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 Season 4 - Part 1
Episodes 66 to 80

Before being broadcast on television, the episodes were written and rewritten in the form of scripts. During rewritings, the final result shown on television doesn't always match the original script. As these scripts exist and can be found on the site (in French only), in this file we allow you to find all the differences between the final episode and the original script for the first three seasons, from missing information to entire deleted scenes.

You can find these official scripts in their respective episode files at Unfortunately, we haven't managed to obtain the script for episode 91 “Bad Connection”, and the scripts are all in French. As some jokes and meaning is lost when you turn to the English dub for a translation, we've done our best to accurately translate the scripts from French as best we can without completely relying on the dub's translations. As such, some wording may differ slightly to what you hear in the English episodes.

Here, you'll find summaries of all the modified or deleted scenes in question, so you can find out more about the series! We haven't taken into account the minimal changes in sentences, but some scenes are completely new and are worth a look at. Have a good read!

[Episode 66 - William's Return] [Episode 67 - Double Take] [Episode 68 - Opening Act] [Episode 69 - Wreck Room] [Episode 70 - Skidbladnir] [Episode 71 - Maiden Voyage] [Episode 72 - Crash Course] [Episode 73 - Replika] [Episode 74 - I'd Rather Not Talk About It] [Episode 75 - Hot Shower] [Episode 76 - The Lake] [Episode 77 - Lost at Sea] [Episode 78 - Lab Rat] [Episode 79 - Bragging Rights] [Episode 80 - Dog Day Afternoon]

Episode 66 - William's Return
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 08 June 2006

07:02 Before Odd demands an explanation from the young journalists, Ulrich tries to reason with him:

Odd strides across the quad, the newspaper in his hand, his facial expression full of rage. His friends barely keep up with him.

Ulrich: Calm down, Odd... It's not even that bad...

08:43 Before Sissi goes into Aelita's room, we would first have seen Jeremy working in his room, trying to wrap his head around William's rematerialisation.

Shot of Jeremy's screen, where there's a window open with the digitalised image of William's rematerialisation. Deep in concentration, Jeremy works on his computer, taking notes in a notebook.

09:05 Sissi would have asked Aelita an additional question.

Sissi: Have you kissed Jeremy yet...?

16:15 In the original script, William blocked Aelita's energy field while summoning his sword.

Aelita concentrates and holds out her arm to throw an energy field.
But William easily deflects it with a swing of his sword (the impact made the sword appear), in a spray of sparks and smoke.

16:20 And it was then an electrical discharge from contact with William's hand that rendered Aelita unconscious.

With a great leap, William lands behind Aelita and immediately touches the base of her neck. It causes a sort of electrical discharge that instantly knocks out the young girl.

17:30 The destruction of the third Creeper should have happened differently.

The two friends land side by side, facing the last creeper.
They exchange a knowing smile.
The two jump into the air again at the same time, and throw their respective weapons at the creeper. Taking a direct hit, it instantly disappears.
Yumi then turns to Ulrich, who retrieves his sabre.

18:09 William's Black Manta should have hatched from an egg.

William: Manta!

Suddenly, an egg appears on the dome and hatches in two seconds. A Flying Manta comes out of it and flies towards William.

Episode 67 - Double Take
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 23 June 2006

The episode was originally called “William”.

02:00 Delmas plays cup-and-ball on his computer.

02:25 The principal sighs and picks his telephone up again.

Delmas (to Nicole Weber): Nicole, put William Dunbar on the list of justified absences, please.

05:25 The can of drink that Jeremey's clone finishes is branded CHOUETZ (a "cool" take on the French word “chouette,” meaning “great”).

05:51 In the script, Jeremy clone's pose is described as similar to Fonzie's in Happy Days.

06:45 A new footnote describes the location of the tower activated by Jeremy.

A helical ramp runs along the interior wall of the crater. This pathway ends at the lowest part of the crater, at the same level as the island the tower is standing on. But there is no natural walkway linking the end of the path to the island.

07:34 Ms Hertz's sentence is completed.

Ms Hertz (continued): ...and I'm sure as you can see on this very rare and precious model of it, kindly lent to us by the curator of the national museum of science and technology.

08:04 Jeremy's double shakes his head gallantly.

Jeremy clone: No need to work out! (He points to his forehead) It's all mental!

11:10 A line was removed.

Odd (to Jeremy's double): Uh-oh! I think I've struck his fancy...

12:00 More lines were removed:

Ext – Cafeteria Quad - Day
Odd and Jeremy's double make their way across the cafeteria quad.

Jeremy clone: What's the nurse like? Is she pretty?

Odd: Gorgeous! Come on, it's this way!

Curiously, Odd turns towards the dormitory.
Jeremy's double follows suit.

14:20 Slight modification of an action scene.

William dodges the runaway motorcycle by making an impressive, perilous jump forwards.

16:35 It was initially planned to produce plans of the lift door in 3D in Asia, in order to create perspective shots such as the door locking in this scene.

16:53 In the scene where Ulrich Triplicates, William was originally going to feint him.

Two clones of Ulrich appear. In total, there are now three Ulrichs circling around William at great speed, and we can't tell which is the real one.
William stops and observes his three adversaries for a moment.
Then, he makes his decision and raises his sword to strike the one in front of him.
At that moment, one of the other Ulrichs approaches him from behind, brandishing his two sabres.
William makes to attack the Ulrich in front of him, but at the last second, spinning the handle in his hand, he impales the one trying to attack him from behind...who's none other than the real Ulrich.

19:34 Aelita would have made the platform the Tarantula was on disappear, at the risk of being hit by a laser.

Shot of the Tarantula at the foot of the tower, firing at Aelita. She flies towards the tower, doing loops to avoid the Laser beams rushing past her.
Aelita arrives about a dozen metres above XANA's monster.
There, she stabilises herself and places her hands on her temples, closing her eyes. In doing so, she becomes a sitting duck.
On the helical ramp, Yumi takes notice.

Yumi (shouting, at Aelita): Aelita! LOOK OUT!!!

Behind Yumi, we can see William running down the helical ramp.

The Tarantula fires.
A Laser beam hits Aelita right in the chest.
But the girl recoils under the impact. But she takes the hit, gritting her teeth and not breaking her concentration.
Suddenly, BENEATH the Tarantula, a part of the platform begins to disappear.
The monster tries to save itself, but it's too late.
It falls into the void, still continuing to shoot in an uncontrolled fashion.
The Tarantula falls into the digital sea.

20:53 The final action scene leading up to William and Yumi's joint fall towards the digital sea was modified.

But suddenly, William rushes at Yumi and seizes her.

Yumi (surprised): AH!!!

She fights back. But William is much stronger.
He inexorably drags her towards the edge of the ramp.

William continues to drag Yumi towards the void.
The girl tries to dig her heels into the ground. But they slip.
Still while keeping Yumi in a firm embrace, William takes a run-up and throws himself into the void. They both fall.
They pass by the tower and continue to fall.
The two bodies separate while continuing their fall towards the digital sea.
Yumi looks at the quickly-approaching digital sea, afraid.
She closes her eyes and murmurs:

Yumi (murmuring): Ulrich...

Not far from her, William - who's also falling - regards her, emotionless.
William and Yumi pass the bottom of the crater and continue to fall.
Suddenly, Yumi is caught by Odd on his Overboard. She opens her eyes and immediately widens them - because Odd is in his BRAND NEW EQUIPMENT.

Episode 68 - Opening Act
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 16 August 2006

Originally, the Subdigitals would still have kept their first stage name: Subsonics. A line was added to explain the change in the final version: “They've already made us change our name!”

02:35 There was a change in the lines describing Jim and Chris's relationship.

Behind him, Jeremy interrupts, his expression surly.

Jeremy (exasperated): Well yes, he's an uncle and Chris is his nephew. It's called family ties, it's very common...

02:48 A description of the hysterical cries of the students chasing Jim.

Students (ad lib): Jim!!! Please!!! Give my poem to Chris... I wrote a song... And my drawing? It's really great... I love Chris... He has to listen to this... (Hysterical cry) QUENTIIINNN!! Jim... Wait... Come back...

06:17 And a description of the music Odd shows Chris:

His mix is something informal, very close to his famous “Break Break Breakdance,” and more experimental. Chris looks dismayed. Behind him, Ulrich and Yumi are finding it hard not to laugh.

12:00 A small cut/modified scene about the way Chris discovered Aelita's music.

Quick shot of Chris jumping from the gallery with Aelita in his arms. He lands on the floor of the main floor and heads for the lift;

Back to the real Chris. He has taken out his CD player, puts his headphones on and places Aelita's CD in the machine. He presses the play button...
We hear Aelita's mix through the headset. Next to him, Jim observes his nephew.

Jim: Well?

Chris's eyes widen. The young man's lips curl up in a large smile.

19:22 The “double vision” used by William in this episode is described as a “Steven Ausin effect” in the script.

Episode 69 - Wreck Room

No difference between the script and the episode.

Episode 70 - Skidbladnir
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 03 July 2006

The script opens with a few amusing notes to do with the different services that create an episode. Notably, the absence of art of Hiroki's room is mentioned.

Back to Crea

Reverse shot of the library to do
BG of the school
Exterior of the library through the window
Régis stretch out the BG
Hiroki plays game the living room! (Not in his room, we don't have it)

Wind-up mechanical mouse
Cordless telephone

Integrate into the board ver:

1/ Hiroki TURNS OFF the telephone (doesn't hang up). It's cordless. Not a fixed one, because at Yumi's house, the fixed one is in the corridor, not in the living room!! So there you go.

2/ Seq. 59 - The scene has to take place in the library HALL, not the corridor, seeing as we already have the Ref ready..

3/ Seq. 73+75: Are they sitting on the sofa or on the floor?? That changes things, for the décor seeing as they're on the floor, we'd need to remove whatever's there, seeing as we have the BG in separated layers,... May-b see the simpler one with Régis.

4/ When the mechanical mouse enters, it arrives at the foot of the STAGE. And not Jim's desk.

03:11 A deleted line from Yumi...and a little fanservice of Ulrich watching her leave.

Arriving not far from the entrance to the School, our friends stop.

Yumi: Ok. I have to go now! Sleep well, everyone.

Aelita is wearing a small smile.

Aelita: Jeremy and I still have some technical stuff to work on before we go to sleep.

Yumi makes a small wave goodbye and heads towards the exit. Jeremy, Aelita and Odd go towards the school.
Ulrich watches Yumi for a moment before joining his friends.

04:35 We learn the first name of Ms Kensington, the English teacher. It's Rachel.

05:00 Odd proposed he cross-dress to help Aelita and Jeremy, and it wasn't kept in the final episode.

Odd (a little loud): I have an idea! I'll disguise myself as Ms Hertz and I'll...

06:51 The scene was originally longer.

On a single, large shot (crossfade), we pass through a completely empty cafeteria, except for the table of Ulrich, Odd and Yumi. They're still sitting there, looking a bit helpless.
In the silence, the bell rings.

Yumi: Ok, I have to get to class. Keep me posted?

Yumi stands up from the table and walks to the door.
Odd and Ulrich think. Suddenly, Odd's face lights up.

Odd: That's it! I have a fantastic idea for getting them out of there!

Ulrich: Another phone call?

Odd looks irritated.

Odd: Do you trust me or not?

Ulrich: Uh, no.

Odd folds his arms, unhappy.

Odd (annoyed): Alright. I see. As usual, I'm the only one I can count on to fix this mess.

He stands up and leaves the cafeteria.
Ulrich rolls his eyes.

14:28 The scene with Ulrich and Odd vs William should have been very different originally, with William having a sense of intuition as well as a telepathic connection with the nearby monsters.

The camera follows Odd and Ulrich, perched on the elevator; the elevator arrives at its destination.
Their POV: William (back to the boys) watching the lasers from the three Creepers continue to hit the vessel's shield.
Odd arms his arrows while Ulrich takes out ONE of his sabres.
They share a quick nod and Ulrich rushes at William, ready to strike him. But William parries the attack (his sword solidifies), as if he knew Ulrich was behind him.
At the same time, Odd fires at the Creepers. They turn away from the Skid and target the boy. Odd is faster than them and fires arrows at the monsters.

Odd: Laser Arrow!!!

He manages to devirtualise the Creeper closest to him, all while contorting to avoid incoming lasers.
William raises his sword and brings it down on Ulrich. Ulrich skilfully jumps to the side and, sweeping his leg, causes his adversary to fall to the ground.
On the floor, William somersaults, escaping Ulrich's sabre as well as a fall from the platform. He stands up in time to block another of Ulrich's attacks. The two blades collide, but with a flick of his wrist, William manages to break free; Ulrich recoils, slightly off-balance; he stabilises himself and takes out his SECOND blade. William closes his eyes, as though he's using telepathy.

The three flying mantas circle above the pole like guardians; suddenly, the monsters seem to hear William's telepathic order, and immediately break off, diving into the opening in the pole.


On Lyoko, William and Ulrich are still fighting sabres against sword: William does a frontflip. When he lands, he tries to strike Ulrich, but the lyoko warrior blocks the sword by crossing the blades of his sabres... Beat, they struggle. But William pushes with all his might, and manages to knock Ulrich off balance, and he's forced to recoil.

Odd rushes at the two Creepers (a few metres apart) still on the platform; they take aim and open fire at Odd, who avoids the lasers by throwing himself towards the edge of the platform; he jumps off a metallic support beam, then another, leaning on it to perform a dynamic forward somersault; he lands on the platform again, one knee on the ground. The Creepers, who followed his trajectory, immediately fire. But Odd has crossed his hands in front of his head and calls his shield at the moment when the lasers reach him;

Odd: Shield!

One of the shots ricochets off the barrier and hits the opposite Creeper, which explodes.
Around the Skid, the Mantas tirelessly discharge their lasers at the vessel.
Suddenly, while he's facing Ulrich, William telepathically calls a Manta, which turns away from the Skid and positions itself beside him. While Ulrich will manage to reach him with his sabres, William agilely jumps from a sun on the floor onto the Manta's back. The monster then flies away and does a U-turn. On its back, William points his sword out in front of him and makes a beeline for Ulrich.
Ulrich jumps to the side to avoid the fatal blow...

Ulrich: Yumi! We need backup! We can't go it all alone!


In the Skid Hangar, Ulrich flattens himself to the floor to avoid William's sword as the boy reaches him, straddling his Manta. While William's monster does a U-turn, the Lyoko Warrior stands up and...

Ulrich: Triplicate!

Two Ulrich clones appear, and they and the original now face William, who has turned around and is now flying on the spot.

The three Ulrichs: Triple Surprise!

William hesitates, then decides to go in, his sword pointed at one of the Ulrichs. He makes the hit, and the Ulrich instantly disappears. It was a double. One of the two remaining Ulrichs immediately jumps onto the Manta, shouting...

Ulrich and Ulrich's double: Double Surprise!

But William makes a hand movement that inverts the direction of his sword and impales Ulrich from behind, causing him to disappear (it was another double), right at the moment when the last remaining Ulrich (the real one) threw his sabres and hit the Manta...

Ulrich: And single!

The Manta explodes. Affected by the shockwave, William falls to the floor - as does Ulrich's sabre, which ended up a little further away. Mad with rage, Xana's henchman stands up and rushes at Ulrich, brandishing his sword. Ulrich parries the hit with his ONE remaining sabre, but the shock of the impact is terrible.


In the Skid Hangar, it's not going well. Floating in the middle of the room, the Skid is hammered by lasers from the two Mantas. Odd faces a Creeper and dodges its shots while showing off. After a parry, he delivers a formidable uppercut to the monster, who becomes groggy after the hit; Odd turns around and spots one of the Mantas.

Odd (to a Manta): Get over here, sweetie, I'm gonna need you!!!

He concentrates his fire on the flying monster, prompting it to turn away from the Skid and start firing its lasers at Odd, who puts himself in front of the Creeper; The monster takes the Manta laser right in the chest, while Odd manages to avoid the lasers. Explosion!

Odd: They're just like sitting ducks! Uh...sitting Creepers, that is!

On his end, Ulrich crosses swords with William. He still hasn't retrieved his second sabre. Avoiding a blow from William's sword, Ulrich jumps to the side, placing him closer to his second sabre. He retrieves it just in time at the moment when William strikes.
Ulrich parries the blow. The two boys stay stuck like that for a while, face to face, looking into each other's eyes.

Ulrich (strained): You're not gonna win, William... Better let your master know!

William looks at Ulrich with eyes full of hate.


As for William, after an extremely quick windmill, he manages to disarm Ulrich of one sabre. The Lyoko Warrior continues the fight with his remaining sabre, but when the boy parries a swing of the sword, William takes advantage of the fact that his arm isn't far from his adversary's body to elbow him, dazing Ulrich and throwing him backwards. William approaches, sword held up high, to deliver the coup de grâce. A fan suddenly disarms him.
William is surprised and turns around. Yumi and Aelita have just appeared on the elevator, stopping level with the platform. Ulrich lightly stands up.

Ulrich: It's a pleasure to see you again, ladies.

Yumi catches her fan while Aelita creates an Energy Field.

Yumi : It's always nice to feel needed, isn't it?

Aelita throws her fireball at a Manta, and it explodes...


In the Skid Hangar, while Ulrich is twirling his sabre around at the swordless William, who's managing to dodge every blow, Yumi and Aelita are running across the platform to attack the remaining Manta.

Jeremy (off): Hurry, ladies! The sub only has 4% of its life points left!

Taking advantage of a moment of respite, William concentrates and calls the flying monster, which turns around and flies towards him. Before Ulrich can react, William mounts the Manta and heads towards Aelita.

Ulrich: Aelita! Watch out for William!

Aelita turns around...too late! William grabs her by the waist and pulls her along with him on the Manta. But using the speed of his Supersprint, Ulrich manages to jump onto the Manta.

Ulrich: YAAAAAA!!!

He brandishes his sabre, blade pointed town, above the monster, and it soon explodes. William, Aelita and Ulrich fall heavily to the floor.

Aelita and Ulrich: Ahhh!!!

Before Ulrich has the time to completely recover, William delivers a violent spinning kick to his abdomen, grabs Ulrich's weapon from the air and devirtualises the lyoko warrior with his own sabre.


In the Skid Hangar, thinking the battle to be almost over, William hurries over to the Skid, his sword held right in front of him. Yumi then throws one of her two fans... William effortlessly avoids it, but it slows him down.

Aelita: NO!!!

That's what Aelita shouts at the moment she throws two energy field balls, immobilising William and causing him to contort in pain.

William: Aaahhh!!

Yumi seizes the chance to throw her second fan at William, finally devirtualising him. Yumi and Aelita breathe enormous sighs of relief.

22:09 The scene should have happened at night.

Episode 71 - Maiden Voyage
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 08 August 2006

02:50 One of Aelita's lines was changed:

Aelita (embarrassed): Anyway, who cares? I mean...I like that!

03:44 The script offers us the complete version of Delmas's address.

Mister Delmas (in then off): And so, as I was saying, children, your classes are cancelled, BUT...part of this free time will be devoted to a complete building evacuation exercise. This drill is designed to make absolutely certain that you're all familiar with our security procedures...procedures that you will need to know by heart! It goes without saying that all access to the buildings will be prohibited during the exercise. Therefore, I expect all boarding students to fetch everything they will need from their rooms... I'll now hand over to Captain Biancotto here, who will give you all the technical details of the day which, I hope, will be profitable, and perhaps, encourage some of you to consider work in the rescue industry, while you trample the crossroads of choice of your futures...

04:46 The explanatory diagram of the network, as presented in the script:

09:27 It's noted again that the drink brand of choice for our heroes is called “Chouetz”.

11:00 We're given a much more complete description of the definition of the Digital Sea.

The ship finds itself in a sort of aquatic environment of a magical blue colour, full of minuscule glowing particles. They almost feel as if they're in the deep abyss of an ocean...
Above the ship is the large spherical mass of the virtual world that they have just left: Lyoko. The imposing silhouette sits in a sort of urban environment almost like a glowing city that stretches on infinitely. Except that it's upside-down (as if the occupants of the Skid themselves find themselves upside-down in a city like New York). And this whole setting seems animated like a real city: data sent from the four corners of the world by Internet users, which travels through the World Wide Web, stream through this place in an explosion of dizzying lights and colours.

15:08 The colour change in the Digital Sea wasn't meant to be so sudden: it was meant to be progressive, even remaining mauve for a few minutes until Ulrich realises that the colour has changed again from mauve to red at 16:57

23:23 We end the episode with a delicate gesture from Aelita.

We end on Jeremy, vexed, while Aelita, smiling, tenderly places a compassionate hand on his shoulder...

Episode 72 - Crash Course
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 27 September 2006

01:14 The girl in Odd's company was originally meant to be blonde.

07:50 It's noted that the spectre in this episode is meant to effectively resemble a “man in black”.

09:00 It was originally 4 Bloks instead of 3 against Odd.

12:46 Aelita recognises the spectre as a man in black through a flashback of episode 52.

Her POV: on the footpath, among the pedestrians, the Man (spectre) moves against the crowd. The creature seems to notice Aelita, who thinks she recognises a “man in black” from her nightmares...
Flash: a fleeting vision of one of Aelita's memories appears briefly (the men in black at the Hermitage, #52 The Key)...
Aelita shakes her head to chase this vision away.

21:09 Williams attack should have devirtualised Ulrich at the moment when he throws his sabres (the equivalent of a draw).

The blade goes to hit Aelita, but it's diverted at the last moment by Ulrich when he jumps in at high speed and takes the sword straight on (Ulrich is devirtualised) while throwing his own sabres.
The sabres hit William, who devirtualises.

Episode 73 - Replika
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 11 October 2006

02:35 Jim's line was shortened.

Jim (in, then off): RIGHT! Today, we're going to work on the high jump! For once, I won't go to great lengths to tell you how this kind of sport can take you to great heights. It's also pointless to remind you that the goal of this discipline consists of jumping as high as possible over the bar, which we raise higher and higher over the mat. Demonstration!

03:05 Another shortened bit of dialogue:

Jim: I see you've already sent Della Robbia home.

Yolande looks shocked.

Yolande: Odd? But he hasn't been here at all...

We zoom in on Jim, who gradually realises that he's been duped.

Jim (aside): Oh, the little brat!

He suddenly stands up. In doing so, his spinal column emits a TERRIBLE CRACK.

Jim (pained): Oooooooh!!!

At that moment, he realises that the movement has relieved his pain completely. A blissful smile grows on his face.

Jim (relieved): Aaaaaah!!!

Episode 74 - I'd Rather Not Talk About It
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 05 September 2006

02:04 The scene should have continued with a little altercation.

Odd: Just admit that it's easier to press a button than it is to run!

Cut to the quick, Jeremy leans down and looks at Odd.

Jeremy (vexed): And you just admit that my buttons are really useful to you on Lyoko...when you can't run anymore!

Jeremy and Odd are nose to nose.
Ulrich separates the two boys.

Ulrich: Ok, ok. Calm down, you two...

Jeremy straightens up and folds his arms, sullen.

02:24 Instead of listening to the music of “Glad When You're Bad” from episode 18 “Killer Music”, Jim was originally listening to tango.

06:42-07:02 The script clarifies that the realistic-looking flashbacks of Jim's past are how Jim imagines them, while the cartoony illustrations were how the gang pictured what he was describing. The art style of both kinds of illustration was also described differently.

JIM FLASHBACK (an illustration in sepia colours, in a very 50's, realistic style):
• Jim in a scuba suit among other commandos, approaching a submarine.

Jim: ...the Marines recruited me for their Special Forces...

The heroes listen, amused, and picture the scene:

HERO FLASHBACK (an illustration in flashy colours, in a fun manga style):
• Jim painting the hull of a ship.

Episode 75 - Hot Shower
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 27 October 2006

Initially, this was meant to be episode 80 of the series.

05:39 Originally, there was going to be a flower at the top of the moon made by Johnny, which explains Yumi's line, “And you, Johnny, do you really think anything can grow on the moon?”

20:30 The apocalyptic scene before XANA destroys the meteor was slightly more developed around Johnny and Yumi.

Yumi is squatting beside the computer, holding the plug in and staring at the sky.
Hiroki puts his hand on her shoulder and sits down next to her. She lets go of the laptop to take Hiroki under her arm.
They stare at the sky together...the shining dot growing so it can be seen with the naked eye.
Johnny's head snuggles up against Yumi's shoulder. After a moment of surprise, she caresses his head tenderly...
The huge meteorite approaches!

Episode 76 - The Lake
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 21 July 2006

04:30 A gag scene concerning Sissi was removed.

Headshot of Sissi.
Soon, the year 9 students place their bags on board five inflatable boats (four students per boat or thereabouts) spread across the bank. Sissi tries to load her baggage and bicycle onto a boat that's already full to bursting. Heidi (who will go with Sissi, Herb and Nicolas) turns to her.

Heidi: Sissi, stop! You can see there's no more space left!

Sissi, scandalised, turns to Ms Hertz.

Sissi (scandalised): But I can't possibly leave my things here, can I?!

As her only response, Ms Hertz gives her an enormous smile...

Shot of the bike, leaning on the pile of Sissi's pink baggage on the bank of the lake, with the inflatable boats floating away in the background.

12:55 Jim gives us an extra thought on his situation. In French, this was a play on words involving the word galère, which referred to a galley: a boat rowed by slave workers. It also became a punishment for criminals. The work was so hard (the pace of the rowing, the whipping...) that many died.
In French, "c'est la galère" or "quelle galère" or "Galère !!!" is a very common expression to say that you are in trouble or that you're having trouble doing something (like homework or...speaking to a girl...), with absolutely no more connection to the galley and rowing.
Here, Jim uses this very specific expression just at the moment when he is exerting himself rowing the dinghy to get to the bank, as if he were a galère-man (galley rower/oarsman), so it fits for him to compare his job to a hard one and complain about how his life sucks. It would be difficult to translate this line into English while preserving the original wordplay.

Jim (maugreant) : Une galère, ce métier !
(Approximate translation: This job is such a pain!)

14:17 One of Jim's lines is slightly modified in his confrontation with the black, electrical mass.

With his last remaining strength, Jim manages to snake his arm out of the canoe and make a final pathetic attempt at attacking the water with his oar...

Jim (completely groggy): Y... You running away, huh...!

The sheet sends a final enormous and long discharge at Jim.
This time, Jim is definitely “quieted”.

Episode 77 - Lost at Sea
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 17 August 2006

No difference between the script and the episode.

Episode 78 - Lab Rat
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 27 October 2006

This episode was initially number 75.

21:15 A line was modified, referencing the names of different Vins Nouveaux (New Wines) such as "Beaujolais Nouveau".

Odd (off): Let's get out of here! The Nouveau Tarantula has arrived!

Episode 79 - Bragging Rights
[Episode file] - [Original Episode script]
Board version - 08 November 2006

02:00 Nicolas was going to be Jim's original victim, and would have had to attempt the exercise.
He fails in the same way Herb does in the episode.

Episode 80 - Dog Day Afternoon
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Board version - 08 November 2006

This episode was originally number 78.

02:10 New information on Jim's past.

Jim: Very good time! (Dreamy) That reminds me of my youth, when I was a track sprinter.

Shot of Yumi, Christophe M'Bala, Emmanual Maillard and Matthias Burel catching their breath.

Christophe M'Bala (breathless): You...were a sprinter...Jim?

Jim: I even beat a world record in my brother-in-law's garden! But it was never recorded, so I'd rather not talk about it!

06:40 A line was cut when Odd tells Jeremy he can hear something.

Odd: Jeremy... I hear some kind of noise.

Jeremy (off): It must just be your stomach, Odd! Everything's calm!

09:10 The three bikers were referred to as Hell's Angels in the script.

12:38 Sissi should have hidden behind a Subdigitals advertisement.

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