raising her voice slightly): Stop complaining, Jeremy. What's done is done! Do you want to give Xana free reign now?
Jeremy: Of course not!
Aelita: Then get up! And snap out of it!

16:16 In this scene, Aelita would have asked Odd if he'd seen a spectre.

Odd, grumbling, arrives outside the principal's office.

Odd: Psh! Ms Hertz is even worse than Xana!

His phone vibrates in his pocket. He answers

Odd: Aelita? ...Uh... No, nothing. They're still in class. I'm on my way...

He retraces his steps and leaves in the opposite direction...

Episode 24 - Time Warp

05:38 Here, Yumi and William should've been alerted during their chemistry prac, not before it.

In the science lab, Yumi and William, wearing white lab coats and holding test tubes, are doing a group chemistry prac. Ms Hertz is giving them instructions.

Ms Hertz: And you gently pour the contents of your test tube into your partner's...

William, with a small smile, approaches Yumi with his test tube.

William: I hope this won't blow up in our faces!

At that moment, Yumi's phone starts vibrating. The girl grabs it and tenses up when she sees the screen.

Yumi (quiet): No way, it's an alert! We've gotta get to the lab! (to Ms Hertz, plaintive) Uh, Ma'am, can I please go to the infirmary? My stomach hurts.
Ms Hertz: Yes, yes, go, of course!
William: Can I go with her?
Ms Hertz: No, no, William. One of you has to finish the experiment. Otherwise I can't grade your prac...

William leans closer to Yumi, who holds her tummy.

William (quiet): Go on, I'll meet you there...

Yumi nods and then leaves the room, grimacing.

12:43 According to the script, the cast on Jeremy's wrist was there to differentiate past Jeremy (who was still wearing it) from present Jeremy (who took it off). But in a lot of the scenes with "past Jeremy" the cast was either missing or out of frame...kinda ruining the logic.

Episode 25 - Disaster

09:26 The scene where Odd was looking for Ulrich was shortened. Odd should have spoken to more people.

We find Odd in the school quad. He's talking to two girls...

Odd: Do you know where Ulrich is?

One of the girls replies disdainfully.

Girl #1: If I'd seen him, I would be with him! And not here talking to you!

Odd is speechless, while the two girls walk away, giggling.

Odd: Very funny! How so very civilised! (he rolls his eyes) Unbelievable!

A student, Christopher M'Bala, walks by...

Christopher M'Bala: Hey! If you're looking for Ulrich, he's training in the gym!
Odd: Cool! Thanks, Christopher!

Odd runs towards the gym.

10:47 In the gym, Ulrich shouldn't have been doing yoga, but rather his favourite sport: pencak silat.

17:47 A small scene that was skipped, where Ulrich told William where the spectre was.

Ulrich runs through the arch hallway. He suddenly stops... His point of view: the gardener Rouiller, walking not far from the lunchroom... Ulrich takes out his phone.

Ulrich (quiet): William? I found the spectre... Near the lunchroom, he's looking for something... No, he mustn't have found Yumi. OK, later!

Ulrich hangs up and heads out into the quad...

Episode 26 - The Final Mission

15:50 There was a deleted scene where our heroes spotted and ignored some Bloks.

Three Blocks come out from behind a high-up plateau and see our heroes pass by! The Blocks start shooting at our heroes while chasing after them. The lasers don't reach our heroes.

Odd (shouting to the others): They're too far away to get us! Speed up!
Ulrich (his face lights up): Core, dead ahead!

Other bloks appear and block their way. Odd barely avoids getting hit.

Odd: There are more of them! Hurry, we'll take care of them!

Ulrich gestures to say he's understood and continues on ahead with Aelita. He drives between the bloks at high speed, causing them to falter. Odd brakes, soon joined by William who appears as supersmoke next to him. The Blocks get closer. Ulrich speeds towards the bridge with Aelita. William and Odd nod to each other and then set off. William gets out his sword in mid-flight and lands near a Block, missing it. But Odd crouches down to shoot a barrage of arrows, he hits a Block, but without destroying it. Odd lies in ambush high up. Two Bloks are looking for him. He pounces on them and destroys them easily. He then sees another blok far away, preparing to fire on Ulrih and Aelita. Odd gets on his board and speeds off.

Odd (haggard): William, where are you? What are you doing?! It's gonna get them!

William flies up into the air as supersmoke, above the Blok, and deals the fatal blow with his sword, causing the Blok to explode. Odd sighs with relief.

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