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 Season 2 - Part 2
Episodes 40 to 52

Before being broadcast on television, the episodes were written and rewritten in the form of scripts. During rewritings, the final result shown on television doesn't always match the original script. As these scripts exist and can be found on the site (in French only), in this file we allow you to find all the differences between the final episode and the original script for the first three seasons, from missing information to entire deleted scenes.

You can find these official scripts in their respective episode files at Unfortunately, we haven't managed to obtain the script for episode 91 “Bad Connection”, and the scripts are all in French. As some jokes and meaning is lost when you turn to the English dub for a translation, we've done our best to accurately translate the scripts from French as best we can without completely relying on the dub's translations. As such, some wording may differ slightly to what you hear in the English episodes.

Here, you'll find summaries of all the modified or deleted scenes in question, so you can find out more about the series! We haven't taken into account the minimal changes in sentences, but some scenes are completely new and are worth a look at. Have a good read!

[Episode 40 - Attack of the Zombies] [Episode 41 - Ultimatum] [Episode 42 - A Fine Mess] [Episode 43 - XANA's Kiss] [Episode 44 - Vertigo] [Episode 45 - Cold War] [Episode 46 - Déjà Vu] [Episode 47 - Tip-Top Shape] [Episode 48 - Is Anybody Out There?] [Episode 49 - Franz Hopper] [Episode 50 - Contact] [Episode 51 - Revelation] [Episode 52 - The Key]

Episode 40 - Attack of the Zombies
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 04 January 2005

01:32 In a note at the beginning of the script, it's stated that in the English dub, the Italian class should be a French class instead.

08:50 The scene where William holds Jeremy and Aelita back in the cafeteria involved a little more violence.

Jeremie has his hand on the door and is about to exit...but William's hand pulls his shoulder back. Jeremie turns around...and receives one of William's fists straight to his abdomen. Aelita looks panic-stricken.

Aelita: JEREMIE!

Shot of Jeremie, groggy on the floor. William towers above him.

William: Sorry. But it's for your own good! You'll thank me when you get out of this mess safe and sound!

09:45 The lines spoken by the police officers coming to Kadic were different, the writer obviously wanting to make them more social.

Michel Rouillé: As far as I know, everything's normal!

Officer #1 sighs and turns to their colleague.

Officer #1: I told you it was just another stupid kid's prank, right? Let's go! It's time to get back to the station... We're not getting paid overtime!

15:00 The Krabs guarding the tower were meant to be Kankrelats, and the Scyphozoa was meant to show up as part of the welcoming committee.

Aelita squints and grimaces.

Aelita: Uh...Kankrelats also in sight!

Five Kankrelats form a barrier at the base of the tower, blocking the way. The Scyphozoa stands behind the five Kankrelats. Aelita makes a face.

Aelita: ...And the Scyphozoa is there too, of course!

16:00 Indeed, most of the action on Lyoko in the episode was modified. The original elements disappeared (Yumi carrying Aelita with her telekinesis, the tower being made invisible, etc...). Another element replaces them: the Scyphozoa caught Aelita and suspended her above the void.

The Kankrelats prepare to fire...and immediately bombard the two girls, releasing another anti-aircraft shot. Yumi takes out a fan...but she's hit in the arm. Yumi lets go of her fan and her vehicle's handlebars at the same time. The Overwing spins towards the ground. Aelita is thrown off...and falls into the void.

Aelita: AHhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Aelita falls...and catches onto the edge of the platform the tower is on, right at the last moment. A few metres away from her are the four remaining Kankrelats and the Scyphozoa, behind them. The Overwing continues spinning as it falls and disappears from sight, along with Yumi. Aelita is still suspended over the void by her hands. She looks up: the Kankrelats loom above her.

On his screens, Jeremie follows the movement of the Scyphozoa with worry.

Jeremie: Yumi?! YUMI!!!!

Deep in concentration, he doesn't notice the lift door opening behind him, revealing two zombies and Kiwi.

Aelita is still hanging over the void... The Kankrelats are in front of her. But suddenly, they separate...and the Scyphozoa appears. Its tentacles dive towards Aelita and arrange themselves around her head.

Aelita: Jeremie! Help!

The Scyphozoa's tentacles surround Aelita's head and she closes her eyes. The power of the Scyphozoa's action raises Aelita up.

Jeremie looks panicked as he watches Aelita's virtual interface: her life points fall at an alarming rate.

Jeremie: AELITA!

Jeremie still doesn't see the two zombies and Kiwi approaching behind him.

Aelita is still suspended above the void, the Scyphozoa's tentacles around her. But suddenly, the Overwing zooms from beneath the platform...piloted by Yumi. While steering, Yumi takes out a fan...and throws it with all her might at the Scyphozoa. The fan twirls around...and slices the Scyphozoa's tentacles clean off, freeing Aelita. But Aelita, who was above the void, falls.


Yumi catches her fan in mid-air...and rushes towards Aelita to catch her mid-fall. From the edge of the platform, the Kankrelats shoot lasers at the Overwing. Yumi is hit in the shoulder.

Yumi: Ah...

The Overwing spins. Aelita still falls towards the digital void.

Aelita: Ahhhhhhhh...

Yumi wrestles back control of the Overwing...and dives straight for Aelita. The Kankrelats continue firing. Yumi executes downward spins between the laser shots to escape them...and finally stabilises herself. Then, she places herself underneath Aelita...and catches her on the Overwing. Yumi turns to her.

Yumi: You OK?

Groggy, Aelita nods.

Jeremie jumps in his seat and whoops for joy...but it turns into a cry of pain.

Jeremie: Great job... OUCH!!!

Jeremie moves his hand to his ankle and sees with horror that Kiwi is at his feet: the dog just bit him.

Yumi and Aelita, on the Overwing, climb back up to the platform where the activated tower is. The four Kankrelats fire at Yumi. Yumi takes out her fan...and throws it at the Kankrelats. One of them is hit straight in the target. It disappears. Only two Kankrelats remain. Yumi turns to Aelita.

Yumi: Ready?

Aelita: Ready.

Faced with the two zombie and Kiwi, Jeremie begins to weaken. His eyes roll back and his skin pales. But he still types on his keyboard, fighting against what's happening to him.

Yumi and the Overwing pass by the activated tower.

Yumi: Now!

Aelita jumps from the Overwing...after an aerial pirouette, she lands just in front of the tower. She runs towards it. Meanwhile, Yumi determinedly heads straight for the two remaining Kankrelats.

Yumi: I'm going to get you both, I swear!

Yumi throws her fan...right into the eye of one of the monsters. It disappears. Yumi still speeds on her Overwing, right towards the last Kankrelat, which is firing at her. Yumi closes her eyes. The Overwing slams into the Kankrelat. The impact is terrible: Yumi, the overwing and the Kankrelat are devirtualised.

Aelita enters the activated tower.

Episode 41 - Ultimatum
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 17 January 2005

No difference between the script and the episode.

Episode 42 - A Fine Mess
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 28 January 2005

04:15 When Odd, in Yumi's body, sends Sissi packing, in the script, he actually kissed Ulrich! There's something to fuel the fire of the M/M romances, for fans of the genre...

Odd-Yumi recovers, trying to imitate Yumi's voice.

Odd-Yumi (transvestite voice): Face it, Sissi! Ulrich and I are lovers for life! Got that?!

With these words, Odd-Yumi turns to Ulrich and kisses him passionately (OFF). Sissi, Herve and Nicolas look dumbfounded. Suddenly, a camera FLASH lights up the scene. Shot of Milly and Tamiya standing just behind Ulrich and Odd-Yumi. Stunned, Tamiya lowers her camera, with which she has just immortalised the kiss.

Tamiya: The scoop of the year!

Vexed, Sissi throws back her shoulders and continues on her way, followed by Herve and Nicolas. Tamiya and Milly also walk away. Odd-Yumi moves his mouth away from Ulrich's and looks at him, smiling.

Odd-Yumi:'re a great kisser!

Ulrich looks at him furiously, his index finger pointed beneath his nose.

Ulrich: Do that one more time and you're dead!

Ulrich turns on his heels and walks away. Odd-Yumi is left alone and he shrugs.

Odd-Yumi (to himself): You try to do a friend a favour, and that's the thanks you get!

10:20 During the episode, Yumi's "special" outfit worn by Odd is a touch more "hot", as it was a Japanese schoolgirl uniform that featured a short skirt. This notably entails an extra bit of dialogue with William, to whom the outfit didn't go unnoticed.

William: Heh, that why you're dressed like that?

Odd-Yumi (disguising his voice): Well, um...kind of.

William undresses Odd-Yumi with his eyes...and his eyes plunge towards the girl's bare legs.

William: In any case, I think it really looks good on you! Totally sexy!

Odd-Yumi pulls on his skirt, embarrassed.

Odd-Yumi: Yeah well...keep your skirt on!

12:35 The bugs Odd and Yumi suffer from on Lyoko manifested differently on a visual level.

While Ulrich, Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd remain outside and on the alert, Aelita goes inside. Suddenly, Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd “pixelise” as if they're being devirtualised. Ulrich watches them, mouth hanging open. Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd remain in their “wireframe” forms before completely revirtualising again. The three of them exchange looks, worried...

14:20 During the battle against the Kankrelats, Odd (stuck in Yumi's envelope) tries to throw a fan, without much success.

Meanwhile, Yumi-Odd shoots arrows at the second Kankrelat. The arrows miss by a wide margin either above or beside the monster. The Kankrelat approaches, firing lasers. Yumi-Odd jumps to avoid them...and turns to Odd-Yumi.

Yumi-Odd: I can't aim with these massive paws!

Taking out a fan, Odd-Yumi tries to throw one at the Kankrelat. After a graceful parabola, the fan passes way above XANA's creature...and comes back to Odd-Yumi, who ducks in time to avoid the projectile. Odd-Yumi turns to Yumi-Odd.

Odd-Yumi: You think it's easier with your stupid fans?!

Yumi-Odd: Obviously! Did you break your wrist?! You've got no strength behind it...! Do you know how to throw a frisbee?

Odd-Yumi: Obviously!

Yumi-Odd: ...Well that's exactly how it shouldn't be done!

Odd-Yumi makes a face. During this time, Ulrich has run up to the last Kankrelat. After rolling to avoid a laser, he gets back up again...and plants his sabre in the Kankrelat. Right in the XANA target. The second (and last) Kankrelat disappears. Ulrich turns to Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd.

Ulrich (brittle): Thanks for your help!

21:00 The whole final scene on Lyoko was changed. In the episode, Odd and Yumi are stuck in the gravity room and devirtualised by Creepers after Aelita unblocks the inhibitors. In the script, they accompany Aelita to the Celestial Dome and fight Mantas before the bugs get the better of them.

Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd exchange a look of worry. They hurry to the end of the corridor and arrive before a large void.

Suddenly, the Elevator rushes up and passes by them at high speed. Aelita follows it with her gaze and raises an arm, ready to give the signal. The Elevator approaches them at high speed. Odd-Yumi, Yumi-Odd and Aelita jump onto the Elevator.

Aelita, Yumi-Odd and Odd-Yumi turn around on the elevator, which slows to a stop in front of the walkway. It opens onto the Celestial Dome. Odd-Yumi, Yumi-Odd and Aelita hurry outside.

Aelita, Yumi-Odd and Odd-Yumi exit into the Dome Zone...

Aelita: Jeremie? We're here...

She hurries to the edge of the walkway and makes the floating interface appear.

Jeremie (off): Great! Deactivate the inhibitors, quick... And don't hang around there too long, things are going to get messy!

Indeed, a Manta nest attached to the Dome visibly grows bigger...

Shot of Jeremie and Ulrich, worried.

Jeremie (worried): Mantas are hatching in five seconds...four...three...two...

On the Dome, the nest is about to hatch. Yumi-Odd and Odd-Yumi go on the alter, while Jeremie finishes the countdown.

Jeremie (off): Go, Hatching!

The Manta nest hatches. Three Mantas rush at our heroes and fly low, discharging their lasers at Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd. The two kids return fire with arrows and fans. Banking into a sharp turn, the Mantas make a second pass. Odd-Yumi throws a fan at a Manta. Bullseye. The first Manta disintegrates.

Odd-Yumi: That'll teach you not to attack a weak woman!

Jeremie and Ulrich are worried. Jeremie places a hand on his microphone earpiece.

Jeremie (worried): Aelita... How're you doing?

Aelita (off): I'm almost there.

Shot of Aelita deep in concentration, manipulating the floating interface... Meanwhile, the attack continues: Yumi-Odd fires a round of arrows towards one of the Flying Mantas attacking our heroes. The Flying Manta disintegrates. Odd-Yumi takes a hit in the left arm from another Flying Manta. He retaliates by throwing a fan at his attacker...and hitting it. Bullseye. The monster disappears. Satisfied, Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd smile. But suddenly, they begin to dematerialise again. Their smiles disappear.

Jeremie and Ulrich's faces look anguished.

Jeremie (anguish): No!!!

Aelita is still concentrating on the interface. Alerted by Jeremie's cry, she turns around. Her POV: Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd in their “wireframe” forms, soon to be devirtualised completely. Determined, she turns back to the interface and continues working.

Jeremie (off): Aelita! Hurry!

Shot of Jeremie and Ulrich, anguished, checking the screens.

Jeremie (softly): ...They're in the final stage of disintegration!

Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd are still in their “wireframe” forms, neutralised. At that moment, Aelita stops typing on the interface.

Aelita: That's it, done! You can take over now!

Jeremie starts typing like crazy.

Odd-Yumi and Yumi-Odd disappear, completely devirtualised. Aelita looks distraught.

Aelita: Jeremie! They disappeared!

Jeremie grimaces as he watches his screens.

Jeremie: I sure hope the tweak on the materialisation program worked!

Episode 43 - XANA's Kiss

08:40 A small detail intelligently left out in the end: when Aelita runs into the woods towards the Hermitage crying, the spectre was there, and followed her. As for the episode, its presence would have ruined the suspense a few scenes later when there was a real and a false Jeremy.

Overwhelmed, Aelita runs in the opposite direction from the dormitories.
Her mobile phone rings. Aelita doesn't pick up.
She runs past Sissi.
The sign of XANA pulsates in Sissi's eyes as she watches her go...and she follows behind.

15:00 The part on Lyoko was largely developed during the creation stage, as it was too short in the story to last the whole episode. In the script, there's no Tarantula that confronts Yumi and then Ulrich. Nor was there aerial combat with the Overwing; only the 6 Hornets and Yumi was quickly defeated and sent back to Earth, where she found herself confronted by the spectre, like in the episode. On Lyoko, the other elements didn't change: the bridge disappearing to isolate Aelita, the Scyphozoa's presence. Ulrich, overwhelmed by Hornets and with his Overbike previously devirtualised by the clone, ends up jumping over the gap like in the episode and frees Aelita from the Scyphozoa.

Episode 44 - Vertigo
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 16 February 2005

03:05 Odd isn't devirtualised when activating the key. As such he participates in the fight in the Celestial Dome... A fight which almost didn't happen because the heroes escaped as the Mantas arrived. Indeed, the entire segment with the floating mines, one of the few in the series, didn't exist.

Jeremie (off): The Mantas are hatching in 5 seconds! 5... 4... 3...

Aelita types like mad on the screen on the walkway.

Jeremie (off): 2... 1... NOW! I'm taking control again!

The nest hatches. Three flying monsters come out. They take flight, circling for a few seconds as if to find their targets, then suddenly dive towards the walkway, straight towards Ulrich, Odd and Yumi. All three of them take up defensive positions.

Jeremie (off): I've programmed your vehicles!

Yumi throws her fan and devirtualises a Flying Manta. The Overbike, Overboard and Overwing materialise. Aelita and Ulrich jump on the Overbike. Ulrich takes off at high speed. Yumi jumps onto her Overwing. Odd climbs onto his Overboard. They set off. The aerial chase begins. Odd does an about turn in mid-air. Shooting skilfully with his glove, he fires an arrow that hits the eye of one of the Mantas. The monster disappears.

In the lab, Jeremie types on his screens.

Jeremie: Ok! The passage is open!

A tunnel opens in the dome. The vehicles are swallowed up by the tunnel.

08:50 William makes a jibe at Ulrich, which was cut.

William: It's not so bad! Loads of people have got Celine Dion, for example, she's got vertigo!

Ulrich is already long gone and slams BANG! the gymnasium door behind him.

19:50 Yumi and Odd weren't confronted by one, but two Megatanks. The fight was therefore totally different, and Yumi was slightly less competent. Among other things, we notice that Odd destroys a Hornet by sending his Overboard into it, Aelita doesn't imprison the Scyphozoa in the ice, and the catboy doesn't go paddling in the water to avoid the Hornets.

The Overbike and Overboard appear beside Yumi and Odd. Yumi goes to climb onto her vehicle when suddenly, Odd frowns.

Odd: Oh...

Yumi looks up: two Megatanks are positioned facing them, blocking their access to the icy path that leads to the plateau with the large grotto.

Yumi jumps into the air...and avoids the circular shot of one of the Megatanks. She lands on her feet...and throws her fan. The Megatank closes again. The fan bounces off the shell. As for Odd, he dives to the side and avoids a shot from the other Megatank. He starts to run and positions himself on a stalactite (same height as him) poking out of the icy floor.
He then executes a perilous backwards jump...flips in the air and thrusts his fist forward. He fires a round of arrows. Right in the eye. The Megatank disappears. Odd lands on the ground.

Odd: One down!

Odd turns around. He spots the Megatank rolling towards Yumi. She moves back, her two fans opened, ready to attack. Odd jumps onto his Overboard and takes flight. He races over to Yumi to come along beside her.

Odd: Yumi! Now's not the time for games!

The Megatank is opening. Yumi turns to Odd as he comes towards her... ...while the Overboard passes by her, Yumi jumps onto the vehicle...and barely avoids the Megatank's circular shot. Odd does an about-face above the Megatank... Yumi seizes the opportunity to throw a fan towards the monster's target. Bullseye. The Megatank disappears. Yumi catches her fan. The Overboard progresses along the path. (...)

On the Overboard, Odd and Yumi race towards the tunnel entrance to the grotto. They spot the two Hornets who are blocking the entrance to the tunnel, ready to fire at them. Odd looks worried.

Odd: Ohh...they've got guard dogs!

Odd slaloms between the Hornets' laser shots. Yumi backflips from the Overboard. In the air, she arms her two fans. She throws them...and explodes a Hornet, which disappears. Yumi lands not far from the tunnel entrance. But the second Hornet fires at her...and gets her in the abdomen. Yumi doubles over.

Yumi: Ah...

Odd does an about-face to place himself in front of the Hornet.
Too late... Yumi reaches out her arms to catch her fans...the Hornet shoots her (2 times - 50 life points). Yumi disappears. (...)

On his Overboard, Odd dives towards the remaining Hornet, which doesn't move, guarding the tunnel entrance.
The Hornet fires at him several times. Odd zigzags but doesn't change his trajectory. He seems determined...and races straight towards the monster. Odd leaps from his Overboard at the last moment. The vehicle slams into the Hornet, right into the target... The monster devirtualises. Odd lands in front of the tunnel...and runs inside.

Aelita's memory is still being drained. Suddenly, a round of arrows bombards the Scyphozoa, which recoils under the hits.
It releases Aelita, drained. The girl falls to the floor. The Scyphozoa backs away and disappears...while Odd arrives and bends down to Aelita.

Episode 45 - Cold War
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 03 March 2005

Just to note, TV's name in the original French was JT. His full name is Jean-Claude Tourcoing, nicknamed JT because he's a reporter for “le journal télévisé” (televised journalism).

03:50 Sissi tries to get TV's attention when he interrupts the class.

Simpering like a starlet, Sissi takes a few steps to place herself in front of JT. She smiles charmingly while batting her eyelids. But JT walks past her without paying her the slightest attention. Sissi looks offended. JT goes over to the students.

11:30 Ulrich, Odd and Yumi make an attempt at getting to the factory before Jim distributes the winter clothes.

Ulrich nods and opens the door. The squall of snow immediately blows into the hall. JT's unpleasant voice immediately rings out.

JT (off): THE DOOR!

Jim notices our friends and voices his own protest.

Jim: Stern! I said “NO-ONE LEAVES”!

Too late: Ulrich, Odd and Yumi dash outside and close the door behind them. Beat, where we stay focused on the door. The door opens again. Ulrich, Odd and Yumi, with snow on their shoulders, shivering with cold, hurry back inside and close the door behind them. Shivering, Yumi takes out her phone and dials a number.

11:50 In the script, Sissi slapping Herve was shown on screen. Although it can't be proved, we can wonder if it wasn't another scene that was cut to avoid showing violence among teenagers in a cartoon.

16:30 A small sequence gave us a better idea of Kadic's heating system... Yes indeed!

Jim (shivering with cold) with his back to us, facing the modern boiler, seems to be watching a screen.

Jim: Out of fuel! ...What do we do, Jean-Pierre?

The Principal then turns his gaze towards the back of the boiler room.
Shot of the OLD BOILER (around which there are scattered pieces of broken furniture, stacks of newspapers, old boxes, stacks of books, old crates...).

18:20 Jim's speech to the students was slightly longer.

Jim: I'm going to tell you a little story. It's from when I was a volunteer research subject for the space exploration programme. Alright, some people think that it's not a noble profession. Well they're wrong! Because if we sent slugs into space, who do we have to thank for it? (he points a thumb to himself) Why, yours truly!

Episode 46 - Déjà Vu
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 22 February 2005

13:10 The forces XANA deploys were in much higher numbers in the script. Indeed, the fight was different...without being specially more intense. In the end, Aelita still takes the Transporter sent by XANA.

An aerial view shows them the ample defences XANA has assembled: two Tarantulas and six Bloks.

Yumi: Ground and air attack!

Odd and Ulrich nod. Yumi and Ulrich immediately break formation. The two of them suddenly abandon their vehicles and land gracefully on the ground. While Ulrich draws his sabre, Yumi gets her fans out. The Tarantulas fire at Ulrich. Ulrich rolls to the side to avoid the lasers, then deflects three with his sabre, sending them back at one of the Tarantulas, but not eliminating it. We now frame Odd, who is harassing the Bloks by hedgehopping by them and firing volleys of arrows. His shot is skilfully aimed. Bullseye. Two creatures disappear.

Odd: Piece of cake!

Two other Bloks return fire and hit him in the leg.

Odd: Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Ulrich (jokey): Piece of cake, huh?

Odd looks annoyed. In response, he fires more arrows at the two Bloks who attacked him, making them disappear (shots right in the target). Meanwhile, Yumi has thrown her fans at the other Tarantula, who takes the hit and retaliates by firing its lasers at the girl.
Yumi is forced to make a perilous backflip to avoid the shots. She lands gracefully and skilfully catches her fans.

Yumi: Mmm... These Tarantulas are still really tough to fight!

Ulrich: I'll bring in reinforcements... TRIPLICATE!!!

And Ulrich divides into three: the original and two clones sprint towards one of the Tarantulas. Moving at hyperspeed, he encircles a tarantula.


The disconcerted Tarantula eliminates a clone, but it doesn't have time to react to (master) Ulrich's jump. He throws his sabre, which hits the bullseye. The Tarantula explodes.
Yumi dodges the remaining Tarantula's shots by performing graceful somersaults. Finally, she gets up, and gaining purchase on a column of rock she jumps and throws one of her fans. It hits right in the middle of the Tarantula's target, making it disappear. Suddenly...

16:10 Habitual scenes where Aelita goes into Sector 5 were cut. In the cartoon, we see her be directly captured by the Scyphozoa.

She leaves the hallway to arrive in another room. The key (which allows the countdown to be stopped) is on one of the walls in the room. Aelita runs towards the key...but suddenly, she freezes. The Scyphozoa has just appeared in front of her. Aelita backs away...and turns around. It's impossible to go back: there are Creepers blocking the way to the corridor. A Creeper fires a laser, which hits Aelita in the leg, making her stumble.

Aelita: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

The girl tries to get up, but she's seized by one of the Scyphozoa's tentacles and effortlessly lifted off the ground. The Scyphozoa begins to steal Aelita's memory.

17:20 Odd was devirtualised by Creepers suddenly brought in by surprise on a block, and not by being crushed between two columns.

Odd seems pleased with himself and stands up. He doesn't have time to savour his victory; a block moves beside him, with a Creeper on it. It riddles him with lasers, before the boy has time to try and defend himself... Taking a direct hit, Odd is devirtualised.

20:00 The whole section with the Manta mines was moved to the end of the fight. Ulrich was simply devirtualised by laser fire and the Scyphozoa was repelled by Yumi's fans.

The Scyphozoa advances towards Ulrich and Yumi, who stand between it and Aelita. Flying Manta shots pepper the two friends; Ulrich is hit.

Ulrich: Ah!

He tumbles into the void. Yumi looks panicked.

Yumi: ULRICH!!!

As Ulrich falls, two other Flying Mantas hit him with their lasers. Ulrich is devirtualised.
Yumi deploys her two fans and throws them at the Scyphozoa, which isn't far from her. One of the two fans hits the monster, which recoils. The other passes by it. Back to Yumi who is hit by a Flying Manta shot, and gets her fans back.

Yumi: Aelita, please!

The Flying Mantas circle around the walkway. The Scyphozoa advances towards Aelita again.

Jeremie (off): Aelita...

Aelita's face softens, as if she suddenly realises what's happening. She closes her eyes and sighs sadly. Then, she regretfully abandons the terminal.

Aelita: You can take control again.

An Overwing materialises beside Yumi and Aelita. Yumi and Aelita jump on it and escape the Scyphozoa's tentacles just in time. They take off. The two Flying Mantas chase after them and one of them quickly overtakes the girls. Yumi turns to look behind her and see where the second monster is - still right on their heels, and firing lasers. Yumi skilfully pilots and dodges the shots. A tunnel opens in the Celestial Dome.

Jeremie (off): Tunnel open!

Aelita: Yumi, look!

In front of them, the first Flying Manta is quickly “laying” “flying mines” which form a minefield in front of the tunnel entrance.

Yumi: Ouch! (Then turning to Aelita) I'm going to have to leave you on your own!

Aelita nods, smiling. Yumi banks and “combs over” the laying Manta. She then jumps from the Overwing and lands on the monster's back; with an energetic gesture, she gets out her fans and plants them in the back of the monster, which reacts instantly, as if screaming in pain. Holding one fan in each hand, we realise that Yumi is actually steering the monster. She manages to direct it into the minefield. Yumi then turns to Aelita, who is not far away, executing barrel rolls to escape the other monster's lasers.

Yumi (shouting): AELITA, NOW!

Giving one last push on her two fans, Yumi forces her “vehicle” to head straight into the mines; she manages to activate a chain reaction, sacrificing herself but freeing the way for her friend. Aelita doesn't miss the chance, following the traced path and disappearing into the tunnel.

The overwing, piloted by Aelita, passes through the tunnel of binary bricks and comes out into a Tower.

Episode 47 - Tip-Top Shape
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 14 March 2005

09:00 In this episode, Yolanda's aura and energy balls were blue rather than yellow, like for Jim and Nicolas.

The nurse lets get of Aelita, who falls to the ground. Then the nurse's body suddenly glows with an electric blue energy. Ulrich backs away, concerned.

13:30 The group would have fought just Kankrelats and no Krabs. The scene otherwise remains fairly similar.

Yumi throws her fan, then just barely avoids a tree. The fan fits a Kankrelat right in its target. The monster disappears.
Ulrich gains momentum and breaks away, driving by two Kankrelats that are firing at him.
The lasers rocket all around Ulrich but don't hit him. On her end, Yumi (and Aelita) continue to slalom between the trees on the Overwing.

Yumi looks determined, still on her Overwing and racing at high speed.

Yumi: Where's the other tower?

Jeremie (off): In the mountain sector! There's a way tower to the east!

Yumi: Got it. I'll go with Aelita! Saving Odd is our number 1 priority...

Ulrich: I'll stay here and clean up!

In front of him lies the tower activated by XANA (which controls Yolande). It stands on a plateau with three paths coming out from it. Kankrelats stand in defence of the tower, in front of it. Ulrich jumps from his Overbike at full speed. He lands agilely on the ground, while his Overbike crashes into two Kankrelats and explodes, making the monsters disappear.

19:40 Lors de la seconde vague de monstres sur le Territoire Forêt, Ulrich n'était, de nouveau, confronté qu'à des Kankrelats (contrairement à Blok et Krabes dans l'animé). Il éliminait ses adversaires sans qu'on le voie.

Closeup of Ulrich.

Ulrich: Good! I could use a few ladies around here!

The frame englarges and we discover Ulrich is standing - sabre drawn - in the middle of the plateau, not far from the activated tower. Trios of Kankrelats march along all three paths towards him.
At hyperspeed, Ulrich starts circling around the plateau, using his sabre to annihilate one by one the trios of Kankrelats approaching the plateau.

Three last Kankrelats come off a path and fire at Ulrich. Ulrich frowns as he deflects the shots with his sabre. Ulrich throws himself at the Kankrelats, enraged. He hits one right in the target. The other two place themselves in front of him. Ulrich looks at them, still furious, his sabre lifted.

Jeremie is forced into a corner by the nurse (near the ladder). She advances towards him, merciless. Jeremie is feeling pretty small. Suddenly, Odd lands at the foot of the wall ladder.

Odd (off): It wasn't nice to leave me in the middle of our conversation, Yolande!

Jeremie opens his eyes wide. The nurse turns her head towards Odd, exasperated.

Jeremie: Odd! Am I glad to see you!

Reverse shot of Odd, walking forward from the foot of the ladder. But suddenly, the nurse shoots an electric ball at Odd. Odd is hit right in the abdomen...and flies backwards to land at Jeremie's feet. Odd gives his friend a tired smile.

Odd: Yeah...I'm glad to see me too!

The Overboard, transporting Aelita and Yumi, enters the forest and brakes in front of Ulrich. Ulrich turns to the two girls.

Ulrich: Ah! Finally! I was starting to get a little lonely!

Yumi looks at the activated tower: there's not a single Kankrelat around it! While Aelita goes for the tower, Yumi turns to Ulrich.

Yumi: And the monsters?

Ulrich gives a large, mischievous smile.

Ulrich (fake naïve): What monsters?

Episode 48 - Is Anybody Out There?
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 18 April 2005

01:00 An initial scene for the episode set the scene using secondary characters. It was completely cut.

Students come down the stairs in an incomprehensible chatter.

Various dialogue: Yeaaaah! Let's go eat! And...stop pushing me! Did you understand the maths exercise? No...

All leave in the direction of the quad, except for two students: Matthias BUREL and Anaïs FIQUET. Matthias holds Anaïs by the hand, stopping her from following the other students outside.

Matthias: Wait, Anaïs! I have something to show you!

Anaïs: Oh, really?

Matthias head to the door to the boiler room, signalling to Anaïs to follow him.

Matthias: Come with me!

Perplexed, Anaïs pauses before following Matthias. He opens the door and goes down the stairs.

The boiler room door opens. Matthias waves his hand inside the room to gallantly let the girl pass. Anaïs enters and advances through the dark room, looking left and right. Matthias closes the door and catches up to her. He gives the girl a serious look.

Matthias: You know, Anaïs, since I've arrived at the school, I've experienced something mysterious.

Intrigued, Anaïs frowns.

Anaïs: No kidding? Like what?

Matthias suddenly takes her in his arms.

Matthias: I've always wanted to kiss you!

Unhappy, Anaïs quickly breaks free from the boy's hold and slaps him.


Sheepish and ashamed, Matthias nods and lowers his eyes. When suddenly, worrying GROANS sound, seeming to come from the old boiler. Anaïs and Matthias quickly turn to the old boiler. The dreadful GROANS become louder. The two teens go pale. Beat - during which the groans transform into menacing GROWLS. Terrified, Anaïs and Matthias sprint to the exit and leave.
We come back to the old boiler. The groans continue for a moment and transform for an instant into GIGGLES. Nicolas - giggling - pops out from behind a heap of old stuff where he'd been hiding.

Nicolas: Waaaa! I made them so scared!

But suddenly, other noises echo through the room, like worrying breaths. Nicolas turns around, turns pale and runs out of the room, screaming in terror.

Nicolas: Ahhhh...

Slightly traumatised, Nicolas leaves the building and stops under the arches. He leans against a column and pants. Intrigued, Milly and Tamiya come up to him.

Milly: What happened to you, Nicolas? You're acting all strangely?!

Tamiya (sarcastic): Did you get a good grade?

Nicolas: No! There's a ghost in the boiler room...but definitely don't say anything to anyone!

Milly and Tamiya look delighted.

Closeup of the first page of the Kadic News, where we can see a photo of the boiler room, accompanied by a shocking heading: ALL ABOUT THE BOILER ROOM GHOST!

02:10 Jim's famous speech about the dormitory and the non-unisex nature of the floors was slightly different...and there's a rather salacious allusion in it. I'll let you appreciate it yourself.

We realised that the teacher is talking to the boarders, who are lined up along the corridor. He seems like a sergeant reviewing his battalion.

Jim: ATTENTION! For any wise guys who want to try anything clever, allow me to point out that each floor is different, according to whether it's above or below the one above! The one upstairs is for the girls and this one, downstairs, for the boys! Comings and goings from upstairs to downstairs - and vice versa - are therefore strictly forbidden!

He stops in front of Odd and waves his finger beneath his nose.

Jim: If I ever catch anyone from downstairs upstairs or anyone from downstairs upstairs, they'll find out why I call myself Jim! A word to the wise... AT EASE!

Shot of the students' faces.

08:50 The poltergeist was supposed to be invisible in the light but visible in the dark! This is the case in the episode, but one scene would have allowed us to understand this more easily.

Reverse shot on Jeremie being suffocated, immobilised on the floor. Ulrich flicks the light off right away. The spectre immediately becomes visible. We see that it's strangling Jeremie with a tentacle, while others are keeping him pinned to the floor. Ulrich and Odd are momentarily frozen, disconcerted.

09:20 The spectre stayed on the heroes' heels while they were getting to the factory.

Ulrich closes the manhole cover above him. He starts to descend the ladder rungs when suddenly, a tentacle passes through the manhole cover and tries to grip Ulrich's hand. Luckily, Aelita notices the tentacle going for his hand, just in time.

Aelita (off): Ulrich! LOOK OUT!!!

Ulrich looks up and sees the tentacle just a few centimetres from his hand. To avoid being caught, he lets go of the rungs and lets himself fall. He lands noisily on the ground.

Ulrich: Oof!

Aelita: You OK, Ulrich?

Ulrich: Yeah... Let's not hang around here!

19:45 The journalist that appears when Odd is typing on the control panel keyboard in the factory was going to be TV from episode 45 “Cold War”. Also, the news he was reporting was rather more morbid...

With a hesitant finger, Odd presses a key on the keyboard. On one screen appears the bust of a journalist (TV) presenting the news. We notice the initials of the channel (TV) in a corner of the frame.

TV: And all things come in threes: Fritz Ungelbert has assassinated his third wife by drowning her in his jacuzzi!

Odd: Wow! He even has TV on his computer!

Episode 49 - Franz Hopper
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 29 March 2005

06:40 One of the running jokes about Odd's physique was cut from the scene in the cafeteria.

Aelita (cold): You know, Ulrich...if it weren't for the scanners, I wouldn't be here!

She, too, picks up her tray, and follows after Jeremie. Ulrich and Odd stay with mouths hanging open.
Suddenly, Rosa Petitjean comes up behind Ulrich and Odd. She notices that Odd's plate is still full.

Rosa: Well Odd, you're not eating today? You're going to stay all scrawny...

Shot of Odd's face as he sighs.

Odd: I'm not scrawny...I'm... (he sighs) Oh darn it!

Odd stands up and leaves with his tray, too.

15:00 The whole part where the heroes, especially Odd, fight Creepers with their bare hands wasn't in the script; it was added when the episode was made. Also, the tower was on a platform rather than floating above the void. The heroes were only confronted by Creepers that were defending it, no Manta.

Episode 50 - Contact
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 16 February 2005

08:00 Franz Hopper's encrypted message written by Sissi was supposed to appear written on the screen and not vocalised. Likewise for the “I am Franz Hopper” at the end.

Shot of the screen: Sissi's incomprehensible, mysterious signs appear. A program starts its work. The mysterious signs disappear little by little. In the end, only a few letters remain: “I CAN HELP YOU”. Yumi reads it and frowns.

Yumi (reading what's on the screen): ...I CAN HELP YOU!?!

12:20 Ulrich's joke about bowling and Megatanks was different.

On his Overbike, Ulrich turns to Aelita and throws her a smug look.

Ulrich: Feel like a little game of megapétank?

Aelita: A what?!

Jeremie (off): Forget it. It's a two-bit joke.

Ulrich: You mean “two-ball”.

Pétanque is a French sport that's like boules.

Episode 51 - Revelation
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 01 April 2005

18:00 The sword fight between the two Ulrichs was much less detailed and shorter in the script. However, the script described some scenes that weren't put in the cartoon.

The sabre duel rages between the two Ulrichs. The Fake Ulrich has the advantage, forcing the Real to back onto a narrow band of rock. The Real Ulrich defends himself dexterously. The Fake Ulrich tries to deal a killing blow...which the Real Ulrich parries. Taking advantage of the Fake Ulrich's momentary loss of balance, the Real delivers a karate kick.
Thrown backwards, the Fake Ulrich does a backflip and still manages to land...on his feet! The Fake Ulrich attacks again, forcing the Real Ulrich to back up again.

Real Ulrich (pretentious): You're pretty good there, XANA!

The real Ulrich tries to take back control and attacks. His assault allows him to hit his adversary in the arm.

Real Ulrich: But...I'm just full of surprises!

The Fake Ulrich recovers and strikes from above, after regaining some power. The Real Ulrich parries the hit, but is thrown off balance, and barely avoids tumbling into the void. He catches the edge of the platform just in time, his legs dangling above the digital sea.

Real Ulrich: Hey, no fair!

Taking advantage of his adversary's disadvantage, the Fake Ulrich tries to deal the final blow. But in a circular movement with his sabre, the Real Ulrich manages to his his double in the legs, throwing him off balance. The Real Ulrich seizes the opportunity to set foot back on the rocky path, where he has to deal with another attack from his enemy, who has recovered. The two Ulrichs, face to face, fight like fencers with their sabres. The Fake Ulrich tries to strike the Real from above, but he parries the blow, forcing his assailant to bend forwards. The Real Ulrich makes a perilous jump up and over his adversary, in order to get behind him. He tries to strike him, but the Fake Ulrich is fast and already in position to parry the blow. With a wrist movement, the Fake Ulrich manages to disarm the Real Ulrich, sending his sabre flying several metres away. His hands empty, the real Ulrich dodges an attack from his enemy by rolling to the side. The real Ulrich hurries to his sabre...and retrieves it. But the Fake Ulrich is already upon him, ready to defeat him. Instinctively, the real Ulrich raises his sabre. The Fake Ulrich suddenly freezes. Shot of the two Ulrichs frozen in hand-to-hand combat: the Real Ulrich's sabre has gone right through the Fake. The Fake Ulrich finally devirtualises. Our hero exhales...

Episode 52 - The Key
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 06 April 2005

01:20 The length of Franz Hopper's beard was supposed to vary between the different extracts of the video journal.

06:50 A small change of words in Odd's jokes at Ulrich.

Ulrich: One more stupid proverb and you are dead!

Ulrich walks away, angry. Odd looks amused and carries on, raising a learned finger.

Odd: Ulrich has lost his head, and should have stayed in bed!

Odd runs after Ulrich, who also starts to run to escape him.

Odd: Wait, wait, I got another one... Go with Sissi and your future ends, 'cause you're gonna lose your friends!

The two friends run off as the BELL rings to signal the start of class.

14:00 Fundamental change. In the room with the false missing link, everything happened differently. The heroes were overwhelmed by Mantas. Odd succumbed, followed by Yumi. That was when the Mantas controlled by Hopper appeared and fired at XANA's monsters to eradicate them.

But other Creepers continue to pour in through the galleries. Odd shoots volleys of arrows. He hits a bullseye on a Creeper. But suddenly, arrows stop coming out of his fist. Odd looks at his fist, worried.

Odd: ...I'm out of ammo! JEREMIE!

Odd leaps, avoiding more shots...but suddenly, while he's starting to climb the starts, he's hit by several Creeper lasers. Odd is devirtualised. Yumi witnesses it.

She, too, backs away, spinning her two fans in front of her towards two creepers who have managed to get onto the platform. The fans mow a Creeper down. But other Creepers are still firing at the girl. Yumi keeps backing away...and doesn't notice that she's at the edge of the platform. She catches her two fans...but continues to back away from the Creeper that's coming at her, shooting. And suddenly, Yumi tumbles into the open air.
From the platform and the galleries, the Creepers concentrate their fire on the girl. Yumi, in free-fall, is hit. She disappears.
On the staircase, Ulrich is also faced by Creepers. He saw Yumi fall. Quick shot of Ulrich, panicked.

Ulrich (panicked): Jeremie! Yumi and Odd are down! (...)

With a slash of his sword, Ulrich pierces another Creeper in front of him. The monster disappears...but more are still blocking the staircase. Ulrich fights like crazy...while other Creepers appear behind Aelita (who is standing behind Ulrich). The two friends are cornered.


Jeremie holds his breath and suddenly, something catches his attention. Shot of the screens: three WHITE symbols advance slowly across the map of the room. Jeremie frowns.

Ulrich counters a Creeper laser and suddenly, his eyes widen.

Ulrich: Oh no...

His POV: two Flying Mantas (surrounded by a white halo) race towards them, floating majestically through the air. Ulrich looks anguished.

Ulrich: Jeremie! It's getting worse...

Aelita shares Ulrich's apprehension as she watches the Flying Mantas come towards them. The creepers have stopped firing, taken aback.

Jeremie gives a hint of a smile.

Jeremie: NO! It's getting better!

The lab doors open. Odd and Yumi appear.

Ulrich and Aelita are still surrounded by Creepers, who suddenly direct their fire at the Mantas. The flying monsters immediately retaliate, firing at XANA's monsters. More Creepers are devirtualised.
Ulrich looks stunned.

Ulrich: What's going on?!

Jeremie (off): ...It's Franz Hopper!

Aelita looks stunned.
The Flying Mantas have devirtualised all the Creepers on the staircase, in front of and behind Ulrich and Aelita. Finally, while one flying monster still shoots at the creepers in the galleries, the second Flying approaches and stops beside the staircase, near Aelita. Ulrich turns to her.

Ulrich: I think it's waiting for you, princess!

Aelita frowns. She jumps...and lands astride the Flying Manta.
The monster flies graciously to the top of the staircase. Ulrich watches the scene, amazed.

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