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 Season 2 - Part 1
Episodes 27 to 39

Before being broadcast on television, the episodes were written and rewritten in the form of scripts. During rewritings, the final result shown on television doesn't always match the original script. As these scripts exist and can be found on the site (in French only), in this file we allow you to find all the differences between the final episode and the original script for the first three seasons, from missing information to entire deleted scenes.

You can find these official scripts in their respective episode files at Unfortunately, we haven't managed to obtain the script for episode 91 “Bad Connection”, and the scripts are all in French. As some jokes and meaning is lost when you turn to the English dub for a translation, we've done our best to accurately translate the scripts from French as best we can without completely relying on the dub's translations. As such, some wording may differ slightly to what you hear in the English episodes.

Here, you'll find summaries of all the modified or deleted scenes in question, so you can find out more about the series! We haven't taken into account the minimal changes in sentences, but some scenes are completely new and are worth a look at. Have a good read!

[Episode 27 - New Order] [Episode 28 - Unchartered Territory] [Episode 29 - Exploration] [Episode 30 - A Great Day] [Episode 31 - Mister Pück] [Episode 32 - Saint Valentine's Day] [Episode 33 - Final Mix] [Episode 34 - Missing Link] [Episode 35 - The Chips Are Down] [Episode 36 - Marabounta] [Episode 37 - Common Interest] [Episode 38 - Temptation] [Episode 39 - A Bad Turn]

Episode 27 - New Order
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version: 15 October 2004

04:45 A short scene was cut during the first battle. Aelita is intercepted by Bloks while she's running to the tower. Yumi picks her up on the Overwing, drops her off at the tower and returns to fight the Tarantula with Odd. The rest of the fight happens normally.

Yumi (shouting to Odd): I'll take care of Aelita!

Odd nods, and the two vehicles separate. While Yumi flies towards Aelita, Odd manages to approach the monster and concentrate his fire while avoiding the “anti-aircraft” fire. Aelita runs towards the tower. But suddenly, three Bloks appear. Aelita more or less avoids their lasers by jumping to the side. But at the moment when they're about to hit the girl, Yumi suddenly appears. She reaches out to Aelita and manages to pull her onto the overwing.

Yumi: Saddle up, princess!

The two girls hurry to the tower and land beside it. Aelita jumps gracefully from the overwing and enters the tower. Yumi makes a U-turn.
Odd is in the air, circling around the monster and firing barrages of arrows. A laser barely misses him, and Odd rears up his overboard, climbs into the sky and performs a large loop. He realigns himself with the monster at ground level and rushes at the Tarantula; Yumi catches up to him on her overwing, getting into formation beside him.

05:00 A notable change: Aelita was supposed to type the code Earth directly into the tower interfaces!

Aelita has finally reached the platform where the floating digital interface is located. She types the code: TERRA.

06:30 A few lines were cut in the scene in the lab following the fight with the Tarantula. A “moving” line from Jeremy notably punctuates everything.

Yumi: Everything's all set up! We wanted to surprise you...

Aelita is dumbfounded...

Aelita (babbling): But... I... Do you really think that's wise? If XANA has gotten more powerful...

Jeremie gives Aelita a serious look...

Jeremie: The question isn't whether it's wise, it's whether it's better... Personally I've had enough of only seeing you for three hours each week, so my mind's made up!

Ulrich, Odd and Yumi nod.

Odd: And we also know that XANA doesn't want to get rid of you anymore. Since he infected you with that dumb virus, you're his only guarantee that we won't turn off the supercomputer. But he can still capture you to stop you from deactivating the towers!

Jeremie gives Aelita a serious look.

Jeremie: So, it's better if you come live with us!

06:50 In this script, Aelita was supposed to come from Holland rather than Canada. This lines up with the origin of the name Stones that Odd gave the principal in episode 26 “False Start”. However, from episode 27 onwards, Aelita is meant to be from Canada.
Note that in the script of episode 30, Aelita's nationality isn't addressed, unlike in the episode.

Aelita: Stones. Aelita Stones. Like the rock group. I'm Odd's cousin from Holland!

07:00 Sissi was going to have abused Aelita since she arrived in her room. The scene was cut!
Nevertheless, in the script's scene, Aelita and Sissi don't recognise each other, even though they saw one another in episode 26.

Sissi: Ah...there's the newbie!

Our friends turn around. Sissi enters the room uninvited. Aelita responds nicely to her and holds out her hand.

Aelita: Yes, I'm Aelita Stones, like the rock group. I'm...

Sissi (ignoring the hand and interrupting in a nasty tone): “Odd's cousin from Holland”! OK, I'm not deaf! As the principal's daughter, I also have a few rules concerning life at this school... Firstly, no loud music in the rooms. Especially music that I don't like. Secondly, no cooking allowed. And, uh...threely, no pets!

Saying this, she shoots a glare at Odd, who sniffs in an exaggerated fashion. Odd smiles.

Odd: And fourLY, no stinking out the floor with cheap perfume!

Sissi is momentarily motionless, mouth open. Ulrich jumps in, introducing Sissi to Aelita.

Ulrich: Aelita, this is Sissi, your new neighbour... She loves being made fun of by Odd!

Sissi throws her shoulders back and leaves the room, vexed.

Sissi: Morons!

We hear Sissi's door SLAM. The three boys BURST OUT LAUGHING.

09:40 Line change. In the script, Ulrich was the horror film fan according to Jeremy, rather than Odd.

Jeremie: ...nah, there aren't any monsters in this forest. They only exist in legends...or in bad horror pictures that Ulrich sees at the cinema!

12:45 The line from the Subsonics song “Being sensible is just not sensible” wasn't the same in the script... It sounded a little bit worse.

William: Actually, I don't do anything halfway. It's all or nothing with me. I just can't bring myself to be reasonable. But hey, being reasonable is just not reasonable!

13:30 An effect was cut when Aelita discovered the Hermitage.

It appears very sinister despite the sunny weather, somewhat like a house from a horror movie, with the wind howling through the cracked tiles and the park in a wild state...
It's just an impression, but it seems like we can hear the wind calling: "Aelita... Aelita..."

15:20 A fight erupts between Ulrich and Yumi before they enter the Hermitage.

Odd: Kiwi! Come on...

But Kiwi looks at his master with a whine: obviously, he doesn't want to go any further...

Ulrich (to Odd): Your dog is such a chicken!

Yumi (unsettled): I don't blame him... It's like a house from a horror movie!

Ulrich gives a nasty smile.

Ulrich (sarcastic, to Yumi): You should just ask William to protect you.

Yumi is flabbergasted...

Yumi (gobsmacked): Ahhh...he's the reason why you've been so mad at me!

Ulrich (angry): Maybe.

But Odd interrupts them.

Odd: Stop! I've had more of your squabbling than I can swallow! Let's go have a look inside...

Episode 28 - Unchartered Territory
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 20 October 2004

Throughout the episode, like in the previous one, Aelita was supposed to be from Holland rather than Canada, which changes a few lines in the episode.

2:20 After Aelita's nightmare at the start of the episode, a scene was cut. Notably there's a preview of the origin of Jim's band-aid.

Aelita's door opens and the girl casts a timid glance outside her room... Her POV: it's a complete mess! The students — some dressed, others in pyjamas — are coming and going in an indescribable BEDLAM. We hear students shout, doors SLAM, in other words, the dormitory is waking up... Jim suddenly appears in the hallway, still in his pyjamas, a razor in his hand. He has shaving cream on his face, and a small cut on his cheek, on the exact spot where his band-aid usually is.

Jim (angry): Haven't you all made enough of a racket?! Because of you, I've already cut myself!

But the other students don't seem to pay any mind to Jim's woes... Jim puts his hand to his wound, notes with a groan that it's bleeding, then turns on his heels and heads back to his room...

5:00 A small gag that was cut during Odd and Sissi's exchange outside the boys' bathroom.

Sissi (to Odd): Shut up, moron! And pull your towel up, it's getting annoying...

She points to something off camera, below Odd's beltline (and luckily, thanks to clever framing, we don't see "it"). Odd pulls his towel up, embarrassed, while Sissi turns on her heels, followed by Herve and Nicolas.

13:20 Before the heroes take off on their vehicles to find Aelita, they were supposed to be swamped by monsters.

Indeed, behind them, three Kankrelats arrive. Odd reacts.

Odd: Krabes, Bloks, Kankrelats... It's a whole family reunion!

Ulrich: Yeah! Honestly, we're just missing a Tarantula...

Lo and behold, a Tarantula arrives right in front of them, taking long strides. Ulrich scowls...

Ulrich: I should've stayed quiet...

Odd (worried): Jeremie! It's an emergency here... What are you waiting for? Call us a taxi!

Jeremie (off): On the way!

The heroes position themselves back to back, Ulrich facing the Tarantula, Odd and Yumi facing the kankrelats. The arachnoid monster stands up on its back legs and starts firing, then falls back into its running pose. Ulrich, fast as light, parries all three of the lasers with his sabre. Odd is squatted down, wrist out and firing arrows at the kankrelats, while Yumi, standing near him, parries shots with her two fans. A kankrelat explodes! At that moment, the vehicles (overbike, overwing and overboard) appear before our heroes.

20:00 The Scyphozoa's attack was supposed to take away life points as well as memory.

On the screen, we see a load of data stream by (corresponding with Aelita's memory), while Aelita's life point bar decreases at great speed.

Episode 29 - Exploration
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 20 October 2004

01:00 The initial scene should have opened on a brief fight between Yumi and some Kankrelats before Aelita deactivates the tower.

Yumi is battling against two Kankrelats, who are firing at her. Behind her, Aelita runs towards the activated tower.

Jeremie (off, worried): Aelita! Hurry! Yumi's only got 10 life points left!

A good backflip allows Yumi to dodge one final Kankrelat laser.

02:30 A few lines were suppressed, before the heroes got back to Kadic.

Odd: ...And as for us, we missed dinner again! And when I think it was spaghetti and meatballs!

Amused, Ulrich pats his friend's shoulder.

Ulrich: It's not that bad! You can eat the snacks hidden in the closet!

Odd: (visibly panicked): You found those?

Ulrich: I didn't. But Kiwi loved the strawberry ChocoChocs!

Odd becomes sullen.

Odd: That darn mutt!

Ulrich, Aelita and Jeremie laugh.

04:15 A reference to Sissi's mother when Yumi is escorted to school by her parents! She's a character who's never mentioned in the series, so this deserves to be seen!

Yumi sighs...turns on her heels and enters the school. She then passes by Sissi, Nicolas and Herve. Sissi looks at her mockingly.

Sissi (mocking): Oh, isn't that adorable! I remember when my mum walked me to school...when I was 5...

Yumi balls her fists without responding and continues walking.

06:20 A fight with two Krabs was cut before the heroes arrived at the Edge of the Forest Sector.

Jeremie (off): Still no monsters?

Odd looks attentively around him.

Odd: No.

But suddenly, his expression changes to look more worried.

Odd: Uh...I take back what I said.

Not far ahead of them stand two Krabes, separating them from the edge of the sector. Odd glances over at Ulrich.

Odd: I'll set Aelita down!

Ulrich nods.

Ulrich: Let's get closer!

Odd: Here we go!

The two vehicles accelerate at the same time and zoom straight towards the monsters, overboard on the left, overbike on the ground on the right. Once at a short distance from the monsters, Ulrich draws his sabre and points it forward.

Ulrich (shouting): Now!

Odd, with Aelita still hanging onto him, breaks formation and veers right, passing quickly right in front of the overbike. The Krabe (ahead, right) immediately starts shooting at Odd, who slaloms between the trees to avoid the shots. Ulrich parries the second Krabe's shots (ahead, centre) with his sabre and just before passing underneath it, lies his overbike on its right side and slices the monster's left legs with his sabre. He rights his vehicle while doing a controlled, skidding turn. He throws his sabre, which embeds in the fallen Krabe's eye of XANA; explosion! But the second Krabe has turned around and is shooting at the overbike, which depixelises; Ulrich jumps off to the side just in time. Odd drops Aelita off at the edge of the sector.

Odd: I'll be right back, princess!

He turns his overboard around and heads back to the “battlefield”. Ulrich blocks the remaining Krabe's powerful shots as best he can; he's hit once.

Ulrich: Ahh!

Jeremie (off): That's 30 life points gone, Ulrich! Be careful! Save them for sector 5!

Odd: We're doing our bets!

Odd arrives on his overboard and while the monster takes a few steps towards Ulrich on the ground, he bursts up like a rocket and starts circling around the monster at high speed, like a particle around its core. The monster is disconcerted; Ulrich seizes the opportunity to jump on its carapace, slash the eye of Xana and jump back down with a backwards somersault. Explosion! Odd takes his friend's hand to help him onto the overboard and the two fly towards the edge of the sector.

13:50 Rather than hide her absence, Yumi locked her door.

Mrs Ishiyama climbs the staircase. She stops in front of her daughter's door and knocks quietly.

Mrs Ishiyama: Yumi? Can I come in? I want to talk to you for a minute!

She approaches the room but when she tries to open the door, it's stuck. Surprise from Mrs Ishiyama, who tries again to open it.

Mrs Ishiyama: Yumi! Open up!

When nothing happens, Mrs Ishiyama begins to understand.

19:20 Yumi made an...original attempt on the Sector 5 interface.

An interface appears in front of her. Yumi tries to type on it.

Yumi: There's an interface... (Beat) Darn it! I don't have access!

Aelita comes forward.

Episode 30 - A Great Day
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 07 October 2004

17:45 A scene was cut where Ms Hertz notices that our heroes and Sissi (xanafied) are absent). Herb and Nicolas leave the room to join their mistress.

Ms Hertz stands in front of the class.

Ms Hertz: Five missing students... Absolutely incredible...

Herve and Nicolas exchange an intrigued look. Ms Hertz turns around to go to her desk. Herve and Nicolas take the opportunity to quickly leave the room. The door slams behind them. Ms Hertz turns around and is stupefied to find that another two students have disappeared.

Ms Hertz: But, now... Just what is going on...?

Episode 31 - Mister Pück
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 21 October 2004

10:30 A “violent” scene was slightly cut again to preserve the sensitive spirits of our little cherubs.

Immediately, Jeremie follows on (with his pretend injured foot) with an impressive spinning kick (Jean-Claude Van Damme style) to Aelita. The girl falls backwards, unconscious.

Episode 32 - Saint Valentine's Day
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 05 November 2004

No difference between the script and the episode.

Episode 33 - Final Mix
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 17 November 2004

02:00 A few lines cut from Ulrich and Sissi's conversation in front of the coffee machine.

Sissi takes his hand.

Sissi: Will you be there? It's going to be a great party!

Ulrich pulls his hand away from Sissi's.

Ulrich: For now, I have to study for the science final!

Sissi (kind): We could do that together if you like?! I'm really great at revising!

Ulrich gives her a sarcastic look.

Ulrich: Looking at yourself in a mirror while listening to the latest awful hit music isn't exactly what I'd call revising.

2:20 One of Jim's lines was cut, regarding one of his famous old jobs!

Jim sighs.

Jim: Hm...this reminds me of when I was a removalist.

A student (Christophe M'Bala) passes just in front of Jim, a pot plant in his arms, and hears his remark.

Christophe M'Bala: You were a removalist, Jim?

Jim's smile fades.

Jim: I don't want to talk about it.

06:30 The principal was supposed to deliver the science papers, as announced by Ms Hertz in one scene. The scene was cut.

Ms Hertz and Mr Delmas stand in front of the students, who are seated at their tables. The principal takes the packet of papers.

Principal: ...And so these finals give us a good look at your current level. As a whole, you're making progress... With the exception of a few of you, who strive to do nothing at all.

Look at Sissi and Odd. The principal comes forward to hand out the papers.

Principal (in/off announcement): Thomas Jolivet: average. You need to do more in chemistry. Sorya Abulabbas: slightly above average. Ulrich Stern: the same and making progress. Keep it up, my boy. Jeremie Belpois and Herve Pichon: very high mention. With a plus for Jeremie. Aelita Stones: excellent. Your mathematical spirit impresses your teachers. Odd Della Robbia. Elisabeth Delmas: with you, it's quite simple...AND NO GOOD! You'll almost certainly have to repeat the year. Nicolas Poliakoff, only just enough... Alexandre Pépin, Azra Ürgup and Bastien Roux: revise your chemistry. Claire Girard: a good effort, but still somewhat insufficient.

The camera remains on Odd, looking at his mark with resentment. He then turns to Ulrich.
Feeling sorry for his friend, Ulrich grimaces.

12:00 A second layer to Ulrich's repackaging of Sissi during the night at the gym was squeezed out.

Jeremie: They're not here... Hurry! Let's head for the factory!

The group makes an about-face when suddenly, Sissi appears in front of Ulrich, blocking him.

Sissi: Ah... You can't stay away from me! You came back!

Ulrich sharply pushes her away in order to leave.

Ulrich: False alarm! I'm leaving again.

Ulrich then sprints off, ditching Sissi again, leaving her confused.

17:50 Unlike in the episode, Odd doesn't get on the Overbike after the Hornets destroy his Overboard. In the script, Ulrich gets on the Overboard as a passenger instead.

Ulrich starts running in zigzags to avoid the Hornets' fire.

Suddenly, Odd comes up to him, on his Overboard.

Odd: Taxi?

Ulrich runs beside the Overboard. Using his momentum he jumps onto Odd's vehicle. Odd accelerates. The Overboard races towards the crater. The two Hornets pursue.

From then on, the action remains similar. Odd is devirtualised by Jim after the vehicle does a loop, and Ulrich uses the Overboard to reach the crater. In this version of the script, he obviously masters the vehicle, which wasn't the case in the series several episodes later.

21:35 In the script, Odd had time to get back up from the scanner room to help Yumi against Jim.

Very easily, with herculean strength, Jim grabs one of Yumi's legs and sends her flying into a corner of the room. That's when he receives a hit in the back. The impact is weak...but Jim turns around and discovers Odd has just arrived.

Odd: That's not very nice, Jim...

Jim performs a savate move...which Odd avoids just in time by jumping to the side. Yumi, groggy, makes a gesture towards Jeremie, who is still unconscious from his fall.

Yumi: Get back to the keyboard! We'll take care of Jim!

Jeremie runs to his position and, glancing at his screens, notices that Aelita is still losing her life points. (...)
Odd slams straight into a wall. He falls to the floor, unconscious.

Yumi (off): Odd!

Episode 34 - Missing Link
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 18 November 2004

15:20 A small deleted scene when Ulrich and Odd arrive on Lyoko, proving that XANA is constantly active...

Odd and Ulrich appear on Lyoko, levitating in a T-pose. They land and stand up. Odd points out the tower where the girls are hiding.

Ulrich: It's ok, Jeremie! We'll be there in two seconds!

Odd: Uh... More like four or five! After we take care of the roadblock!

Reverse shot of two Krabes that are heading menacingly towards them.

Jeremie (off): There's no time! I'm programming your vehicles!

Odd has the time to send a few arrows at the two Krabes. But suddenly, the overbike and overboard materialise in front of the two boys. The boys jump onto their machines and fly towards the tower, leaving the Krabes behind, powerless to do anything.

Odd: Sorry. Maybe some other time!

Odd and Ulrich quickly reach the tower.

19:00 During the key activation scene, an erroneous line was slipped in by the writer, and taken out during the episode's creation. In the stride of this line, a small battle with two Creepers was deleted. One interesting scene came from it though, where a Creeper hangs onto the elevator.

Before his screens, Jeremie sighs.

Jeremie: Be careful! Need I remind you that being devirtualised in sector 5 isn't the most pleasant experience!

Yumi does a backflip and dodges a Creeper laser.

Yumi: We know.

Landing gracefully, Yumi throws one of her fans. It hits a Creeper right in its target. The monster disappears. Ulrich leaps forward...and avoids another block falling from the ceiling. He lands in a roll...and arrives at the key. He reaches out his hand and presses it nervously. At that moment, the configuration of the corridor changes.

Jeremie (off): Good work, Ulrich!

The blocks in the corridor immediately stop falling from the ceiling, freeing the way for Yumi and Aelita. At the same time, an opening is created in the wall, not far from Ulrich. Yumi catches her two fans. With Aelita, she starts to run towards Ulrich at the end of the corridor.

Yumi: There's the exit!

The final Creeper follows them.

Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita exit through the corridor opening and arrive in front of the void.
The elevator appears in the distance...

Ulrich: There's our carriage! Don't miss it!

The elevator quickly arrives at their level. Aelita gestures to Yumi and Ulrich. The three friends leap and jump inside. But the Creeper that followed them also jumped, and hangs onto the Elevator. It shoots at Ulrich...who takes a first hit. Second shot. Ulrich deflects it with his sabre.
Yumi takes out a fan...and throws it at the Creeper. Right in the target. The monster disappears. We follow the elevator as it continues its route. It slows and stops in front of the walkway.

21:00 In the Celestial Dome, Ulrich has to use Triplicate. However, the rest of the fight doesn't change. The clones would only have served to take hits from the Mantas.

Jeremie: It's just you alone to protect the girls now, Ulrich!

Ulrich runs and multiplies.


There are now three Ulrichs on the footbridge (the real one + 2 doubles).

Ulrich: No. I'm not alone anymore.

Episode 35 - The Chips Are Down
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 27 November 2004

04:35 The scene where Ulrich launched the Return to the Past was shown on screen in the script.

Deep in concentration, Ulrich conscientiously enters the data into the computer in front of him. He mumbles as he reads the next part in the manual (using his index finger to to sure he doesn't repeat a line). Ulrich straightens up.

Ulrich: Ok, here goes...

He wills his index finger over to the ENTER key on the keyboard.

Ulrich: For Yumi!

And he presses it, closing his eyes. A moment of silence. Nothing happens. Ulrich opens his eyes in surprise.

Ulrich: It didn't work... I was sure that was right... I couldn't do it... Too bad... It can't be all that bad... It surely couldn't have been a good idea...

But suddenly, a strange noise sounds from the computer. Ulrich freezes.

10:30 A scene where XANA-Nicolas followed the heroes through the sewers to the factory was cut.

Odd, Aelita and Jeremie run as fast as they can beneath the arches...soon followed by Nicolas. Herve runs after his friend and catches his shoulder.

Herve: Nicolas! What are you doing?

Nicolas turns towards him and gives him a strange look. His voice is a little weird, with a more neutral tone to it, even electronic.

Nicolas: Leave me alone!

Nicolas makes a violent move at Herve who, surprised, releases his grip. Nicolas immediately continues chasing our three heroes. Herve watches him go, completely disconcerted.

Jeremie (on his scooter), Yumi and Aelita (on their skateboards) race through the sewers. Odd is slightly behind the three others. Nicolas follows them a few metres behind, advancing like a spider on the wall. Still on his way, Odd seems to have a hunch. He brakes in a single movement (controlled skid). He turns around. A shadow moves not far away. Odd squints to see better. Nothing. Odd shrugs, then turns around on his skateboard to join his friends. We remain in place and the camera slowly turns to show us the sewer ceiling. We then discover Nicolas, holding on as if by magic, as if his hands and feet were stuck to the ceiling with glue. He continues forward again, at speed, and pursues our heroes while sticking to the wall of the sewer like a real spider.

Episode 36 - Marabounta
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 08 December 2004

03:15 In the script, the heroes had Spanish class instead of Italian.

Aelita: Normally I'd love to...but I have to finish my Spanish homework! See ya!

21:50 The destruction of the Marabounta devirtualised Odd in the script.

23:30 An entire funny scene was cut at the end of the episode.

Odd (to Ulrich): But what happened at the pool, then...?

Ulrich and Yumi turn around and respond in unison.

Ulrich and Yumi (together): NOTHING!

Yumi and Ulrich exchange a smile...and start climbing the stairs together. While climbing, Ulrich turns to Yumi.

Ulrich: Yumi...I...could we talk sometime?

Yumi (smiling): Well...yes. Whenever you like...

Ulrich and Yumi smile at each other and continue climbing the stairs side by side. Aelita climbs up behind them. We remain with Jeremie and Odd at the foot of the stairs, looking intrigued. Odd turns to Jeremie.

Odd: You wanna hear the unencrypted version of that scene?

Jeremie: Do you have a decoder?

Odd starts to recreate the scene, imitating Yumi.

Odd (sarcastic): Oh...Ulrich! You're jealous of William, but it's because you love me, I just know it!

Playing along, Jeremie takes Odd's hands, imitating Ulrich.

Jeremie: It's true, Yumi. I love you!

Odd: Me too, Ulrich, I've always loved you!

At the top of the stairs, Ulrich, Aelita and Yumi turn around.

Ulrich: Hey! What the heck are you two doing?

Jeremie and Odd, suddenly embarrassed, let go of each other's hands and take on a more “dignified” attitude.

Jeremie & Odd: Nothing.

While Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita start climbing the stairs again, Jeremie turns to Odd.

Jeremie: Do you think they'll confess their love someday?

Odd: Of course... Once they make up their minds. In about twenty years!

Jeremie sighs...and follows Odd up the stairs behind the other members of the gang.

Episode 37 - Common Interest
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 14 December 2004

Just to note, in the French version of the episode, Peter Duncan was named Pierre Nanquin.

10:40 In the absence of juice in the Supercomputer, Jeremy went down to the Supercopmuter room without using the lift.

In the half-light of the lab, Jeremie manages to open the trapdoor revealing the wall ladder leading down to the scanner room. He climbs on and looks down, then sighs.

Jeremie (to himself): Come on, Jeremie...the vertigo is just in your head!

Jeremie starts to descend the long wall ladder.

From the upper rungs of the ladder, Jeremie slides down a rope to finally reach the floor.

15:00 A small deleted scene with Duncan and Jeremy, just before the battery change. Among other things, we discover a secret closet hidden in the Supercopmuter room.

Blurry shot of Pierre Nanquin's face. The face progressively becomes clearer. Jeremie regains consciousness little by little and rubs his eyes. Now completely clear, Pierre Nanquin comes up to Jeremie and pulls him up by his collar, forcing him to his feet. Nanquin points at the container of uranium on the ground behind him.

Nanquin: Repair!

Jeremie (stunned): U...uranium!

Jeremie looks at Pierre Nanquin, his mind made up.

Jeremie: I'm going to need a hazmat suit.

Pierre Nanquin moves towards one of the walls in the room and opens a closet hidden in the wall. Inside, among other things, there's a suit.

Nanquin: No problem.

Jeremie looks taken aback.

Episode 38 - Temptation
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 16 December 2004

10:20 Like for Aelita's Creativity, telekinesis seems to drain Yumi's life points when she uses it for something big.

Shot of Yumi's digital card: the girl's life points visibly decrease. Jeremie looks worried.

11:20 Jeremy put on the neuronal headset before launching the second Return to the Past.

Jeremie: Great! I'm launching it, get ready.

While he gets ready to hit “enter”, Jeremie has a moment of hesitation. He looks off-screen, undecided, then suddenly makes up his mind, seizing an object and bringing it towards him. We then discover a very strange helmet, connected to some sort of lizard fingers that Jeremie places on his temples and forehead. He then presses the “enter” key on his keyboard. The return in time is launched. Jeremie then receives impressive electrical influxes to his head. Jeremie stiffens as though affected by an electrical charge.

13:00 Odd discovers Jeremy's neuronal headset at the factory when Aelita is checking the logs for the previous returns in time.

Aelita: The logs are all normal. There certainly was a major discharge of energy during that last return to the past, though... But they're no different than any of the previous returns to the past...

Odd (off): Hey! Aelita! What do I look like?!

Aelita turns towards Odd in surprise. Odd has the helmet Jeremie used earlier (during the last return to the past) on his head. Odd makes a caricatured pose, as if he's holding a lasergun.

Odd: This is General Strong! We've discovered a giant china plate over Washington! (change of voice) No! It's not a china plate! It's a UFO! HAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Aelita freezes upon seeing the helmet.

Aelita: Stop...that's not funny! It's a neuronal headset! Where did you find it?

Odd is surprised by the girl's serious reaction. Odd takes the helmet off...and points to a corner of the lab.

Odd: There!

Odd turns back to Aelita. The girl looks worried.

Episode 39 - A Bad Turn
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 30 December 2004

02:00 First on the list for this episode is when William actually kisses Yumi! Against the Japanese girl's will for sure, but it did happen.

Not noticing Ulrich's presence and flight, William and Yumi are about to kiss. William's lips are close to Yumi's. But the girl turns her face away at the last moment.

Yumi: No... Wait.

Yumi turns back to William to explain...but William had moved closer, and her mouth meets his. William kisses her, eyes closed. Yumi's eyes are open and she seems more surprised than passionate. Finally, the girl pushes William gently away.

Yumi: Sorry. I'm...I'm a little...confused...

William frowns.

William (cold): It's Ulrich, isn't it?

Yumi doesn't respond. She sighs...

Yumi (softly): Good night.

Then opens the gate and hurries inside the house. William remains alone at the bottom of the stairs, pensive. He stuffs his hands into his pockets and lowers his head, sighing.

05:00 During the funny scene where the characters take turns driving with varying levels of success, two sequences were cut: Jeremy and Nicolas.

• Odd tensely gripping the steering wheel with the warrant officer remaining vigilant, ready to take control in case... We hear the car collide with objects (off). Odd smiles embarrassedly at the warrant officer, who looks at him severely.
• Yumi deep in concentration, eyebrows furrowed, gritting her teeth once she reaches a “hang onto something” speed.
• Herve can only “bunny hop”. Conductor and passenger are jerked back and forth.
• Nicolas, perfectly relaxed, driving like a real pro.
• Aelita, very worried, but seeming to get along pretty well on the whole...
• Jeremie, who has stalled and is trying in vain to restart the engine, with an embarrassed smile, as the warrant officer looks on wearily.

12:10 The scene where Ulrich and William fight the Krab on Earth and then Ulrich threatens William is a little longer in the script. The Krab takes longer to succumb and Ulrich hits William. The scene was probably cut because it was too violent.

William passes under the branches of a tree. We remain on the tree and climb up into the branches: Ulrich is crouched on a branch. He's armed with an iron bar. Suddenly, while the Krabe, still following William, passes under the branches, Ulrich leaves his perch and jumps. He lands on the Krabe's back. William continues running towards the shed. On the Krabe's back, Ulrich raises his iron pole...and hits the centre of the XANA target with its end. The Krabe, perturbed, shoots in all directions. To avoid a shot, William skids across the grass, in front of the shed. He falls onto the ground. The Krabe comes straight for him. William crawls away...but finds his way blocked by the wall of the shed. The Krabe advances, still shooting in all directions. On its back, Ulrich continues to strike the XANA target with his iron pole. William closes his eyes and curls up as the laser shots pepper the ground beside him. Ulrich gives one last blow with the pole in the centre of the eye. IMPLOSION in the Krabe's “head”. The monster freezes. Beat. The monster collapses onto the legs that are no longer supporting it. Ulrich jumps and lands nimbly on the grass. In front of the Krabe, William regards the squashed monster, gobsmacked. William stands up and moves towards Ulrich, out of breath.

William: Nice job... Do you want the legs? They're the best part!

Ulrich gives him a dark look...and swings a kick at him, causing William to fall backwards.

12:00 to 20:00 To conclude, all the scenes with Aelita on the Overboard weren't detailed as precisely. There were only 3 Hornets to begin with. All the skating moves Aelita performs were added in later, much to the viewer's delight.

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