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 Season 3
Prequel & Episodes 53 to 65

Before being broadcast on television, the episodes were written and rewritten in the form of scripts. During rewritings, the final result shown on television doesn't always match the original script. As these scripts exist and can be found on the site (in French only), in this file we allow you to find all the differences between the final episode and the original script for the first three seasons, from missing information to entire deleted scenes.

You can find these official scripts in their respective episode files at CodeLyoko-LeGuide.fr. Unfortunately, we haven't managed to obtain the script for episode 91 “Bad Connection”, and the scripts are all in French. As some jokes and meaning is lost when you turn to the English dub for a translation, we've done our best to accurately translate the scripts from French as best we can without completely relying on the dub's translations. As such, some wording may differ slightly to what you hear in the English episodes.

Here, you'll find summaries of all the modified or deleted scenes in question, so you can find out more about the series! We haven't taken into account the minimal changes in sentences, but some scenes are completely new and are worth a look at. Have a good read!

[Episode 53 - Straight to Heart] [Episode 54 - Lyoko Minus One] [Episode 55 - Tidal Wave] [Episode 56 - False Lead] [Episode 57 - Aelita] [Episode 58 - The Pretender] [Episode 59 - The Secret] [Episode 60 - Temporary Insanity] [Episode 61 - Sabotage] [Episode 62 - Nobody in Particular] [Episode 63 - Triple Trouble] [Episode 64 - Double Trouble] [Episode 65 - Final Round] [Episode 0 - XANA Awakens]

Episode 53 - Straight to Heart
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 28 December 05

No difference between the script and the episode.

Episode 54 - Lyoko Minus One
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 05 January 2006

04:50 We note a slight difference in Yumi's attitude on the bus.

At the back of the bus, her head resting on the window as reflections of the city flit by, Yumi dozes, listening to her walkman.
Through the headphones, we can hear muffled Subsonics music.

05:20 The episode gives us another one of Jim's jobs!

Jim (in his dream): Go on, Doug! Don't be scared, you gotta put her down when you're in the jungle!

Ms Hertz looks at him, intrigued. Jim stammers.

Jim: Sorry...I was dreaming of when I was a pilot in the Royal Air Force!

Ms Hertz: You were a pilot?

Jim I'd rather not...

He's cut off by the bus driver, who's looking at the dashboard in front of him, looking alarmed.

Episode 55 - Tidal Wave
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 14 January 2006

00:58 The episode would have started when the Lyoko Warriors came back in the scanners.

The cabins open one by one, revealing our three heroes in a bright light and a screen of smoke: Aelita, Yumi and Odd. They join Ulrich, who arrived before them and is seated on the central hatch, looking exhausted. Odd looks at him sarcastically.

Odd (sarcastic): Looks like someone was stupidly sleeping while they could've been spending the night being shot at by virtual monsters!

02:24 A mini-scene would have shown XANA preparing the attack.

Shot of the screens at the control panel, turned off. Suddenly, one of them lights up and the eye of XANA appears. Data scrolls past at high speed.
Then suddenly, all is normal again. The eye of XANA disappears.

11:00 Odd and Ulrich didn't separate once in the sewers.

Ulrich and Odd are in the sewers, getting ready to grab their skateboards when a muffled noise makes the stop (the sound of the manhole cover opening). They look up, concerned, at the access to the secret passage. Suddenly, “constituting” elements of the monster float down to the platform and start to reform in front of Ulrich and Odd, who are petrified.

Odd: Wow, did you see that...?

Ulrich: Odd, hurry to the factory...! I'm going to try stalling it.

20:00 The scene with Ulrich and Yumi was meant to be longer.

Yumi (petrified): I think maybe you spoke too soon...

Ulrich: I'll distract it! Try to get back to the lab...

Yumi: And why do you get to distract it, huh...? Because you're the guy here, is that it...?

Ulrich: Huh?! No! It's just that...

Yumi (amused): Haha! ...Don't worry! I was joking...

And without waiting for Ulrich's reaction, Yumi rushes out of the corridor. Ulrich reaches out to pull her back.

Ulrich: Hey! Yumi! Wait!

Yumi exits into the main area. She runs past the monster, who immediately turns around to give chase. But Ulrich appears, looking worried. Sensing his presence, the monster splits into two. Ulrich looks panicked.

Ulrich: It's not distracted too easily, is it?

21:33 The monster was meant to throw Yumi off balance and cause her to fall.

The monster lying beneath the girder throws up a jet of “constituting” elements that throw her off balance and cause her to fall. She makes a loud landing. Further away, we see Ulrich cornered against a wall. The second monster moves towards him.

22:30 The monster was meant to be suffocating Ulrich and Yumi during the final scene, the two of them on the brink of asphyxiation.

Yumi and Ulrich are both about to succumb. They soon can't breathe any longer. They're already fighting with much less strength.

23:15 The final scene was also meant to be longer.

Odd: Well, now we've gotta launch a return to the past! Because there's no way that Jim is going to forget the monster he saw in the lunchroom!

Jeremie: Here we go!

Odd: Well...and while you're there, could you maybe send us back to the day before yesterday?

Jeremy turns to Odd, not understanding. The boy gives him a large smile.

Odd: Well yeah...the day before yesterday, we had sauerkraut at the lunchroom!

Jeremie: Sorry... It's impossible! But don't worry! ...You'll get used to broccoli!

Odd (gritting teeth): I said never to say that word again!

Jeremie: Return to the past now!

Odd (in/off): I'm hungry...

A White flash suddenly floods the room while we hear Odd's moaning. The white flash covers the factory. Then it covers the School.

Episode 56 - False Lead
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 25 January 2006

03:30 The interview between Delmas and the men in black was less cordial, and the principal showed great self-assurance.

Delmas trembles like a leaf but tries to show his authority. He takes a dignified posture and manner of speech.

Delmas: Sirs. I only have one thing to say to you. (He points at the door) GET OUT!!!

The Man in Black #1 catches the principal's finger and twists it. Delmas immediately starts screaming.

Delmas: Ouch!!! Now wait a minute, what is it you want?! I haven't done anything!

The two men in black exchange looks. Then, the Man in Black #1 lets go of Delmas's finger.

16:01 The xanafied man in black chased Jeremy to the factory. Some scenes of Ulrich's fight were also cut.

Out of breath, Jeremy arrives at the end of the tunnel on his skatebord. He jumps off his skateboard (which continues rolling and runs into the grate) and grabs the metal ladder. He quickly climbs the rungs. The Man in Black #1 is not far behind him. He runs towards the base of the ladder, reaching an arm out towards Jeremy. He fires...lightning spurts out of his hand, misses its target and hits the lower rungs of the ladder, which melt under the impact. Pale with terror, Jeremy makes haste up the ladder.

Arriving on the bridge, Jeremy rolls to the side, barely avoiding a vertical burst of lightning from below.

In the tunnel, the Man in Black #1 is looking up to the exit. The first unburnt rung of the metal ladder seems out of reach. The Man in Black #1 prepares himself to spring, and leaps. Making a stupendous jump, he easily grabs the first bar. (...)

Ulrich stands up. The Man in Black #2 arms his fist to strike his adversary. The agent's fist is surrounded by arcs of electricity. All of a sudden, the agent sends them at Ulrich's figure. With extraordinary speed, Ulrich ducks out of the way. The Man in Black's fist collides with the wall, leaving a smoking hole.

17:05 Yumi is hit by a Megatank laser.

Yumi's second fan deflection isn't as fast as Odd's. The LASER hits her shoulder. She SCREAMS and falls to the ground. Her two fans fall beside her.

18:28 An extra line from Odd to the Megatanks.

Odd: Hey! I'm not the piggy in the middle!

19:42 to 21:00 During the final fight against the men in black, the heroes come to Jim's aid after he
Lors de l'affrontement final contre les hommes en noir, les héros venait en aide à Jim après qu'il ceinture les xanatifiés.

They immediately throw the current. Lightning pulses through Jim and, shaken by violent convulsions, he starts SCREAMING. Ulrich hurries, jumps forward and delivers a formidable headbutt to the abdomen of one of the agents. He depixelises and stops shooting lightning at the gym teacher. Jeremy starts spinning a chain (which he just picked up). He throws it at the second Man in Black. He stops throwing lightning. Jim falls to the ground, unconscious. (...)

Ulrich tries to hit the Man in Black #1 with the bar. But he catches the bar with dizzying speed. He sends a strong electrical current through the bar. Ulrich lets go and is thrown backwards. He slams violently into the wall, where an old mirror is hanging. It falls to the ground and shattesrs. Ulrich looks at the shards of mirror, reflecting his own pained face.

Ulrich: Oh no... Seven years bad luck...

The Man in Black #1 approaches Ulrich and stretches out his arm to attack him. But Jeremy grabs a large shard of mirror and gets between them. The lightning projected by the Man in Black #1 is reflected by the mirror and - goes back to the person who shot it! - hits the agent right in the face. His head depixelises. The Man in Black #2 then comes to help. We notice Jim behind him, trying to pick himself up. But his legs no longer carry him. The Man in Black #2 turns to Jeremy and Ulrich. He opens his mouth, ready to unleash all his energy on them.

20:34 Once again, Odd should also have been hit by the Megatank.

The Megatank fires. Odd gets in the way and takes a direct hit from the LASER, causing him to SHOUT.
Odd falls beside Yumi and smiles weakly at her.

Odd (to Yumi): Now we're even life points-wise! We can't make any more mistakes!

21:11 Another brief line that was cut when the last Megatank was destroyed.

Odd (in the air) and Yumi (on the ground) fire at the last Megatank together. One of Odd's arrows and one of Yumi's fans hit the monster's eye at the same time. It's instantaneously destroyed. Yumi turns to Odd.

Yumi: Was it you or me who got it?

Odd: I'm a courteous guy...I'll let you have it!

23:20 Hiroki should have accidentally dropped the Tamagotchi rather than throwing it on purpose.

But, being completely absorbed in his game, he doesn't pay attention to what's in front of him.
He trips on a rock and lets go of the Tamagotchi.

Episode 57 - Aelita
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 31 January 2006

16:37 Aelita activated the key in Sector 5 after Odd created a diversion.

Odd: Aelita... GO!!!

Surprised by Odd's manoeuvre, the Creepers are momentarily disconcerted, which allows Aelita to leave the fight and run to the key. Aelita presses the piston.

19:35 Instead of being immediately shot off the Overboard and devirtualised, Odd deliberately jumps off and destroys several Mantas.

Odd (annoyed): Very funny! I can do better than that! LASER ARROW!!!

Odd suddenly jumps off the Overboard...

Aelita (panicked): ODD!!!

Diving head-first towards the Mantas, he spins around like a spinning top, arms outstretched, and fires laser arrows all around him.
Three of the four Mantas are devirtualised by the lethal attack...
But one of them escapes the massacre and fights back, hitting Odd in the abdomen...
Odd is devirtualised before he reaches the Dome.

23:20 The end of the final scene would have happened differently.

Aelita: My father might still be alive somewhere on Lyoko!!!

Jeremy nods silently. Beat. Filled with joy, Aelita jumps into Jeremy's arms...causing him to fall backwards out of his chair.

Episode 58 - The Pretender
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 08 February 2006

10:00 Yumi should have defended herself against the crows using a rake. The crows' constant attacks should have weakened Yumi to the point of losing all her strength, and making her fall to her knees.

Yumi (still injured) regains her breath, back to the door. But all of a sudden, a crow breaks through a windowpane, making it explode on impact.
Yumi jumps and quickly grabs a “weapon”: a rake.
As a swarm of crows enters the shed to attack her, Yumi swings her rake around her to hit as many crows away as possible.
Yumi turns and turns but she starts to falter from exhaustion.
Suddenly, hit by a new bird, she falls to her knees.
In exhaustion, she drops her rake and sprawls on the floor. The birds attack her all over, swarming her...

20:21 Ulrich should have used his Triplicate to try and devirtualise XANAelita, unsuccessfully.

Aelita keeps running towards the way tower. Ulrich is right on her heels, at high speed. He overtakes her...and starts running in a triangle formation around her.

Ulrich: Triplicate!

Aelita stops...and looks around her. She now finds herself faced by three “Ulrichs” (the real plus two doubles).

The 3 Ulrichs: Surprise!

Aelita frowns, concentrating, hand outstretched...and hits one of the three Ulrichs. He disappears immediately. it was a double. The two other Ulrichs smile.

Ulrich and his double: ...Missed me!

One of the two remaining Ulrichs quickly jumps on her, armed with a rocky stake, like a sword. Aelita concentrates again and throws an energy field at the Ulrich attacking her. She hits him. He disappears right away: it was also a double. The final remaining Ulrich (the real one) smiles again.

Ulrich: Missed again! Bad luck!

Episode 59 - The Secret
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 14 February 2006

12:00 The scenes with the sliding and the Kankrelats in the tunnel were added later, and weren't in the script.

14:25 Ulrich wasn't devirtualised in a single breath by the Bloks guarding the tower. The fight was wholly less original: no rings of fire.

Ulrich: You go on! I'll take care of them.

Ulrich then does a controlled skid with his Overbike. An impressive cloud of ice spurts out of the wheels of his vehicle. Ulrich stays in place for a moment, hand on the accelerator handle, then he suddenly takes off at high speed, straight for the three Bloks. At three metres away from them, Ulrich draws his sabre, stands up on the motorbike still going at full tilt, then jumps into the air... ...The motorbike falls sideways onto the ground and skids into one of the Bloks, which disappears from the impact... Ulrich lands on another Blok; at the moment when he stabs it with his sabre, the other Blok fires an ice beam at him, freezing the Lyoko Warrior and making him unable to escape the explosion. Ulrich staggers and is thrown a short distance; he is devirtualised. The Blok then turns to Odd and Aelita, who had been making progress. They're not far from the activated tower. (...)

Odd quickly breaks and Aelita jumps onto the ice to hurry to the tower. Odd turns around to see the Blok come towards him. Odd arms his fist and fires an arrow at the monster, which fires at him at the same moment... The two enemies hit each other and disappear at the same moment. Now alone, Aelita enters the tower...

17:45 The script originally had 3 Megatanks instead of 1 to escort Aelita. Yumi gets rid of them in a conventional manner.

Episode 60 - Temporary Insanity
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 27 February 2006

16:20 & 18:00 A few interesting and unseen effects were removed or modified on Lyoko during Aelita's fight against the Tarantula and the Kankrelats.

Aelita doesn't respond. She holds out her hand and throws an energy field.
The tarantula fires. The two shots (the energy field and the Tarantula's laser) meet in mid-air and cancel each other out. (...)

Aelita - pulling Odd and Ulrich by the arm - retreats against the Tarantula charging at them. The XANA monster suddenly stops and eyes the top of one of the canyon walls. It shoots. The impact causes a landslide of ice blocks, which block off the three heroes' retreat. Aelita turns around and generates an energy field. While the Tarantula prepares to fire, Aelita throws her energy field between the monster's legs. At the moment when it's about to fire, the ground gives way beneath the Tarantula's feet. It tumbles into the digital void, firing into the air and releasing a SCREAM of distress. Aelita breathes a sigh of relief. She turns to Odd and Ulrich and gestures to the canyon, now free of monsters.

22:00 Odd devirtualised the last Manta after Aelita got between it and the Core.

Aelita jumps off a pathway and falls towards the sphere. The Manta's Laser progresses towards the blazing core of Lyoko. It's about to hit it. But Aelita - in freefall - gets in its way. The Laser makes a direct hit on Aelita. She's devirtualised immediately. The monster is going to fire again.
But Odd jumps too...to land on the Manta's back. Odd stretches out his arm and fires.
Bullseye, obviously. The last Flying Manta disappears. Odd makes a cry of victory as he falls through the air.


He's devirtualised (by Jeremy, before hitting the ground).

Episode 61 - Sabotage
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 16 March 2006

No difference between the script and the episode.

Episode 62 - Nobody in Particular
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 27 March 2006

05:00 During the episode, Ulrich spirit should have always been materialised as a spectral body, not just when he touches objects.

08:00 Jim's speech in front of his mirror was slightly different.

Jim is standing in front of his sink, finishing with his razor and singing. Suddenly, we change to Ulrich's point of view as he enters the room through a wall. The teen comes up right behind Jim and observes him for a moment. We go back to Jim, who has cut himself and is carefully placing a band-aid on his cheek (so like every morning!).

Jim (to himself): And presto! Who's got the most handsome face? Morales does!

10:50 A short scene between Jim and Delmas was cut.

Morose, Ulrich (Jim) leaves the gym. Delmas then appears in front of him.

Delmas (reproving): At last, Jim! Have you seen what time it is?

Ulrich (Jim) looks at his wrist, which has no watch on it. The Principal becomes exasperated.

Delmas: Need I remind you that you should be supervising the lunchroom?!

12:12 The composition of the academic review was different in the script. No Mr Mirti for music; instead there was Caggia (Italian) and Hans Klotz (the school psychiatrist). Also, Ulrich tried unsuccessfully to speed up the process (16:00).

We come back to Ulrich (Jim) breathing a sigh of exasperation and raising a finger.

Ulrich (Jim): Uh...would it be possible to go a little more quickly?

Principal: My dear Jim, this is an academic review, not a sprint!

Episode 63 - Triple Trouble
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 13 April 2006

01:00 A...curious effect was cut from the start of the episode.

We also notice that they're standing on a platform and caring at Aelita. One of them pivots on itself and opens fire. Aelita stretches out her hands and creates an energy field. It deflects the creature's laser, which hits a rock tree just beside the heroine. Immediately, frost forms on the tree, which ices up instantly.

02:40 Put out, Odd killed a small Hornet at the end of the first battle on Lyoko.

An angry expression on his face, Odd lands beside Aelita and Ulrich. He then spots a shabby-looking Hornet that had wandered astray, flying above him. Enraged, he thrusts his fist out towards it...

Odd (furious): Laser arrows!!!

...and shoots a volley of arrows at it. The Hornet immediately disappears.

07:55 & 10:15 The Odds were supposed to go blurry throughout the episode, like in episode 42 “A Fine Mess”.

Odd#1 jumps out of the lunchroom, his banana in hand. As he peels it, he heads for the dormitory. While he runs, he doesn't notice that his face blurs out (almost completely disappearing) for a fraction of a second! (...)

As Jim speaks, we notice that Odd#3's hands disappear briefly!

19:20 The spread of the smoke through Kadic was partially cut.

We come back to the exact place where the smoke escaped, not far from the petrified Jim. Like a geyser, the dark smoke continues to come out of the hole. The sheet of smoke continues its path and the cafeteria quad is almost entirely filled with it. In the centre, we can see a few unfortunate victims: Rosa Petitjean frozen with a stack of plates in her hands, Delmas statued in a pose of attempted escape, Gilles Fumey petrified, balanced on a single leg like a grotesque bird... The sea of smoke extends outside the school and continues on its way.

21:30 As well as the two Bloks, Odd got rid of two Megatanks in front of the activated tower.

Odd arrives at the edge of the canyon and suddenly appears above the rocky platform with the tower at its centre. But two Megatanks and two Bloks come out from behind the tower.
They get into position - on either side of the tower - and fire at Odd. The two hemisphere Lasers and simple Blok Lasers almost hit Odd's overboard. But he points his vehicle up, barely avoiding the Lasers and making a large loop-de-loop. In the descending phase of the loop, Odd fires on the Megatanks. Two bullseyes. The two Megatanks immediately disappear.
The Bloks fire again. They hit the overboard, which disappears. Odd makes a perilous backflip has he falls to the ground. At the same time, he retaliates, and with a single burst he hits both Bloks. They explode immediately.

Episode 64 - Double Trouble
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 03 April 2006

01:54 A deleted scene had Sissi intervene.

Ulrich, Aelita, Jeremy and Odd leave class, visibly wiped out.

Ulrich: If I don't get my grades up soon, I'm going to have to repeat the year for sure...

Jeremie: I know it's not much consolation, Ulrich, but my and Aelita's grades aren't that great either...

Aelita: It's no wonder! There have been too many alerts on Lyoko of late! ...We don't have time to study anymore!

Sissi catches them, clearly on cloud nine.

Sissi: Don't be sad, geniuses...! After all, if the four of you add your grades up together, you'll almost be average, right?

Sissi smiles jubilantly.
The four heroes give her a dark look.

Episode 65 - Final Round
[Episode file] - [Original episode script]
Board version - 18 April 2006

No difference between the script and the episode. But the episode did contain a deleted scene, which you can view here.

Episode 0 - XANA Awakens
[Episode file]: (Part 1) (Part 2)
[Original episode script]: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Board versions - 06 & 09 March 2006

14:20 Yet another scene generously cut. Odd would have gotten a feel for Sissi's airbags.

The two of them fall to the floor...and Odd finds himself on top of Sissi.
Closeup of their faces very, very close together (Odd's on top). Odd looks embarrassed. Sissi glares at him.

Sissi (to Odd, cold): I suggest you remove your huge paws from my...uh...from where they are!!!

15:25 Sissi's stupidity wasn't shown in the same manner.

Sissi: You're right! Maybe it's the tomb of Tutankhamen, huh?!

Finally, no difference between the script of part 2 and the episode.

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